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BROMONT PAVILION: Merrill Lynch to Sell Collateral on June 12

Troubled Company Reporter, June 7, 2007 

Merrill Lynch Capital will be selling at a June 12, 2007 auction the collateral provided to it as security under separate agreements with Bromont Pavilion GPLP Master LLC, Bromont Cotenancy LLC and Pavilion Co-Tenancy LLC.

The auction will be held at the offices of Barack Ferrazzano Kirschbaum Perlman & Nagelberg LLP, Suite 3900, 200 W. Madison Street, in Chicago, Ill.

The collateral relates to a promissory note the Bromont entities entered into with Merrill Lynch on July 30, 2004, in the original principal amount of $19,400,892.

The Bromont entities are in default under the note.

The total amount due under the note as of April 12, 2007, including principal, interest, and other fees and charges, is $82,906,215.

For further information regarding the sale, contact:

   Barack Ferrazzano Kirschbaum Perlman & Nagelberg LLP
   Suite 3900
   200 W. Madison Street
   Chicago, IL 60606
   Tel: (312)984-3100

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