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TRIGEM COMPUTER: Chapter 15 Summary

Troubled Company Reporter, Mar. 01, 2006

Petitioner: Il-Hwan Park  
            Foreign Representative  
            201-404 Shinshigsji Apartment  
            Mok 6-dong, Yangchun-gu  
            Seoul, Republic of Korea  
Debtor: TriGem Computer Inc.
        1125-1 Shingil-dong
        Ansan City Kyunggi-Do 425-839
Type of Business: The Debtor manufactures desktop PCs,  
                  notebook PCs, LCD monitors, printers,  
                  scanners, other computer peripherals, and  
                  PIDs and supplies over four million PCs a  
                  year to clients all over the world.  The  
                  Debtor has a global network of production,  
                  research, marketing, logistics and service  
                  centers in major markets in the U.S., Japan,  
                  China, Europe, Australia and Mexico.   

                  TriGem America Corporation, an affiliate of  
                  the Debtor, filed for protection under the
                  United States Bankruptcy Code on June 3, 2005
                  (Bankr. C.D. Calif. Case No. 05-13972).  
                  TriGem Texas, Inc., another affiliate of the
                  Debtor, also filed for Chapter 11 protection
                  on June 8, 2005 (Bankr. C.D. Calif. Case No.

Section 304 Petition Date: November 3, 2005  

Korean Court: Suwon District Court  
              Bankruptcy Division  
U.S. Court: United States Bankruptcy Court for the Central
            District Of California (Los Angeles)  

Case No.: 05-50052  
U.S. Judge: Thomas B. Donovan  
Petitioner's Counsel: Charles D. Axelrod, Esq.  
                      Stutman Treister & Glatt, P.C.  
                      1901 Avenue of the Stars, 12th Floor  
                      Los Angeles, California 90067  
                      Telephone: (310) 228-5600  
Financial Condition as of March 31, 2005:  
Total Assets: KWR872.3 Billion  
Total Debts: KWR774.6 Billion 

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