Bankruptcy Prospector

Bankruptcy Prospector identifies and profiles companies with $1 million to $20 million in assets filing for bankruptcy. For each business identified, the Bankruptcy Prospector provides enough information to assess the prospect and pursue any opportunities, including:

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Issues: Weekly. All subscriptions continue until canceled.

Delivery: By Email. FREE 30-day Trial Subscription

Subscriptions: $175 for six months, payable in advance.  Additional subscription for members of the same firm are only $25 each.  Get a paid subscription here.

Contact: Customer Service at 240/629/3300 ext. 1
  • Basic information on the company;
  • The trigger event;
  • Classification (whether Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Involuntary Petition)
  • Brief company description;
  • Specifics of the case, like the professionals involved in the filing, and; 
  • Notations on, but not limited to, assets and debt standing.

The Bankruptcy Prospector is designed to support the niche marketing efforts of regional and local professional firms. Data are compiled weekly and the Bankruptcy Prospector is distributed by email every Sunday evening to arrive before 9:00AM every Monday. 

The Bankruptcy Prospector is published by Beard Group, Inc. ( and the Bankruptcy Creditors' Service, Inc. ( 

For subscription information call Customer Service at 240/629/3300 ext. 1. To sign up for a paid subscription, fill up the form here.

DISCLAIMER: Inclusion of a company in the Bankruptcy Prospector should not be construed to represent an analysis of the company or a definitive determination of the financial or operating condition of the company.

ACCURACY & COVERAGE: The information contained herein is obtained from sources believed to be reliable. However, the accuracy of most data cannot be verified prior to publication, and the information is not guaranteed. Desired information is often incomplete, inaccurate, delayed or unavailable. Do not rely on the Prospector without independent verification.

Bankruptcy Prospector is a publication of Beard Group, Inc.,
PO Box 4250, Frederick, MD 21705, 240/629/3300. 
ISSN #1553-5525. Copyright 2004-2008. All rights reserved.

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