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     Wednesday, April 14, 1999, Vol. 3, No. 72


ADVANTICA RESTAURANT: Annual Meeting of Stockholders
AMERICAN STANDARD: Prospectus Filed With SEC
BONNEVILLE PACIFIC: Files Annual Report With SEC
CRIIMI MAE: Reports Annual Results
CROWN BOOKS: Seeks To Extend Time To Assume/Reject Leases

EAGLE PICHER: Files Quarterly Report With SEC
FINE HOST: Hearing to Consider Confirmation of the Plan
GOLDEN BOOKS: Says Bigger Loss Expected
GOTHIC ENERGY: Files Annual Report With SEC
GULF CANADA: Annual Shareholders Meeting

HEALTH-CHEM: Likely to Miss Interest Payment
HIP: Settles Restructuring Issue With State
HOME HEALTH: Fourth Order Approving Use of Cash Collateral
IMAGICA ENTERTAINMENT: Files Quarterly Report With SEC
JUMBOSPORTS: Bondholders Tap Ernst & Young

MOBILEMEDIA: Court Approves Reorganization Plan
PAL: Continues To Hold On
PARAGON TRADE: Does Not Know When Chapter 11 Case Will End
PHP HEALTHCARE: Stipulation With NationsBank NA

PRIMARY HEALTH: Applies To Hire Special Counsel
SANTA FE GAMING: Announces Filing of Joint Plan
SERVICE MERCHANDISE: Proposes $19M Plan To Keep Employees
SUN HEALTHCARE: Reports $761 Million Loss
WESTMORELAND COAL: Announces Results of Tender Offer
WANG LABORATORIES: Annual Meeting of Stockholders


ADVANTICA RESTAURANT: Annual Meeting of Stockholders
The Annual Meeting of Stockholders of Advantica Restaurant
Group, Inc. will be held at The Waldorf Astoria Hotel, 301
Park Avenue, New York, New York 10022, on Wednesday, May
19, 1999, at 10:00 a.m. for the following purposes as
further described in the accompanying Proxy Statement:

1. To elect nine (9) directors.

2. To consider and vote upon a proposal to ratify the
selection by the Board of Directors of Deloitte & Touche
LLP as the principal independent auditors of Advantica and
its subsidiaries for the year 1999.

3. To consider and vote upon a proposal to approve
Advantica's 1999 Incentive Program for the Company's

4. To consider and vote upon a proposal to amend the
Advantica Stock Option Plan, as previously amended, to
increase the authorized shares issuable thereunder.

AMERICAN STANDARD: Prospectus Filed With SEC
On April 6, 1999, American Standard Companies Inc. filed an
amendment to a Registration Statement with the SEC.  The
prospectus, subject to completion, dated April 6, 1999, is
with regard to $750,000,000 of Debt Securities;                        
American Standard Inc., as issuer and American Standard
Companies Inc., as guarantor.

A full-text copy of the filing is available via the
Internet at:

BONNEVILLE PACIFIC: Files Annual Report With SEC
Bonneville Pacific Corporation filed its annual report with
the SEC for the fiscal year ended December 31, 1998.
reported a net income of $20,316,000 for the year ended
December 31, 1998 compared to a net loss of $22,620,000 for
the year ended December 31, 1997. The company received a  
substantial cash  payment  from settlements of bankruptcy
litigation matters.  This cash was used to repay creditors
of the BPC bankruptcy estate.

A full-text copy of the filing is available via the
Internet at:

CRIIMI MAE: Reports Annual Results
CRIIMI MAE Inc. reported a net loss under GAAP for the
fourth quarter of 1998 of $11.7 million or a loss of 23
cents per basic share as compared to net income of $11.6
million or 29 cents per basic share for the fourth quarter
of 1997. CRIIMI MAE reported net income under GAAP for the
year ended December 31, 1998 of $35.4 million (75 cents per
basic share), a decrease of 26 percent from $47.7 million
($1.29 per basic share) for the prior year.

The decrease in net income was largely due to the impact of
turmoil in the financial markets on commitments related to
commercial mortgage loans in the company's securitization

Reorganization items and other charges also contributed to
the decline in net income. As a result of capital market
turmoil and the uncertainties resulting from the
reorganization proceedings, the company's results of
operations at December 31, 1998 are not expected to be
indicative of results of operations for future periods.

At this time, it is not possible to predict the outcome of
the Chapter 11 filing, in general, or its effects on the
business of the company or on the interests of creditors or
shareholders. Consequently, the company's independent
public accountants have issued a report expressing
substantial doubt about the company's ability to continue
as a going concern.

As a result of the market turmoil during the late summer of
1998, the spreads on commercial mortgage-backed securities
(CMBS) widened, resulting in a decrease in the value of
CRIIMI MAE's CMBS portfolio. This was the primary reason
that CRIIMI MAE's shareholders' equity decreased from
approximately $494 million ($8.97 per fully diluted share)
at September 30, 1998 to approximately $308 million ($4.89
per fully diluted share) at December 31, 1998.

The company expects to file a plan of reorganization during
the summer of 1999, contemplating the company's emergence
from Chapter 11 later in the year.

CRIIMI MAE is exploring a variety of possible capital
sources, including bank debt, high yield bond financing and
equity capital. There is no assurance that the company will
obtain additional capital.

As a consequence of the Chapter 11 filing, the company did
not pay a dividend during the fourth quarter of 1998 or the
first quarter of 1999. Nonetheless, the company has met its
distribution requirements to retain its REIT status for
1998. However, if CRIIMI MAE makes no distributions
during 1999 with respect to the 1998 tax year, it will
incur up to $7 million in state and federal income taxes.

Since December, CRIIMI MAE has reached agreements with four
of its lenders. Under two of these agreements, CRIIMI MAE
and the lenders will each receive a portion of the payments
from the subordinated CMBS used as collateral for loans.
Agreements with the other two lenders include an interim
standstill in pending legal proceedings and the sale of
certain investment grade CMBS and originated loans.

CROWN BOOKS: Seeks To Extend Time To Assume/Reject Leases
The debtor, Crown Books Corporation, seeks a court order
extending the time within which the debtor must elect to
assume, assume and assign or reject its unexpired leases of
non-residential real property, through and including August
12, 1999.

The debtors are tenants under approximately 95 unexpired
nonresidential real property leases.  The debtor is still
analyzing the profitability of each store location in
conjunction with an overall review of the leases.  The
debtors' real estate consultant, Keen Realty Consultants
has negotiated lease termination agreements and continues
to negotiate with landlords.  The debtors have already
identified 83 unprofitable stores for closing.  The debtors
claim that they have been busy sharing a strategic business
plan with the Committee, and that they have not yet had the
time to complete an in-depth analysis of the leases.

EAGLE PICHER: Files Quarterly Report With SEC
Eagle Picher Holdings Inc. filed a quarterly report with
the SEC for the quarter ended February 28, 1999.  For the
three months ended February 28, 1999, the company reports
net sales of $194.443 million compared to $205.842 million
during the same period one year ago.  The company reports a
net loss of $1.138 million for the quarter ended February
28, 1999 compared to net income of $807,000 for the same
period one year earlier.

FINE HOST: Hearing to Consider Confirmation of the Plan
Fine Host Corporation published a legal notice in The Wall
Street Journal, April 12, 1999, announcing that the
Bankruptcy Court approved the Disclosure Statement by order
dated March 26, 1999 and a hearing to consider confirmation
of the plan shall be held before the Honorable Peter J.
Walsh, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court
for the District of Delaware, 824 North Market Street,
Sixth Floor, Wilmington, Delaware on May 18, 1999 at 9:30

GOLDEN BOOKS: Says Bigger Loss Expected
The Milwaukee Sentinel & Journal reports on April 10, 1999
Golden Books Family Entertainment Inc. said Friday it would
report  "a substantially greater net loss" for the fiscal
year ended Dec. 26, 1998, compared with the same period a
year ago.

The New York-based publisher of children's books made the
statement in a filing with the Securities Exchange
Commission. The company asked for a two-week extension on
the filing because it was busy working on the details of a  
Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization plan it filed in
February, according to Golden Books spokesman Philip

Meanwhile, Galanes said a federal bankruptcy judge had
approved the sale of the company's adult-book division to
St. Martin's Press Inc. Closing the deal, which was
approved by the judge on March 25, will add about $11
million to Golden Books' balance sheet, said David
Leibowitz, an analyst at Burnham Securities, a New York-
based investment brokerage.

He said factors such as the bankruptcy would make it
difficult to estimate how much of a loss Golden Books will

GOTHIC ENERGY: Files Annual Report With SEC
Gothic Energy Corporation and Gothic Production Corporation
filed an annual report with the SEC for the fiscal year
ended December 31, 19989 on Form 10-KSB.

Gothic Energy Corporation is an independent energy company
primarily engaged in the acquisition, development,
exploitation, exploration and production of natural gas and
oil. Since November 1994, the Company has actively engaged
in the acquisition of producing natural gas and oil
properties, primarily in Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and
Kansas.  For the year ended December 31, 1998, the
Company had revenues of $53.0 million, EBITDA of $37.1
million and a net loss of $129.7 million.

GULF CANADA: Annual Shareholders Meeting
GULF CANADA RESOURCES reports an annual and special meeting
May 11, 1999.  The purpose of the meeting will be to vote
for the election of directors, for the appointment of Ernst
& Young LLP as auditors and for a resolution to
reserve an additional 8,000,000 ordinary shares for
issuance under the Incentive Stock Option Plan.

HEALTH-CHEM: Likely to Miss Interest Payment
Health-Chem Corp., New York announced that it it is likely
to miss an interest payment due April 15 and that it has
advised the American Stock Exchange that it is offering for
sale its Herculite Products and Hercon Environmental
businesses, as well as a related manufacturing facility, in
order to apply the proceeds of these sales to the company's
secured debt, held by IBJ Whitehall Business Credit Corp.,
according to a newswire report. The company also said that
upon any distribution of its assets in connection with its
reorganization or liquidation, the IBJ debt would have to
be paid first in full before debenture holders would be
entitled to receive any payments. The company has
determined to divest its assets to generate revenue to pay
its obligations without filing for chapter 11 protection,
as such proceedings would be costly. Health-Chem hopes that
creditors will refrain from taking action pending the sale
of these assets. An informational meeting will be held for
debenture holders on April 22. (ABI 13-Apr-99)

HIP: Settles Restructuring Issue With State
HIP Health Plan of New York ("HIP NY") and HIP Foundation,
Inc. ("the Foundation") announced that they had settled
certain issues with the New York State Insurance Department
relating to  restructuring.  Though restructuring actions
taken by HIP NY and the Foundation  were taken based upon
advice of counsel, to settle the matter, HIP NY and the  
Foundation agreed to change control of HIP Health Plan of
Florida back to HIP  NY, follow certain directives relating
to Foundation's control of HIP NY, and pay the Insurance
Department a $500,000 fine.  HIP NY is also withdrawing
court actions challenging the Department's position.  

HOME HEALTH: Fourth Order Approving Use of Cash Collateral
The Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware entered
an order granting the debtors' use of cash collateral
pursuant to the terms of a Stipulation between First Union
National Bank and the other bank, the Official committee of
Unsecured Creditors, and the debtors, Home health
Corporation of America, Inc., et al.  The outstanding
amounts due to the Banks under the pre-petition loan
agreements were principal in the amount of $83,886,494,
interest in the aggregate amount of $2,574,580 plus fees
and costs.

IMAGICA ENTERTAINMENT: Files Quarterly Report With SEC
IMAGICA ENTERTAINMENT, INC. filed a quarterly report with
the SEC for the quarterly period ended August 31, 1998. The
Company's actual operating profit for the period was
$65,869.64. The Company ended the period with equity of
$39,525.74. The Company during the first quarter  
experienced  considerable  difficulty in producing  the  
orders  received  on a  timely  basis.  In order  to not  
cause difficulties  with  customers  the  Company  was
forced to advise of  production schedules  as far out as 45
days.  In most cases customers could not wait that
long and placed their business with other screen printers.
The Company's  board is determined to see the Company move
forward in the screen print  industry  and  in  addition  
to a  new  facility  will  seek  to  acquire approximately
$500,000 in new production equipment.  The company reports
a net loss of $ 923,284 for the quarter on sales of

JUMBOSPORTS: Bondholders Tap Ernst & Young
The Official Committee of 4.25% Subordinated Convertible
Debentures of JumboSports, Inc. file an application for
authorization to employ Kenneth Simon and Ernst & Young LLP
as special financial advisors, accountants and consultants
to the Bondholders Committee nunc pro tunc to January 22,

The Bondholders Committee has agreed to allow the Creditors
Committee full and complete access to the work product of
the firm, and if there is a conflict of interests, the
Creditors Committee will then determine if they have a need
to hire their own financial advisor. Among other things,
the Committees require the employment of the firm to
conduct a financial investigation of the debtors, to
analyze the debtors' business plans; to assess and analyze
the economic ramification of proposed transactions; to
review the debtors' financial statements; review the
debtors' real estate portfolios and existing valuations and
analyze the debtors' tax positions.

MOBILEMEDIA: Court Approves Reorganization Plan
Bankruptcy Judge Peter Walsh (D. Del.) approved MobileMedia
Inc.'s reorganization plan, and the company expects to
emerge from chapter 11 protection in early June, according
to a newswire report. Per the terms of the plan, Arch
Communications Group Inc. will acquire MobileMedia and pay
ChaseManhattan Corp., the lead agent for secured bank
lenders, about $490 million. From that sum, $260 million
will come directly from Arch and the balance will be from
the exercise of rights by unsecured creditors to buy Arch
stock. If unsecured creditors do not purchase a sufficient
amount of the stock to meet the obligations, it will be
bought by four stand-by purchasers. The two companies
announced their proposed merger agreement last August.
MobileMedia filed chapter 11 in 1997. (ABI 13-Apr-99)

PAL: Continues To Hold On
Philippine Airlines (PAL) majority shareholder Lucio Tan
has agreed to inject US$200 million to keep the financially
troubled airline afloat if it fails to attract new

Philippine Finance Secretary Edgardo Espiritu said that to
ensure PAL's continued operation, 70 percent shareholder
Tan will come in with the money "if there are no other

As recently as two weeks ago, PAL chief company adviser
Peter Foster - the carrier's de facto chief executive -
said Tan had not yet committed to investing additional
money into PAL, nor had government institutions which hold
a minority stake in PAL. Tan's decision is significant as
approval of PAL's latest rehabilitation plan by securities
regulators depends on the rapid infusion of fresh capital,
in line with the blueprint.

The airline said it had been talking to several unnamed
foreign carriers and Philippine consortiums, but prospects
had not been bright since talks for a tie-up with Cathay
Pacific Airways failed last year. The chairman of the
Philippine  Securities and Exchange Commission, Perfecto
Yasay, said that if Tan invested  the money, the airline's
rehabilitation plan would be approved by the SEC as  
scheduled by April 15.

Meanwhile, some unsecured creditors have become
disillusioned with the rehabilitation proposal - which
would restructure repayments on more than
$2.2  billion in loans the airline defaulted on last June.
In a letter to the SEC, Chase Manhattan - which is owed
about $330 million in unsecured short-term loans - urged
regulators to reject PAL's rehabilitation plan, as it was
"grossly unfair and prejudicial" to some creditors.

The rehabilitation plan would convert PAL's promissory
notes with maturities between two months and one year into
a 12-year interest-free loan. It is  "tantamount to a
violation of the constitutional prohibition against
deprivation of property without due process of law," Chase
Manhattan said.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has also
rejected the revised rehabilitation plan. IATA rejected the
salvage plan because it envisages delaying the payment of
some $32 million in IATA fees and payments.  (Copyright
Phillips Publishing, Inc. Airline Financial - 04/12/99)

PARAGON TRADE: Does Not Know When Chapter 11 Case Will End
Paragon Trade Brands Inc., Norcross, Ga., which makes
diapers and incontinence products, does not know when it
will emerge from chapter 11 protection, according to
Reuters. Paragon filed chapter 11 last January after a
court ruled that it had infringed on patents. Paragon has
since entered into settlements with Procter &Gamble Co. and
Kimberly-Clark Corp. to resolve the patent disputes; these
settlements are expected to be a "cornerstone" of a
reorganization plan.  Paragon expects increased
manufacturing costs, related to the settlement agreements,
but the company cannot predict how these increased costs
will affect the company's enterprise value. However,
Paragon did say that it may not be able to fully satisfy
all the claims against it. (ABI 13-Apr-99)

PHP HEALTHCARE: Stipulation With NationsBank NA
The debtor, PHP Healthcare Corporation agreed with
NationsBank NA to a Stipulation and final order regarding
use of cash collateral and adequate protection therefor.  
The Stipulation will be presented to the court on April 13,

Among many other provisions, the Stipulation provides that
the net sales proceeds from the debtor's assignment and
transfer of executory contracts and related assets to
Meridian Comp of New York, Inc. shall be treated as
follows: (a)$1.7 million of the net sales proceeds paid by
the purchaser to the debtor at closing shall be paid to
NationsBank for application to pre-petition loans; (b)
$900,000 of the purchase price shall be placed into an
escrow account along with approximately $1.5 million
representative of the debtor's estimated aggregate
outstanding accounts relating to the contracts transferred
net of outstanding accounts payable.

As adequate protection for any diminution in NationsBank's
secured position as a result of the use by the debtor of
available cash collateral, the debtor shall pay NationsBank
$1.3 million on or before June 10, 1999.  The payment shall
be applied against NationsBank's superpriority
administrative claim.  For the weeks between April 9 and
May 28, the debtor shall not permit its Total Cash Flow to
be greater than $7,212,000 (that is the highest amount for
any of the weeks, although all other weeks are lesser
amounts) and for all times after May 28, 1999, no more than

Pinnacle Corporation, landlord to Long-Term Capital
Management, L.P. ("LTCM"), announced that it filed an
eviction complaint in Superior Court in Norwalk,
Connecticut to evict LTCM from its Greenwich, CT
headquarters. Pinnacle stated that the basis of the
eviction is LTCM's failure to pay over $ 2.7 million in
back rent accrued since the inception of the lease almost
two years ago.

Pinnacle, which has been in bankruptcy due to failure to
earn rental income, stated that it intends to exit
bankruptcy as soon as possible, evict LTCM, and put into
place a paying tenant. As part of its bankruptcy plan,
Pinnacle intends to continue the litigation against LTCM
who, in addition to moving in and not paying rent, has
purchased the mortgage on the premises in what Pinnacle
believes was an obvious effort "to squeeze out" Pinnacle's
ownership and take the building for itself. Pinnacle
Corporation is a Connecticut Corporation. Pinnacle is under
the protection of the United States Bankruptcy Court
for the District of Connecticut.

PRIMARY HEALTH: Applies To Hire Special Counsel
The debtors, Primary Health Systems, Inc. filed an
application for an order authorizing the employment of
McDonald, Hopkins, Burke & Haber Co., LPA as special
counsel to the debtors.

McDonald Hopkins was representing the debtors in labor
negotiations with unions representing employees of the
debtors, certain litigation and negotiation and counseling
regarding physician and managed care matters, workers'
compensation matters, real estate matters, corporate
matters and benefit plan issues.  The firm will charge the
debtor for its services based on current hourly rates for
attorneys in the firm ranging from $115 per hour to $300
per hour.

SANTA FE GAMING: Announces Filing of Joint Plan
Santa Fe Gaming Corporation ("SFGC") announced that on
Monday, April 12, 1999, its subsidiary, Pioneer Hotel, Inc.
("PHI") filed a voluntary petition for relief under chapter
11 of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District
of Nevada and in conjunction therewith a joint plan of
reorganization and disclosure statement with Pioneer
Finance Corp. ("PFC"), with respect to PFC's 13-1/2% First
Mortgage Bonds due 1998. The joint plan of reorganization
was filed in accordance with the consents obtained from
holders of approximately 75% of the outstanding principal
amount of 13-1/2% bonds, pursuant to which PFC agreed to
file for relief under Chapter 11 and the consenting holders
agreed to vote to accept a plan of reorganization
substantially similar to the one filed. PHI owns and
operates the Pioneer Hotel & Gambling Hall in Laughlin,
Nevada. In conjunction with the filing by PHI, a hearing
was held before the Bankruptcy Court, in which the Court,
among other things, ordered that PHI is authorized to pay
pre-petition employee wages and benefits and to continue to
operate in the ordinary course. In addition, the Court set
May 25, 1999, for the disclosure statement hearings and
August 10 and 11, 1999, for confirmation hearings on the
joint plan of reorganization.

Santa Fe Gaming Corporation owns and operates the Santa Fe
Hotel and Casino in northwest Las Vegas and the Pioneer
Hotel and Gambling Hall in Laughlin, Nevada. In addition,
SFGC holds several real estate parcels for development
within or in the area surrounding Las Vegas, Nevada.

SERVICE MERCHANDISE: Proposes $19M Plan To Keep Employees
Service Merchandise Co. is seeking court approval of a
retention plan that was developed with  
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and is estimated to cost as much
as $18.8 million. The retailer said uncertainty surrounding
its Chapter 11 filing could lead to resignations among key
employees and generally reduce morale, which "has already
suffered significantly due to publicized financial
difficulties and the Debtors recent efforts to close
certain operations with concomitant work force reductions."
Competitors also may seek to hire away key employees,
Service Merchandise told the court. The retention program
has two components. Under the stay portion, the company's
chief executive officer, president and chief operating
officer could each be entitled to a bonus of up to 80
percent of base salary. The chief administrative officer
could be entitled to a bonus of up to 60 percent of base
salary, each senior vice president could be entitled to a
bonus of up to 50 percent of base salary, and other key
employees could receive bonuses of 24 percent to36 percent
of base. The incentive program also could entitle the top
executives to bonuses of up to 80 percent of their base
salary. (The Daily Bankruptcy Review and ABI Copyright c
April 13, 1999)

SUN HEALTHCARE: Reports $761 Million Loss
The Albuquerque Journal reports on April 10, 1999 that
Sun Healthcare Group, reeling from a cutback in Medicare
payments, announced Friday that it lost $761.7 million in
the fourth quarter of 1998. That loss amounted to $13.34 a
share. The company plans to sell $100 million in assets by
the end of the year to trim debt. It has cut a total of
10,000 jobs but doesn't plan to cut more. Sun is also
lobbying Congress and the states to increase Medicare and
Medicaid payments.

The $761.7 million loss includes several one-time charges
associated with the new Medicare payments, but the bulk of
that figure is not cash, company officials said. Most of it
is related to changing values of Sun's assets because the
Medicare cuts have slashed their earning potential.

Spokeswoman Phyllis Goodman said the company won't declare
bankruptcy, and yes, construction on its new $65 million
headquarters in Albuquerque will continue.

The new Medicare payment system went into effect Jan. 1 for
most of Sun's nursing homes and places a cap on the
reimbursement a company can get based on the number of
Medicare patients it has. Under the old system, companies
were reimbursed according to their actual costs. The new
caps are based largely on 1995 costs.

Especially hard hit were therapy services, which Sun
provides to other nursing homes as well as its own. Sun
officials predicted that demand for therapy would drop by
about 40 percent, but the decline was 60 percent.
Shareholders have filed several class-action suits against
the company and some officers, claiming they knew how bad
the cuts would be but didn't tell investors. Sun plans to
fight those suits.

Sun is working with Sen. Pete Domenici, R-N.M., who plans
to introduce a bill that would raise the Medicare
reimbursement when Congress reconvenes next week. The
company is also lobbying state governments to raise their
Medicaid reimbursements, and they say they expect rates to
rise in Virginia, Georgia and California.

Sun's earnings were originally due March 31, but the
company received an extension from the Securities and
Exchange Commission in order to reclassify its 1998
purchase of Retirement Care Associates. Under the old
classification, there would have been limits on sales of

WANG LABORATORIES: Annual Meeting of Stockholders
The Annual Meeting of Stockholders of Wang Laboratories,
Inc. will be held at the Radisson Hotel, 10 Independence
Dr., Chelmsford, MA 01824 on Wednesday, May 26, 1999 at
10:00 a.m., local time, to consider and act upon the
following matters:
1.  To elect three Class II Directors, each to serve for a
three-year term.

2.  To approve the Amendment and Restatement of the
Director Stock Option Plan.

3.  To approve an amendment to the Employees' Stock
Incentive Plan to increase the number of shares available
for issuance under the plan.
4.  To approve an amendment to the 1995 Employees' Stock
Purchase Plan to increase the number of shares under the
5.  To approve an Amended and Restated Certificate of
Incorporation which would:
(i) change the name of the Company from "Wang
Laboratories, Inc." to "Wang Global Corporation",
(ii) increase the aggregate number of shares of Common
Stock that the Company is authorized to issue from 100
million to 200 million;  and
(iii) eliminate certain obsolete provisions related to
restrictions  on the transfer of Common Stock.
6.  To approve the issuance of additional shares of Common
Stock to Ing. C. Olivetti & Co. S.p.A. in connection with
the acquisition by the Company of the Services and
Solutions Business of Olivetti on March 17, 1998.

WESTMORELAND COAL: Announces Results of Tender Offer
Westmoreland Coal Company (OTC Bulletin Board: WMCL)  
announced the results of its tender offer for up to
1,052,631 of its 2,300,000 outstanding  depositary shares,
each representing one quarter of a share of Series A  
Convertible  Exchangeable  Preferred  Stock,  at $19.00  
per depositary  share. The tender offer expired at 5:00 pm
April 7, 1999.  1,683,903 depositary shares were tendered
in  response  to the offer.  Westmoreland has accepted for
payment (and thereby purchased) 1,052,631  depositary  
shares and paid First  Chicago  Trust Company of New York,  
the  depositary  for the tender offer (the  "Depositary"),  
$19,999,989 in full payment for the shares purchased
in the offer.  Because the number of shares tendered
exceeded the maximum number of  shares  offered  to be  
purchased  by the  Company,  a  proration  factor of
approximately  62.5%  will be  applied  to all  shares  
tendered.  As a  result, shareholders who tendered shares
can expect to have  approximately  62.5% of the
shares  they  tendered  accepted  for  purchase.  Holders
of  depositary  shares tendered  and  accepted  will
receive  payment as soon as  practicable  from the
Depositary.  Shares not accepted due to the proration will
be promptly  returned to the holders.

The Company also reported that Westmoreland's shareholders'  
meeting has been  rescheduled  from May 11 to May 12,  


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