TCR_Public/981124.MBX T R O U B L E D   C O M P A N Y   R E P O R T E R
  Tuesday, November 24, 1998, Vol. 2, No. 230

AIRSTAR TECHNOLOGIES: Reports Net Loss of $2.6 Million
AL TECH: Union-Backed Group Seek Capital
AMES: Stock Option Agreement With Hills and HSC Acquisition
BONNEVILLE PACIFIC: Reports Effective Date of Plan to SEC
CAMPO ELECTRONICS: Reports Conversion To SEC

DAEWOO GROUP: Says No Bankruptcy Despite Rumors
DANKA BUSINESS: Won't Rule Out Possibility Of Chapter 11
ELDER BEERMAN: Shareholder Rights Agreement Extended

GANTOS, INC: Covenant Problems; Exploring Alternatives
GULFPORT ENERGY: Notifies SEC of Late Filing
HAYES CORP: Long-Term DIP Pact Talks As Interim Deal Ends
HONDO OIL & GAS: Reports Meeting of Stockholders

LIVENT INC: Stock Plummets
LIVENT INC: Debt Rating Cut Four Notches
MANHATTAN BAGEL: Joint Plan Wins Court Approval
METALLURG INC: Replaces Deloitte & Touche

OMEGA ENVIRONMENTAL: July & August Financials
OXFORD HEALTH PLANS: Amendment to Investment Agreement
PHC INC: Files Annual Report
PHILIP SERVICES: Reaches Agreement With Icahn
PHP HEALTHCARE: Case Summary & 20 Largest Creditors

PHP HEALTHCARE: Files For Relief
PORTACOM WIRELESS: Delays Filing of Form 10-Q
READING CHINA & GLASS: Case Summary & 20 Largest Creditors
READING CHINA & GLASS: Gordon Bros. Wins GOB Auction
SAA MEDICAL: Viagra Clinic Files Chapter 11

SANYO SECURITIES: To File Bankruptcy
SCOOP, INC.: Notifies SEC of Late Filing
SNAKE EYES: Golfsmith International to Acquire Snake Eyes
SOLV-EX: Announces Meyners + Company as Accountant
SUN HEALTHCARE: Losses Continue in 3rd Quarter

SYQUEST TECHNOLOGIES: Reports Letter of Intent To SEC
UNISON HEALTHCARE: Notifies SEC of Late Filing
USN COMMUNICATIONS: Law Suit Charges Misleading Information
VOICE IT: Court Extends Time To Reject or Assume Leases
WELCOME HOME: Reports Results of Operations

Meetings, Conferences and Seminars


AIRSTAR TECHNOLOGIES: Reports Net Loss of $2.6 Million
Palm Springs-based Airstar Technologies Inc. (OTC: ASTGQ),
which installs telecommunications equipment at military
barracks, reported a net loss of $2.6 million for the third
quarter ended Sept. 30.

On Oct. 13, Airstar Technologies filed for bankruptcy
protection under Chapter 11 to facilitate restructuring of
the company's operations and financing arrangements.

The company's stock had traded under the ASTG ticker symbol
until October.

AL TECH: Union-Backed Group Seek Capital
The Buffalo News reports on November 20, 1998 that a union-
backed group bidding for AL Tech Speciality Steel Corp.
will seek a capital injection from New York State to help
lift the Dunkirk-based steelmaker out of bankruptcy
proceedings, a steelworkers' official said Thursday.

The United Steelworkers of America will meet with Empire
State Development Corp. officials in New York today to
request an undetermined financing package, said Lou Thomas,
USW district director in Buffalo.

"We need some money coming in from the state to bolster its
(AL Tech's) capital expenditure program," Thomas said.
Atlas Steels Inc. of Mississauga, Ont., is the surviving
bidder for the AL Tech. Another bidder, Universal Stainless
& Alloy Producers, dropped out of the running after failing
to gain USW support.

"We came to a point we felt we could not continue,"
Universal president Clarence McAninch said. The Pittsburgh-
area company's letter of intent to buy AL Tech for $38
million expired Tuesday. At stake are about 230 jobs
remaining at AL Tech's Dunkirk plant. The company has cut
the site's jobs from about 500 since filing for bankruptcy
on  Dec. 31, 1997, listing assets of $90.4 million and
debts of $251 million.  The steelworkers' union, which
chairs the bankruptcy creditors committee, is owed $50
million in unfunded post-retirement benefits, putting it
among AL Tech's largest creditors. Atlas, supplier of raw
steel "billets" to AL Tech, is also a big creditor.

Under the Atlas/USW plan, AL Tech's plant in Watervliet,
near Albany, would be reduced to about 15 workers, Thomas
said, from a high of about 200 before the filing. Only a
portion of the Watervliet operation would continue.
A state investment would help insure the survival of the
company and its Dunkirk plant by raising productivity,
Thomas said. AL Tech's equipment to make stainless steel
bar, rod and wire needs to be upgraded to be competitive,
he said.  The Empire State Development Corp. is working
with Atlas and the USW, but it's too early to discuss the
details of the potential financing package, agency
spokeswoman Caroline Quartararo said.

"We're working with them . . . to try to keep AL Tech Steel
open," she said.  "We're hopeful." Atlas' takeover plan
would put 35 percent of AL Tech's ownership into workers'
hands, in the form of an employee stock ownership plan,
Thomas said.  State funding would not be AL Tech's first
trip to the public well. The company, then Allegheny
Ludlum, received a $10 million injection of federal  
funds in 1977 to preserve jobs in the midst of an economic
crunch. The funds were the subject of controversy when the
state Job Development Authority and Chautauqua County
Industrial Development Agency were found to  
have mismanaged a loan pool supposed to be built on AL
Tech's repayments.  (Buffalo News -11/20/98)

AMES: Stock Option Agreement With Hills and HSC Acquisition
As of November 12, 1998, Hills Stores Company, a Delaware
corporation, and Ames Department Stores, Inc., a Delaware
corporation, and owner of all capital stock of HSC
Acquisition Corp., a Delaware corporation, have entered
into a Stock Option Agreement pursuant to which Hills
granted to Ames an option to purchase up to 2,073,753
shares of common stock, par value $.01 per share, of Hills
or such other number of shares of common stock of
Hills as equals 19.9% of the Company's issued and
outstanding shares of its common stock at the time of the
exercise of the Stock Option.

The complete text of the Tender Offer Statement is
available via the Internet at

BONNEVILLE PACIFIC: Reports Effective Date of Plan to SEC
On November 2, 1998, the "Trustee's Amended Chapter 11 Plan
for the Estate of Bonneville Pacific Corporation dated
April 22, 1998" became effective.  Accordingly, on November
2, 1998, the Trustee, to the extent consistent with the
Plan, turned control of the Company over to a new Board of
Directors.  The Company has therefore emerged from
bankruptcy, subject to the completion of those
actions  required by the Plan.

Final Monthly Financial Report - Chapter 11, for
the period October 1, 1998 to October 31, 1998, of the
company, dated November 16, 1998 as filed by the company
with the United States Bankruptcy Court for  the District
of Utah, Central Division on November 16, 1998. (States

CAMPO ELECTRONICS: Reports Conversion To SEC
On November 5, 1998, the United States Bankruptcy Court for
theEastern District of Louisiana entered an order
converting the 1997 Chapter 11 case of Campo
Electronics, Appliances and Computers, Inc., case number
97-13057, to a case under Chapter 7 of the Federal
Bankruptcy Code. Pursuant to the Court's order, the Company
was  also authorized and directed to pay certain
expenses.  The Court also appointed Wilbur J. Babin, Jr.  
as the Chapter 7 Trustee. (States SEC-11/21/98)

Unable to obtain financing to continue buying and
originating mortgage loans, Cityscape Financial Corp.
suspended business operations Nov. 17 and is evaluating the
"potential transfer" of its loan servicing portfolio. "The
company's decision is due to its determination, following
discussions with potential lenders regarding post-
reorganization warehouse financing, that adequate sources
of such financing are not available," according to the
company's Form 8-K filed with the  Securities and Exchange
Commission. Cityscape slashed nearly 54 percent of its
workforce last month, cutting 211 of its 454 employees, and
revealed in the recent filing that more downsizing
and headcount reductions are expected as a result of
suspending "Sav-A-Loan" operations. (The Daily Bankruptcy
Review and ABI Copyright c November 23, 1998)

Commercial Financial Services Inc., which is the largest
U.S. debt collection concern, is seeking a buyer as its
cash position erodes quickly, The Wall Street Journal
reported. In the last week, eight parties have met with CFS
to discuss buying the company, but no price has been
discussed yet, and a deal isn't expected for at least three
weeks. SunAmerica Inc. and GE Capital Corp. are among the
parties in negotiations. An anonymous letter to bond-rating
agencies in September charged that 18 percent of its credit
card delinquent accounts were not collected but resold to
Dimat Inc., a company allegedly owned in part by Jay Jones,
a CFS founder. This would make CFS's bill collection record
look better than it was. CFS continues to make interest and
principal payments to bondholders from the money it
collects servicing delinquent debts, and it says
collections are running at a record pace. But bondholders
are concerned that the company will not be able to meet its
obligations in the coming months if the fraud allegations
are true. In addition, the company is losing money quickly;
in late September it had $342 million; last week,
it was down to $246 million.

DAEWOO GROUP: Says No Bankruptcy Despite Rumors
The International Herald Tribune reports on November 21,
1998 that Daewoo Group, South Korea's third-largest
conglomerate, fought back Friday against reports and rumors
that it might be the next conglomerate in South Korea to
face dissolution and possible bankruptcy of some of its

Jang Byung Soo, president of Daewoo Corp., the group's
trading arm and construction company, said the group would
wind up with a substantial profit  
for the year.

One report, from Nomura Securities of Japan, said that the
group had "survived solely on liquidity procured through
the issuance of bonds" and that the group was "likely to
face huge difficulties in arranging equity financing."
Daewoo's "only survival option," said the report, was
"through the sale of assets."

Mr. Jang dismissed as "totally groundless" reports that
Daewoo might have to sell off some of its subsidiaries to
keep major affiliates from going bankrupt.  He blamed the
group's financial troubles in the first six months
of the year to  "additional loans" that the group had to
obtain to take over Ssangyong Motor  Co., a small motor-
vehicle manufacturer that Daewoo bought last December.

"This year, all units will make a combined net profit of
670 billion won," or $520.7 million, Mr. Jang said. "The
group will have no particular cash-flow problems."

A sign of the group's difficulties, however, was its
decision Tuesday to float $380 million in corporate bonds
in an effort to obtain cash in place of the credit that it
normally would receive from banks. While rolling over  
Daewoo's loans, Daewoo's banks have been extremely
reluctant to extend fresh credit, according to securities

The Nomura report, widely publicized in the South Korean
media, said that in the third quarter of this year Daewoo
had issued 9.2 trillion won of corporate bonds, 27 percent
of the country's bond issues.

The Nomura report said the firm was no longer providing
information on Daewoo Electronics or Daewoo Heavy
Industries, two core companies.

DANKA BUSINESS: Won't Rule Out Possibility Of Chapter 11
Danka Business Systems PLC ADR won't rule out a possibility
of filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy under its current
restructuring options.  Danka has hired the investment
banking firm of Wasserstein Perella & Co. to aid the firm
in an examination of its business and to advise the company
concerning a possible restructuring.  A key element of any
restructuring will likely involve Danka considering the
sale of one or more of its divisions or operating units.  
(Federal Filings 23-November-98)

ELDER BEERMAN: Shareholder Rights Agreement Extended
The Elder-Beerman Stores Corp. (Nasdaq: EBSC)
announced that its Board of Directors has extended the term
of its shareholder rights plan. With an initial term of one
year, the rights agreement allowed the Board to extend the
plan for a total of ten years. As a result of
the Board action, the company's shareholder rights plan
will expire on January 9, 2008. No other action was taken
by the Board with respect to the rights agreement.

According to Frederick J. Mershad, Chairman and Chief
Executive Officer of Elder-Beerman, "The Board extended the
rights plan after careful study. This extension was not in
response to any pending takeover threat against
the company. Shareholder rights plans, which typically have
a ten-year term, are intended to protect a company and its
shareholders from potentially unfair takeover practices.
Extending the rights agreement protects Elder-Beerman and
its shareholders by ensuring that all shareholders receive
a fair price and are treated equally in the event of a

Elder-Beerman reported total revenues of $607.9
million and net sales from store operations of $581.4
million on an operating base of 48 stores in 1997. The
company's Bee-Gee shoe division operates 62 El-Bee and
Shoebilee! shoe stores in seven states. Elder-Beerman also
operates two furniture superstores.

GANTOS, INC: Covenant Problems; Exploring Alternatives
Gantos, Inc., disclosed last week that, because of the net
loss reported by the Company for the twenty six weeks ended
August 2, 1997, the Company would not have been in
compliance with the EBITDA covenant for the four
quarters ended August 2, 1997, had Fleet Bank, N.A. and
LaSalle National Bank not granted waivers.

On October 8, 1997, the Company entered into a Third
Amendment to the Fleet facility.  The Third Amendment
provides for an adjustment to the interest
rates, beginning in fiscal 1998, based upon financial
performance, an increase in the loan advance rate on
inventory during the months of October through January, and
adjustments to the financial covenants so that compliance
with the financial covenants is based on a liquidity test
as long as minimum levels of liquidity are maintained. It
also provides that if the Company prepays its 12.75% notes
outstanding under its Indenture, it must pay Fleet Bank a
fee of $750,000 and the loan advance rate on inventory is
reduced to pre-amendment levels. The total commitment
and term remain the same.

The Company's Indenture, under which the Company's 12.75%
Notes were issued, also contains certain financial
covenants.  In part because of the net loss
reported by the Company for the twenty-six weeks ended
August 2, 1997 and the thirty-nine weeks ended November 1,
1997, the Company was not in compliance with
the earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and
amortization covenant for both quarters ended August 2,
1997, and November 1, 1997, and it was not in compliance
with the interest coverage ratio covenant for the quarter
ended November 1, 1997.

As of April 24, 1998, $7.0 million in principal amount of
Notes were outstanding. On December 15, 1997, the Company
entered into Supplemental Indenture No. 1 and an Agreement
with the trustee and principal holder of the Notes,
respectively, to waive existing EBITDA and interest
coverage ratio defaults and to revise some of the financial
covenants under the Indenture so that compliance with those
covenants is based on a liquidity test as long as minimum
levels of liquidity are maintained under the Fleet
facility.  The Indenture Supplement was entered into in
exchange for the payment of approximately $400,000 plus
expenses to the Trustee for the benefit of the Note

The Indenture, as amended, continues to require a minimum
net worth of $20 million at the end of each quarter. As of
January 31, 1998, the Company's net worth was approximately
$21.7 million. Management does not believe that the Company
will be able to meet this covenant in the second quarter
of 1998 and might not be able to meet the new liquidity
test in the third quarter of 1998. The Company is
negotiating with Fleet Bank and the principal holder of the
Notes to amend these covenants. If the Company is
unsuccessful in renegotiating these covenants on terms and
conditions acceptable to the Company, it would consider
refinancing the applicable indebtedness. Any inability by
the Company to renegotiate these covenants or to refinance
the applicable indebtedness on terms and conditions
acceptable to the Company could have a material adverse
effect on the Company's business, operations, liquidity,
financial condition and results of operations, and could
require the Company to substantially reduce or discontinue
its operations.

Even if the Company is successful in renegotiating the net
worth covenant under the Indenture, there can be no
assurance that the Company would be able to meet the
revised covenants or liquidity test under the Indenture
or the Fleet facility, unless sales substantially improve.
As a result, the Company has engaged a financial advisor to
assist it in exploring its strategic alternatives, although
there can be no assurance that any viable strategic
alternatives will be found.

Global Motorsport Group, Inc. reports to the SEC a letter
from Golden Cycle, LLC stating that Golden Cycle believes
that Global Motorsport has a fiduciary duty to negotiate
with Golden cycle, or any prospective purchaser, regarding
a transaction to acquire Global Motorsport that is in the
best interests of its stockholders.

Golden Cycle states, "As we have publicly announced, Golden
Cycle, LLC has proposed a transaction whereby the company
would acquire, in a transaction structured as a self tender
offer by Global Motorsport and subject to no financing
conditions, approximately 99% of the outstanding shares of
common stock of Global Motorsport (approximately 4.6
million shares) not currently owned by us for a cash
purchase price of $20 per share.  

While we do not think that our offer needs to be
forwarded to you in writing in order for you to be required
to consider it, we are, in the event that you disagree,
hereby formally transmitting our offer to you, in writing.  
Accordingly, notice is hereby given of our proposed
"Acquisition Transaction" as such term is defined in
Section 6.2 of your merger agreement with Stonington
Partners.  Considering that our offer is $0.50per share
better than Stonington Partners' offer, we are prepared to
meet with you at your earliest opportunity in order to
complete our proposed transaction.

Please note that a copy of our firm commitment letter
from NationsBank, N.A. to provide a portion of the
financing needed for the transaction was filed with the
Securities and Exchange Commission as an amendment to our
Schedule 13D on October 28, 1998."  Roger Grass and his
father have committed to the remainder of the financing.

GULFPORT ENERGY: Notifies SEC of Late Filing
As a result of the Gulfport Energy Corporation's financial
condition, the company reports that to the SEC that it will
be filing its quarterly report late due to the fact that
the company was required to reduce the number of internal  
accounting staff and to outsource a portion of its  
accounting  functions.  In addition, a third party  
engineering firm was delayed in providing the registrant
with information needed to complete its financial
statements. As a result, the registrant was not
able to file its Quarterly Report on Form  10-Q for the  
three  months  ended September 30, 1998 on or before
November 16, 1998.

During the three months ended September 30, 1998, the
Company reported oil and gas revenues of $2.3 million, a
53% decrease from  $4.9 million for the comparable period  
in 1997.  This decrease was primarily attributable to a
significant reduction in the average oil and natural gas
prices received during 1998 in combination with a 40%
reduction in oil production and a 21% reduction in gas  
production  from the same  period in 1997.  The decline in
oil and gas production was due in part to the Company's  
failure to perform  rework  and development  activities  
due to the lack of adequate working  capital.

HAYES CORP: Long-Term DIP Pact Talks As Interim Deal Ends
With Hayes's interim debtor-in-possession financing
scheduled to expire yesterday, the company and lender
NationsCredit Commercial Corp. are still trying to reach an
agreement that provides permanent DIP financing.  
Negotiations for a permanent credit agreement are still
underway.  While some type of deal is expected by today, it
remains unclear whether the parties will have a long-term
agreement or another interim financing arrangement.
(Federal Filings Inc. 23-Nov-98)

HONDO OIL & GAS: Reports Meeting of Stockholders
Hondo Oil & Gas Company reports to the SEC that a special
meeting of stockholders of Hondo Oil & Gas Company, a
Delaware corporation will be held on December 23, 1998 at
10:00 a.m., New York Time, at the offices of Parker Chapin
Flattau & Klimpl, 18th Floor, 1211 Avenue of the Americas,
New York, New York 10036, yo consider and vote upon a
proposal to adopt an Agreement and Plan of Merger, dated
October 12, 1998 by and among the Company, HOGC Acquisition
Corporation, a Delaware corporation and an indirect wholly
owned subsidiary of Lonrho Plc to approve the related
proposed merger of the Purchaser with and into the Company.  
As a result of the Merger, the Company will become a wholly
owned subsidiary of the Parent and each issued and
outstanding share of Common Stock, par value $1.00 per
share of the Company (other than Shares owned by the Parent
or any subsidiary of the Parent, Shares held in treasury by
the Company and Shares held by stockholders who perfect
appraisal rights under Delaware law)will be converted into
the right to receive $0.05 per Share net in cash, without
interest thereon.  

Jerry Murphy, president and CEO of Kiwi International  
Air Lines, has resigned, citing personal reasons.
Murphy led the Newark-based airline since September 1995.
Dr. Charles Edwards, a Baltimore surgeon who formed a group
to save Kiwi from liquidation, will be the interim CEO
while chief administrative officer Jimmie Player will  
be the interim president, Kiwi said Saturday.
Edwards and his group bought Kiwi in July 1997.

Until then, most of Kiwi was owned by its employees. It
began flying in September 1992, founded and largely
bankrolled by pilots and others who became jobless when Pan
Am and Eastern failed. They chose the name of a flightless  
bird because they had lost their wings.

The airline once had 1,200 employees and 15 leased jets
before entering bankruptcy protection and suspending
regular flights. At its peak, Kiwi flew 65 flights a day.

Kiwi now has about 625 employees. It links Newark
International Airport with Atlanta; Chicago; Orlando, Miami
and Palm Beach, Fla.; and San Juan and Aguadilla, Puerto

LIVENT INC: Stock Plummets
Shares in Livent Inc. plunged precipitously Friday when  
trading in the troubled theatrical company that produces
"Ragtime" and other hit musicals resumed for the first time
in three months.

Livent shares fell to 44 cents from its last close of
$10.15 on Aug. 7, when trading was stopped on the Toronto
Stock Exchange because of allegations of widespread
irregularities in the company's financial records.
The Ontario Securities Commission lifted its ban on Livent
trading after the company sought bankruptcy protection from
its creditors this week in an attempt to gain time to
restructure of its operations.

The Toronto exchange is continuing the halt on trading
Livent shares on its main exchange, but trading did resume
on an over-the-counter exchange called the Canadian Dealing

LIVENT INC: Debt Rating Cut Four Notches
Livent Inc.'s debt rating was cut four notches to Standard
& Poor's Corp.'s lowest possible category after the
troubled theater company filed for protection from
creditors in U.S. Bankruptcy Court Wednesday.

S&P lowered its rating on Livent's high-yield debt to "D"
from "CCC." Separately, the company said it received court
approval for $5 million (U.S.) in short-term financing from
a group of its directors and will need substantially more
financing by the end of the month to cover costs while it

The moves come a day after the Toronto-based producer of
"Ragtime" and other Broadway shows restated more than two
years of financial results, wiping out $85.1 million
(Canadian), $61.7 million (U.S.) of earnings, as it filed
for bankruptcy protection after concluding an investigation
of accounting irregularities uncovered in early August.

"The bonds are a mess," said Bishop Cheen, an analyst at
First Union Capital Markets Corp. "It's up to (Michael)
Ovitz and (Chairman Roy) Furman at this point to articulate
a plan of recovery." Furman, a former investment banker,
and Ovitz, the former president of Walt Disney Co., are
part of an investor group that owns about 12 percent of

Livent's $125 million issue of 93/8 percent senior
subordinated notes due 2004 were each worth 49 cents on the
dollar, based on an offer Thursday morning, Cheen said.
Last week, the bonds were 61 cents on the dollar.

In a separate lawsuit filed Wednesday in Toronto, Livent
sued co- founders Garth Drabinsky and Myron Gottlieb for
$225 million (Canadian) in damages, claiming a range of
violations including fraud and breach of contract.
The two executives, who were fired Wednesday, countersued
Furman and Ovitz, seeking $100 million (Canadian) each.
They claim Furman, Ovitz and their associates conspired to
defame them. (Buffalo News - 11/20/98)

MANHATTAN BAGEL: Joint Plan Wins Court Approval
New World Coffee & Bagels, Inc. (Nasdaq: NWCI) today
announced that the United States Bankruptcy Court for the
District  of New Jersey has approved the Debtor's Joint
Plan of Reorganization with  respect to the Company's
acquisition agreement with Manhattan Bagel Company,  Inc.
(Nasdaq: BGLSQ).

The Plan of Reorganization received the full support of the
secured creditor.   In addition, an overwhelming 92%+ of
the unsecured creditors voted for the  Plan.  Court
approval of the Plan paves the way for the completion of
the  acquisition of Manhattan Bagel by New World.

"Court approval of our Plan of Reorganization should be the
final step in the court system towards completing this
acquisition.  The overwhelming support of the creditors
speaks to their recognition of the substantial benefits of
the combination," said Ramin Kamfar, New World's CEO and
President.  "Both New World and Manhattan Bagel had solid
third quarter performances.  With this major step behind
us, we now look forward to completing the acquisition  

Founded in 1993, New World Coffee & Bagels currently owns,
operates and franchises stores in New York, New Jersey,
Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Florida and Germany,
and also operates a coffee roasting facility in Branford,
CT.  The Company's stores are the first in the industry to
combine a coffee bar and bagel bakery under one roof.  This
two-in-one concept allows New World Coffee & Bagels stores
to generate continuous traffic for breakfast, lunch and
between meals, maximizing store sales.

The acquisition would create the largest coffee/bagel
franchisor in the United States with approximately 340
stores, systemwide revenues approaching $150  
million and company revenues exceeding $45 million. In
addition, the acquisition would create the only industry
company vertically integrated in both coffee and bagel
manufacturing, with bagel dough plants and a coffee  
roasting facility capable of supplying stores on both

METALLURG INC: Replaces Deloitte & Touche
On November 16, 1998, Metallurg, Inc.replaced its
independentcertifying accountants, Deloitte &
Touche LLP. Deloitte & Touche LLP's reports on Metallurg,
Inc.'s financial statements for each of the past two years
did not contain an adverse opinion or a disclaimer of
opinion and such reports were not qualified or modified as
to uncertainty, audit scope, or accounting principles,
although the report with regard to the financial statements
for the 1996 fiscal year contained an explanatory note
relating to Metallurg, Inc.'s bankruptcy and a paragraph  
discussing a change in accounting principles resulting from
the bankruptcy, and the report with regard to the financial
statements for the 1997 fiscal year contained an
explanatory note relating to the April 1997 confirmation of  
Metallurg, Inc.'s plan of reorganization and a paragraph
discussing a change in accounting principles resulting from
the reorganization. On November 16, 1998, the Registrant
engaged PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as its independent  
accountants. (States SEC-11/21/98)

OMEGA ENVIRONMENTAL: July & August Financials
For the months ending July 31 and August 31, 1998, Omega
Environmental, Inc., filed its monthly operating reports
with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court and provided copies to the
SEC.  Full-text copies of these reports are
available at no charge at
98-041348.txt via the Internet.

OXFORD HEALTH PLANS: Amendment to Investment Agreement
Oxford Health Plans reports to the SEC that on November 19,
1998, the company entered into an amendment to the
Investment Agreement dated as of February 23, 1998 between
TPG Partners II, L.P. and the Registrant.  The Amendment
permits the principals of the Investor to purchase up to an
aggregate of 2,000,000 shares of common stock of the
company. The effectiveness of the Amendment remains subject
to applicable regulatory approvals, if any.

PHC INC: Files Annual Report
PHC, Inc. is a national health care company specializing in
the treatment of substance abuse, which includes alcohol
and drug dependency and related  disorders,  and in the
provision of psychiatric  services.

The company filed its annual report with the SEC on
November 18, 1998. A full-text copy of the report via the
internet is available at

PHILIP SERVICES: Reaches Agreement With Icahn
Troubled Canadian waste hauler Philip Services Corp. said
Friday it had reached a standstill agreement with U.S.
investor Carl Icahn that allows it to start voluntary
bankruptcy proceedings, reorganize and work its way out
from under a mountain of debt.

Hamilton, Ontario-based Philip has been beset by legal and
financial problems this year. The deal it sealed with
financier Icahn and his affiliated stakeholders calls for
Philip to launch insolvency proceedings by February
28 of next year.

A standstill agreement ensures cash-strapped Philip that
lenders will not demand immediate repayment.  Carl Icahn
now owns about 14 percent of the company's equity and $200
million of its debt.

Under the deal, more than $1 billion of bank debt is to be
converted into $200 million of secured claims, and 90
percent of the equity in the new firm is turned over to
debt holders, Philip said.

The agreement, which lasts until a restructuring deadline
of July 1999, stipulates that current Philip shareholders
give up 90 percent of the company and keep a 10 percent
stake. This could rise to 15 percent if certain assets are
sold while Philip reorganizes.

Also, Philip has signed a letter with industrial services
and scrap firm Soave Enterprises LLC and a major, unnamed
U.S. venture capital corporation, which have agreed to
inject $100 million to $200 million into the company.

Earlier this year, Philip was forced to restate its
financial results from 1995 to 1997 because of rogue copper
trading. It subsequently uncovered more losses, leading to
more writedowns, and had been trying to stave off creditors  
while selling some units and restructuring to reduce debt.

After months of talks, Icahn threatened this week to push
Philip into bankruptcy if it did not hand over control to
its lenders. Philip relented.

"The standstill was necessary to afford Philip and its
stakeholders the opportunity to salvage value, stabilize
current operations and move quickly and efficiently toward
a responsible restructuring," Icahn said in a news

The Toronto Stock Exchange halted trading in Philip before
the start of Friday's session but reopened dealings late in
the day. The stock, which had been as high as C$24.25 in
the last 52 weeks, rose C$0.27 to close at C$0.83.  New
York saw the stock price rise $0.13 to $0.50.
($1 = $1.55 Canadian)

PHP HEALTHCARE: Case Summary & 20 Largest Creditors
Debtor:  PHP Healthcare Corporation
         11440 Commerce Drive
         Reston, Virginia 20191

Type of business:
Court: District of Delaware

Case No.: 98-2608   Chapter: 11

Debtor's Counsel: Thomas L. Ambro
                  Richards, Layton & Finger PA
                  One Rodney Square, PO Box 551
                  Wilmington, Delaware 19899
                  (302) 658-6541
                  (203) 368-4234

Total Assets:              $252,392,141
Total Liabilities:       $279,091,232

No. of shares of preferred stock              37,585
No. of shares of common stock             11,697,173

20 Largest Unsecured Creditors:

   Name                              Nature         Amount
   ----                              ------         ------
University of MD Medical
System                        Secondary Care   $1 million

Fried Frank Harris, Shriver    Legal Services    $670,000

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP  Accounting Services  $660,000

Marsh & McLennan, Inc.           Insurance       $396,456

Cardinal Health           Pharmaceuticals        $308,544

Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz    Legal Services       $188,377

Cornerstone Suburban Office   Leasehold          $143,675

Littler Mendelson, PC         Legal Services     $121,362

New Boston Systems, Inc.      Temp. Staffing     $110,378

Lab Corporation of America    Lab Services       $97,506

Shearman & Sterling           Legal Services     $88,939

World Travel Service, Inc.    Travel             $84,608

Cananwill, Inc.               Insurance Note     $77,305

Reden & Anders, Ltd.          Consulting         $73,989

Computer Assoc. Int'l.        Computer Support   $72,010

Providence Yakima Medical     Secondary Care     $70,195

Manpower, Inc.                Temp. Staffing     $64,949

Reliastar Life Ins. Co.       Insurance Admin.   $61,947

RR Donnelley Receivable        Printing          $54,469

Beveridge & Diamond           Legal Services     $51,078

PHP HEALTHCARE: Files For Relief
The Washington Times reports on November 20, 1998
Reston-based PHP Healthcare Corp., which covers 26,000
District Medicaid recipients, filed for Chapter 11
bankruptcy protection yesterday.

The move was prompted by the financial collapse of the
company's Pinnacle Health Enterprises unit, a medical-
services subsidiary in New Jersey that is battling to keep
a contract to provide care to 194,000 members of a health  
maintenance organization.

A District Medicaid official said that PHP's bankruptcy
filing does not affect the company's D.C. Chartered Health
Plan, which covers city Medicaid managed-care enrollees.

"Obviously, we are concerned, but we have not seen any
signs of any problems," said Jane Thompson, manager of the
District's Medicaid managed-care program. "One of the first
problems would be that they have slowed down on paying
claims, and we haven't seen that."  PHP issued a statement
saying that the bankruptcy does not involve either D.C.
Chartered or Virginia Chartered Health Plan, which the
company said last  month it will sell to UHS Managed Care
Inc. for $7.2 million.

Company President Jack Mazur did not return a call
yesterday seeking comment. PHP, which manages clinics,
provider networks and health plans in 30 states,
listed liabilities of $279.1 million and assets of $252.4
million in bankruptcy papers filed shortly after midnight
with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in  Wilmington, Del.

The company sought protection after HIP of New Jersey moved
yesterday to end its contract with Pinnacle, which provided
health services to the nonprofit HMO. The two companies
face legal action by New Jersey regulators because they  
failed to straighten out their financial problems during a
court-imposed two- week grace period that ended Wednesday.

PHP bought HIP's 18 New Jersey clinics for $72.6 million
last year and signed a contract to provide health services
to HIP managed-care members. But HIP was unable to control
claims costs and fell $20 million behind in payments  
to PHP.

New Jersey officials announced Oct. 27 that they were
seizing control of HIP to guarantee continued health care
to the HMO's members.

Pinnacle, which manages the plan and operates its clinics,
laid off 400 workers Sept. 4, and its president, Dr. Paul
Frankel, committed suicide two days later.

Debra O'Connell, vice president for marketing at Manassas-
based Ambulatory Healthcare Corp. of America, said the
company is still offering $2 per share to take over PHP
despite its bankruptcy filing. Trading in PHP was suspended
yesterday on the Nasdaq stock exchange. Its  
stock closed at 81 cents Wednesday.

AHCA made its offer Nov. 12 and said it would sell off
PHP's managed-care provider networks and concentrate on
operating clinics. PHP's stock has plummeted since reaching
$35 per share in June 1996. S&P downgraded PHP Sept. 11 to
a Triple-C credit rating, which means the company risks
defaulting on its debt within a year. WashingtonTimes-

PORTACOM WIRELESS: Delays Filing of Form 10-Q
PortaCom Wireless, Inc., telling the SEC that the Company
presently has only one employee, Mr. Michael Richard, says
that pressing matters directly related to the Company's
pending bankruptcy case in Delaware make it impossible to
timely file a Form 10-Q for the 3 and 9 months ending
September 30, 1998.

The Company says that the pressing issues before the
Bankruptcy Court concern compliance with distribution
requirements under the Company's liquidating plan of
reorganization, negotiations in connection with several
bankruptcy-related disputes, and the estimation process
necessary for the revaluation of the Company's assets and
liabilities to the amounts expected to be collected and
paid during the liquidation.

The Company reminds the SEC that it obtained confirmation
of its liquidating plan on September 17, 1998.  The Company
additionally noted that its September 30 financial
statements will include a revaluation of
the Company's assets and liabilities.

READING CHINA & GLASS: Case Summary & 20 Largest Creditors
Debtor:  Reading China And Glass Inc.
         100 Lake Drive
         Newark, Delaware 19702

Court: District of Delaware

Case No.: 98-50117    Filed: 01/22/98    Chapter: 11

Debtor's Counsel: Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor LLP
                  11th Floor Rodney Square North
                  P.O. Box 391
                  Wilmington, Delaware
                  (302) 571-6600

20 Largest Unsecured Creditors:

   Name                                  Amount
   ----                                  ------        
Calphalon Corporation                   767,694
Kitchen-aid, Inc.                       467,243
Graphic Communications       299,568
LCI           283,061
Salton-Maxim Housewares                 280,900
Conair Corporation                      255,005
ARC/Domestic                            237,462
Lenox                                   227,281
ACME International                      217,473
Tobin Home Fashions                     209,389
Homer Laughlin China Co.                190,091
Noritake                                188,865
Meyer Corp.                             184,683
St. George Crystal                      181,182
Pfaltzgraff                             179,878
Mikasa                                  176,243
Libbey Glass                            169,298
Indiana Glass Co.                       167,236
Royal China & Porcelain Co.             165,971
Blue Ridge Designs                      151,070

READING CHINA & GLASS: Gordon Bros. Wins GOB Auction
Gordon Brothers Retail Partners LLC will conduct Reading
China & Glass Inc.'s going-out-of-business sales after
outbidding three other liquidating firms in an auction that
went 16 rounds and ended with a final bid of 90.25%.  
Gordon Brothers will oversee the sale of inventory from 15
of the Newark, Del.-based housewares retailer's 34 stores.
Gordon Brothers outbid Hilco/Great American Group,
Schottenstein Bernstein Capital Group LLC, and a joint
venture of Nassi Group LLC and Alco Capital Group.  Bidding
started at 76% of cost value and went in 0.25% increments.  
The auction was conducted by Reading China's counsel, Laura
Davis Jones of Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor. (Federal
Filings Inc. 23-Nov-98)

SAA MEDICAL: Viagra Clinic Files Chapter 11
S.A.A. Medical Services, which conducted business as the
Vascular Center for Men, has filed for chapter 7; it listed
no assets and $2,302.52 in liabilities, according to The
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The clinic was publicized
highly in April after it established a controversial
web site about Viagra. Attorney Jack U. Shimlovitz said the
clinic filed chapter 7 because it could not reach a
settlement with Journal Sentinel Inc., which is owed
$1,802.52 for advertising; he said S.A.A. has been out of
business since June. Clinic Director David Michael Thomas
had prescribed the drug at least 700 times in just a few
weeks after he set up the website; most of the
prescriptions were given over the phone after briefly
screening people. (ABI 23-Nov-98)

SANYO SECURITIES: To File Bankruptcy
Sanyo Securities Co., a debt-ridden midsize brokerage
whose efforts to reconstruct itself under court protection
have broken down, plans to file for bankruptcy with the
Tokyo District Court next month, Sanyo  sources said

Sanyo will give up its rehabilitation efforts and hand over
all the remaining customer assets to NCS Securities Co., an
Osaka- based small brokerage, the sources said.

Sanyo collapsed last November, weighed down by 373.6
billion yen in debts and 80 billion yen in bad loans which
it was forced to take over in 1994 from 14 companies,
including Sanyo General Capital, an affiliated finance

As of the end of October, there were still 40,000 customer
accounts which had a total of 20 billion yen worth of cash
and securities.  Sanyo Securities will completely hand over
these assets to NCS except for those assets which are
disputed.  Sanyo is considering turning over its TSE
membership to NSC as part of the asset transfer
arrangement, they said. (Kyodo-11/23/98)

SCOOP, INC.: Notifies SEC of Late Filing
Scoop Inc. notified the SEC on November 16, 1998 that due
to the bankruptcy proceeding and the need for the Company
to prepare a business plan in connection with its
reorganization, among other things, the Company will not
file its Reports on Form 10-Q for the fiscal quarter ending
September 30, 1998 or its Reports on Form 10-K for the
fiscal year ended December 31, 1998 by their respective due
dates of November 15, 1998 and March 31, 1999.
In the interim period until these filings are made, the
Company will file, under cover of Form 8-K, copies of the
monthly operating reports required to be filed with the
Bankruptcy Court within 15 days after filing such reports
with the Bankruptcy Court.  The first Report on Form 8-K
including such operating reports are therefore expected to
be filed with the Commission on or before November 30,

SNAKE EYES: Golfsmith International to Acquire Snake Eyes
Golfsmith International Inc., Austin, Texas, bid $1.725
million last week to acquire the assets and business of
Snake Eyes Golf Clubs Inc., based in Ponte Vedra Beach,
Fla., according to The Florida Times-Union. Snake Eyes
filed for chapter 11 protection in September with a plan
to sell the business to the highest bidder. Golfsmith
outbid Venture Access International, which already had
pledged to pay $1.4 million to buy Snake Eyes if no other
bidders came forward.  The bid will not be enough to pay
off the company's $3.1 million in liabilities, however.
Snake  Eyes manufactured a line of high-quality golf clubs.
(ABI 23-Nov-98)

SOLV-EX: Announces Meyners + Company as Accountant
Meyners + Company, LLC has been engaged by Solv-Ex
Corporation as the principal accountant to audit the
balance sheet of the company as of August 31, 1998.  The
date of Meyners + Company, LLC's engagement was November 9,

Meyners + Company, LLC is an independent member of the BDO
Seidman Alliance, which allows Meyners + Company LLC access
to resources, services and technical expertise of an
international accounting and consulting organization.

SUN HEALTHCARE: Losses Continue in 3rd Quarter
Albuquerque-based Sun Healthcare Group, Inc., filed its
quarterly financial statements for the period ending
September 30, 1998, under cover of Form 10-Q with the SEC
last week.  A full-text copy of the report is
available at no charge at
98-041419.txt via the Internet.  Sun Healthcare was
profiled in the Troubled Company Prospector (co-published
by New Generation Research and Beard Group, Inc.; call
301/951-6400 for subscription information concerning the
Prospector)last quarter when the Company violated the
EBITDAR covenant contained in its Senior Credit Facility.

SYQUEST TECHNOLOGIES: Reports Letter of Intent To SEC
SyQuest Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq:SYQT), reports to the SEC
that it filed a petition under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy
Code with the United States Bankruptcy Court in Oakland,
California.  SyQuest also announced that immediately
following the filing it had signed a letter of
intent for the sale of substantial assets to a strategic
buyer.  Pursuant to the letter of intent, the Buyer would
acquire SyQuest's patents and other intellectual property,
manufacturing and development equipment, finished goods,
work in process and raw materials inventory for disk drives
and cartridges.  SyQuest would retain all of its accounts
receivable and ownership of its building in Penang,

SyQuest would allocate a portion of the asset purchase
price to provide warranty service for products already sold
to the channel or to end users.  In addition, the buyer
would be responsible for providing customer support and
warranty service for any SyQuest products it sells in the

The letter of intent is subject to the parties entering
into definitive agreements no later than November 25, 1998,
unless extended, and the satisfaction of other conditions.  
The asset sale will ultimately be subject to authorization
by the United States Bankruptcy Court, and possibly, the
approval of a Malaysia court.

UNISON HEALTHCARE: Notifies SEC of Late Filing
Unison HealthCare Corporation reports to the SEC that it
continues to experience financial difficulties and has been
unsuccessful in its efforts to reduce its cost of capital  
and operating expenses and provide liquidity. The Company's
cashflow shortfalls persist and management is focusing its
efforts on improving  operations and completing a financial
restructuring of the Company. These events have delayed and
are expected to continue to delay the preparation of the
Company's quarterly report on Form 10-Q for the three
months ended September 30, 1998.

The Company recorded a net loss of $3.3 million for the
three months ended September 30, 1998 compared to a net
loss of $2.0  million for the same period  in  1997.  
Revenues decreased 24.5% to  $44.9 million due primarily to
the disposition of 12 nursing facilities during the first
nine months of fiscal 1998 (the  "Dispositions").  Wages
and related expenses decreased 17.9% to $23.6 million due
primarily to the Dispositions.  Other operating expenses  
decreased  23.3% to $16.9 million due primarily to the
Dispositions.  Interest expense decreased from $5.1  
million in the 1997 third quarter to $826,000 for the same
period in 1998.

On June 15, 1998, the Company concluded an agreement in  
principle  with  respect  to a consensual  restructuring   
with some, but not all, of  its  creditor constituencies.  
The agreement in principle formed the basis of the plan of
reorganization filed with the Bankruptcy Court on August
10, 1998.  On October 16, 1998, an amended plan of
reorganization was filed.

USN COMMUNICATIONS: Law Suit Charges Misleading Information
The law firm of Cohen, Milstein, Hausfeld & Toll, P.L.L.C.
announces it filed a lawsuit in the United States  
District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, on
behalf of purchasers of the securities of USN
Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ:USNC) during the period  
between February 4, 1998 and November 3, 1998, inclusive.

The Complaint charges that USNC -- a competitive local
exchange carrier -- and  certain officers and directors of
the Company during the relevant time period violated
Sections 11, 12 and 15 of the Securities Act of 1933 and
Sections 10(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.
Specifically, the Complaint alleges that defendants made
false and misleading representations in connection
with USNC's February 4, 1998 $128 million initial public
offering of 8 million  shares of common stock (the "IPO" or
the "Offering").  The Complaint alleges that, in the
Company's IPO Prospectus and in statements made thereafter,  
defendants described the Company as being involved in
reselling local telephone services and that the Company's
business of reselling services was becoming increasingly
successful.  In truth, however, defendants knew, or were
reckless in not knowing, that profit margins on reselling
local service made it virtually impossible for that
strategy to be profitable and that the Company would be
forced to switch to a non-reselling strategy, including the
possible building or leasing of its own systems, in order
to make the Company  profitable. During the Class Period,
the Company, in fact, was forced to move away from its pure
re-selling strategy and began, belatedly, to build its own
network.  However, the change in strategy was too late,
and, as defendants knew
all along, required a huge infusion of capital, which the
Company did not have.   On November 4, 1998, the day after
the announcement of massive restructuring  and lay-offs in
the Company, the stock closed at $3/8 per share -- an all-
time  low.  The Complaint alleges that members of the Class
purchased their USNC  securities at artificially inflated

USN Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:USNC) announced today that
it completed the sale of a $10 million note to Merrill
Lynch Global Allocation Fund, Inc.  The note bears interest
at 17% per annum and matures on January 15, 1999.
USN also announced that it expect to file its Form 10-Q
report for the third quarter ended September 30, 1998 on
Friday, November 20, 1998.  USN delivers "powerful
connections" for small to medium-sized businesses by
integrating a complete range of communications services,
including local, long-distance, cellular and Internet,
supported by unparalleled customer service.  USN was
founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Chicago with
offices located in the Midwest and Northeast.

VOICE IT: Court Extends Time To Reject or Assume Leases
Judge Roland J. Brumbaugh entered an order in the case of
Voice It Worldwide, Inc., to extend the 60 day period
within which the debtor may assume or reject nonresidential
real property leases to the date on which the debtor's plan
of reorganization is confirmed by the court or such earlier
date as may be set by the court on request of either of the
debtor's lessors of nonresidential real property or any
other party in interest.

WELCOME HOME: Reports Results of Operations
Welcome Home Inc. filed its quarterly report with the SEC
for the quarterly period entered October 3, 1998.
Net sales for the three months ended October 3, 1998
decreased by $1.0 million or 7.4%, as compared to the three
months ended October 4, 1997. This decrease reflects a
decrease in comparative store sales of 4.1% and a decline
in the average number of stores open during the three
months ended October 3, 1998 of 120 compared to 124 for the
three months ended October 4, 1997. The Company showed a
decrease of 8.4% in the number of sales transactions
on a same store basis in the three months ended October 3,
1998 offset by an increase in its average sales transaction
from $19.21 for the three months ended October 3, 1998
compared to $18.34 for the three months ended October 4,
1997 on the same store basis.

The Company's net loss for the three months ended October
3, 1998 was $776,000 as compared to $1.0 million for the
three months ended October 4, 1997.  The decrease in net
loss of $235,000 was due primarily to lower selling,
general and administrative expenses and lower interest

Meetings, Conferences and Seminars

November 17-18, 1998
      Retail Credit Card Management & Collections
         Chicago Hilton & Towers, Chicago, Illinois
            Contact: 1-212-714-1444

November 19-20, 1998
   University of Texas School of Law
      17th Annual Bankruptcy Conference
         Four Seasons Hotel, Austin, Texas
            Contact: 1-512-475-6700

November 20-23, 1998
      78th Eastern District Meeting
         New York Marriott World Trade Center, New York
            Contact: Warren Pinchuck, New Hyde Park, New

November 30-December 1, 1998
      Distressed Investing '98
         The Plaza Hotel, New York, New York
            Contact: 1-903-592-5169 or   

December 3-5, 1998
      Winter Leadership Conference
         Westin La Paloma, Tuscon, Arizona
            Contact: 1-703-739-0800

December 10-12, 1998
      The Emerged & Emerging New Uniform Commercial Code
         Sheraton New York Hotel, New York City
            Contact: 1-800-CLE-NEWS

January 9-14, 1998
   Law Education Institute
      Bankruptcy Law Course -- 1999 National CLE Conference
         Marriott's Vail Mountain Resort, Vail, Colorado
            Contact: 1-414-228-5810

January 28-February 1, 1999
      38th Annual Southern District Meeting
         Royal Sonesta Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana
            Contact: 1-423-971-1551

February 18-21, 1999
      Annual Western District Meeting
         Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino Resort,
         Las Vegas, Nevada
            Contact: 1-702-382-9558

Febraury 28-March 3, 1998
      Norton Bankruptcy Institute I
         Olympic Park Hotel, Park City, Utah
            Contact: 1-770-535-7722

March 18-21, 1998
      Norton Bankruptcy Litigation Institute II
         Flamingo Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
            Contact: 1-771-535-7722

April 26-27, 1999
      Bankruptcy Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions
         The Mark Hopkins, San Francisco, California
            Contact: 1-903-592-5169 or   

April 28-30, 1999
      INSOL Bermuda '99 Conference of the Americas
         Castle Harbour Marriott Resort
The Meetings, Conferences and Seminars column appears
in the TCR each Tuesday.  Submissions via e-mail to are encouraged.  


The Meetings, Conferences and Seminars column appears in
the TCR each Tuesday.  Submissions via e-mail to are encouraged.  

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