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  Tuesday, November 10, 1998, Vol. 2, No. 220


AHERF: Gets Okay For $22.6 Million Sale Of NJ Operations
ADVANTICA RESTAURANT: Results of Operations
AMERICAN RICE: Trustee Seeks Review of Professionals' Fees
ARROW AUTOMOTIVE: Seeks OK To Borrow on Priority and
Secured Status and Use of Non-cash Collateral
CABLE & CO. WORLDWIDE: Seeks Authority To Abandon Stock

COVENTRY HEALTH: Beneficial Ownership of Stock Reported
CRIIMI MAE: Criimi Mae Bankruptcy Affects CMBS Ratings               
DOW CORNING: Reorganization Plan To Be Filed Monday
ELEK-TEK: Court Approves Amended Disclosure Statement

GEOTEK COMMUNICATIONS: Seeks Exclusivity Until Confirmation
HAGERSTOWN FIBER: Seeks Extension of Exclusivity Periods
HARRAH'S JAZZ: Effective Date October 30, 1998
Reject Leases

KIA MOTORS: Hyundai prepares to take control of Kia             
MRS TECHNOLOGY: Concludes Supply Agreement  
MUSTANG OIL: Trustee Seeks Authority To Enter Compromise
NAL FINANCIAL GROUP: Effective Date October 30, 1998
NEWMONT GOLD: Merger Effective

NEXAR TECHNOLOGIES: Closes California Mfg. Facility
NU-KOTE: Files For Chapter 11 Protection
ONEITA INDUSTRIES: Lenders Try To Block Employment Pact ---
OPERATION RESCUE: Founder Seeking Bankruptcy Protection
WESTMORELAND COAL:  Court Authorizes Expenditure

Meetings, Conferences and Seminars


AHERF: Gets Okay For $22.6 Million Sale Of NJ Operations
The court has approved Allegheny Health Education &
Research Foundation's (AHERF) sale of its New Jersey
operations to Our Lady of Lourdes Healthcare Services Inc.
for about $22.6 million in cash and assumed liabilities.
The sale includes the assets of Allegheny Hospitals New
Jersey (AHNJ), Concorde Clinical Research Inc., Zurbrugg
Holding Co., Zurbrugg Health Foundation, as well as certain
assets of Diversified Health Groups Inc., a related entity.
The Zurbrugg Memorial Hospital is being sold for $200,000
in an unrelated transaction. Pursuant to the agreement,
Lourdes will assume all liabilities on AHNJ's May 31
balance sheet, as well as the critical care and operating
room projects of AHNJ. AHERF filed a sale motion on Oct. 6
and signed a final asset purchase agreement Oct.
21. The order was signed Nov. 2.(The Daily Bankruptcy
Review Copyright c November 9, 1998)

ADVANTICA RESTAURANT: Results of Operations
The consolidated revenue for the third quarter of Advantica
Restaurant Group, Inc. was nearly flat (down 0.3%) in
relation to the 1997 comparable quarter. Revenue grew at
the Denny's brand, reflecting positive same-store sales
growth in the quarter combined with increased franchise
revenue. El Pollo Loco ("EPL") also reported growth due to
the addition of Company-owned units and franchise revenue
growth. The revenue growth at Denny's and EPL was offset by
lower revenue at Coco's and Carrows, where fewer Company-
owned units and lower same-store sales resulted in 6.3% and
10.5% declines in company sales, respectively. Overall,
Advantica ended the quarter with 40 fewer Company-owned
units than at the end of the third quarter of 1997, while
franchised and licensed restaurants increased by 98 units.

The comparability of 1998 and 1997 consolidated operating
expenses is significantly affected by the impact of the
adoption of fresh start reporting as of January 7, 1998.

Net loss was $36.5 million in the third quarter of 1998 as
compared to a net loss of $17.8 million for the prior year
quarter primarily as a result of the factors noted above.

AMERICAN RICE: Trustee Seeks Review of Professionals' Fees
The United States Trustee, Richard W. Simmons, seeks to
employ Legalgard, Inc., a legal cost management consulting
firm.  Legalgard would be employed to review and analyze
the fee applications of all of the professionals employed
in the case and any party in  interest who submits an
application for compensation.  Legalgard will review all
of the fee applications submitted in the case for a charge
of 2% of the gross fees invoiced.  Legalgard performed a
similar project in the "Today's Man" bankruptcy case, and
is currently the fee examiner in the Marvel Entertainment
Group case.  Legalgard also reviewed $250 million in fees
for the debtor in the Dow Corning bankruptcy.

ARROW AUTOMOTIVE: Seeks OK To Borrow on Priority and
Secured Status and Use of Non-cash Collateral
Arrow Automotive Industries, Inc., debtor, is seeking court
authority and approval to borrow on priority and secured
status and the use of non-cash collateral on the terms and
conditions set forth in the proposed Term sheet.  The
court's approval shall enable the debtor to borrow up to
$20 million from BankBoston, NA and Norwest Business
Credit, Inc. with priority over administrative expenses and
secured by liens on substantially all of the property of
the debtor's estate.

CABLE & CO. WORLDWIDE: Seeks Authority To Abandon Stock
Cable & Co. Worldwide, Inc., debtor, seeks an order
authorizing the debtor to abandon its stock in Cable
Company 1955 SpA.  A hearing will be held on the motion on
November 17, 1998 at 10:00 am before the Honorable Judge
Burton R. Lifland.

The debtor owns 99% of the issued and outstanding stock of
Cable & Company 1955 SpA, an Italian entity which leases a
manufacturing facility in Montegrenaro, Italy.  As a result
of the debtor's inability to pay substantial sums that it
owed to cable & Company 1955 SpA, Cable & Company 1955 SpA
was, in turn, unable to pay its creditors.  The debtor
believes that the Italian company has liabilities which far
exceed the value of its assets, and has been unable to
continue its business.  

Elliott Associates, LP and Westgate International LP,
holders of certain indebtedness and equity interests of
Cityscape Financial Corp. and Cityscape Corp. state that
the debtors have chosen to promote and seek confirmation of
a plan of reorganization which blatantly violates Chapter
11 and applicable law.  

Elliott and Westgate state that the plan proposes that the
debtors' value be distributed to holders of the Senior
Notes and the Subordinated Debentures, while the interests
of hundreds of public common and preferred shareholders of
the debtors are extinguished.  

The plan provides for releases that attempt to cause the
release by and of a myriad of parties, including the
debtors' then-current and former officers, directors,
employees, shareholders, consultants and professionals.  

The creditors state that the plan projects unrealistic
improvements in operations and cash flow.  They also state
that the plan unfairly discriminates against the holders of
the Securities Claims compared to the holders of Tort

COVENTRY HEALTH: Beneficial Ownership of Stock Reported
As of October 21, 1998 Crabbe Huson Group, Inc. reports
beneficial ownership of 3,626,500 shares of common stock,
or 6.19% of the class of Coventry Health Care, Inc. Due to
a reorganization effective October 1, 1998, Crabbe Huson
Group,  Inc. became the beneficial owner of Coventry Health
Care, Inc. October 21, 1998 is 3,626,500 representing   
6.19% of the  outstanding common shares.

Crabbe Huson Group, Inc. does not directly own any shares
of the Issuer. It shares voting and dispositive power with
respect to the 3,626,500 owned by approximately 70 of its

CRIIMI MAE: Criimi Mae Bankruptcy Affects CMBS Ratings               
Chicago-Duff & Phelps Credit Rating Co. has shifted 13
commercial mortgage- backed securities transactions from
Rating Watch-Uncertain to Rating Watch-Down in connection
with the recent Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing of Criimi
Mae Inc.

The rating agency attributed the change to its "further
evaluation of the impact" of Criimi Mae's bankruptcy filing
on its subsidiary Criimi Mae Services LP, which acts as
special servicer for the 13 deals and as master servicer
for one.

Duff & Phelps said it had met recently with representatives
of Criimi Mae Services and found that company to be
"operating adequately," but added that the bankruptcy may
have an adverse effect on it.

"Having a parent in the midst of bankruptcy proceedings is
likely to cause a diversion of senior management's
attention," the rating agency said. "Criimi Mae, Inc. has
already had to initiate legal proceedings to block the  
initiatives of some of its lenders. Furthermore, a
bankruptcy may lead to cost- cutting initiatives that could
result in lower-quality service."

The affected transactions are: Asset Securitization Corp.,
Series 1995-MD IV, 1996-D2, and 1996-D3; First Union-Lehman
Brothers Commercial Mortgage Trust II, Series 1997-C2; LB
Commercial Conduit Mortgage Trust II, Series 1996-C2;  
Merrill Lynch Mortgage Investors Inc., Series 1995-C3 and
1996-C2; Morgan Stanley Capital I Inc., Series 1998-WF1 and
1998-WF2; Mortgage Capital Funding Inc., Series 1994-MC1
and 1997-MC1; Nomura Asset Securities Corp., Series 1998-
D6; and Wisconsin Avenue Securities, Series 1996-M1.

A new special servicer will be appointed for the Nomura
deal as a result of  a trustee's determination that a
special servicer event of default had occurred, Duff &
Phelps said.

Mr. Olson has joined Fortress Investment Group as chief
financial officer. He will oversee the financing of
investment activities as well as manage treasury,
accounting and tax functions. Most recently, Mr. Olson, who
has 16 years experience in the securitization market, was
co-head of the asset finance group at Greenwich Capital
Markets. (National Mortgage News-11/02/98)

DOW CORNING: Reorganization Plan To Be Filed Monday
Dow Corning Corp. is expected to file its long-
awaited bankruptcy reorganization plan Monday, 3-1/2 years
after the company  filed for creditor protection because of
thousands of breast implant lawsuits,  sources familiar
with the plan said Sunday.

The Midland, Mich., maker of silicon-based products
announced in July it would pay $3.2 billion to settle
claims from women who allege their silicone  
gel breast implants have caused them health problems.

Attorneys for Dow Corning, its creditors and women suing
the company have been negotiating since then to finalize
details of the reorganization plan.

Dow Corning spokesman Michael Jackson confirmed Sunday the
plan could be filed with U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Bay City
as early as November 9, 1998. He said U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Judge Arthur Spector has previously said it could be filed
Monday or Tuesday.

Dow Corning has proposed compensation from $1,000 to
$200,000, although most payments are expected to range from
$12,000 to $60,000, depending on the nature of the
illnesses. The average payment would be about $31,000,
people familiar with the details have previously said.

Dow Corning will pay $5,000 to women who want to remove
their implants and $25,000 in cases where the implants have
ruptured, people familiar with the plan said.

The $3.2 billion pact, reached with the help of a mediator,
exceeded the $3 billion Dow Corning had previously offered,
but was below the $3.8 billion sought by a committee
representing women suing implant makers. It came after  
months of contentious negotiations and plaintiff rejections
of earlier offers.

Spector has set a January 20, 1999, hearing date for the
disclosure statement, the key part of the reorganization
plan, Jackson said.

If the statement meets court requirements, Dow Corning
creditors, including the women plaintiffs, must vote on the
plan, a process that could take several months. Following
creditor approval, Spector would then set a confirmation  
hearing date. If the plan meets all requirements, then the
judge would declare  it effective, Jackson said.
(Reuters:Financial-1108.00346}   11/08/98

ELEK-TEK: Court Approves Amended Disclosure Statement
The court approved Elek-Tek Inc.'s amended disclosure
statement on Oct. 29 and scheduled a Dec. 14 confirmation
hearing for the company's second amended liquidating
reorganization plan. The court also ordered the former
computer retailer to send the plan voting packages to
interested parties by Nov. 4 and set a Dec. 4
ballot return deadline. The amended disclosure statement
cites the creation of a separate creditor class for
subordinated noteholders. Although the noteholders have
asserted that they should be treated pari passu with
unsecured creditors, Elek-Tek and the official creditors'
committee contend that the claims should be classified
separately because a reasonable basis exists to equitably
subordinate or recharacterize the note claims as interests.
(Federal Filings Inc. 09-Nov-98)

GEOTEK COMMUNICATIONS: Seeks Exclusivity Until Confirmation
Geotek, seeking about 90 more days of exclusivity, said it
expects to seek confirmation of a Chapter 11 plan in
January but the wind-down process would continue for
several months after the court confirms a plan. The
Montvale, N.J.-based company shut down its digital wireless
networks last month and put its spectrum, about 190 FCC
licenses, on the block. Geotek is seeking to sell them in
bulk or on a license-by-license basis. Geotek argued that
the exclusivity extension is warranted to complete the sale
process and pursue a plan. (Federal Filings Inc. 09-Nov-98)

In the case of Gulf Resources Corporation, debtor, January
28, 1999 is fixed as the last date for filing of proofs of
claim by any creditor of the debtors who desires to have
his claim allowed so that he may share in any distribution
to be paid from the estate.

HAGERSTOWN FIBER: Seeks Extension of Exclusivity Periods
Hagerstown Fiber Limited Partnership is seeking entry of
an order extending the periods during which the debtor
shall have the exclusive right to file a plan of
liquidation from November 17, 1998 to the date which is
thirty days after the date court enters an order
dismissing the case (on the motion of Pencor First Fiber,
Inc.)  or the application of the debtor to remain in
Chapter 11 to liquidate, and solicit acceptances of the
plan from January 18, 1999 to the date which is 90 days
after entry of the Court Order.  A hearing will be held on
November 17, 1998.

The debtor states that it has had neither a meaningful nor
adequate opportunity to negotiate and promulgate a plan of
liquidation.  Additionally, until a determination is made
as to the status of the case, it is difficult to justify
the significant additional expenses that might otherwise
be incurred by the debtor in promulgating a Chapter 11

The debtor argues that its exclusive periods should be
enlarged because this case is large and complex.  On the
liability side, there are more than $170 million in
secured bondholder claims, tax claims, trade claims, and
significant contingent claims arising from the potential
rejection of executory contracts.  On the asset side,
there is real property, equipment, machinery, inventory,
long-term supply contracts and other agreements plus the
over $130 million of claims and causes of action asserted
in the Adversary Proceeding.  The tremendous amount of
litigation initiated by Pencor First Fiber has made it
virtually impossible for the debtor to devote attention
and resources to developing a plan of liquidation.

HARRAH'S JAZZ: Effective Date October 30, 1998
Harrah's Jazz Company, Harrah's Jazz Finance Corp.,
Harrah's New Orleans Investment Company and Harrah's
Entertainment, Inc. give notice of the occurrence on
October 30, 1998 of the Effective Date of the Third
Amended Joint Plan of Reorganization.

INTERNATIONAL PRECIOUS: Needs Time To Assume or Reject
The debtor, International Precious Metals Corp., seeks to
assume or reject unexpired leases of non-residential
property beyond the 60-day time period provided in the
Bankruptcy Code, up to and including December 21, 1998.

The debtor also seeks an extension of the exclusivity
period within which the debtor must file a plan of
reorganization for an additional 90 days to and including
January 19, 1999 as well as an extension of the 180 day
period to seek acceptance of the plan by each impaired
class of claims and interests.

A hearing on both motions will take place on November 23,
1998 at 2:30 pm.

KIA MOTORS: Hyundai prepares to take control of Kia             
Creditors of Kia Motors Corp, the insolvent South Korean
car maker, have accepted Hyundai's proposal to write off
debt, paving the way for its acquisition.

Hyundai, the nation's largest vehicle manufacturer, asked
Kia creditors to swap Won2.5 trillion (pounds 1.15 billion)
of debt for Won840 billion of equity and to write off
Won4.7 trillion of debt. The request covers about 80  
per cent of Won9 trillion of loans that the creditors
offered to Kia and its  Asia Motors affiliate before the
two collapsed last year.

Hyundai won the right to acquire Kia and Asia Motors in an
auction last month. It agreed to pay Won1.2 trillion by
March to buy 51 per cent of the two groups. (Guardian-

MRS TECHNOLOGY: Concludes Supply Agreement  
MRS Technology, Inc., (NASDAQ:MRSIQ) reported that it has
concluded an agreement to supply a U.S. manufacturer of
high density interconnect (HDI) products with a specially  
configured Model 5200 PanelPrinter. The system being
supplied includes certain modifications to enable HDI
manufacturers to utilize the PanelPrinter's unique  
large-area photolithographic capabilities to achieve better
yields on existing products and produce new products with
increasingly finer linewidths.

The transaction is a modification of, and replaces, the
order for a single Model 5200 PanelPrinter reported by the
Company on April 21, 1998. It includes immediate shipment
of one system and an option to purchase two additional  
systems in early 1999. If the option to purchase the
additional systems is exercised, the combined transaction
would be valued at over $4,500,000. The transaction is
subject to approval of the federal bankruptcy court in  
Worcester, Massachusetts.

Carl Herrmann, President and CEO of MRS Technology, said,
"The cash flow from this transaction will supplement the
cash flow from the on-going support business for the
machines in our installed base. It also will be a key part
of our plan for coming out of Chapter 11. Getting off to a
successful start on moving machines into HDI manufacturing
should provide the momentum we need to move on to the
second phase of our HDI strategy, refining the requirements
for an R&D project underway to develop a new product
optimized for the HDI market, using much of our existing
technology. Based on preliminary work we have done  
with this customer, we have good reason to believe that we
will be successful.  Additionally, one of the machines in
our installed base has already been successfully converted
for use in an application that is substantially similar  
to the HDI application."  MRS Technology, Inc. is a
supplier of advanced systems needed for production of
electronic products manufactured with large area  
microlithographic processes. Based in Chelmsford,
Massachusetts, MRS Technology markets and sells its
products worldwide. The Company's Common Stock is traded
on the Nasdaq National Market; its trading symbol is MRSIQ.

MUSTANG OIL: Trustee Seeks Authority To Enter Compromise
In the case of Mustang Oil & Gas Corporation, debtor,
Charles Bearden, the Chapter 11 Trustee seeks authority to
enter into a Compromise Settlement Aggrement with Pioneer
Natural Resources USA, Inc. and Morgan Guaranty Trust
Company of New York as Trustee.  The principal monetary
points of the agreement include:

Pioneer will pay to the Trustee all net proceeds of
production held by it in suspense for production prior to
April 7, 1998, in the Felix Ramos Well #2 and the M.R.
Ramirez Well #4, said sum to be approximately $60,000.

Pioneer will pay $100,000 to the Trustee for damages.

The Trustee will allow Pioneer to set off the obligation
of Pioneer to Mustang from a purchase of seismic data in
the amount of $450,000.

Morgan will pay Pioneer the sum of $450,000.

Pioneer will release its lien claims against the interest
owner or previously owned by Morgan in the Josefa Ramirez
wells effective January 1, 1998.

The proof of claim filed by Morgan in the bankruptcy will
be reduced from $2,775,083. to $1.25 million and the claim
shall be allowed as an unsecured claim.

NAL FINANCIAL GROUP: Effective Date October 30, 1998
In the case of NAL Financial Group, Inc., et al,
reorganized debtors and Autorics, Inc., in accordance with
the amended plan of reorganization and the order
confirming the same, the "Effective Date" shall mean
October 30, 1998.

NEWMONT GOLD: Merger Effective
Effective October 7, 1998, the merger of Newmont Gold
Company ("Newmont Gold") with and into a wholly
owned subsidiary was completed, and each share of Newmont
Gold common stock (other than shares with respect
to which appraisal rights are perfected under Delaware law
and shares already owned by the Issuer and its
subsidiaries) were converted into the right to receive
1.025 shares of the Issuer's common stock.

NEXAR TECHNOLOGIES: Closes California Mfg. Facility
Nexar Technologies Inc., (Nasdaq/NMS:NEXR) announced that
it has closed its California manufacturing facility
pursuant to an early termination of its lease with the  
landlord as part of its ongoing attempt to restructure its

The company continues to be adversely affected by cash flow
constraints and its inability to raise the necessary
capital to adequately fund operations. Despite Nexar's
ongoing restructuring efforts, the company warned that its
inability to  date to obtain sufficient new financing and
concern among its creditors may  soon force the company to
seek protection under insolvency laws. Certain of  Nexar's
trade creditors have recently filed lawsuits seeking
payment of monies  owed for goods and services supplied
to Nexar. In addition, holders of 26,461 shares of Nexar's
Series B Convertible Preferred stock have exercised their  
right of redemption of such shares at an aggregate
redemption price of  approximately $3.3 million. The
company is unable to pay such redemption price, which is
currently due and accrues interest at 11% per annum until

As part of its attempted restructuring, Nexar recently
signed an agreement with a contract manufacturer to produce
Nexar XPA (Cross Processor Architecture) PCs. The company
obtained short-term financing that has enabled
it to fund only  a limited amount of production and it
continues to seek long-term financing in  order to have its
products assembled by the third party contract
manufacturer.  Nexar has reduced its workforce to 26
employees, a reduction of 56 since June 30, 1998. In
addition to reduced revenues and increased operating losses
to be reported in its results for the third quarter
to be released soon, the company  expects to take charges
of up to approximately $4 million in the fourth quarter  
related to product transition, facility closure and staff

NU-KOTE: Files For Chapter 11 Protection
Nu-kote Holding Inc., Franklin, Tenn., announced that it
and some of its subsidiaries have filed for chapter 11
protection in the Middle District of Tennessee, according
to Reuters. Nu-kote, which cited its inability to operate
at the company's full potential because of its current
debt, does not plan to close any plants or other
facilities. Nu-kote has about $140 million of indebtedness.
(ABI 09-Nov-98)

ONEITA INDUSTRIES: Lenders Try To Block Employment Pact ---
Oneita's bid for court approval of a nearly $1 million
employment contract with President and Chief Executive
Officer Michael Billingsley is facing opposition from the
company's prepetition lenders. The two-year agreement would
provide Billingsley with salaries of $300,000 and $325,000
in years one and two, respectively, and would include a
$325,000 non-renewal penalty in the event the agreement
isn't extended into the third year, to Sept. 30, 2001. If
Billingsley were terminated without cause, he would be
entitled to the non-renewal penalty. But the clothing
maker's prepetition lenders are opposed to the proposed
arrangement. "The financial obligations contained in the
Proposed Agreement, in general, and the Non-Renewal Penalty
and Severance Award, in particular, may disincentivize any
potential purchaser or equity participant who would
otherwise choose to install its own management," asserts
the objection. (Federal Filings Inc. 09-Nov-98)

OPERATION RESCUE: Founder Seeking Bankruptcy Protection
The founder of the anti-abortion group Operation  
Rescue has filed for bankruptcy court protection, citing
enormous debts owed to womens' groups and abortion clinics
that have sued him.

Operation Rescue, now based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area,
is known for aggressive tactics, including barricading
abortion clinics.

Randall Terry, who is no longer the head of Operation
Rescue, cited $1.7 million in debts in his Bankruptcy Court
filing. He has been ordered to pay the National
Organization for Women and Planned Parenthood a combined
$1.6 million.  Other lawsuits are still pending.

"I cannot in good conscience permit the National
Organization of Women, Planned Parenthood, and others who
have profited from abortion to harass my wife and family,
and possibly get money from me to continue their crusade  
against unborn life," he said Friday.

Liquidation firm Maynard Industries Inc. will begin
liquidating assets of Southern Pacific Funding Corp. on
Wednesday, including 47,000 square feet of office
furnishings and equipment, according to The Oregonian.
Inventory includes phone systems, workstations, data
centers, file cabinets, computers and other office
machines. The auction will not be public, but prospective
buyers will be asked to call for a private appointment.
Southern Pacific, based in Lake Oswego, Ore., filed for
bankruptcy on Oct. 1. It originated and bought mortgages
sold to home buyers with poor credit histories.

WESTMORELAND COAL:  Court Authorizes Expenditure
In the case of Westmoreland Coal Company, and Westmoreland
Resources, Inc., the court entered an order on November 3,
1998 authorizing the expenditure of up to $4.8 million to
replace the equipment known as the "dragline tub."

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