TCR_Public/981105.MBX T R O U B L E D   C O M P A N Y   R E P O R T E R
  Thursday, November 5, 1998, Vol. 2, No. 217


APS HOLDING: Trims DIP Pact To $20M, Readies For More Sales
APTX: Files For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection
ACME METALS: Seeks Approval Of Reclamation Claim Program
ALLIANCE ENTERTAINMENT: Disclosure Statement Hearing Set
CALDOR CORP: Draws $10.3 Million Bid on Maryland Store

CRIIMI MAE: Seeks To File Employee Agreements Under Seal
HAYES CORP: Complaint Filed Against Wong's Electronics
HEALTHLINK: Files For Bankruptcy Protection
LONG JOHN SILVER'S: Seeks To Reject Leases
LONG TERM CREDIT BANK: New Management Announced

MANHATTAN BAGEL: Disclosure Statement Approved
MED-CHEM HEALTH CARE: Announces Debt Action
MOLTEN METAL: Receives Offer By Framatome
OMEGA ENVIRONMENTAL: Notifies SEC of Sale of Certain Assets                            

ONE-STOP WIRELESS: Seeks To Set Bar Date
ORANGE COUNTY: Judge Rejects Request to Combine Cases
SOUNDWILL: Creditors To Help Restructure $2 Billion Debt
TECHNIMAR INDUSTRIES: Amended Plan of Reorganization
TELEGEN CORP: Files Voluntary Petition For Reorganization

UNSION HEALTHCARE: Seeks Extension of Exclusivity
VOICE IT WORLDWIDE: Files For Chapter 11 Protection
WESTMORELAND COAL: Parties Return Without Pact
WORLD INTERNETWORKS: Accountants Express Concern


APS HOLDING: Trims DIP Pact To $20M, Readies For More Sales
In connection with APS Holding Corp.'s recent sales of a
number of distribution centers and stores and plans to sell
remaining assets, the auto parts retailer and its lenders
reduced the Tranche A commitment of their debtor-in-
possession credit agreement from $100 million to $20
million.  The amendment to the DIP agreement also waives
any defaults by APS under the EBITDA and excess working
capital covenants through Nov. 30.  The waiver required APS
to maintain excess working capital of at least $90 million
during October and at least $85 million this month.  The
latest amendment requires APS to provide Chase Manhattan
Bank, as agent for the lenders, with a comprehensive budget
by Nov. 9. (Federal Filings Inc. 04-Nov-98)

APTX: Files For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection
Apparel Technologies, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: APTX)
announced that it has filed for protection under Chapter 7
of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.  This action was taken as a
result of the Company's inability to obtain working capital
following the termination of its investment banking
relationship with First Fidelity Capital, Inc., an
unregistered Beverly  Hills broker-dealer("FFC"), in May
1998, based upon, among other things, its  failure to honor
its $5 million funding commitment to the Company, and the  
failure of Southridge Capital Partners, through its
nominee Thomson Kernaghan  &Co., Ltd. to honor its
commitment to fund $900,000 to the Company in July and  
August of 1998.

The Company previously announced that it had been forced to
discontinue day-to-day operations in September 1998 due to
its inability to obtain working capital. Since such time,
it has continued to pursue new funding sources for the  
Company, and has received a number of proposals from FFC.  
The proposals from FFC were ultimately rejected by the
Company, as FFC insisted upon immediate control of the
Company and an immediate and irrevocable dismissal of
litigation against its principal, Mads Ulrich, for
violations of federal securities laws without any
assurances that the FFC funding proposal would be

ACME METALS: Seeks Approval Of Reclamation Claim Program
Acme Metals Incorporated and its affiliates, as debtors,
request that the court approve the debtors' global
reclamation claim program.  The debtors are proposing a
reconciliation process which provides that holders of
reclamation claims will notify the debtors of any dispute
regarding the proposed treatment or allowed amount of its
Reclamation Claim.  

The debtor will have 30 days to revise the statement of
dispute.  If the holder does not agree to the proposed
treatment, the holder may file a request for judicial
resolution of the claim.  The court shall establish a
hearing date.  Allowed reclamation claims shall be treated
as administrative expense priority claims payable under the
terms of an applicable confirmed plan of reorganization.  
The debtor seeks approval of the reclamation program  
stating that ample business judgment supports the motion.
Reconciliation of the claims in this uniform manner will
assist in the consensual resolution of such demands and,
ultimately, maximize the value of the debtors' estates.  If
not approved, there will be adversary proceedings filed,
and the debtor will have to defend piecemeal litigation.

ALLIANCE ENTERTAINMENT: Disclosure Statement Hearing Set
The hearing t consider approval of the Disclosure
Statement for the Plan of Reorganization for Concord
Records Inc. has been set for November 24, 1998 at 10:00
a.m. before the Honorable Burton R. Lifland, Room 623,
U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Alexander Hamilton United States
Customs House, One Bowling Green, New York, N.Y.

CALDOR CORP: Draws $10.3 Million Bid on Maryland Store
Caldor Corp. is seeking approval to sell its three-story
building in Silver Spring, Md., to a developer for $10.25
million, subject to better offers, and is asking the court
to approve a $100,000 termination fee for the stalking
horse bidder in case of an overbid. Erkiletian Construction
Corp. of Alexandria, Va., has agreed to buy the 138,759-
square-foot property at 1130 and 1140 East-West Highway,
one of the stores closed by the retailer during its Chapter
11 case.  Keen Realty Consultants has been working with
Caldor since last Spring to assist in the marketing and
disposition of various properties. (Federal Filings Inc.

CRIIMI MAE: Seeks To File Employee Agreements Under Seal
CRIIMI MAE, Inc., et al., debtors filed a motion for
authority to file under seal the motion for an order
authorizing assumption of certain executory employment
agreements and implementation of employee retention

The debtors have determined that it is necessary and in
the best interests of their estates and creditors to
implement a retention program to which their key employees
would receive special reorganization compensation and, in
the event of termination, severance payments.
Approximately 75 key employees are expected to participate
in the Debtors' Retention Program.  The debtors states
that the information contained in the Retention Program
motion is confidential commercial information because it
details the employee compensation policy and strategy for
retaining all of the debtors' key employees for the
upcoming two-year period.  Their highly skilled and
specialized key employees are among the debtors' most
valuable assets and are crucial to successful business

The debtors allege that public dissemination of the motion
could seriously disrupt the debtors' businesses at this
critical period in their reorganization because it would
involve disclosure of private compensation information
about the key employees.  The debtors state that this
information, if public, would undermine the morale and
feelings of loyalty that the employees have and could
result in unproductive competition or bad feelings among
employees regarding relative salaries and reorganization
compensation amounts.

HAYES CORP: Complaint Filed Against Wong's Electronics
Hayes Corporation and Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc.  
have brought an adversary proceeding for relief in the
case of Access Beyond Technologies, Inc., et al., debtors,
with respect to the improper commencement and prosecution
by defendant Wong's electronics Co. Limited of a petition
in the High Court of Hong Kong which seeks the liquidation
of Hayes (Asia Pacific) Limited an affiliate of Hayes
Corporation and Wong's breach of an agreement with Hayes MP
which governs the manufacture and sale of products bearing
trademarks, trade names and logos owned by the plaintiffs,
and Wong's' threat to dispose of those products in an
unauthorized manner through unauthorized channels.

Hayes USA owns all the stock of debtor Access Beyond
Technologies, Inc., and debtor Hayes MP.

Wong's has asserted claims against Hayes Asia Pacific for
purchases of components manufactured and sold by Wong's in
the amount of approximately US $4.36 million and other
unsecured claims against the debtors in an amount
estimated by Wong's to be $4.8 million. Pursuant to a
certain Microcomputer Products Contract, the debtors
allege that Wong's sole recourse for an uncured default in
payment is limited to stopping shipments and selling
components and inventory on hand without using Hayes

Hayes is seeking an injunction restraining Wong's from
further prosecution of the Hong Kong petition, and
prohibiting Wong's from misusing or utilizing confidential
business and commercial information of the plaintiffs and
their affiliates; and selling or distributing in any way
and any manner any goods or materials bearing plaintiffs'
names, trade names or trademarks, selling or distributing
products in derogation of plaintiffs' licenses with third
parties, or interfering in any way or manner in the
plaintiffs' lawful sale or distribution of such goods or
materials.  Hayes states that the unauthorized sale of
Hayes products will not be backed by the genuine Hayes
warranties and would irreparably damage Hayes' goodwill.

HEALTHLINK: Files For Bankruptcy Protection
HealthLink, the Northwest Medical Services Organization and
the Northside Physician Hospital Network all filed for
Chapter 11, because of debts of more than $10 million,
mainly owed to  doctors and hospitals.  HealthLink is the
management company for the two other corporations.
The filings allow the companies to try to keep creditors at
bay while straightening out finances.

The companies, knitted together in a web, have been in
financial turmoil for months.  Earlier this week,
HealthLink laid off 76 of its 99 workers because of the  
problems. Last week, the company's board asked its chief
executive officer to resign and voted to bring in a
consultant, Premier Inc., to try to solve the company's

Jeff Nelson has been named the interim chief executive
officer of all three companies. Nelson works in the
consulting division of Premier, an alliance of  
nonprofit hospitals and health systems from across the
country.   HealthLink, 140 S. Arthur, essentially acts as a
subcontractor to insurance companies, taking the bulk of
health insurance premiums and almost all the risk.

Until the financial problems exploded, HealthLink paid for
the care of about 46,000 Eastern Washington residents
enrolled with four insurers.   But Providence Health Plan,
NYLCare and QualMed Health Plan all have canceled their
contracts with the companies connected to HealthLink
because bills haven't been paid to health care providers.
As of Sunday, care for people enrolled in those plans will
be paid for by their original insurers. Only PacifiCare of
Washington will still cover enrollees through HealthLink.
That's as many as 20,000 people.

The bankruptcy filings are three different board actions.
But they're all tied together.   The Northwest Medical
Services Organization, or NMSO, and the Northside  
Physician Hospital Network, or PHN, claimed most of the
major debts. They owe about $2.3 million to Sacred Heart
Medical Center, $1.8 million to Deaconess Medical Center
and $1 million to Valley Hospital and Medical Center.
The NMSO and the PHN also owe almost $4 million to the four
former Dominican Network hospitals that actually helped
form the PHN. That includes $2.9 million to Holy Family
Hospital, the major hospital in the former Dominican

HealthLink owes about $147,000 to Holy Family.  The three
companies also owe hundreds of thousands of dollars to
doctors. But many of the debts claimed by the corporations
are less than the doctors say they're owed.  For instance,
the NMSO and the PHN say they owe about $371,000 to Inland
Imaging. But Inland Imaging says it's owed at least
$800,000. HealthLink says it owes about $151,000 to the
Spokane Eye Clinic. But Spokane Eye Clinic says it's owed
at least $400,000.

North Side doctors formed the NMSO about seven years ago to
try to improve community health and take control of medical
decisions from insurance companies.  Some of those doctors
and the hospitals that were in the Dominican Network formed
the PHN for the same reasons. The Dominican Network
hospitals have since affiliated with Sacred Heart Medical
Center and Providence Services Eastern Washington.

The NMSO and the PHN formed HealthLink about two years ago
to manage contracts and business.  A press release from
HealthLink Friday afternoon says the companies filed for
bankruptcy to ensure continued health care delivery to
Eastern Washington patients. (Spokesman Review-10/31/98_

LONG JOHN SILVER'S: Seeks To Reject Leases
Long John Silver's Restaurants, Inc., et al., debtors,
seek to reject certain leases of nonresidential real
property.  A hearing will be held on the motion before the
Honorable Mary F. Walrath, on November 13, 1998 at 10:30
a.m.  In connection with the evaluation of shop
profitability, the debtors retained the services of Keen
Realty Consultants, Inc. to analyze on a property by
property basis, whether any of the leases for the shops
leased by the debtors were valuable and should be
marketed.  The debtors have presently identified four
leases covering properties located in Houston, Texas;
Chattanooga, Tennessee; and Middletown, Kentucky that they
are requesting court authority to reject.  The debtors no
longer operate in the locations covered by the leases and
it is in the debtors' sound business judgment that the
leases should be rejected.

LONG TERM CREDIT BANK: New Management Announced
The Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan (LTCB)began  operating
as a nationalized bank under new management Wednesday in a
first step toward disposing of its bad loans under banking
legislation passed by the Diet last month.

Takashi Anzai, an executive director at the Bank of Japan,
assumed the presidency of LTCB after the semi-governmental
Deposit Insurance Corp.(DIC) approved his appointment by
Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi.

Makoto Kikkawa, an executive director of the Industrial
Bank of Japan,and Hidebumi Mori, a planning department head
at LTCB before it wasnationalized, were appointed as vice
presidents, while Fumio Obata of the Bank of Tokyo-
Mitsubishi was named senior managing director.

DIC also named Satoru Otsubo, director of foreign business
operations at LTCB, Nobuaki Ogawa, a lawyer, and Akira
Sudo, a certified accountant, as auditors at LTCB.

Financial Reconstruction Minister Hakuo Yanagisawa said he
is confident the new management will successfully resolve
the huge amount of bad loans left by LTCB.

"We've got good management. I don't think there will be
fund-raising problems.  I'm confident that they will make
an appropriate judgment in dealing with (the bad loan
problem)," Yanagisawa said at a press conference.

Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi put LTCB under temporary state
control Oct.23 under the financial reconstruction law which
allows the government to nationalize failed or financially
troubled banks to prevent them from defaulting on payments
to creditors.

Under the law, DIC purchased shares in LTCB which will be
sold to a private financial institution within a year after
LTCB's bad loans are sold to a Japanese version of the U.S.
Resolution Trust Corp. The loan disposal body will  
be created from the merger of Housing Loan Administration
Corp. and Resolution and Collection Bank. (Kyodo News -

MANHATTAN BAGEL: Disclosure Statement Approved
New World Coffee & Bagels, Inc.(Nasdaq: NWCI) announced
that the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of
New Jersey has approved the Disclosure Statement for
Debtor's Joint Plan of Reorganization with respect to the
Company's acquisition agreement with Manhattan Bagel
Company, Inc.(Nasdaq:BGLSQ).  In addition, the Court fixed
the  date for the hearing on confirmation of the Joint Plan
of Reorganization.

Manhattan Bagel currently franchises, licenses or operates
approximately 300 stores in18 states and Washington, D.C.,
and also operates manufacturing plants in Eatontown, NJ and
Los Angeles, CA.

The acquisition would create the largest coffee/bagel
franchisor in the United States with approximately 350
stores, system wide revenues approaching $150 million and
company revenues exceeding $45 million.  In addition, the
acquisition would create the only industry company
vertically integrated in both coffee and bagel
manufacturing, with bagel dough plants and a coffee
roasting facility capable of supplying stores on both

MED-CHEM HEALTH CARE: Announces Debt Action
Med-Chem Health Care Ltd., Toronto, announced that it has
received notices of demand and of intention to enforce
security pursuant to 244 of the Canadian Bankruptcy and
Insolvency Act from its secured lender and the holder of a
convertible subordinated debenture, according to a newswire
report. These notices are related to aggregate
indebtedness of about $40 million. Med-Chem is seeking
alternate financing sources. (ABI 04-Nov-98)

MOLTEN METAL: Receives Offer By Framatome
The Providence Journal reports on November 1, 1998 that
financially  troubled Molten Metal Technologies, of Fall
River, has been offered $10 million for some of its
hazardous-waste-treatment assets.

Framatome Technologies, a U.S. unit of France's nuclear
reactor maker Framatome SA, wants to buy "wet-waste" assets
that include processing equipment used to treat radioactive
liquid from power plants, according to papers filed Oct. 15
in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Boston.

Molten's customers include 75 percent of the nuclear
facilities in the U.S. and the U.S. Department of Energy.
The company filed for bankruptcy protection in December.

The proposed sale won't include Molten's Q-CEP business,
according to the court filing. The company touted the
technology as a way to dispose of waste by running it
through a molten metal bath, which turns the waste into
scrap metal, gasses and other recoverable materials.

Molten's bankruptcy filing came after it failed to convince
investors the Q- CEP technology would make money on a large
scale. It also was precipitated by allegations the company
and former Chairman and Chief Executive William Haney III
made campaign contributions to Vice President Al Gore in
return for government contracts. The company and Haney have
denied the allegations.

The sale is subject to the approval of a bankruptcy-court
judge, who will hear arguments on the sale Nov. 12.

A non-profit youth basketball organization based in
Milwaukee has filed for bankruptcy, citing nearly $900,000
in liabilities, most of it in credit card debt.

North American Youth Basketball, run by 31-year-old John
Matthew Curtis DeBeck of Racine, filed a Chapter 11
petition Tuesday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Milwaukee. It
listed $131,100 in assets and $870,422 in liabilities.

DeBeck said Thursday that his home-based organization has
run basketball tournaments around the country since 1989,
but he refused to cite locations or provide the names of
any participants. He said he has never held tournaments in
Racine because gymnasiums here are too expensive to rent.
Jeff McDorman, manager of athletics for the Racine Parks
Department,  said he had not heard of North American Youth
Basketball or DeBeck.  McDorman runs youth and high school
basketball programs for the city.

North American Youth Basketball incorporated as a non-
profit organization in November 1994, according to the
state Department of Financial Institutions.  Most of the
organization's assets, $120,000, were listed as being due
from "various lawsuits and collections." Most of the
liabilities, $641,894, are for credit card purchases,
according to the bankruptcy petition.

DeBeck said running the organization is his occupation and
that he employs three full- and part-time employees. He
said he has run tournaments, for middle and high school
students, throughout Wisconsin and in many other states,
but would not provide details. "They've been all over," he
said of the tournaments. DeBeck said the organization
earned revenue by charging admission fees to teams and
spectators for the tournaments and through sales of
concessions during games. Costs included renting
gymnasiums, paying referees and promoting the events, he
said. None of the debts are for personal expenses, he said.

The organization got into financial trouble because of
debts owed it by a travel agency and another basketball
organization, DeBeck said. No tournaments are scheduled,
but some will be held in 1999, he said.  William H. Green,
DeBeck's lawyer, said a plan to repay the debts probably  
would be filed in two weeks.

"We just simply needed a way to buy some time and stretch
things out," he said of the bankruptcy filing.  (Milwaukee
Sentinel Journal - 11/01/98)

OMEGA ENVIRONMENTAL: Notifies SEC of Sale of Certain Assets                            
On July 17, 1998, certain assets and inventory of the
Northeast Region of Petroleum Services Division were sold
to Wayne Division of Dresser Industries for $409,565.  In
addition, a public auction of Northeast vehicles was held
on July 30, 1998 and raised proceeds of $52,040 which were
deposited in August 1998.

Since May 2, 1997, the company is operating under the
protection of the United States Bankruptcy Code as a

On October 28, 1998, the company filed unaudited financial
statement information as of and for each of the months
ended July 31,1998 and June 30, 1998 with related notes
with the United States Bankruptcy Court.
{C:StatesSEC-1103.02839}   11/03/98

ONE-STOP WIRELESS: Seeks To Set Bar Date
One-Stop Wireless of America, Inc. and its affiliated
debtors seek an order setting a Bar Date for filing proofs
of claims or interests.  In order to administer their
cases and propose a plan of reorganization, the debtors
need to determine the nature and extent of claims and
interests against the bankruptcy estates.  The setting of
a bar date for filing proofs of claim or interest will
assist the debtors in accurately determining the estates'
liabilities and is necessary in connection with the
negotiation and development of a plan of reorganization.    
The debtors request that the court fix the bar date for
filing proofs of claim or interest as seventy days after
entry of the order setting the bar date for filing proofs
of claim or interest.

ORANGE COUNTY: Judge Rejects Request to Combine Cases
U.S. District Judge Gary Taylor has rejected Orange County,
Calif.'s request to consolidate its bankruptcy-related
lawsuits against Dain Rauscher Corp. and Standard &
Poor's; the county argued the cases were similar, according
to Reuters. The county accused both the investment firm and
the credit rating agency of breaching contracts and helping
to bring on the county's billion-dollar chapter 9
bankruptcy in 1994. (ABI 04-Nov-98)

SOUNDWILL: Creditors To Help Restructure $2 Billion Debt
Creditors of Soundwill Holdings have set up a steering
committee to help restructure the company's $2.14 billion
debt, according to sources.

Hongkong Bank, Bank of China and Bank of East Asia will
participate in the committee, which will represent 16
creditors.  A proposal would reschedule Soundwill's debt
repayments to allow it to complete the sale of two prime
commercial properties in Causeway Bay, sources said. The
initial reaction from most banks to the proposal was
positive.  A detailed proposal would be presented to the
committee soon, the sources said.

Soundwill's assets were estimated to be worth $4 billion,
compared with its $2 billion liabilities.  The company's
liquidity problem was due mainly to difficulty in realising
assets quickly, they said.  Soundwill previously announced
it had insufficient funds to service interest and principal

As of June 30, the group had net bank borrowings of about
$2.14 billion, shareholder loans of about $41 million and
$200 million in convertible bonds held by chairman and
controlling shareholder Grace Chu. (South China Morning
Post - 11/04/98)

TECHNIMAR INDUSTRIES: Amended Plan of Reorganization
Technimar Industries, Inc. proposes a plan of
reorganization.  The plan will b funded by the investment
of $10 million in cash, including the conversion of the
claim in Glass G by Technimar Acquisition Group, LLC, in
return for which it shall be issued new stock of the
company.  In addition, Acquisition shall commit to lend up
to $13 million for operating capital to the company within
one year of the Effective Date.

All classes except C, G, H and I are impaired under the

Class A - Secured Claim of Minneapolis Police Relief
Association - Amount owing $1,882,306.  The claim will be
amortized over a 15 year term with interest paid at the
rate of 4% per annum payable monthly through December 31,
1999, at which time the entire remaining balance of the
loan will be due and payable in full.

Class B- Secured Claim of Minneapolis Police Relief
Association. The unpaid principal valance of this claims
is $599,632. The claims will be amortized over 15 years
with interest paid monthly at 200 basis points over the 15
year Treasury bill term.  The entire balance will be due
and payable in full on December 31, 1999.

Class C- Secured Claim of City of Cohasset. Approximate
amount due - $2,735,000.  The claim will be subordinated
up to $12 million in existing secured debt and the amount
of financing required to purchase the building and real

Class D - Secured Claim of the State of Minnesota. Unpaid
balance of approximately $500,000 plus interest.  The
interest will be reamortized. The outstanding principal
amount will be paid in installments of $113,000 on each
anniversary date of the loan until paid in full.  The
state may accelerate the loan December 31, 2004.

Class E - Unsecured Creditors. Approximate amount of $17.5
million. A pro rata distribution of 200,000 shares of the
new stock of the company to be issued upon the Effective
Date or the lesser of 50% of the claim or $1,000.

Class F - Claim of Shareholders- All existing shares of
the company, and all existing options, warrants of other
rights to acquire stock shall be canceled on the Effective

Class G  - Secured Claim of Technimar Acquisition Groups,
LLC, $6 million.  This class shall be converted to equity
and shall receive stock representing up to 480,000 shares
of stock of the new company with 1% of the shares being
issued for each $125,000 of debt so converted, to be
issued on the Effective Date of the plan.

Class H - Unsecured Claim of Minnesota Department of Trade
and Economic Development.  $500,000.  Some of this claim
has been satisfied through completed training.  The
remainder of the training will take place once the plant
is operating, fully satisfying the claim.

Class I - Unsecured Post-Petition Claim of Breton S.A.
This class consists of the post-petition equipment loan by
Breton for the sum of approximately $562,000 secured by
the equipment purchased with the loan.  This loan will be
paid in full according to its terms.

TELEGEN CORP: Files Voluntary Petition For Reorganization
On October 29, 1998, the Corporation issued a press release
announcing that the Company has voluntarily filed a
petition for reorganization under Chapter 11 in the United  
States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of
California.  The Chapter 11 case is pending before U.S.
Bankruptcy Court Judge Dennis Montali and the Company is
continuing in business as a debtor in
possession. (States SEC - 11/03/98)

UNSION HEALTHCARE: Seeks Extension of Exclusivity
On August 21, 1998 the court approved the Disclosure
statement in support t of debtors' amended joint plan of
reorganization.  The debtors, Unison Healthcare
Corporation and all of its affiliates and subsidiaries are
in the solicitation process with respect to the debtors'
first amended joint plan.  Ballots and objections are due
no later than November 30, 1998.  The debtors are still
negotiating with an Ad Hoc Committee of certain notes
issued by the debtors, and while the Committee does not
currently support the plan, it is the hope that ongoing
negotiations will result in a largely consensual plan
confirmation process.  The BritWill debtors' exclusivity
period expires on November 2, 1998.  The remaining
debtors' exclusivity period will expire on or about
November 23, 1998.  The court has currently set the
beginning of the confirmation hearings for the first
amended joint plan for December 9, 1998.  The debtors
request a continuation of the exclusivity period through
and including January 29, 1999 to allow the debtors an
opportunity to obtain confirmation of the debtors' first
amended joint plan.

VOICE IT WORLDWIDE: Files For Chapter 11 Protection
On  November 3, 1998 Voice It Worldwide Inc. voluntarily  
filed a petition for protection under Chapter 11 of the
Bankruptcy Reform Act.  The Company will continue
operations as a debtor in possession.

The Company intends to focus its resources on the
development of its mobile digital dictation recorder that
interfaces with leading voice-to-text transcription
systems.  The Company is currently under contract with a
major voice recognition software manufacturer to supply
recorders for sale with their software.  The Company plans
to continue to supply this contract as well as seek  
additional marketing and vertical market partners for its
state-of-the-art technology.  In addition, the Company will
continue to supply existing retail customers with its
personal note recorder products.

WESTMORELAND COAL: Parties Return Without Pact
Westmoreland Coal Co., the United Mine Workers of America
Pension and Benefit Funds, and the official equity
committee have asked the court to schedule a status hearing
after the parties were unable to reach an agreement on
implementation of their term sheet, according to a company
spokeswoman. The parties have agreed on terms of a
settlement with respect to dismissal of Westmoreland's
chapter 11 case. However, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in
Denver instructed the parties to make a "procedural"
decision as to whether they would rather have the case
dismissed or incorporate the term sheet into a plan of
reorganization, and to return on Oct. 30 with the decision.
A joint motion was filed toward the end of the day Friday,
said Diane Jones, spokeswoman for Westmoreland.
"But there has not been any agreement reached on the
implementation of the term sheet. Nor has a date been set
for the status hearing," she added. (The Daily    
Bankruptcy Review and ABI Copyright c November 4, 1998)

WORLD INTERNETWORKS: Accountants Express Concern
"The report of the Independent Certified  Public  
Accountants for the fiscal year ending February 28, 1998
expressed reservations about the ability of World
InterNetworks, Inc. of Nevada to continue as a going
concern.  Large operating losses and negative working  
capital were cited as the primary reasons for their
reservations.  These problems were magnified when, in
August 1998, the Company discontinued a relationship with a
Distributor that had provided 69 percent of the Company's  
revenues for the fiscal year ended February 1998.  The
Company formed a subsidiary, Global Media, Inc., which has
been unsuccessful in replacing the lost revenue from this
Distributor." "The Company has attempted to develop   
alternative sources of working capital but has been
unsuccessful in obtaining the necessary financing to date.  
The Company, which primarily conducts its operations
through three subsidiaries, WI Marketplace, Inc., Global
Media, Inc. and Global Wholesale Exchange, Inc., is
uncertain as to its ability to develop sources of capital
sufficient to allow it to operate successfully.  

Consequently, with the exception of making arrangements for
the web sites of its Distributors be serviced until further
notice by a third-party vendor, the company has
substantially ceased operations.  The Company is evaluating
the alternatives available to it, including voluntary
reorganization, receivership, or seeking relief under the
bankruptcy statutes; however, management has taken no
official action with regard to these alternatives."
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