TCR_Public/980717.MBX T R O U B L E D   C O M P A N Y   R E P O R T E R
       Friday, July 17, 1998, Vol. 2, No. 139

BN1 TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Seeks Extension of Exclusivity
BARNEY'S INC: Seeks To Increase Availability Under DIP
BENNETT FUNDING: Partial Payment to 8,000 Creditors
BOSTON CHICKEN: Completes $39.3 Million Bank Financing
BRIDGEPORT MACHINES: Net Income Falls 64% in First Quarter

CANARGO ENERGY: Court Approves  Plan of Arrangement
CROWN BOOKS: Obtains Interim Order Approving Financing
CROWN BOOKS: Potential Buyers Inquire
GULF RESOURCES: Notice of Commencement Under Chapter 7
HARVARD INDUSTRIES: Files Plan and Disclosure Statement

KIA MOTORS: Ford Wants More Information
LAKE CO LTD: GE Capital Service Corp. Discusses Purchase
LEVITZ FURNITURE: Store Closing Sales Start This Weekend
LONG JOHN SILVER: Asks to Employ KPMG Peat Marwick
LONG JOHN SILVER: Loss of Nearly $20 Million for May

MERCURY FINANCE: Files Chapter 11 Petition and Plan
NORFIELD CORPORATION: Asset Sale to Safe Alternatives
PETRIE RETAIL: Panel Charges G&G Execs With Self-Dealing
V.O.C. ANALYTICAL: Chapter 11 Trustee Selected and Approved

WESTERN FIDELITY FUNDING: Committee Seeks Conversion
WESTERN PACIFIC: Trustee Seeks to Employ Counsel
YES CLOTHING: Retains OTC Financial Network

DLS CAPITAL PARTNERS: Bond Pricing for Week of July 13


BN1 TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Seeks Extension of Exclusivity
BN1 Telecommunications, Inc. is seeking an order extending
the debtor's exclusive time to file a plan of
reorganization until September 28, 1998 and extending the
period to gain acceptance of such plan of reorganization
until November 27, 1998.

The debtor states that it has taken significant steps
toward positioning itself in order to present a plan of
reorganization.  The debtor has stabilized relationships
with its telecommunications service providers and its
customers.  The debtor has taken steps toward returning to
its core business.  The debtor has continued to pursue
potential transactions to provide capital to support a plan
of reorganization.  The debtor has begun analyzing the
claims filed in this case. The debtor requires the
additional time to complete development of its plan of
reorganization and obtain confirmation of such plan.

The debtor's customer base continues to require attention,
the debtor is continuing its efforts to gain better rates
and terms from it s providers and the debtor and its
creditors are completing negotiation of it's the current
acquisition offer.

The debtor's exclusive period to file a plan of
reorganization and to gain acceptance thereof are now
scheduled to expire on July 29, 1998 and September 27, 1998

BARNEY'S INC: Seeks To Increase Availability Under DIP
Barney's Inc. is seeking approval to increase availability
under its $110 million debtor-in-possession credit
agreement to $115 million and extend the DIP facility's
maturity date for six months, through Feb. 3.  Approval of
the July 7 amendment "will ensure that the Debtors
have credit availability through February 3, 1999, by which
time the Debtors expect, based on recent developments with
respect to a proposed creditor-assisted stand-alone plan,
to have implemented a plan or plans of reorganization and
have emerged from Chapter 11," the fashion retailer said.  

Barney's has announced that it supports a plan proposal
from creditors Bay Harbour Management, Whippoorwill
Associates Inc., and the creditors' committee that would
provide up to $68.8 million in new capital. (Federal
Filings Inc. 15-July-98)

BENNETT FUNDING: Partial Payment to 8,000 Creditors
About 8,000 creditors who lost money in the Bennett Funding  
Group's bankruptcy case will receive a partial payment, a
federal bankruptcy judge has ruled. If no one appeals U.S.
Bankruptcy Judge Stephen Gerling's decision, the  
checks could be mailed within three weeks.

The creditors will receive about 6 cents for every dollar
the Bennett companies owe them in an initial payment.
The payments will go to 8,460 creditors of 10 Bennett
companies that filed  Chapter 11 bankruptcy in March1996.

Some creditors won't get a payment because bankruptcy
trustee Richard C. Breeden has disputed their claim, said
Assistant U.S. Trustee Guy Van Baalen.  About 500 creditors
will receive less than the 6 percent because part of
their claims are also in dispute, Van Baalen said.

The total amount repaid to creditors by the end of the case
should be more than 30 cents on the dollar, said Daniel
Stolz, the lawyer representing unsecured creditors. That
group includes the 9,273 former investors in the  

Bennett Funding, a Syracuse-based lease financing business,
has been accused by the U.S. Securities and Exchange
Commission of fraudulently cheating investors of more than
$700 million by selling bogus leases and reselling the  
same leases more than once.

Breeden has determined that the company owes more than $1
billion to more than 12,000 investors. He has sued the
family for $1.65 million in compensation and  
damages. (Times Union - 07/15/98)

BOSTON CHICKEN: Completes $39.3 Million Bank Financing
Boston Chicken, Inc. announced that it has renegotiated its
senior credit facility to provide $39.3 million in bank
financing and has hired the investment banking firm of  BT
Alex.Brown to assist the company with restructuring its

The new bank line of credit matures on October 17, 1998, at
which time approximately $219 million of the company's
other senior debt also comes due.  As the company said
previously, it will attempt to refinance its senior
credit,  restructure its outstanding publicly traded
convertible subordinated debt and  raise additional debt
and/or equity financing before the senior debt payment is  

"While we have only three months to do so, we are
optimistic that if we have the cooperation of our
subordinated debt holders, we will be able to accomplish
this task," said J. Michael Jenkins, chairman, CEO and
president of Boston Chicken, Inc.  

The company said that with the amended credit agreement,
its senior lenders have agreed to forbear the second
quarter net average weekly per store sales covenant in the
company's credit facility.  Covenants governing the new
bank line of credit include meeting minimum cumulative
system wide cash flow amounts and adherence to an operating
budget that has been agreed to with the lenders. The
company said its lenders will also defer $1.5 million of
certain master lease payments due July 15, 1998.

Boston Chicken said it would use the $39.3 million
financing primarily for working capital, refinancing and
restructuring costs, master lease interest and partial
principal payments due July 15, 1998 and interest due in
August on the company's 4 1/2% Convertible Subordinated
Debentures.  Agents for the senior credit facility are Bank
of America National Trust and Savings Association and  
General Electric Capital Corporation.

The company said BT Alex.Brown would focus on restructuring
the subordinated debt, currently totaling approximately
$623 million, and on refinancing the senior debt.  

The company said it acquired the two preferred funds in a
primarily non-cash transaction per terms previously
announced.  Those terms included an aggregate $126.8
million of PIK (Payment In Kind) Preferred Stock, 3,500,000  
shares of common stock and $10 million in cash, which
previously was set aside in escrow.  The 10% dividend on
the Preferred Stock is payable in additional shares of
Preferred Stock for a period of three years and payable in
cash thereafter.  The Preferred Stock is optionally
redeemable by the company at any time, in cash, at
redemption prices, which start at 50% of the face amount
and increase over time. The Preferred Stock is mandatorily
redeemable in 2005 at a price of 110% of the face amount.

BRIDGEPORT MACHINES: Net Income Falls 64% in First Quarter
It was reported in The Wall Street Journal on July 16,
1998, that Bridgeport Machines inc., reduced its staff
about 6% as a result of disappointing orders.  The company
reported that for the first quarter ended June 27, net
income fell 64% to $547,000 from $1.5 million a year

CANARGO ENERGY: Court Approves Plan of Arrangement
CanArgo Energy Inc. announced that the Plan of Arrangement
in respect of its previously announced combination with
Fountain Oil Incorporated received approval of the Ontario
Court on July 15, 1998. Accordingly, the combination will
be effective upon issuance of a certificate in respect of  
the Plan of Arrangement by regulatory authorities.

Fountain Oil announced at the close of trading on July 15,
1998 that it had filed with the Delaware Secretary of State
an amendment to its certificate of incorporation to effect
a one-for-two reverse split of the shares of Fountain Oil
Common Stock. Each two previously issued shares of Fountain
Oil Common Stock will represent one share.

As a result of the Plan of Arrangement and Fountain Oils
reverse stock split, holders of common shares of CanArgo
will receive 0.8 exchangeable share of CanArgo for each
CanArgo common share previously held, and CanArgo will  
become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fountain Oil. Each
exchangeable share of CanArgo is exchangeable for one share
of Fountain Oil Common Stock, and the former shareholders
of CanArgo will in the aggregate be entitled to 47 percent  
of the shares of Fountain Oil common stock then outstanding
or issuable without payment of additional consideration.

Effective July 15, 1998, Fountain Oil Incorporated has been
renamed CanArgo Energy Corporation.

The shares of CanArgo Energy Corporation (formerly Fountain
Oil Incorporated) are listed for trading on the NASDAQ
National Market System (under the symbol GUSH) and the Oslo
Stock Exchange (under the symbol CNR).

There are presently 10,438,391 common shares and 1,596,597
special warrants of CanArgo Energy Inc. outstanding.

CROWN BOOKS: Obtains Interim Order Approving Financing
Judge Roderick R. McKelvie in Wilmington, Delaware entered
an interim order approving debtor in possession financing
in the amount of $40 million to be provided by Paragon
Capital LLC and Foothill  Capital Corporation.  The
Delaware District Court also authorized the company to
continue to honor all outstanding customer gift
certificates and to continue its employee compensation
program uninterrupted.
The debtor in possession financing provided by Paragon and
Foothill enables the company to pay in full CIT
Group/Business Credit, Inc., which provided financing to
the company pre-bankruptcy.  Also, the debtor in
possession  financing provides the company with increased

"The financing provided by Paragon and Foothill," stated
Anna Currence, President and Chief Operating Officer of
Crown, "will provide Crown with greater liquidity and will
help ensure that Crown will be able to reorganize as
a going concern."

CROWN BOOKS: Potential Buyers Inquire
Richfood Holdings Inc., owner of the Crown Books retail
bookstore chain, announced the company has received several
inquiries from potential buyers interested in purchasing
all or part of the chain, according to The Washington
Post. The discount bookseller filed chapter 11 on Tuesday,
listing assets of $130.4 million and liabilities of $100.5

GULF RESOURCES: Notice of Commencement Under Chapter 7
Gulf Resources Corporation filed a Notice of Commencement
of case under Chapter 7.  The case was converted on July 8,
1998.   A meeting of creditors is set for august 11, 1998
at 1:30 pm in the San Antonio Room 333, US Post Office
Bldg. 615 E. Houston St. San Antonio, Texas.

HARVARD INDUSTRIES: Files Plan and Disclosure Statement
On July 10, 1998, Harvard Industries, Inc. filed its
Chapter 11 plan and Disclosure Statement with the United
States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.   The
Plan, which is being jointly proposed and supported by the
Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors appointed in the
Company's Chapter 11 case, is a consolidated Plan for
Harvard and its nine domestic subsidiaries.

The Plan contemplates a conversion of virtually all pre-
petition unsecured debt into 100% of the equity of the
reorganized Company, subject to dilution for the incentive
options and with respect to the warrants to be issued under  
the Plan.  The Company has received commitments from The
CIT Group/Business Credit, Inc. and other lenders to
finance fully the Company's exit from Chapter 11 pursuant
to the Plan.  The Company will continue to evaluate
alternative financing proposals if more favorable to the

According to Federal Filings Inc., 15-July-98, the plan
provides unsecured creditors their pro rata share of
Harvard's new common stock, subject to dilution pursuant to
certain bonus programs and new warrants, and subscription
rights and oversubscription options to purchase $44 million
in new junior secured debentures.  The auto parts
manufacturer has received a commitment letter from debtor-
in-possession lender The CIT Group/Business Credit Inc. for
a $125 million post-confirmation credit facility that would
refinance DIP obligations and provide working capital.

Following a hearing before the Court scheduled for August
19, 1998 on the adequacy of the Disclosure Statement, the
Company will commence the solicitation of votes for
approval of the Plan.  If solicitation commences as
planned, Harvard expects to emerge from Chapter 11 in the
fourth calendar quarter of 1998.

According to Roger Pollazzi, Chief Operating Officer of
Harvard, "our plan is consensual and jointly proposed with
our Creditors' Committee.  The filing and our joint efforts
with the Creditors' Committee signals the start of the  
disclosure statement and confirmation process that, in the
near-term, will  result in Harvard's emergence from Chapter
11 as a substantially deleveraged and healthy company.

KIA MOTORS: Ford Wants More Information
Ford Motor Co said on Thursday it wants more information
about South Korea's Kia Motors Corp and sister company Asia
Motors, before putting in a bid for the troubled  

"There are still some unanswered questions," said John
Spelich, Ford's international director for public affairs.
"I think there just needs to be some issues resolved and
clarifications ascertained," he said in an interview. "I
think it comes down to the same issues we've talked about -
- what's going to happen with the debt," he said.

Bidders must agree to buy a 51 percent stake for at least
1.1 trillion won ($850 million) in both companies.

Ford is viewed in Korea as probably the strongest bidder,
although the world's top 20 automakers have also been
invited to bid. Kia ranks 17th. Ford is the only foreign
automaker to even hint of any interest in the bidding so  
far.  Much of Kia's technology and technical expertise has
come from Ford and Mazda as well.

LAKE CO LTD: GE Capital Service Corp. Discusses Purchase
GE Capital Service Corp. may be looking to buy the  assets
of Lake Co. Ltd., the nation's fifth-biggest consumer
credit firm.

"GE Capital has been in discussions with Lake about
possible transactions. When the agreement is signed, GE
Capital will make any and all appropriate announcements at
that time," GE Capital, the U.S. financial unit of General  
Electric Co., said Thursday in a statement.

The Japanese daily newspaper Asahi Shimbun reported in its
Thursday evening edition that GE Capital would pay more
than 600 billion yen ($4.3 billion) to buy Lake's assets.
It said the two companies had already reached a basic  
agreement on the deal.

Lake, which is unlisted, is based in Osaka, western Japan.
With 560 branches throughout the country, Lake has 530
billion yen ($3.81 billion) in loans outstanding.

Japan financial daily Nihon Keizai Shimbun said Lake's
financial health had deteriorated in the early 1990s due to
poor stock investments by an affiliate, and that Lake had
received financial support from its main creditor bank,  
Mitsui Trust & Banking Co. Ltd., and from other banks.

Analysts said Lake had been forced to post extraordinary
losses to support an ailing affiliate during the past
several years, but its core lending business was still in
good shape.

"Lake's loans outstanding to customers are sound, and it
will be a good deal for GE Capital if this actually goes
ahead," said Naohiko Hasegawa, an analyst at Nikko Research
Center. "The consumer loan business is profitable
in Japan." Reuters: Financial 16-July-98)

LEVITZ FURNITURE: Store Closing Sales Start This Weekend
As announced earlier, Levitz Furniture Inc., is  
permanently closing 13 stores in four states as part of the
company's reorganization.  Special bankruptcy court
authorized store closing sales at  these locations will
start this weekend, July 18, 1998, at five stores in  
Florida, three in Colorado, two in Missouri, and three in
Schottenstein Bernstein Capital Group, LLC, and Gordon
Brothers Retail Partners, LLC, have been appointed by the
US Bankruptcy Court as joint venture partners to manage the
sales.  In addition, the Sales Management Group
of  Denver will aid in this massive sale.

The closings will be held at the following locations:
Chula Vista CA  91911    
San Diego CA    92110     
San Marcos  CA  92069     
Denver CO       80237
Lakewood CO     80215    
Clearwater FL   34624     
New Port Richey FL  34652
Orlando FL          32808
Tampa FL            33611    
Winter Park FL      32792    
Colorado Spring MO  60918    
Hazelwood MO        63042
Manchester MO       63021

LONG JOHN SILVER: Asks to Employ KPMG Peat Marwick
The debtors, Long John Silver's Restaurants, Inc., et al.
are seeing court authorization to employ KPMG Peat Marwick
LLP as auditors for the debtors.  KPMG Peat Marwick will
audit the consolidated financial statements of the debtor,
deliver a report of their opinion, and provide management
and audit committee with recommendations for improvement in
the debtors' internal control structure and operation.

KPMG is familiar with the debtors and their businesses and
KPMG will base its fees on hourly rates ranging from $450
per hour for partners to $70 per hour for

The debtors do not anticipate any duplication of services
by the accounting firm of Coopers & Lybrand, the debtors'
accountants and financial advisors and KPMG Peat Marwick.

LONG JOHN SILVER: Loss of Nearly $20 Million for May
For the month ended June 3, Long John Silver's
Restaurants Inc. posted a net loss of nearly $20 million,
including a $4 million asset impairment charge and $12.3
million of reorganization items. The fast-food seafood
chain had restaurant sales of more than $4.5 million as
well as $860,000 of royalties for the month. Negative
EBITDA totaled approximately $14.5 million. For the year to
date, Long John Silver's posted positive EBITDA of about
$18.7 million and a net loss of nearly $49 million.
(The Daily Bankruptcy Review Copyright c July 16, 1998 -
ABI 16-July-98)

MERCURY FINANCE: Files Chapter 11 Petition and Plan
Mercury Finance Company announced that it has filed its
previously disclosed prestructured plan of reorganization
with the federal bankruptcy court along with a voluntary
chapter 11 petition.

The plan conforms to the terms of agreement between Mercury
and substantially all of its lenders that was publicly
announced on May 15th of this year," said William A.
Brandt, Jr., president and chief executive officer of

The company is current with its trade creditors and has
complied with all payment obligations under its forbearance
agreements with its lenders.  The chapter 11 case  pertains
only to the parent company and not to Mercury's operating  
subsidiaries, which conduct the company's business

NORFIELD CORPORATION: Asset Sale to Safe Alternatives
Safe Alternatives Corporation of America, Inc. announced
the signing of an agreement for the purchase of the assets
of Norfield Corporation. These assets shall include all of
the business and assets used by Norfield in the conduct of
its business, including the lease on its manufacturing
facility.  The assets will also include intangibles such as
customer lists, technical information, goodwill and
intellectual property.  Norfield is currently operating
under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code whose approval will
be  necessary to conclude the acquisition.

Norfield entered Chapter 11 in June 1996 due to litigation
involving Lunn Industries, its previous owner.  This  
litigation is now resolved, and with the Bankruptcy
Court's approval, Norfield expects to be permitted to
dispose of its operating assets.  The purchase price will
be made up of cash and loan notes, a portion of which will
be paid out conditional upon the financial performance of
the Norfield assets during 1999.   

Norfield has represented to SAC that it had gross sales of
approximately  $2,500,000 for the year ended December 31,
1997, and an operating loss of approximately $235,000.  
These figures have not yet been audited by SAC's auditors
and should not be relied upon prior to the completion of
such an audit.

Upon consummation of the acquisition, SAC will sign a two-
year employment agreement with the current owner and chief
executive of Norfield, Mr. Edwin Phelps.

PETRIE RETAIL: Panel Charges G&G Execs With Self-Dealing
Charging the father-son team running G&G Shops Inc. with
self-dealing, the Petrie Retail Inc. creditors'
committee urged the court to reject the proposed sale of
the subsidiary to a group that includes the two executives.  
By keeping the purchase price artificially low, refusing to
provide information about competing bids to the committee,
and including an exclusivity provision in a May 18 bid, G&G
President Jay Galin and his son, Chief Operating Officer
Scott Galin, acted in bad faith and "contaminated" the sale
process, the panel argued.  "The collusion between the
Galins and the other members of the Pegasus/Galin Group was
specifically intended to control the purchase price and the
outcome of the sale." (Federal Filings Inc. 15-July-98)

The Singing Machine Company, Inc., has obtained financing
for continuing operations and growth.  After emerging from
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy on February 26, 1998, the company has
arranged four distinct financing arrangements, making  
available $3.4 million in lines of credit as well as
unlimited accounts receivable financing, without recourse.

The company has contracted with King Trade Capital of
Dallas, Texas for financing up to $3,000,000 of various
orders with company factories.  The company has arranged a
$200,000 line of credit with Asia-Tech Manufacturing
and a $200,000 line of credit with Delta Asia Financial
Group.  Both companies are based in Hong Kong.

In addition, The Singing Machine Company has contracted
with Berkshire Financial Group of St. Petersburg, FL, for
unlimited accounts receivable financing, without recourse.

V.O.C. ANALYTICAL: Chapter 11 Trustee Selected and Approved
The United States Trustee advised the court that Kenneth A.
Welt was selected for appointment by the United States
Trustee as the Chapter 11 trustee in the case V.O.C.
Analytical Laboratories, debtor. Judge Paul G. Hyman
entered an order approving the appointment on July 2, 1998.

WESTERN FIDELITY FUNDING: Committee Seeks Conversion
The Official Unsecured Creditors' Committee filed a motion
to convert the case of Western Fidelity Funding, Inc. to a
proceeding under Chapter 7.

The Committee states that the parties have been unable to
reach agreement as to acceptable terms of a plan of
reorganization.  The debtor continues to operate at a
monthly loss, causing a diminution to the estate which is
prejudicial to creditors.  After approximately 11 months
since the filing of its Chapter 11, the Committee is
informed that the debtor is revising its financial
projections.  Without valid financial projections, the
parties do not have the necessary information to continue
meaningful negotiations, and it is not in the best interest
of creditors to allow the debtor to continue to operate as
a debtor-in-possession.  

WESTERN PACIFIC: Trustee Seeks to Employ Counsel
Jeffrey A. Weinman, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee in the
case of Western Pacific Airlines, Inc. has applied to the
court for authority to hire Sherman & Howard LLC as his
bankruptcy counsel.

YES CLOTHING: Retains OTC Financial Network
Yes Clothing Company announced that it has retained OTC
Financial Network, a division of OTC Communications Corp.
of Needham, Massachusetts, to direct its financial
communications and shareholder relations campaign.

The Company recently underwent major restructuring in
response to the accrual of heavy debt associated with the
former business of clothing  design and manufacture. The
Company now licenses the YES label to mass merchandisers
and manufacturers across the country.

Guy Anthome, chairman and chief executive officer of Yes
Clothing, said, "We have made significant financial
progress since the March dismissal of our bankruptcy
case and have recently entered the brand licensing and
development business. We want to share this exciting news
with current shareholders and introduce ourselves to
prospective investors. While OTC Financial Network fulfills
this important task, we will pursue the solicitation of new

Geoffrey Eiten, president of OTC Financial Network, said,
"Guy Anthome is turning Yes Clothing around. With the help
of NuVen Advisors, Yes will secure its trademark and
proceed with its aggressive licensing campaign. The Company  
intends to license its brand in more than 27 categories of
merchandise." Anthome said, "I am confident that we will be
able to produce a license agreement every six weeks."

DLS CAPITAL PARTNERS: Bond Pricing for Week of July 13
Following are indicated prices for selected issues:

Amer Telecasting 0/14 1/2 '04                  24 - 26
Asia Pulp & Paper 11 3/4 '05                   83 - 84
APS 11 7/8 '06                                  6 - 9 (f)
Boston Chicken 7 3/4 '04                       27 - 28
Brazos 10 1/2 '07                              75 - 77
Brunos 10 1/2 '05                              15 - 17 (f)
CAI Wireless 12 1/4 '02                        25 - 27
Cityscape 12 3/4 '04                           39 - 41 (f)
E&S Holdings 10 3/8 '06                        73 - 75
Grand Union 12 '04                             58 - 59 (f)
Greate Bay 10 7/8 '04                          85 - 86 (f)
Harrah's Jazz 14 1/4 '01                       30 - 32 (f)
Hechinger 9.45 '12                             74 - 76
Liggett 11 1/2 '99                             70 - 73
Mobilemedia 9 3/8 '07                          45 - 47 (f)
Penn Traffic 9 5/8 '05                         37 - 38
Royal Oak 11 '06                               83 - 85
Service Merchandise 9 '04                      72 - 73
Trump Castle 11 3/4 '03                        97 - 98
Zenith 6 1/4 '11                               31 - 33(f)


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