TCR_Public/980310.MBX T R O U B L E D   C O M P A N Y   R E P O R T E R
     Tuesday, March 10, 1998, Vol. 2, No. 47                

BOYDS WHEELS: Stock De-listed; Company Selects New Auditors        
BRADLEES: Predicts Rise in Same-Store Sales
BRUNO'S: Judge Approves $200 Million DIP Financing
COMPAQ: Warns Flat Sales Will Wipe Out its Profits
FIRST MERCHANTS: Court Confirms Chapter 11 Plan

FORSTMANN: Announces Lay Off of 730 Employees
GENOIL: Completes Financing/Receiver To Be Discharged
HARVARD INDUSTRIES: Court Approval to Sell Furniture Assets
IN-FLIGHT PHONE: Charged MCI Officers With Delay of Case
KIA: Trying to Undercut Japanese cars

MANHATTAN BAGEL: Refutes Press Releases
MARVEL: Bondholders To Get 12.5M Marvel Shares, Court Says
MOTOROLA: Warned of Lower than Expected 1st Quarter Sales
PAN AM: Courts New Investors
PAN AM: Final Cash Collateral Hearing Set For March 13

PHAR-MOR: Founder Gets an Acquittal
PHOENIX INFORMATION: Equity Objects to Indemnification
R.M. TAYLOR: Bankrupt Firms Wins $21.5 Million Against GM
SEARCH FINANCIAL: Files for Chapter 11 Protection
TOSHOKU AMERICA: Rescheduled Meeting of Creditors
TOSHOKU AMERICA: Taps Deloitte & Touche

Meetings, Conferences and Seminars


BOYDS WHEELS: Stock De-listed; Company Selects New Auditors        
Boyds Wheels, Inc. (Boyds) (Nasdaq:BYDSQ) announced today
that its stock had been delisted from the Nasdaq
National Market System effective March 3rd.  The stock is
eligible to trade on the NASD's OTC Electronic Bulletin
Board as soon as market makers desiring to quote the stock
file a Form 211 with the NASD.  As of March 2nd, the
following broker-dealers were listed as market makers for
the company's stock:

    .. Cruttenden Roth, Inc.                 (800) 200-2788
    .. GVR Co.                               (800) 638-8602
    .. Hill Thompson                         (800) 631-3083
    .. Herzog Heine Geduld                   (800) 221-3600
    .. Josephthal & Co.                      (800) 242-4400
    .. Mayer & Schweitzer                    (800) 631-3094
    .. No. American Inst. Brokers            (800) 952-6559
    .. Nash Weiss                            (800) 526-3041
    .. Knight Securities                     (800) 222-4910
    .. Paragon Capital                       (800) 345-0505
    .. Sharpe Capital                        (800) 355-5781
    .. Troster Singer                        (800) 526-3160
    .. Van Kasper & Co.                      (800) 603-5969
    .. Wien Securities                       (800) 624-0050

The company also announced that its auditors Coopers &
Lybrand had ceased to be the auditors for the company
effective March 3rd and that Squar, Milner & Reehl has been
retained to replace them.

On a separate matter, the company also announced that
Gardiner S. Dutton had resigned as interim Chief Executive
Officer, in an effort to further reduce administrative
expenses, but will remain on the Board of Directors in his
capacity as Chairman.

Boyds Wheels, Inc. is headquartered in Stanton, California.  
Boyds Wheels and its wholly owned subsidiary, Hot Rods by
Boyd, filed petitions for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 of
the Federal Bankruptcy laws on January 30, 1998.

BRADLEES: Predicts Rise in Same-Store Sales
Bradlees Inc. has told lenders and creditors that it
expects sales this fiscal year to nearly match last year's
sales, despite having had six fewer stores operating. But
the Braintree-based retailer still expects to lose about
$27.5 million this year.

In its most recent financial recovery plan, filed with the
Securities and Exchange Commission in February, Bradlees
projected fiscal 1998 sales at just under $1.4 billion.
Last year's sales, which the company will report later this
month, are expected to be just over $1.4 billion.

Last year's sales were based on 109 stores. Since then,
Bradlees has closed six poorly performing stores, including
a store in North Attleboro.

Bradlees Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Peter Thorner
said his focus is on improving sales and profit margins. He
said the company has lost about 28 percent of its market
share in the past three years.

Bradlees, which plans to emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy
protection by midyear, said it expects same-store sales to
increase 3.5 percent this year. Same-store sales last year
dropped 0.5 percent.  With estimated 1997 total sales of
$1.39 billion, Bradlees will be about $86 million short of
its $1.48 billion 1997 goal. Thorner attributed the
shortfall to a change in strategy, as the retailer stopped
offering deep promotional discounts in favor of an everyday
low-price strategy.

"We walked away from about 60 unproductive promotional
events," he said. "The sales shortfall was greater than
what we predicted."  Bradlees has generated about $100
million in savings through a number of cost-cutting
measures including warehouse closings and the elimination
of about 300 jobs in the past 14 months, most of them from
corporate offices.  (Patriot Ledger Quincy 03-Mar-98)

BRUNO'S: Judge Approves $200 Million DIP Financing
Bruno's, Inc. reported that the United States Bankruptcy
Court for the District of Delaware in Wilmington has
signed a final order approving Bruno's $200 million debtor-
in-possession financing provided by The Chase Manhattan
Bank.  Under the financing, Bruno's trade vendors who agree
to extend normal credit terms will participate with
Chase as superpriority administrative creditors and share
in the collateral liens granted to Chase.

The financing will provide Bruno's with sufficient working
capital to continue meeting all of its operating needs and
planned improvements and expansions of the company's
existing stores.  James A. Demme, Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer of Bruno's said, "The financing
will allow Bruno's to maintain the confidence and support
of its customers, employees and vendors, which will help
speed up a successful rebuilding of our business."

COMPAQ: Warns Flat Sales Will Wipe Out its Profits
Sending the latest jolt through the technology industry,
Compaq Computer Corp. on Friday warned that flat computer
sales and price wars would wipe out its profits in the
current quarter.

Compaq, the world's largest maker of personal computers,
said it had cut prices of its business desktops more
steeply than expected due to intense competition for
corporate customers. Its warning came after Intel Corp. and
Motorola Inc. this week said that their quarterly results
also would fall below expectations and further raised the
possibility of a slowdown in the technology

Before Compaq's warning that it would just about break even
in the current quarter, analysts had expected Compaq to
report a $525 million profit, according to a survey by
First Call Corp. A year ago, the Houston-based company
earned $387 million on sales of $4.81 billion.

The financial warning could have negative implications for
Compaq's agreement to purchase Digital Equipment Corp.
Under the deal, Digital shareholders would get $30 a share
in cash and 0.945 Compaq shares for each Digital share. The
deal was expected to be completed in April or May.

Compaq said it was viewing the April-June quarter with
caution as well. (Buffalo News-07-Mar-1998)

FIRST MERCHANTS: Court Confirms Chapter 11 Plan
First Merchants Acceptance Corporation announced that at a
hearing held on March 3, 1998 before the United States
District Court for the District of Delaware, the Court
confirmed its Second Amended Chapter 11 Plan.  The
Confirmed Plan provides, among other things, for
payment of secured and administrative obligations, with
expected future cash flow from retained interests in FMAC's
securitized pools to be paid to FMAC's unsecured creditors
beginning in late 1999 or early 2000.  Projected ranges of
unsecured creditor recoveries are set forth in FMAC's
disclosure statement.

FMAC's existing common stock will be cancelled on the
Effective Date (which is anticipated to be March 16, 1998),
but such stockholders will receive the benefit of warrants
to purchase 32,500 shares of common stock in Ugly Duckling
Corporation ("UDC").

FORSTMANN: Announces Lay Off of 730 Employees
Wool-textile manufacturer Forstmann & Co. announced Friday
it will lay off 730 employees at two Georgia plants that
produce worsted fabrics for men's suits and tailored
slacks.   The New York-based company said it will begin
phasing out workers in the summer, after completing orders
for the fall season. It will cut about two-thirds of its
operations at its Milledgeville plant, where it currently
employs 950. About 80 workers out of 250 will be cut from a
Louisville plant.

Forstmann emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy court
protection last July. Top dye worsteds accounted for $18
million of its $199 million in sales last year.  
(Atlanta Constitution 07-Mar-1998)

GENOIL: Completes Financing- Receiver To Be Discharged
In Alberta, Canada, Genoil Inc. announced that it has
completed a transaction whereby Beau Canada Exploration
Ltd., an intermediate sized Canadian oil and gas company,
has acquired a 50 percent interest in Genoil for gross
proceeds to Genoil of $3.4 million.  

In connection with the transaction all present directors
and officers have resigned and have been replaced with
representatives of Beau Canada.  As part of the transaction
Genoil has also satisfied its present cash call obligations
in connection with its interests in Blocks V, VI and VII,
in offshore Cuba.  Proceeds from the equity financing will
be used to pay current liabilities of Genoil.  

Genoil has also reached a court-approved arrangement with
its receiver whereby upon the receipt of sufficient funds
to pay Genoil's current liabilities and the satisfaction of
certain other conditions, the receiver will be discharged.  
Discharge of the receiver is expected shortly.  

Genoil has also reached an agreement for the repayment of
the debt owed to it by St. Genevieve Resources Ltd.  
("SGV") in the amount of $5.6 million.  The debt shall be
repaid no later than April 1, 1999 and bears interest at
prime plus 1 percent and requires semi-annual interest
repayments.  The debt is secured by 5.28 million shares of
Genoil owned by SGV and certain additional security.  SGV
has also granted an 18-month option to Beau Canada to
purchase these shares at a price of $1.00 per share,
although SGV has the right to sell such shares on the
market at a minimum price of $1.00 per share. In all cases,
the proceeds of such sale will be applied towards the
repayment of the SGV debt.  

Genoil has also reached an agreement with Deena Energy
(Cambodia) Inc. whereby Deena has acquired the right to
earn a 17.5 percent interest in Blocks 19 and 20 in
Genoil's onshore Cuba properties, in consideration of the
payment of approximately $800,000 U.S. and make certain
cash call commitments.  This transaction is subject to
conditions that are expected to be satisfied within
the next few days.  

HARVARD INDUSTRIES: Court Approval to Sell Furniture Assets
Neutral Posture Ergonomics, Inc. (Nasdaq: NTRL) reported
the approval of an order authorizing the sale of certain
assets of the furniture business of Harvard Industries,
Inc. ("Harvard") to Neutral Posture Ergonomics, Inc. for
$760,000 by the United States Bankruptcy Court for the
District of Delaware.  The sale was approved on March 5,
1998.  The acquisition is expected to close in mid March.

Commenting on the approval, Rebecca Boenigk, Chairman and
CEO said, " We intend to carry Harvard's mid-priced chair
line as it is with a few exceptions.  Our top priority is
to workout a transition plan with minimal delays and
disruptions to our customers.  We are excited about the
ability to expand to the mid-priced chair market with a
good quality product such as Harvard seating."

IN-FLIGHT PHONE: Charged MCI Officers With Delay of Case
The In-Flight Phone Corp. Creditors' Committee has charged
that the failure of MCI Communications Corp.'s officers to
appear for deposition is "threatening to delay the
completion of these chapter 11 cases."  The panel accused
MCI's officers of trying to "stall their depositions for as
long as possible in the hope that they will not be required
to explain their conduct regarding In-Flight. (Federal
Filings, Inc. March 6, 1998)

KIA: Trying to Undercut Japanese cars
The base price for a Kia Sephia is under $10,000. The base
price for a Kia Sportage is under $15,000. In the United
States, Kia sold 55,325 units in 1997, up from 36,274 units
in 1996. January 1998 sales were listed at 7,197 vehicles.
As of Feb. 10, Kia had 340 dealerships in 32 states.

Kia Motors, one of the world's top 20 automakers, was
founded in 1944 as a manufacturer of steel tubing and
bicycle parts. Its manufacturing evolution has
included bicycles, motorcycles, trucks and automobiles.

David Cole, director of the Office for the Study of
Automotive Transportation at the University of Michigan,
said Kia is one of many Korean companies to have suffered
with collapse of the Korean currency. Expansion into
the U.S. market could provide the company financial
stability, he said.

"They were struggling. They were in bankruptcy in Korea,
and probably they'll be absorbed by someone else," said
Cole. "It doesn't mean they're not building good product
and doing things with that product in a laid out

The Korean company reported 1996 revenue of $7.5 billion.
Cole said the U.S. market should be an interesting
challenge for the company. Ford Motor Co. owns 10 percent
of Kia Motors Corp. Mazda Motor Corp. owns about 8 percent.

Kia's 1998 plans include introducing a convertible Sportage
to the U.S. market. It plans to introduce another model in
1999. "The message is, 'There's only one thing more
frightening to Japan: A well-made car for under $10,000,"
said Gene Effler, public relations manager at California-
based Kia Motors America. (Business First Columbus 13-Feb-

MANHATTAN BAGEL: Refutes Press Releases
Manhattan Bagel Company refuted a series of statements
contained in press reports and a press release issued by a
multi-unit franchisee operating in the Buffalo, N.Y.
and Cleveland markets.  The Company also said that the
actions taken by the franchisee, Bagel Brothers Companies,
do not have the support of other franchisees operating
Manhattan Bagel locations in the two markets.

In its press release, Bagel Bros. announced that it filed
for protection under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code
"as a result of a dispute with Manhattan Bagel Company over
the 1996 acquisition of Bagel Bros.' business."
The release went on to state that "Bagel Bros. will be
moving this week to reject its franchise agreement with
Manhattan Bagel Company."  The Amherst, N.Y.-based
franchisee filed for Chapter 11 protection in Buffalo.

Manhattan Bagel Company cited as its reasons for filing a
petition in Chapter 11, recent losses and the fact that it
had been placed in default by its primary lender First
Union National Bank.  Refuting Bagel Bros. charges,
Manhattan Bagel said the franchisee has incorrectly
characterized the 1996 contractual arrangement between the
parties.  The Company asserted that the franchisee is in
default of its obligations under the contractual
arrangements between the parties.  Bagel Bros. has failed
to pay approximately $200,000 in interest due on the
aggregate $6 million debt owed by the Bagel Bros. entities
since November 1997, as well as approximately $200,000 in
franchise fees due under the franchise agreements.

Bagel Bros. has never given Manhattan Bagel notice of any
alleged default, or any opportunity to cure any alleged
default, under the contracts.  Prior to Bagel
Bros. filing for Chapter 11, Manhattan Bagel notified Bagel
Bros. that MBC was commencing litigation to recover amounts
due under the contract.

MARVEL: Bondholders To Get 12.5M Marvel Shares, Court Says
Bondholders will receive up to 12.5 million of Marvel
Entertainment Group Inc.'s common shares as part of a
settlement between the comic book publisher's holding
companies and indenture trustee LaSalle National Bank.  
U.S. District Court Judge Roderick McKelvie Wednesday
approved the modified settlement and authorized the
distribution of Marvel shares. (Federal Filings, Inc.
March 6, 1998)

MOTOROLA: Warned of Lower than Expected 1st Quarter Sales
Shares of Motorola are lower, after the semiconductor
company warned it expects its first-quarter sales and
earnings to fall short of analysts' estimates. The
Illinois-based company said weakened Asian currencies have
played the largest role in the decline.  On Friday, Motorola
was down 2 1/4 at 53 5/8.

PAN AM: Courts New Investors
Grounded Pan Am airline is courting five investors,
including former TWA owner and 1980s corporate raider Carl
C. Icahn, even as a bankruptcy judge worried aloud Friday
about the airline's chances of ever flying again.  Pan Am
was expected to deliver new business plans this weekend to
Icahn, two New York investment groups and two unidentified
groups.  "The clock works against us at some point in
time," conceded Pan Am president David Banmiller. "We need
to be headed in the direction of a refinancing effort in
the next two weeks."

But eight days after the airline's request for Chapter 11
bankruptcy protection, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge A. Jay Cristol
expressed disappointment that the company had not yet
received a firm financial commitment.  "Each day that goes
along that you don't fly casts a gloomier picture," he said
at a hearing. "The blood is draining."

John Kozyak, Pan Am's bankruptcy attorney, offered only
weak assurances that the airline would be able to pursue
its plan to fly again as a smaller carrier focused on
service from New York to South Florida and Puerto Rico.
The airline is raising cash by running charter flights but
still loses money as it pays $60,000 a day on its 11
remaining jets, plus aircraft insurance and a payroll of
190 employees, down from 1,385 last week.

Pan Am hopes to operate a fleet of seven to 10 Boeing 737
jets with 800 employees, down from 14 jets little more than
a week ago. Service to Boston, Chicago, the Bahamas and the
Dominican Republic would be dropped.  New York's Rothschild
Recovery Fund, which invests in bankrupt companies, has
proposed $15 million in the most widely publicized bailout
offer. Intra Group, another New York investment group with
undisclosed principals, and two other mystery investors
also have come forward.

Icahn is "still actively involved," but Banmiller said he
has reservations about some unspecified conditions in the
Icahn proposal. Pan American World Airways Inc. and Pan
American Airways Corp. sought bankruptcy protection with
$50 million in assets and $147 million in debts. Its parent
holding company, Pan Am Corp., is not part of the filing.

PAN AM: Final Cash Collateral Hearing Set For March 13
Pan American Airways Corp. and Pan American World Airways
Inc. received interim approval on Feb. 28 to use
NationsBank N.A.'s cash collateral consistent with a
budget, pending a final hearing set for March 13.  The
order directs Pan Am to provide NationsBank, owed about
$25.6 million under a prepetition loan agreement, with
weekly reports of all collections and disbursements made in
accordance with the budget and give the lender access to
inspect the airline's books and records, and
the lender's collateral. (Federal Filings, Inc. March 6,

PHAR-MOR: Founder Gets an Acquittal
The founder of the Phar-Mor Inc. drugstore chain, who is
serving 18 years in prison for corporate fraud, has been
acquitted of trying to influence a juror in his first
trial. Michael Monus cried when a U.S. District Court jury
found him innocent yesterday of obstruction of justice.
Monus was charged with obstruction after his first trial,
in 1994, ended in a hung jury. He was accused of telling a
go-between to offer a juror money and give her information
that wasn't presented at the trial.

PHOENIX INFORMATION: Equity Objects to Indemnification
The Official Committee of Equity Security Holders, objects
to the application of the debtors, Phoenix Information
Systems Corp., Phoenix Systems Ltd. and Phoenix Systems
Group, Inc. in which they seek authrotu for Phoenix to
indemnify its Directors and to advance funds to the
Directors in order to retain Moses & Singer LLP as special

The Committee states that the Directors of Phoenix now seek
to have Phoenix, at the expense of creditors, equity
holders and the estate, indemnify the Directors for the
very same improper actions which may have resulted in the
instant bankruptcy.  The Committee claims there is no basis
for indemnification or the hiring of special counsel.

R.M. TAYLOR: Bankrupt Firms Wins $21.5 Million Against GM
In Kansas City, Missouri, a bankrupt company won a $21.5
million jury verdict against General Motors Corp. after the
auto manufacturer declined to pay it for installing
assembly lines at various plants. The R.M. Taylor Co. sued
GM in federal court in Kansas City, claiming the
automaker's refusal to make payments drove Taylor out of
business. R. Michael Taylor, the company's president, cried
as the verdict was read.  He said the company had "a track
record of "doing the tough projects."

SEARCH FINANCIAL: Files for Chapter 11 Protection
Search Financial Services Inc. (Nasdaq:SFSI) (Nasdaq:SFSIP)
announced yesterday that it and its automobile finance
subsidiaries, MS Financial, Inc. ("MSF"), Search Funding
Corp. and Search Financial Services Acceptance Corp.,
have filed petitions under Chapter 11 of the federal
bankruptcy code in the United States Bankruptcy Court for
the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division. Search has
retained Price Waterhouse LLP as its financial advisor in
connection with the Chapter 11 filings.

Search is continuing discussions with Fleet Bank, N.A. and
the other banks party to the MSF loan agreement to reach
agreement on an order that would (1) provide for a transfer
of the collateral securing the loan agreement to the
bank group, or a sale of the underlying loan receivables to
a third party, in full satisfaction of the obligations owed
to the bank group, and (2) allow Search and MSF to use a
portion of the collections on the receivables portfolio
pledged to the bank group to fund collection and related
operating expenses until such transfer to the banks or sale
to a third party takes place.

Search and the bank group have reached agreement on an
interim order permitting such use of a portion of those
collections. Search also announced that it has restructured
the loan agreement between Hibernia National Bank and
certain of Search's subsidiaries to permit additional
borrowings by Search's consumer finance subsidiaries under
the agreement.

As a result of this restructuring, the maximum amount that
can be borrowed under the loan agreement is $14,000,000 and
all borrowings will bear interest at the prime rate +2%. As
of March 6, 1998, the principal amount owing under the loan
agreement was approximately $9.4 million.

TOSHOKU AMERICA: Rescheduled Meeting of Creditors
The Meeting of Creditors in the Chapter 11 case of Toshoku
America, Inc. has been rescheduled from March 11, 1998
until March 24, 1998.  The Meeting of Creditors will be
held at the Office of the United States Trustee, 80 Broad
Street , Second Floor, New York, New York.

TOSHOKU AMERICA: Taps Deloitte & Touche
The debtor, Toshoku America, Inc. seeks authority to hire
Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group LLC as the debtor's
independent auditors, certified public accountants and tax
and reorganization consultants.

Deloitte has done independent auditing and accounting and
tax work for the debtor for more than 20 years, and the
firm is well apprised of the debtor's operations.  
Deloitte's professional fees will be calculated at hourly

Meetings, Conferences and Seminars

March 19-20, 1998
      Spring Leadership Meeting
         Hotel del Coronado, San Diego, California
            Contact 1-312-857-7734

March 20, 1998
      Bankruptcy Battleground West
         Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles, California
            Contact: 1-703-739-0800   

March 26-29, 1998
      10th Annual Norton Bankruptcy Litigation Institute II
         Flamingo Hilton, Las Vegas, Nevada
            Contact 1-770-535-7722

April 2-5, 1998
      68th Annual Midwest District Meeting
         The Westin Hotel, Chicago, Illinois
            Contact: 1-312-781-2000

April 23-24, 1998
      1998 Spring Education Seminar
         Hawthorne Suites Hotel, Charleston, South Carolina
            Contact: 1-803-252-5646

April 30-May 3, 1998
      Annual Spring Meeting
         Grand Hyatt, Washington, D.C.
            Contact: 1-703-739-0800

May 1-3, 1998
      6th Annual Convention
         Fountainbleau Hilton Resort, Miami, Florida
            Contact: 1-703-803-7040

May 22-25, 1998
      50th New England District Annual Meeting
         Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club
         Cape Cod, Massachusetts
            Contact 1-617-720-1355

May 31-June 5, 1998
      CLLA Credit Institute
         Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
            Contact 1-312-781-2000

June 3-6, 1998
         San Francisco, California
            Contact 1-541-858-1665

June 8-9, 1998
      Advanced Education Workshop & Legislative Conference
         Radisson Plaza, Charlotte, North Carolina
            Contact 1-312-857-7734

June 11-12, 1998
      1st Annual Conference on Corporate Reorganizations
         The Palmer House, Chicgo, Illinois
            Contact 1-903-592-5169 or

June 11-14, 1998
      Central States Bankruptcy Workshop
         Grand Traverse Resort, Traverse City, Michigan
            Contact: 1-703-739-0800

July 2-5, 1998
      Western Mountains Bankruptcy Law Institute
         Jackson Lake Lodge, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
            Contact 1-770-535-7722

July 16-19, 1998
      Northeast Bankruptcy Conference
         Sea Crest Resort, Falmouth, Massachusetts
            Contact: 1-703-739-0800

July 24-29, 1998
      104th Annual Convention
         Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island, Florida
            Contact: 1-312-781-2000

August 6-9-1998
      Southeast Bankruptcy Workshop
         Daufuskie Island Club & Resort,
         Hilton Head, South Carolina
            Contact: 1-703-739-0800

September 9-13, 1998
      Annual Convention
         Sheraton El Conquistador, Tuscon, Arizona
            Contact: 1-803-252-5646

September 17-20, 1998
      Southwest Bankruptcy Conference
         The Inn at Loretta, Santa Fe, New Mexico
            Contact: 1-703-739-0800
October 16-20, 1998
      1998 Annual Conference
         The Westin Hotel, Chicago, Illinois
            Contact 1-312-857-7734

November 30-December 1, 1998
      5th Annual Conference on Distressed Debt
         Plaza Hotel, New York, New York
            Contact 1-903-592-5169 or   

December 3-5, 1998
      Winter Leadership Conference
         Westin La Paloma, Tucson, Arizona
            Contact: 1-703-739-0800

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