TCR_Public/980306.MBX T R O U B L E D   C O M P A N Y   R E P O R T E R
    Friday, March 6, 1998, Vol. 2, No. 45                 

2CONNECT: Reports Acquisition Letter of Intent
BOYDS WHEELS: Applies to Employ Special Counsel
BUILDING BLOCKS: Joint Amended Disclosure Statement
EXCALIBUR FINANCIAL: Joint Chapter 11 Plan Proposed
FIRST CENTRAL FINANCIAL: Files Voluntary Chapter 11

FIRST MERCHANTS: Ugly Duckling Agrees to Increase DIP
GULF RESOURCES: Lender Objects to Professionals
GULF RESOURCES: US Trustee Objects to Counsel
INPHOMATION COMMUNICATION: Trustee for Parent Firm Stays
INTERACTIVE NETWORK: Settlement Proposal With TCI

LEVITZ FURNITURE: Seeking Special Litigation Counsel
LEVITZ FURNITURE: Statement of Operations for January
MIDCON OFFSHORE: Order Appointing Mediator
NETS INC.: Plan of Liquidation
PHELPS TECHNOLOGIES: Professionals Authorized for Committee

POCKET COMMUNICATIONS: Seeks to Reject Leases and Contracts
RICHFOOD: Announces Completion of Farm Fresh Acquisition
STREAMLOGIC: Plan of Reorganization Confirmed
TOSHOKU AMERICA: To Assign Executory Contracts to Parent
VAN LEUNEN'S: Seeks to Establish Bar Date

VENTURE: Applying to Continue Discover Card Agreement
VITALE ENTERPRISES: To Retain DJM Realty Services
VITALE ENTERPRISES: Wasserman, Jurista & Stolz Retained
WRT ENERGY: Name Change Registered with SEC

DLS CAPITAL: Bond Pricing For Week of March 2, 1998


2CONNECT: Reports Acquisition Letter of Intent
2Connect Express, Inc. announced that it has executed a
Letter of Intent whereby Bobby Allison Cellular Systems of
Florida, Inc., would merge with and into 2Connect.  Bobby
Allison Cellular is a Largo, FL headquartered, privately
held, cellular and paging mall based specialty retailer
currently operating 12 stores in Florida.  The proposed
merger is contingent upon, among other things,
the completion of a merger agreement between the two
parties, not later than March 11, 1998.

The proposed merger would be incorporated in a Plan of
Reorganization to be filed with the Bankruptcy Court, and
be subject to confirmation of that Plan by the Court.  
2Connect has, following the Chapter 11 filing, closed its'
five poorest performing stores, begun liquidating excess
inventory and reduced overhead.  Sterne, Agee & Leach, Inc.
a Birmingham, Alabama based investment banking firm, is
acting as an advisor to 2Connect for the proposed merger
and will further advise 2Connect regarding the future
financing of the merged entity.  The merger is proposed to
take place immediately following 2Connect's emergence from
the bankruptcy proceeding.
Upon combining the operations Of Bobby Allison and
2Connect, it is expected that the business will employ a
mall based real estate strategy, will focus on the core
wireless, paging and telephone categories and will be led
by the current principals of Bobby Allison Cellular.
The proposed merger with Bobby Allison Cellular, if
completed, will provide quality real estate, management,
and critical mass to enable 2Connect to begin
to prosper and grow.  The Company has begun a search for
attractive mall locations in Florida and the southeastern
United States."

BOYDS WHEELS: Applies to Employ Special Counsel
Boyds Wheels, Inc. is seeking to employ Higham, McConnell &
Dunning as its special counsel to advise the debtor with
respect to non-bankruptcy general corporate and securities

BUILDING BLOCKS: Joint Amended Disclosure Statement
The debtor, Building Blocks, Inc. filed a joint amended
disclosure statement pertaining to the joint amended
Chapter 11 plan of liquidation of the debtor, the Official
Committee of Unsecured Creditors and Specialty Retail Grup,

The Joint Plan provides for payment of claims from Net
Distributable Proceeds.  The source of funds for
distribution include net proceeds of liquidation of
debtors' assets less Chapter 11 expenses and professional
fees paid to date of approximately $72,000; contribution by
Specialty Retail Group, Inc. of $58,000; and funds
generated from the continued collection of accounts
receivable and other claims which are estimated to be
approximately $43,500.

Joint plan projections - It is projected that a total of
$175,500 will be available for distribution under the joint
plan to be distributed as follows: 1)approximately $82,000
to satisfy claims in Classes 1,2 and 3, and
2)approximately $93,500 to satisfy general unsecured
claims.  This includes the additional funds that the debtor
and the Committee believe will be generated from the
continued liquidation of the debtor's assets.  Holders of
general unsecured claims will receive distributions under
the Joint Plan within a range of 5% to 7% of their allowed

Class 1 - Administrative Claims - Not Impaired
Estimated to be approximately $60,000

Class 2 - Priority Non-Tax Claims - Not Impaired
Estimated to be approximately $3,000

Class 3 - Priority Tax Claims - Not Impaired
The debtor currently believes that the allowed claims in
this class will be approximately $19,000

Class 4 - General Unsecured Claims - Impaired
Based upon the debtor's assumptions with respect to the
debtor's objections to, and settlement s of certain claims,
and the aggregate amount of all filed proofs of claim
equaling in excess of $2,222,242.17, the debtor estimates
that the amount of the remaining allowed unsecured claims
will be approximately $1,385,283.28.

Class 5 - Interests are repaired.
No distribution

EXCALIBUR FINANCIAL: Joint Chapter 11 Plan Proposed
Excalibur Financial Services LP, PBC Servicing Corporation
and Rapid Acceptance Corporation, debtors, propose a Plan
of Reorganization.  

Pursuant to the terms of the plan, allowed administrative
expenses will be paid in full in cash on the Effective
Date.  Allowed Priority Tax Claims will be paid either in
cash on the effective date or in equal cash payments on
each anniversary of the Effective Date.

The classes of claims are treated as follows:

Class 1 - Allowed Priority Non-Tax Claims - Unimpaired

Class 2 - Allowed Secured Claim of Credit Suisse First
Boston Mortgage Capital LLC against Excalibur - Impaired

First Boston will receive the First Boston Secured Note in
the face amount of $35,504,600 plus interest accrued from
the Petition date through the Effective Date, secured by a
lien upon substantially all of the debtors' assets with
payment terms specified under the Fist Boston Secured Note.

Class 3 - Allowed Miscellaneous Secured Claims - Unimpaired

Class 4, Class 5 and Class 6- Allowed Unsecured Claims
against Excalibur and Rapid Acceptance Corp. and PBC
Servicing Corp., respectively - Impaired.  Allowed Class
4,5 and 6 Unsecured Claims against Excalibur will receive
twelve equal quarterly payments, totaling 100% of the face
amount of such Allowed class 4,5 and 6 Unsecured Claims.

Class 7 - Allowed Convenience Class Claims - Unimpaired

Class 8A - Interests in Excalibur - Unimpaired

Class 8B - Interests in Rapid - Impaired

Class 8C - Interests in PBC Servicing - Impaired.

On the Effective Date, all assets of the debtor shall be
transferred to and will vest in the Reorganized Company.

FIRST CENTRAL FINANCIAL: Files Voluntary Chapter 11
March 5, 1998--First Central Financial
Corporation announced today that it has filed a voluntary
petition pursuant to Chapter 11 of the United States
Bankruptcy Code.

The case is pending before the Honorable Judge Marvin
Holland in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the
Eastern District of New York, docket no. 198-12848-352.

FIRST MERCHANTS: Ugly Duckling Agrees to Increase DIP
Among other provisions in the recently confirmed plan of
First Merchants, Ugly Duckling agreed to increase its DIP
financing to FMAC from $16.5 million to up to $21.5
million.  Further, FMAC, its committee of unsecured
creditors and representatives of the securitized pools of
contracts serviced by FMAC, referred to as Financial
Security Assurance Inc. or FSA, agreed that Ugly Duckling
will service the contracts from the FSA securitized pools
that were charged off as of Feb. 28, 1998.  

In exchange, Ugly Duckling will receive a servicing fee of
between 25 percent to 30 percent, calculated monthly and
set by both Ugly Duckling and FSA, of all collections and
proceeds from the FSA charge-offs.  Ugly Duckling
also will retain a residual interest in the remaining 70
percent to 75 percent of the collections and proceeds from
the FSA charge-offs.  

With headquarters in Phoenix, Ugly Duckling is a used car
sales and finance company that operates the nation's
largest chain of used car dealerships focused exclusively
on the sub-prime market.  The corporation underwrites,
finances and services sub-prime contracts generated at its
current 43 Ugly Duckling dealerships and by third-party
used car dealers.

GULF RESOURCES: Lender Objects to Professionals
Chase Bank of Texas national Association f/k/a Texas
Commerce Bank National Association and Banque Paribas,
secured creditors file their objection to the Chapter 11
Trustee's Application to Employ Jeffers & Banack as Special
Counsel.  The objection to the employment is to the extent
that such employment requests or requires use of the
Lenders' Cash Collateral for payment of compensation and
reimbursement of expenses.

The Lenders state that they have not consented to the use
of their Cash Collateral for employment of J&B or any
professional proposed to be employed by the Trustee until
such time as an appropriate agreement has been fianlized
between the Lenders, the Trustee, and the Unsecured
Creditors' Committee establishing an allocation of overhead
and professional fees among the Lenders' Collateral,
property encumbered by liens in favor of other parties, and
unencumbered assets.

For the same reasons, the Lenders object to the employ of
Providence Oil Company and Smith Production, Inc., J.A.
Compton & Co., P.C. as accountants, Platt, Sparks &
Associates Consulting Petroleum Engineers, Inc. and Smart
Business Solution.

GULF RESOURCES: US Trustee Objects to Counsel
The US Trustee is objecting to the application to employ
Jeffers & Banack, Incorporated as counsel.  The US Trustee
asserts concern with respect to payments to the firm of
$44,690 pre-petition and the US Trustee states that the
applicant did not adequately disclose all of its
connections with the debtors' affiliates and subsidiaries.

INPHOMATION COMMUNICATION: Trustee for Parent Firm Stays
U.S. Bankruptcy Judge James F. Schneider yesterday rejected
a request by Inphomation Communications Inc. to reconsider
his decision to install an outsider as head of the bankrupt
Pikesville firm.  The judge's ruling was the latest
development in the soap opera-like saga of Inphomation,
which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy-law protection Feb.
2, listing assets of $1.2 million and liabilities of $26
million. Just a few years ago, Inphomation Communications
had annual sales approaching $140 million, company
officials said.

The company had made its mark with its Psychic Friends
Network, which linked consumers with telephone psychics via
900 numbers and employed singer Dionne Warwick as a
celebrity spokeswoman.  On Feb. 18, after a two-day hearing
in which Inphomation founder Michael W. Lasky made a
tearful plea to keep control of his company, Judge
Schneider ruled that Lasky and others within Inphomation
were diverting assets and business to a clandestine shell
company called Friends to Friends Ltd. As a result, he
ruled that a nonpartisan trustee be placed at the helm.
Last week, attorney Paul Michael Sweeney of the law firm of
Linowes & Blocher LLP was named trustee.

In the motion asking Schneider to reconsider, attorneys for
Inphomation claimed that creditors railroaded through a
motion to get an outside trustee. Indeed, while admitting
to creating Friends to Friends, Inphomation said it was
crafting a plan of reorganization that creditors did not
give a fair amount of time to articulate. Friends to
Friends was a critical piece of that plan, since
it would be able to borrow money where Inphomation, with
its ruined credit rating, would not.
(Baltimore Sun 04-Mar-1998)

INTERACTIVE NETWORK: Settlement Proposal With TCI
Tele-Communications Inc. will pay $10 million to
Interactive Network, plus $2.5 million in legal fees, to
settle a bitter lawsuit brought by Interactive Network
Inc., a California technology firm, under a settlement
proposal made in court this week.

The settlement will avoid a trial which had been delayed
since November. David Lockton, the chairman and CEO of
Interactive Network, alleged in a 1995 lawsuit that TCI,
the nation's largest cable-TV company and a major backer
of Interactive Network, tried to drive the company into
bankruptcy to gain control of its patents. Lockton
consistently said he wanted the case to go before a jury,
which might have included TCI subscribers.

Three fellow Interactive Network board members, however,
recently agreed to a settlement of the case, overruling
Lockton.   "I am stunned by the settlement and voted
against it because I think we could have done better,"
Lockton said Friday. "Nonetheless I am bound by it and
respect it. It gives us a way to move forward."

TCI will pay $10 million to Interactive Network and $2.5
million to Cotchett, Pitre & Simon, the Bay Area law firm
representing Interactive Network, according to an
Interactive Network statement released by Lockton.

A spokesperson for TCI, based in the Denver Tech Center,
declined comment, saying that a settlement has not been
finalized. An Alameda County Superior Court official
confirmed Friday that lawyers for both parties agreed to
settlement terms in a court hearing on Wednesday.

Interactive Network spent $130 million over nine years
developing its technology. It was backed by firms including
TCI, NBC, Sony, Gannett, Sprint and Motorola. The
service allowed viewers, using a handheld keyboard, to play
along with televised dramas and sporting events, with the
possibility of winning prizes. The lawsuit alleged that TCI
abandoned Interactive Network and blocked financing plans
at a critical time, while backing a competitive interactive
service in Denver named Zing, which later went bankrupt.

Interactive Network, based in Menlo Park, Calif., remained
a publicly company throughout the litigation, though its
operations are a shell. Its stock, which once traded as
high as $15 in 1993, now trades at 21 cents a
share.  The company plans to file a voluntary bankruptcy
proceeding and reorganize. TCI, NBC, Sprint and Motorola
will forego collecting on millions in dollars of
loans made to Interactive Network, and will convert that
debt to common stock at a maximum price of $5 per share. A
retired federal judge in San Francisco, Charles B. Renfrew,
will oversee the settlement. (Denver Post 02/28/98)

LEVITZ FURNITURE: Seeking Special Litigation Counsel
The debtors requested authorization to employ Denis F.
Cronin, Esq., a solo practitioner whose office is located
in New York City, New York, as their Special Litigation
Counsel on discrete litigation matters related to the
pending chapter 11 cases.

The Debtors told the Court that it is their belief that Mr.
Cronin's representation is critical to the success of their
reorganization because discrete issues have and will
continue to arise with regard to the Debtors' cases.  For
example, Mr. Cronin would be expected to represent the
Debtors in connection with all issues that might arise with
respect to the proposed bank card program to be established
by the Debtors and Monogram Credit Card Bank of Georgia.

The current standard hourly rate for Mr. Cronin's services
is $400 per hour.  The Debtors have also requested
authorization to employ Bouchard Friedlander & Maloneyhuss
as Local Counsel for Denis Cronin, the Debtors' Special
Litigation Counsel, to perform the legal services that will
be necessary as local counsel during these chapter 11

Bouchard Friedlander will be required to act as Local
Counsel to Mr. Cronin with respect to discrete legal issues
and matters in which Skadden Arps may have a conflict.
Bouchard Friedlander's will charge its current standard
hourly rates for attorneys, which range from $225 to $275.

LEVITZ FURNITURE: Statement of Operations for January
In its consolidated condensed statement of operations for
the month ending January 31, 1998, Levitz Furniture
Incorporated and Subsidiaries reported a net loss of
$3,324,000 on net sales of $64,185,000.

MIDCON OFFSHORE: Order Appointing Mediator
The court entered an order in the case In re: Midcon
Offshore, Inc. approving and appointing Hon. Karen K. Brown
as Mediator.  The parties to the mediation include, the
Trustee, creditors, counsel, the IRS and the Creditor's
Committee.  Mediation is to commence on March 11, 1998.

NETS INC.: Plan of Liquidation
The debtor, Nets Inc. and the Official Committee of
Unsecured Creditors have filed a disclosure statement for
plan of liquidation.  March 27, 1998 is the last day for
filing written acceptances or rejections of the plan of
liquidation.  April 7, 1998 is fixed for the hearing on
confirmation of the plan.  

The plan provides for the liquidation of the debtor's
assets and distribution of all available proceeds to pay
priority and administrative expenses and a pro rata
dividend to unsecured creditors which will be paid in cash
subject to appropriate reserves for disputed claims and
certain other adjustments.  The actual distribution to
unsecured creditors cannot be determined at this time
because, among other things, the debtor and the Committee
have not yet fully analyzed the proofs of claim filed in
the case.

The plan is a liquidating plan and does not contemplate the
continuation of the debtor's business. The debtor is
completing the process of liquidating all its assets.  The
plan contemplates that the net proceeds from the
liquidation of assets of the debtor's estate will be
distributed to the holders of various claims.

The debtor will be dissolved when all of the assets that
are capable of liquidation are liquidated and when all of
the proceeds thereof are distributed to the holders of
claims in accordance with the plan.  The plan is designed
to provide unsecured creditors with the highest dividend
possible at the earliest possible time.  Under the plan,
approximately $8 million will be available on the Effective
Date to pay holders of allowed administrative and priority
expenses, holders of allowed secured claims, if any and a
pro rata dividend to general unsecured creditors.

PHELPS TECHNOLOGIES: Professionals Authorized for Committee
The Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors of Phelps
Technologies, Inc. and Phelps Tool and Die Houston, Inc.,
debtors, is authorized to employ real estate appraisers,
Sheldon Good & Company and The Grabscheid Group, Ltd. as
its accountants and financial advisors.

POCKET COMMUNICATIONS: Seeks to Reject Leases and Contracts
Pocket Communications, Inc. is seeking authorization to
reject certain non-residential real property leases and
executory contracts pertaining to its Las Vegas network.

The debtor filed a motion to reject all of its leases in
the Hawaiian market, and that motion is still pending
before the court.  Pocket has concluded that its plan of
reorganization will not provide for the completed buildout
of the network covering the Las Vegas market.  Accordingly,
Pocket has determined that it will reject all of the leases
and/or executory contracts pertaining to the Las Vegas
Market it has not already rejected.

RICHFOOD: Announces Completion of Farm Fresh Acquisition
Richfood Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: RFH) announced the
completion of its acquisition of substantially all of the
assets of Farm Fresh, Inc., a privately held supermarket
chain based in Norfolk, Virginia.  As previously announced,
the purchase was effected through a prepackaged voluntary
reorganization of Farm Fresh under Chapter 11 of the
U.S. Bankruptcy Code.  The purchase price consisted of
$221.7 million cash plus $29.5 million in assumed capital
leases, plus 1.5 million warrants for the purchase of
shares of Richfood common stock at an exercise price of $25
per share with a term of five years following issuance.  
Farm Fresh will initially operate 45 stores as a separate,
wholly owned subsidiary of Richfood.

STREAMLOGIC: Plan of Reorganization Confirmed
StreamLogic Corp. announced that the U.S. Bankruptcy Court
for the Northern District of California has confirmed
StreamLogic's plan of reorganization on March 3, 1998.
Commenting on the Bankruptcy Court's decision, Michael O.
Preletz, chief executive officer of the company, said: "We
are delighted by the decision of the Bankruptcy Court. The
confirmation of our plan marks an important step in
our financial restructuring and a new beginning for our

Chapman Stranahan, president of the company, added, "We are
pleased that this event is behind us and we look forward to
proceeding with the company's core business and improved
sales and profitability."  Confirmation of the plan came at
the conclusion of a hearing to assure that all of the
reorganization requirements had been met under the
Bankruptcy Code. The confirmation procedure included
approval of the plan by the requisite votes of creditors.

The confirmed plan will bring new capital to the company
through the purchase of equity interests by senior
management and certain creditors. In addition, the company
will issue a portion of its new shares on behalf of
creditors in exchange for a release of claims. The plan
also provides for the distribution of proceeds from the
sale of non-core assets and establishes a distribution
estate to pay claims.

It is expected that the plan of reorganization will become
effective on March 31, 1998, subject to, among other
things, contributions of capital contemplated by the plan.
StreamLogic filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on
June 26, 1997.  Upon effectiveness, all existing shares of
StreamLogic's stock will be canceled and new shares will be
issued. Because the company's liabilities significantly
exceeded its assets, current StreamLogic shareholders will
not receive any equity or other interest in the reorganized

TOSHOKU AMERICA: To Assign Executory Contracts to Parent
Toshoku America, Inc., debtor, is applying for court
authorization to assume certain executory contracts, made
in the debtor's name, and to assign them to debtor's parent
corporation, Toshoku, Ltd., or such other buyers as the
case may be.

Although the Commodity Contracts that are the subject of
this application are in the debtor's name, the debtor acted
as agent or nominee of the parent for the convenience of
the parent to facilitate its commodities transactions.  As
a result of debtor's financial condition and bankruptcy,
debtor is unable to obtain the necessary financing to
complete its performance of the Commodity Contracts. If the
debtor assigns the Commodity Contracts to the Assignees,
the Assignees can obtain and provide the necessary
financing to complete the transactions.

VAN LEUNEN'S: Seeks to Establish Bar Date
Van Leunen's Inc. d/b/a All About Sports, as debtor, is
asking that the court establish March 31, 1998 as the Bar
Date by which any creditor must file a proof of claim
relating to debtor's rejection of an executory contract or
unexpired lease.  The court previously established
September 25, 1997 as the Bar Date, but that arguably
related only to pre-petition debt.

VENTURE: Applying to Continue Discover Card Agreement
The debtor, Venture Stores, Inc. is seeking entry of an
order authorizing the debtor to assume its credit card
service agreement with Discover Card Services, Inc.,
authorizing the debtor to continue to operate in accordance
with the Merchant Services Agreement and authorizing the
debtor to continue accepting credit card purchases.

Sales effected using the credit card accounted for 5.3% of
the debtor's revenues for the year ending December 31,
1997.  The inability of the debtor to accept credit card
purchases would place the debtor at a competitive
disadvantage compared to those retailers with whom it

VITALE ENTERPRISES: To Retain DJM Realty Services
Vitale Enterprises, Inc. et al., debtors are applying for
authority to retain and employ DJM Realty Services, Inc. as
their special real estate consultants.  The debtors have
determined to market and sell some or all of the leases in
the context of their Chapter 11 cases.  Consistent with the
Responsible Officer Order, the debtors have embarked on a
program to maximize the value of the leases for their

The debtors propose to retain DJM Realty as special real
estate consultants.  If DJM procures the disposition of a
lease either by assignment or surrender, DJM will be
entitled to a commission equal to 2% of the Gross Proceeds,
and a success fee of 3% of the Gross Proceeds in excess of
appraised values.  The debtors believe that the retention
of DJM Realty is necessary and in the best interests of the
debtors and their estates and will provide a cost benefit
to the debtors.

VITALE ENTERPRISES: Wasserman, Jurista & Stolz Retained
The court entered an order authorizing the retention of the
law firm of Wasserman, Jurista & Stolz P.C. as counsel for
Edward P. Bond in his capacity as responsible officer.

WRT ENERGY: Name Change Registered with SEC
In its Form 14-C filed with the SEC, WRT Energy
Corporation, a Delaware corporation has proposed to change
its name to Gulfport Energy Corporation.

On February 13, 1998, in accordance with Delaware law, the
holders of a majority of the outstanding shares of Company
Common Stock executed a written consent approving the

DLS CAPITAL: Bond Pricing For Week of March 2, 1998
DLS CAPITAL PARTNERS,INC. provided the  bond pricing for
week of March 2, 1998
The following are indicated prices for selected issues:

American Rice 13 '02                 68 - 74 (f)
Amer Telecasting 0/14 1/2 '04        25 - 28
APS 11 7/8 '06                   24 1/2 - 26 (f)
Boston Chicken 7 3/4 '04             66 - 67 1/2
Bradlees 11 '02                       6 - 7 (f)
Bruno's 10 1/2 '05                   23 - 24 (f)
CAI Wireless 12 1/4 '02              24 - 26
Cityscape 12 3/4 '04                 38 - 40
E&S Holdings 10 3/8 '06              84 - 86
Grand Union 12 '04                   53 - 54 (f)
Harrah's Jazz 14 1/4 '01             30 - 32 (f)
Hechinger 9.45 '12                   76 - 77
Hills 12 1/2 '03                     84 - 85 1/2
Great Bay 10 7/8 '04                 84 - 86 (f)
Levitz 9 5/8 '03                     41 - 43 (f)
Liggett 11 1/2 '99                   66 - 69
Marvel 0 '98                          5 - 5 1/2
Mobilmedia 9 3/8 '07                 11 -12 (f)
Mosler 11 '03                        85 - 88
Penn Traffic 9 5/8 '05               45 - 47
Royal Oak 11 /06                     68 - 70
Trump Castle 11 3/4 '03          94 1/2 - 96
Wickes 11 7/8 '03                94 1/2 - 95 1/2

New on our list this week is E&S Holdings, manufacturer of
Evenflo baby products.  American Rice continued its
volatile course, this time downward. Cityscape bonds
strengthened a bit, on little volume.  


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