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InterNet Bankruptcy Library - News for June 3, 1997

Bankruptcy News For June 3, 1997

  1. Bonneville Pacific Corporation
            Announces Settlement

  3. Sierra Wireless acquires Cincinnati
            Microwave's CDPD modem product line

Bonneville Pacific Corporation
Announces Settlement

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - June 3, 1997 - href="chap11.bonneville.html">Bonneville Pacific Corporation
(BPCO), through its Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Trustee (Roger G.
Segal), announces today that a settlement has been reached with
Terry Coffin and related parties (the "Coffin
Parties"). The settlement provides that Bonneville Pacific
and its bankruptcy estate will waive and release all claims
against the Coffin Parties in exchange for a payment by the
Coffin Parties to Bonneville Pacific Corporation of approximately
Nine Hundred Eighty- Five Thousand Dollars ($985,000.00).

The settlement is conditioned upon approval by the United
States Bankruptcy Court (the Honorable John H. Allen). Although
the Coffin Parties have agreed to the settlement, they deny all
allegations of wrongdoing.

SOURCE Bonneville Pacific /CONTACT: Roger G. Segal, Chapter 11
Trustee for the Bonneville Corporation, 801-532-2666/

Sierra Wireless acquires Cincinnati Microwave's
CDPD modem product line

VANCOUVER, B.C.--June 3, 1997--Today, Sierra Wireless Inc.
announced its acquisition of the Cincinnati
Microwave Inc.
's CDPD (Cellular Digital Packet Data) modem

The purchase will expand Sierra's offering beyond the wireless
data solutions the company currently supplies to the law
enforcement, utility and portable computing marketplaces. By
adding the form factor and functionality of Cincinnati
Microwave's CDPD modems, Sierra will be able to provide wireless
data solutions to a variety of new markets.

"This acquisition will broaden our product line and
expand the range of applications we can serve," said David
Sutcliffe, president and CEO of Sierra Wireless. "Sierra can
now offer a solution to customers that need wireless data for
applications like inventory, point-of-sale transactions and

Sierra Wireless is a leader in the growing marketplace for
cellular data modems and connectivity software. Their ruggedized
modems are used extensively in the public safety, utilities and
field service sectors. Sierra Wireless also manufactures AirCard,
the first type II PC card package with circuit-switched and
packet data multimode functionality.

"Customer service and reliability are essential
components of our high-end security market," said Mark
Hillenburg, product development manager of the Springfield,
Mo.-based Digital Monitoring Products. "We are pleased that
Sierra Wireless, a company with a reputation in both of these
areas has assumed the CMI products, and we look forward to
working with them in the future."

Dr. Gerry Purdy, noted wireless data analyst and president of
the Mountain View, Calif.-based, Mobile Insights, agrees.
"This acquisition expands Sierra's leadership position in
wireless data by adding high volume transaction processing to
Sierra's traditional offering of road warrior tools for wireless
data communications."

The sale is part of Cincinnati Microwave's bankruptcy
proceedings and includes the company's Dart 200 and 300 product
lines. Sierra will take over manufacturing and sales for the
product line and plans to offer service and support for
Cincinnati Microwave's CDPD modem customers. Sierra Wireless
welcomes all customer and dealer inquiries.

About Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless is a leading supplier of cellular data modems.
Sierra's product line includes the AirCard, a state-of-the-art
cellular radio modem in a Type II PC Card format and the 1996
winner of Mobile Insights' Best PC Card Award; the PocketPlus 210
for Windows and Windows CE; the MP200 ruggedized, 3-watt vehicle-
based multimode modem, the MP200-GPS which includes a GPS
receiver; and the SB-220 OEM multimode module. For more
information contact Jason Cohenour, Vice President of Sales,
Sierra Wireless Inc., Parker Plaza 400 Kelby St. Fort Lee, N.J.
07024 Phone: (201) 461- 2311. Fax: (201) 947-6565. E-Mail: Internet:

Product names mentioned herein may be trademarks and/or
registered trademarks of their respective companies. Windows is a
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logo are trademarks of Sierra Wireless Inc.

CONTACT: Sierra Wireless Inc Andrew Harries, 604/231-1100 or MorseMcFadden Communications Lisa
Geschke, 206/889-0528