Bankruptcy and Troubled Company News

August 27, 1996

  1. Data Systems Network Corp Announces Proposed Creditor's Settlement
  2. FoxMeyer Drug files Chapter 11 petition

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Data Systems Network
Corp Announces Proposed Creditor's Settlement


            FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich.  --  Aug. 27, 1996  --  Data Systems
        Network Corporation
(Nasdaq: DSYS; PSE: DSY) announced today that it
        had reached a settlement agreement that will, upon fulfillment of
        the agreement's terms, release DSNC from further claims and
        obligations to creditors under DSNC's 1991 Chapter 11
        reorganization, dissolve the creditors' committee, and remove
        restrictions that were imposed by the reorganization.  The original
        obligations settled under this agreement included maximum potential
        cash flow participation payments of up to $500,000 for both 1996 and

            The terms of the proposed settlement require DSNC to pay a one
        time payment of $250,000 and to issue the 170,000 fully paid
        warrants called for in DSNC's plan of reorganization.  However, due
        to prior settlements with certain individual creditors, the proposed
        payment will be reduced to approximately $115,000 and DSNC will be
        required to issue only 60,000 fully paid warrants. The prior
        settlements required certain creditors to assign their rights to
        receive payments and/or warrants back to DSNC.  These warrants have
        been treated as outstanding shares for DSNC's previous earnings per
        share calculations.

            DSNC will take a one time charge of $150,000 or $.06 per share
        primary ($.05 fully diluted).  This charge includes legal and
        administrative costs associated with the settlement.  The proposed
        settlement is agreed to by both DSNC and the creditors' committee,
        but is subject to approval by the Federal Bankruptcy Court.

            "This is an excellent settlement for DSNC," said Michael W.
        Grieves, President and CEO of Data Systems Network Corporation.  "It
        eliminates all potential, future payments, ends all related future
        legal and administrative expenses, and completes the

            Data Systems Network Corporation, a systems integrator for local
        and wide area networks, provides a wide range of network integration
        services including installation, consultation, maintenance and
        training.  Based in Farmington Hills, Michigan, the Company has
        other offices located in Chicago, IL and Pittsburgh, PA and a
        subsidiary in Raleigh, NC.  Customers are located throughout the
        United States

CONTACT:  Barbara Hauswirth, Investor Relations Director of
        Data Systems Network Corporation, l-800-544-2086

FoxMeyer Drug Names
Robert A. Peiser CEO; Files Chapter 11 To Ensure Timely, Adequate Supply of Goods To Customers; Secures $775 Million Financing Package


            DALLAS,  TX  --  Aug. 27, 1996  --  FoxMeyer Drug Company, a unit of
        FoxMeyer Health Corporation (NYSE: FOX) today announced that it has
        named Robert A. Peiser as vice chairman and chief executive officer.
        Most recently, Mr. Peiser was executive vice president and chief
        financial officer of Trans World Airlines, where he was credited
        with implementing major cost reductions and widely recognized as the
        architect of the airline's successful 1995 financial restructuring,
        resulting in a speedy reorganization under Chapter 11.

            Concurrently, FoxMeyer Drug said that in order to ensure an
        adequate supply of goods to its customers, it is filing for
        protection under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.  The
        Company said that it has secured a $775 million financing package
        arranged by GE Capital Services, as part of its Chapter 11 filing.
        FoxMeyer Drug said the filing is being made in the U.S. Bankruptcy
        Court in the District of Delaware.  FoxMeyer Drug stated that the
        previously announced agreement for it to be sold to a New Jersey
        investor group led by William F. Taggart has been terminated.

        FoxMeyer Health Corporation is not included in the Chapter 11 filing.

            FoxMeyer Drug said that despite reaching agreement in June on a
        new and expanded banking facility, recent restriction of credit
        terms by its suppliers made the filing a necessity.

            "As we explained in several meetings with a number of our
        suppliers, we believe that we would have been able to operate
        successfully outside of Chapter 11 with the continuation of normal
        trade terms," said William Estes, president and chief operating
        officer of FoxMeyer Drug.  "Some suppliers, however, apparently
        preferred the certainty of a Chapter 11, where they knew that as
        post-petition suppliers they would receive priority status by the
        court for any new goods that were purchased."

            Mr. Estes said that with the filing and the three-quarter of a
        billion dollar financing package, he was confident that the
        company's relationship with its vendors, and business in general,
        will quickly return to normal.

            Mr. Estes said that, despite the filing, daily operations at
        FoxMeyer Drug will continue as usual.  "As far as the company's
        customers are concerned, we expect to be able to provide them with
        as good or better service levels as before."

            He said that FoxMeyer Drug's employees should notice little, if
        any, difference in their jobs.  Paychecks will be issued as usual,
        at the same time as if no proceeding had been filed.

            Mr. Estes said that FoxMeyer Drug's basic drug wholesaling
        business continues to show strong improvement.  He said that the
        Company's performance should continue to improve due to the credit
        assurances.  "Funds will now be available to invest in the products
        and services required to enhance our customers' businesses and
        further strengthen relationships," he said.

            Mr. Estes continued, "Over the past several months, we have
        taken a number of steps to reduce costs and improve operations. We
        have significantly reduced distribution center expenses, instituted
        a wage freeze and eliminated unprofitable contracts."

            "We have a well-established customer base, a solid distribution
        system and an excellent employee group," he stated.  "I am confident
        that, with our supplier relationships back on track, we will be able
        to return the company to profitability."

            Mr. Peiser served with Bahadur, Balan & Kazerski, a turnaround
        consulting firm based in Southfield, Mich., prior to joining TWA.
        Before that, he served as president and CEO of Florida-based Orange-
        co., Inc., which was named Turnaround Company of the Year by the
        Tampa Tribune during his tenure; and in executive positions with
        such firms as Borman's Inc., a Detroit supermarket chain; ALC
        Communication Corp., a Michigan-based long distance telephone
        company; Hertz Corporation; and RCA Corporation.

            FoxMeyer Drug Company is the nation's fourth largest wholesaler
        of drugs, employing 2,400 people in 21 states and the District of

CONTACT:  Michael Kolbenschlag or Ann Julsen, Sitrick And Company,
        214-446-4528; or FoxMeyer Health Corporation Investor Calls: Alex
        Gleeson, Morgen-Walke Associates, Inc., 212-850-5640