Bankruptcy and Troubled Company News

August 15, 1996

  1. Pacific Rehab Reports Second Quarter Results
  2. Cypress Bioscience Inc. announces second-quarter results
  3. Roadmaster Industries, Inc. Announces Second Quarter Results
  4. The Men's Wearhouse Reports Increase in Second Quarter Net Earnings
  5. Sensormatic announces fourth quarter and fiscal year 1996 results
  6. YES announces results for first quarter
  7. StarBase Corp. announces results for the quarter ended June 30, 1996

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Pacific Rehab Reports Second Quarter Results, Including Loss Due to Restructuring and Nonrecurring Expenses


            VANCOUVER, Wash.  --  Aug. 15, 1996  --  Pacific
        Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine, Inc. (NASDAQ: PRHB) announced
        today a loss of $3,050,000, or $0.37 per share, for the three months
        ended June 30, 1996, as a result of $4,485,000 ($3,203,000, or $0.40
        per share, after taxes) in special charges recorded during the
        quarter for restructuring and nonrecurring merger termination

            As previously disclosed, these expense charges included
        $3,510,000 ($2,588,000 or $0.32 per share, after taxes) attributable
        to the restructuring of the Company's Hawaii operations and $975,000
        ($618,000, or $0.08 per share, after taxes) attributable to a
        nonrecurring charge for expenses related to the April 1996
        termination of the proposed merger with Horizon/CMS Healthcare

            Adjusting for these charges, net earnings were $153,000, or
        $0.03 per share, for the second quarter, which compared to earnings
        of $0.07 per share for the same period in 1995.  Net revenues for
        the quarter increased 31% to $10,348,000, compared to prior year
        revenues of $7,913,000, for the same period in 1995.  Gross profit
        increased 5% for the quarter to $3,895,000 compared to $3,703,000
        for the comparable period in 1995.  

            Bill Barancik, President and Chief Executive Officer of Pacific
        Rehab, stated: "We are optimistic about the future.  Before taking
        into account the impact of the charges related to our previously
        announced restructuring in Hawaii and the termination of the
        proposed merger with Horizon, which account, in the aggregate, for
        approximately $0.40 per share in losses, the Company earned $0.07
        per share from operations in the first six months of this year,
        notwithstanding increased second quarter operating losses in Hawaii
        and the typical summer seasonal softness in a number of our regions.
        As compared to the first quarter of 1996, in which the Company
        earned $0.04 per share, the second quarter produced $0.03 per share.

            "The company's Hawaii operations lost almost $350,000 in the
        first six months of this year -- with more than half of the loss
        occurring during the second quarter.  The objective of this
        restructure in Hawaii, including a refocused marketing effort
        directed at the employer, managed care, and insurance company level,
        is to eliminate the losses in Hawaii and bring these operations to a
        profit or break-even point.

            "We believe that, as a result of the recently completed
        restructuring, results from operations in Hawaii will improve in the
        second half of 1996 and will be break-even or profitable by the
        first quarter of 1997.  We are pursuing changes aimed at improving
        results in certain of our other regional markets in the third and
        fourth quarters of this year and we believe such changes will
        positively affect our results beginning in the third quarter.

            "Another positive development is that the Company has retained a
        specialized investment banking firm to pursue an infusion of capital
        through the private placement of debt.  Capital raised will be used
        for strategic acquisitions and working capital purposes."  

            Commenting further on the Hawaii operations, Barancik said, "The
        reorganization of our Hawaii operations is important to Pacific
        Rehab.  We believe that, long-term, the Hawaii market can be
        profitable for companies which survive the ongoing consolidation
        since people in Hawaii will continue to need physical therapy, which
        is a clinically proven, cost-effective, way to treat injuries.  

            "Assuming our Hawaii operations progress to break-even or
        profitable levels in the near future, we believe we will be in a
        good position to capitalize on the consolidation in that market and,
        as a provider with a strong regional presence, take advantage of the
        impact managed care organizations will have in the future on
        healthcare decisions."

            Pacific Rehab also announced net revenues of $20,765,000, gross
        profit of $7,959,000 and a loss of $2,589,000, or $0.33 per share,
        for the six months ended June 30, 1996, of which approximately $0.40
        per share is attributable to the restructuring and nonrecurring
        expenses incurred in the second quarter.  Adjusting for the special
        charges, net earnings were $520,000, or $0.07 per share, for the six
        month year-to-date period.  Compared to the same period in 1995, net
        revenues increased 40% and gross profit increased 10%.  

            Pacific Rehab provides outpatient physical therapy services at
        70 outpatient rehabilitation clinics in Washington, Oregon,
        California, Hawaii, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Mississippi, Florida and

        Forward Looking Statements:

            The foregoing information contains certain forward-looking
        information about the Company, including that the actions taken by
        the Company in Hawaii will lead to improved results in the future.
        This information is based on management's estimates, assumptions and
        projections.  Several factors could cause actual results to differ
        materially from these forward-looking statements, including the
        assumptions that the reorganized operations in Hawaii will generate
        sufficient profits to warrant continued operations in that state,
        that further legislation and regulations will not further adversely
        impact the Company's operations in Hawaii and other states, and that
        the pursuit of changes in operations in certain other regional
        markets will have a positive impact on the Company's results from
        operations.  Investors are directed to the Company s Annual Report
        on Form 10-K (as amended by Amendment No. 2 on Form 10-K/A filed
        July 11, 1996) for the year ended December 31, 1995, the company's
        Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the quarter ended March 31, 1996
        and June 30, 1996, the Company's Registration Statement on Form S-3
        (Reg. No. 333-306) and the Company's Current Reports on Form 8-K
        dated April 2, April 15, July 1 and July 17, 1996, all of which are
        available without charge from the Company, for a more complete
        description of the risks and uncertainties relating to the Company.

           Pacific Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine, Inc. and Subsidiaries
            Consolidated Statements of Operations Data (Unaudited)
                    (In Thousands, Except Per Share Data)
                               For the Three Months   For the Six Months
                                      Ended                 Ended
                                    June 30,               June 30,            
                                 1996        1995       1996       1995   
        Net revenues               $10,348      $7,913    $20,765    $14,864
        Gross profit                 3,895       3,703      7,959      7,186
          Selling, general and
           administrative expenses   2,444       2,143      4,883      4,050
          Depreciation and
           amortization                530         419      1,081        759
          Restructuring expenses     3,510          --      3,510         --
        Operating income (loss)     (2,589)      1,141     (1,515)     2,377
          Interest, net               (482)       (253)      (907)
          Non-recurring merger
           termination expenses       (975)         --       (975)        --
        Nonoperating income
          (expense)                 (1,457)       (253)    (1,882)
        Earnings (loss) before
         income taxes               (4,046)        888     (3,397)     2,052
        Net earnings (loss)         (3,050)        537     (2,683)     1,241
           Per share data:
         Net earnings (loss):   
           Primary              ($0.37)      $0.07     ($0.33)     $0.16
           Fully diluted        ($0.37)      $0.07     ($0.33)     $0.16
           Weighted average number
         of shares:
           Primary                8,184      7,773       8,164     7,555
           Fully diluted          8,184      8,049       8,164     7,875

                            Consolidated Balance Sheet Data (Unaudited)
                                            (In Thousands)
                                                              June 30, 1996    
        Accounts receivable, net
        Refundable income taxes
        Other current assets
         Total current assets
        Property and equipment, net
        Intangible and other assets
          Total assets
        Current maturities of long-term obligations
        Notes payable and other obligations
        Line of credit
        Accrued income taxes
        Deferred income taxes, current portion
        Other current liabilities
          Total current liabilities
        Notes payable and other obligations, less current portion
        Deferred income taxes, less current portion
        Long-term obligations, less current maturities
         Total liabilities
        Redeemable stock
        Shareholders' equity
         Total liabilities and shareholders' equity

        CONTACT: Pacific Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine, Inc.
                 Bill Barancik or William A. Norris, 360/260-8130

Cypress Bioscience Inc. announces second-quarter results


            SAN DIEGO, CA  --  Aug. 15, 1996  --  Cypress Bioscience
        Inc. (NASDAQ:CYPB) Thursday announced its financial results for the
        second quarter of 1996.  

            For the quarter and six months ended June 30, 1996, the company
        reported net losses of $1.1 million, or $0.04 per share, and $3.3
        million, or $0.12 per share, respectively, compared with net losses
        of $1.6 million, or $0.09 per share and $1.2 million, or $0.07 per
        share, respectively, for the corresponding periods of 1995.  

            Total expenses for the quarter and six months ended June 30,
        1996, were $1.8 million and $4.2 million, compared with $2.6 million
        and $5.3 million for the same periods of 1995.  

            Sales of $606,000 for the six months ended June 30, 1996,
        reflect shipments of the company's product, the PROSORBA column,
        made directly by the company to customers beginning May 1, 1996, as
        a result of the previously announced termination of the company's
        distribution agreement with Baxter Healthcare Corp.  For the same
        period of 1995, total revenue of $4.0 million included a $3.0
        million take-or-pay payment received from Baxter.  

            PROSORBA column shipments made directly by the company to
        customers subsequent to regaining distribution rights from Baxter
        were significantly greater than average PROSORBA column shipments
        made by Baxter during the term of its exclusive distribution

            In conjunction with the Baxter agreement, internal sales and
        marketing efforts in place through March of 1995 were suspended
        through June 1996, resulting in a decrease in sales and marketing
        expenses.  Such expenses are expected to increase, however, as the
        company has recently resumed internal sales and marketing efforts
        for its PROSORBA column.  

            Total expenses for the six-month period ended June 30, 1996,
        decreased primarily as a result of the company's efforts to control
        costs.  In addition, during the same period of 1995, the company had
        a non-recurring expense of $625,000 reflecting its purchase of the
        minority interest of its former majority-owned subsidiary, CELx
        Corp. Research and development expenses declined during the first
        half of 1996 primarily as a result of a temporary reduction in
        clinical trial activity.  

            The company anticipates an increase in research and development
        expenses as it increases clinical trial activity in future periods.
        For the six months ended June 30, 1996, the company incurred
        restructuring costs of $454,000 the majority of which related to
        severance payments made to terminated employees.  

            General and administrative expenses increased principally as a
        result of costs associated with the company's new chief executive
        officer and president, chief operating officer, both of which were
        hired in December 1995, and the resignation of the company's chief
        scientific officer in March 1996.  

            The company's cash position as of June 30, 1996, was $8.7
        million.  Additional current assets include a $600,000 prepayment of
        clinical trial costs and an approximately $400,000 increase in
        inventory related to the company's efforts to build inventory levels
        during the first half of 1996.  

            Cypress Bioscience is a medical device company that is a leader
        in the field of immuno-adsorption therapy.  The company's first
        product, the PROSORBA column, has FDA marketing approval for the
        treatment of idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, an immune-mediated
        bleeding disorder.  

            In September 1995, Cypress announced positive results of a pilot
        clinical trial using the PROSORBA column for rheumatoid arthritis
        therapy and has begun a controlled clinical trial in rheumatoid

            Except for the historical information contained herein, this
        news release contains forward-looking statements that involve risks
        and uncertainties, including the risk that the company may not be
        able to effectively resume internal sales and marketing efforts for
        its PROSORBA column or increase its clinical trial activity, as well
        as other risks detailed from time to time in the company's SEC
        reports, including the company's report on Form 10-K/A for the year
        ended Dec. 31, 1995, and subsequent periodic reports.

                            CYPRESS BIOSCIENCE INC.
                           Condensed Financial Data
                     (In thousands, except per-share data)
        Income Statements
                                 Quarter Ended           Six Months Ended
                                    June 30,                 June 30,
                               1996        1995        1996           1995
        Revenue                  $   588     $ 1,044     $   606        $
        Interest income              128          35         248
        Total revenues               716       1,079         854
        Expenses                   1,850       2,638       4,189
        Net loss                 $(1,134)    $(1,559)    $(3,335)
        Net loss per share      (4 cents)   (9 cents)  (12 cents)      (7
        Weighted average number
          of shares outstanding
          during the period       28,728      17,149      27,172
        Balance Sheets
                                                  Dec. 31,     June 30,
                                                    1995         1996
         Cash and investments                         $ 1,010      $ 8,699
         Other current assets                           1,850        2,757
         Non-current assets                             1,704        1,670
          Total assets                                $ 4,564      $13,126
        Liabilities and Stockholders' Equity (Deficit)
         Current liabilities                          $ 3,549      $ 1,621
         Long-term liabilities                          1,540          582
         Stockholders' equity (deficit)                  (525)      10,923
          Total liabilities and stockholders'
           equity (deficit)                           $ 4,564      $13,126

        CONTACT:  Cypress Bioscience Inc., San Diego
                  Susan E. Feiner, 619/452-2323

Roadmaster Industries, Inc. Announces
Second Quarter Results For The Period Ended June 30, 1996


            ATLANTA, GA  -- AUGUST 15, 1996  --  ROADMASTER
        INDUSTRIES, INC.  (NYSE: RDM) today announced results for the
        quarter ended June 30, 1996.  

            As expected, the continued underperformance of the company's
        DP/Vitamaster division significantly contributed to the loss for the
        quarter as the current year product lines closed at the end of June.
        As previously announced, restructuring efforts were in place July 1,
        1996 with the expected impact of improving the company's results
        during the latter half of this year.  Demand for the company's
        bicycle products met or exceeded expectations resulting in continued
        market share gains among domestic bicycle producers.  Also, as a
        result of the improved raw material prices and product mix, the
        Roadmaster toy division reported substantially improved
        profitability and is poised for double- digit operating profit
        results for the full year.  

            In line with the company's expectations, the net loss for the
        quarter totaled $5.1 million, or $0.10 per share, compared with a
        net loss of $5.6 million, or $0.11 per share for the second quarter
        of 1995.  The company further noted that its net loss decreased
        slightly from the second quarter of 1995 and the first quarter of
        1996 excluding the effect of the sale of its camping unit.  

            Revenue for the second quarter of 1996 was $104.3 million, a
        decrease of 40% over last year's revenue for the comparable period
        of $172.7 million.  Approximately half of the revenue decrease
        resulted from the sale of Roadmaster's camping unit in the first
        quarter of this year which contributed $32.5 million in revenues
        during the second quarter of 1995.  Of the remaining $35.9 million
        decline, approximately one half related to decreased shipments of
        fitness products with the remainder relating to decreased shipments
        of swingsets and to a lesser degree the overall retail environment
        across various other product lines.  The decrease in fitness product
        sales reflects the company's decision to eliminate distribution of
        certain treadmill categories which have historically reduced
        operating profits.  

            The operating loss for the second quarter of 1996 totaled $1.0
        million compared to operating income of $0.9 million in the second
        quarter of 1995.  Interest expense improved by $2.6 million from
        $9.2 in the second quarter of 1995 to $6.6 million in the present
        quarter. The decrease in interest resulted from the application of
        proceeds from the sale of the camping unit and the reduction in
        working capital from the asset sale and other existing product lines
        which the company selectively reduced.  

            As previously announced, Roadmaster has completed a major step
        towards its overall restructuring with a definitive agreement to
        sell its bicycle division and certain toy product lines to Brunswick
        Corporation (NYSE: BC) for cash consideration of $212 million.  In
        the second quarter and year to date 1996, these business contributed
        $46.5 million and $84.3 million of revenue, respectively, and $3.3
        million and $6.7 million of operating profit, respectively.  

            The company stated that all necessary actions are underway to
        achieve a timely closing of the bicycle division sale within the
        next thirty days.  The company has completed the necessary
        regulatory clearance and has signed a commitment letter with its
        lead bank to provide a new revolving credit facility to meet the
        company's financing requirements after the sale.  

            The company has made an offer to purchase its 11.75% Senior
        Subordinated Notes at par which, assuming a complete tender, would
        result in the elimination of approximately $10.6 million in interest
        expense per year.  The remaining proceeds are anticipated to be used
        to further reduce the company's outstanding indebtedness or for
        general corporate purposes.  

            Henry Fong, Chief Executive Officer of Roadmaster, stated, "The
        results for the second quarter reflect the completion of a difficult
        season in our fitness equipment business.  This business enters a
        new fiscal year with reduced operating costs, streamlined product
        offerings and a newly focused management structure and team."  Mr.
        Fong continued, "Roadmaster remains committed to building its core
        toy business.  The Flexible Flyer and American Playworld brands have
        great potential and continue to be market leaders in their
        respective categories and strong profit performers for the company."

            Roadmaster is a leading supplier of fitness equipment and
        bicycles and a major supplier of toys and team sports equipment
        primarily to mass merchants.  The brand names under which the
        company's products are sold include Flexible Flyer, DP, Vitamaster,
        Roadmaster, Hutch, Reach and Forster.

                          Consolidated Statements of Operations
                         (In thousands, except per share data)
                        Three Months Ended      Six Months Ended
                        6/30/96     7/1/95      6/30/96   7/1/95
        Net sales         $104,338    $172,713      $233,752  $348,259
        Cost of sales       93,375     152,935       206,567   304,524
           Gross profit     10,963      19,778        27,185    43,735
        Selling, general and
         expenses           12,005      18,921        28,422    36,239
        Operating income
          (loss)            (1,042)        857        (1,237)    7,496
        Other expense, net:
           Interest expense  6,595       9,185        14,558     17,103
           Gain on sale
        of subsidiary      --          --        (20,151)       --
           Other, net          705         857         1,405      1,970
                         7,300      10,042        (4,188)    19,073
        Earnings before
         income tax
         expense          (8,342)      (9,185)         2,951    (11,577)
        Income tax
         expense          (3,209)      (3,606)         3,454     (4,521)
        Net earnings
         (loss)          $(5,133)     $(5,579)        $(503)    $(7,056)
        Earnings (loss) per common share:
         Primary and fully
          diluted        $(0.10)      $(0.11)         $(0.01)   $(0.14)
        Weighted average common shares
           outstanding and common stock
           Primary and fully
        diluted      49,177       49,083          49,177    48,866

The information contained herein was obtained from the management of
        ROADMASTER INDUSTRIES, INC.  and other sources deemed to be
        reliable. This does not constitute the solicitation of the purchase
        or sale of securities.  Lippert/Heilshorn & Associates, Inc. is
        employed by the Company as its investor relations firm.  

        CONTACT: Jeff Hinton
                 250 Spring Street, NW 3S
                 Atlanta, GA 30303
                 (404) 586-9000
                 Richard Foote/Jeffrey Volk
                 E-Mail: RICK@SMTP.LHAI.COM

The Men's Wearhouse Reports 35.8 Percent Increase in Second Quarter Net Earnings


            FREMONT, Calif.  --  Aug. 15, 1996  --  The Men's
        Wearhouse (NASDAQ NMS Symbol:SUIT) today reported a 35.8 percent
        increase in net earnings for the second quarter of fiscal 1996
        compared with the second quarter of fiscal 1995.  

            For the 13 weeks ended August 3, 1996, the company reported net
        earnings of $4,009,000, or $.19 per share, versus net earnings of
        $2,951,000, or $.15 per share, for the 13 weeks ended July 29, 1995.
        As previously reported, revenues for the 13 weeks ended August 3,
        1996 increased 17.0 percent to $98.9 million versus sales of $84.5
        million for the 13 weeks ended August 5, 1995.  Net sales for the 13
        weeks ended July 29, 1995 were $85.7 million.  

            For the first 26 weeks of fiscal 1996, net earnings were
        $7,118,000, or $.34 per share, compared with net earnings of
        $4,977,000, or $.26 per share, for the same period a year ago.
        Sales for the 26 weeks ended August 3, 1996 were $202.6 million
        versus sales of $168.2 million for the 26 calendar weeks ended
        August 5, 1995.  Sales for the 26 weeks ended July 29, 1995 were
        $167.1 million.  

            The company noted that the change in timing of the end of the
        13- and 26-week periods is due to the additional week included in
        the year ended February 3, 1996, a 53-week year.  In addition, the
        per share amounts for the 1995 periods have been adjusted to reflect
        a 50 percent stock dividend effected on November 15, 1995.  

            Comparable store sales for the 13 and 26 weeks ended August 3,
        1996 increased 0.7 percent and 4.1 percent, respectively, compared
        with increases of 6.6 percent and 5.5 percent for the 13 and 26
        weeks ended August 5, 1995.  Comparable store sales for the 13 and
        26 weeks ended July 29, 1995 increased 6.4 percent and 5.3 percent,
        respectively.  Comparable store sales increases were computed by
        comparing same store sales for each period with such sales for the
        same calendar weeks of the prior year.  

            As of August 3, 1996, The Men's Wearhouse operated 297 stores in
        30 states.  This compares with 258 stores in 27 states at July 29,

            "We are pleased that the results for the first half of fiscal
        1996 are in line with our expectations for the year.  However, as we
        have reported previously, our sales in the past two months have been
        impacted by significant competitive advertising and price promotion
        activity in several markets," commented David Edwab, chief operating
        and financial officer.  

            "[Kuppenheimer Manufacturing Co., a] major competitor in
several of these markets filed for
        bankruptcy protection last week and indicated [it] plan[s] to close a
        large number of their stores," he continued.  

            "While we do not believe our competitors can continue their
        current pricing strategy over the long term, the current competitive
        pricing environment could impact our original expectations for the
        third and fourth quarter of fiscal 1996.  

            "However," he continued, "we believe that the continued
        consolidation in our industry will enhance our presence in these
        markets over the long term.  Consequently, we intend to maintain our
        traditional strategies of providing quality merchandise and
        excellent service at everyday low prices and have chosen not to
        engage in heavy discounting to meet our competitors' promotional
        pricing levels.  We are continuing to manage expenses in an attempt
        to mitigate the potential impact of the competitive environment,"
        Edwab added.  

            Edwab indicated that the company's plan to open 45-50 stores
        during fiscal 1996, and end the year with approximately 325 stores,
        is on track.  During the second quarter, the company opened 12
        stores and made its initial entry into St. Louis, where the company
        opened two stores.  In addition, the company opened one store each
        in the new markets of Erie, Pennsylvania and Spartanburg, South
        Carolina, five stores in the Washington, D.C.-Baltimore market, and
        one store each in Milwaukee, Los Angeles and Chicago.  

            "Today, The Men's Wearhouse is opening its 300th store and in
        the past several days, we have opened our first stores in the
        Boston- Providence market," Edwab noted.  

            He said the company plans to open approximately 20 stores during
        the third quarter of fiscal 1996.  In addition to opening several
        additional stores in the Boston-Providence market and one store each
        in the new markets of Tallahassee, Florida and Kalamazoo, Michigan,
        the company plans to increase its presence in existing markets,
        including St. Louis, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston,
        Washington-Baltimore, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Milwaukee, Salt Lake
        City and Columbia, South Carolina.  

            Founded in 1973, The Men's Wearhouse is one of the country's
        largest off-price retailers of men's tailored business attire.  The
        stores carry a full selection of both brand name and private label
        suits, sport coats, slacks, shoes, furnishings and accessories.  

            The company's convertible subordinated notes trade on the NASDAQ
        SmallCap market under the symbol "SUITG".  

            This press release contains forward looking information.  The
        forward looking statements, including statements relating to the
        company's performance for the year, are made pursuant to the Safe
        Harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of
        1995.  These forward looking statements may be significantly
        impacted by various factors described herein and in the company's
        annual report on Form 10-K filed with the Securities and Exchange
        Commission for the year ended February 3, 1996.  There can be no
        assurance that estimated earnings will be achieved.

                       FOR THE INTERIM PERIODS ENDED
                     JULY 29, 1995 AND AUGUST 3, 1996
                                                 Three Months Ended
                                               1995              1996
        Net Sales                             $  85,714,000    $  98,885,000
        Cost of goods sold, including buying
         and occupancy costs                     62,074,000       59,923,000
             Gross margin                    33,640,000       38,962,000
        Selling, general and administrative
         expenses                                27,775,000       31,640,000
        Operating income                          5,865,000        7,322,000
        Interest expense (net of Interest income
         of $2,000 and $395,000 in 1995 and 1996,
          respectively)                             842,000          500,000
        Earnings before income taxes              5,023,000        6,822,000
        Provision for income taxes                2,072,000        2,813,000
        Net earnings                          $   2,951,000    $   4,009,000
        Net earnings per share of common
         stock                                $        0.15    $        0.19
        Weighted average number of common
         and common equivalent shares
          outstanding                            19,398,000       21,213,000
                       FOR THE INTERIM PERIODS ENDED
                     JULY 29, 1995 AND AUGUST 3, 1996
                                                 Six Months Ended  
                                              1995              1996
        Net Sales                             $ 167,069,000    $ 202,582,000
        Cost of goods sold, including buying
         and occupancy costs                    102,993,000      124,658,000
             Gross margin                    64,076,000       77,924,000
        Selling, general and administrative
         expenses                                54,124,000       64,971,000
        Operating income                          9,952,000       12,953,000
        Interest expense (net of Interest income
         of $37,000 and $762,000 in 1995 and
          1996, respectively)                     1,480,000          839,000
        Earnings before income taxes              8,472,000       12,114,000
        Provision for income taxes                3,495,000        4,996,000
        Net earnings                          $   4,977,000    $   7,118,000
        Net earnings per share of common
         stock                                $        0.26    $        0.34
        Weighted average number of common
         and common equivalent shares
          outstanding                            19,349,000       21,212,000
                       CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEETS
          ASSETS                              July 29,         August 3,
                                                1995             1996
        Current assets:
          inventory                           $ 139,057,000    $ 161,002,000
          Other current assets                    6,546,000       19,565,000
        Total current assets                    145,603,000      180,567,000
        Property and equipment, net              50,432,000       63,954,000
        Other assets                              1,883,000       10,015,000
        Total assets                      $ 197,918,000    $ 254,536,000
        Current liabilities                   $  47,990,000    $  45,502,000
        Long term debt                           54,109,000       57,500,000
        Other liabilities                         5,149,000        6,558,000
        Shareholders' equity                     90,670,000      144,976,000
        Total liabilities and equity      $ 197,918,000    $ 254,536,000

        CONTACT:  The Men's Wearhouse;
                  David Edwab, 510/657-9821  or  
                  Gary Ckodre, 713/295-7200


Sensormatic announces fourth quarter and fiscal year 1996 results


            BOCA RATON, Fla.  --  Aug. 15, 1996  --  Sensormatic
        Electronics Corporation (NYSE:SRM) Thursday reported earnings for
        the fourth quarter of fiscal year 1996 of $453,000 or $0.01 per
        share, as compared to $12.6 million or $0.16 per share earned in the
        fourth quarter of fiscal year 1995 and a net loss of $0.02 per
        share, before restructuring and special charges, reported in the
        third quarter of fiscal year 1996.  Revenues for the fourth quarter
        were essentially flat at $257.5 million as compared to $261.9
        million in the year ago quarter and up 14% from $225.2 million
        reported in the third quarter of fiscal year 1996.  

            Operating income for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 1996 was
        $8.7 million, down from $11.4 million for the fourth quarter of
        fiscal year 1995 but up from $1.0 million in the third quarter of
        fiscal year 1996 before restructuring and special charges.  The
        decline of $2.7 million from the year-ago quarter was due primarily
        to lower product pricing resulting from competition in certain
        segments of the retail EAS markets and lower gross margins resulting
        from certain curtailed manufacturing operations, offset in part by
        reduced operating expenses.  Manufacturing operations were curtailed
        as a result of planned reductions in inventory levels.  Worldwide
        inventory levels decreased approximately $80 million from the
        previous year-end, including restructuring and special writedowns.  

            The improvement in fourth quarter operating income as compared
        to the third quarter of fiscal year 1996, before restructuring and
        special charges, was mainly due to higher sales volume and lower
        operating expenses as a percent of sales.  On increased volumes,
        operating expenses declined as a percent of sales from 56.0% in the
        third quarter to 49.5% in the fourth quarter.  

            Sensormatic reported a net loss of $97.7 million, or $1.32 per
        share, for fiscal year 1996.  The net loss includes restructuring
        and special charges taken earlier in the year with an estimated
        after-tax effect of $118.2 million or $1.60 per share.  Revenues for
        fiscal year 1996 increased 12 percent to $994.6 million as compared
        to $889.1 million in fiscal year 1995.  All regions and business
        units increased revenues over the previous year.  Excluding
        restructuring and special charges, net income for fiscal year 1996
        was $20.5 million, or $0.28 per share, as compared to $73.6 million
        or $1.02 per share for fiscal year 1995.  

            Restructuring and special charges for the year totaled $186.0
        million pretax.  Restructuring charges of $85.3 million reflect
        costs associated with personnel reductions, product line
        rationalization and facilities consolidation and special charges of
        $100.7 million primarily reflect provisions for accounts receivables
        and inventories.  The net cash outlay of these charges is estimated
        to be approximately $33.0 million.  

            President and Chief Executive Officer Bob Vanourek stated,
        "Fiscal year 1996 was a challenging year for the company.  During
        the year, we acknowledged that, while the company is the global
        leader in electronic security systems with nearly $1 billion in
        revenues, it faced some challenges from rapid growth.  The second
        and third quarter restructuring charges we took reflect the actions
        management initiated to control expenses, upgrade processes and
        improve cash flow.  In the fourth quarter, we began to see the first
        positive trends emerging from those programs.  Sales, profits and
        inventory levels all improved from third quarter levels.  Our focus
        will continue to be on expense and asset management, investments in
        processes and systems, and quality growth.  I am confident we will
        continue to make good progress during the course of fiscal 1997."  

            For more information on Sensormatic, visit its World Wide Web
        Site at " target=_new>">  

            Sensormatic Electronics Corporation, the world leader in
        electronic security systems and the Official Electronic Security
        Supplier for the 1996 Olympic Games, is a fully integrated supplier
        of electronic security to the retail, gaming, commercial and
        industrial marketplaces.  Sensormatic is also a leader in the
        security industry in integrated source tagging -- a process where
        consumer goods manufacturers apply anti-theft tags at the point of
        packaging or manufacturing.  

            The company's electronic article surveillance (EAS), closed-
        circuit television (CCTV) and exception monitoring systems are used
        by both soft and hard goods retailers to deter shoplifting and
        internal theft.  

            Sensormatic's CCTV, access control and electronic asset
        protection (EAP) security systems are used by retail, commercial and
        industrial customers to protect assets, information and people.  All
        of the company's products are marketed by an extensive worldwide
        sales and service organization complemented by a broad distribution

                  Sensormatic Electronics Corporation
                 Consolidated Statements of Operations
                    For the Periods Ended June 30,
                    ($ Millions Except Per Share)
                                  Fourth Quarter         Full Year
                                  1996      1995      1996      1995
           Sales                    $ 220.4   $ 223.6   $ 850.8    $ 762.4
           Rentals                     11.4      13.7      49.7       50.6
           Other                       25.7      24.6      94.1       76.1
            Total revenues      $ 257.5   $ 261.9   $ 994.6    $ 889.1
        Operating costs and expenses:
           Cost of sales            $ 116.7   $ 107.7   $ 452.9(a) $ 354.0
           Deprec. on revenue
        equipment                   4.6       4.8      20.3(b)    16.3
           Selling, customer service
        and administrative        116.0     126.5     525.8(c)   383.6
           Restructuring Charges          -         -      85.3
           Research, development
        and engineering             6.8       6.9      27.7(d)    22.7
           Amortization of intangible
        assets                      4.7       4.6      17.1       14.6
           Total op. costs
             and expenses       $ 248.8   $ 250.5  $1,129.1    $ 791.2
        Operating income (loss)     $   8.7   $  11.4  $ (134.5)   $  97.9
        Other (expenses) income:
           Interest income          $   6.0   $   4.6  $   16.9    $  17.2
           Interest expense           (12.5)     (8.3)    (38.4)     (29.0)
           Other, net                  (1.2)      0.1      (3.9)       2.9
           Total other
            (expenses) income   $  (7.7)  $  (3.6) $  (25.4)   $  (8.9)
        Income (Loss) from continuing
          ops before income taxes   $   1.0   $   7.8   $(159.9)   $  89.0
        Net income (loss)           $   0.5   $  12.6   $ (97.7)   $  73.6
        Earnings (Loss) per
         share(e)                   $  0.01   $  0.16   $ (1.32)   $  1.02
        Shares outstanding:
           Primary                   74,344    73,847    73,588     71,979
           Fully-diluted                 NA    74,256        NA     72,167
        (a) Includes special charges of $29.1
        (b) Includes special charges of $2.6
        (c) Includes special charges of $68.5
        (d) Includes special charges of $.5
        (e) Primary and fully diluted
                  Sensormatic Electronics Corporation
                 Consolidated Condensed Balance Sheets
                            ($ Millions)
                                               June 30,
                                          1996         1995
        Cash and marketable securities     $   116.9    $    70.3
        Receivables and leases, net            448.5        400.7
        Inventories and revenue
          equipment, net                       214.7        290.7
        Goodwill, net                          487.5        496.6
        All other assets                       362.7        312.6
           Total assets                    $ 1,630.3    $ 1,570.9
        Liabilities and shareholders'
        Payables and other liabilities     $   282.1    $   291.5
        Debt                                   516.5        326.7
        Shareholders' equity                   831.7        952.7
           Total liabilities and equity    $ 1,630.3    $ 1,570.9

        CONTACT:  Sensormatic Electronics Corp.
                  Investor Contact:  Alison Tanner
                  Director of Investor Relations
                  Media Contact:  Debbie Coller
                  Director of Communications

YES announces results for first quarter


            LOS ANGELES, CA  --  Aug. 15, 1996  --  YES Clothing Co.
        (NASDAQ:YSCO) Thursday reported financial results for its first
        quarter ended June 30, 1996.

            Net loss for the first quarter was $141,000, or 2 cents per
        share, compared with a net loss of $1,047,000, or 27 cents per
        share, for the corresponding quarter a year ago.  Sales for the
        first quarter were $1,030,000, compared with $2,686,000 in the
        comparable 1995 period.  

            The decline in sales was due to a major restructuring of the
        company's product line, including the types and styles of garments
        manufactured and the phase-out of other product lines.

            The company will debut its YES Signature and YZone lines of
        apparel for women in junior sizes and the Body Glove line of men's
        and boys' apparel at the MAGIC International Show in Las Vegas, from
        Aug. 26 to 30, 1996.

            YES Clothing designs, contract-manufactures and markets lines of
        apparel for women, young men and boys.  The company sells its
        apparel to retail department stores and specialty chains and stores.

                              YES CLOTHING CO.
                          Statement of Operations
                                                   Three months ended
                                                        June 30,
                                                    1996        1995
        Net sales                                 $1,030,000  $2,686,000
        Cost of sales                                481,000   1,841,000
        Gross profit                                 549,000     845,000
        Commission income                                  0      31,000
        Gross operating income                       549,000     876,000
        Operating expenses:
         Selling, general and administrative         669,000   1,822,000
        Loss from operations                        (120,000)   (946,000)
        Trademark acquisition                              0      25,000
        Gain on sale of assets                        54,000           0
        Interest income (expense) -- net             (75,000)    (76,000)
        Loss before income tax                      (141,000) (1,047,000)
        Provision for income taxes                         0           0
        Net loss                                    (141,000) (1,047,000)
        Loss per share                              (2 cents)  (27 cents)
        Average number of shares outstanding       7,036,000   3,852,000

        CONTACT:  YES Clothing Co., Los Angeles
                  Jeff Busse, 213/765-7800

StarBase Corp. announces results of operations for the first quarter ended June 30, 1996


            IRVINE, Calif.  --  Aug. 15, 1996  --  StarBase Corp.
        (NASDAQ EBB:SBAS), a development stage company, Thursday announced
        its results of operations for the quarter ended June 30, 1996.

            The company reported that for the quarter ended June 30, 1996,
        revenue was $209,000, compared with $510,000 for the same quarter in
        the prior year.  The net loss for the quarter was $1,210,000, or 12
        cents per share, compared with a net loss of $2,125,000, or 38 cents
        per share, for the same quarter in the prior year.

            The results for the quarter reflect the company's reorganization
        that started in the spring of 1995, when StarBase decided to focus
        entirely on the development and marketing of software designed to
        increase team productivity, rather than individual programmer
        productivity.  As a result, the company's consulting division was
        discontinued and no revenue was recorded for consulting services in
        the quarter ended June 30, 1996.

            For the same quarter in 1995, consulting services produced
        revenue of $361,000, but incurred a negative gross margin of
        $123,000.  Product and license revenue was $209,000 for the quarter,
        compared with $149,000 for the same period in the prior year.

            Sales of product during the first quarter were minimal due to
        the fact that funds were not sufficient to support sales and
        marketing programs to grow the product line.

            During the latter part of the first quarter the company raised
        approximately $7.8 million from the sale of additional equity
        pursuant to a private placement offering.  This infusion of capital
        has allowed the company to begin implementing its marketing plans
        and to proceed with its plans to build a sales organization.
        Commercial shipment of StarTeam 2.0, which replaces StarTeam 1.0,
        will commence at the end of August 1996.  

            StarBase produces StarTeam, the Integrated Team Environment for
        software development.  Within StarTeam, all essential development
        tools come together for true functional integration in one easy-to-
        learn user interface.  StarTeam runs on Windows 95 and Windows NT
        and supports all popular file-based programming environments
        including C++, Delphi, Visual Basic, JAVA and CGI.  

            StarBase also produces Roundtable, an enterprise-class software
        configuration management tool for Progress Software.  StarBase is
        located at 18872 MacArthur Blvd., Irvine, Calif. 92612 and its World
        Wide Web site can be accessed at " target=_new>">

                              StarBase Corp.
                      Summarized Financial Information
                    For the Quarter Ended June 30, 1996
                  (In thousands, except per-share amounts)
                                              Three months ended
                                                   June 30,
                                               1996        1995
        Net revenue                             $   209     $   510
        Gross margin (loss)                         208          (2)
        Net loss                                $(1,210)    $(2,125)
        Net loss per share                      $ (0.12)    $ (0.38)
        Weighted average shares outstanding      10,215       5,593

        CONTACT:  StarBase Corp., Irvine
                  Robert Leimena, 714/442-4416, fax: 714/442-4404
                  Lawrence Gibson (investor relations)
                  714/442-4542, fax: 714/442-4404