Bankruptcy and Troubled Company News

July 29, 1996

  1. Andy Frain Services, Inc. Closes Operations
  2. Final decree entered to close Dauphin Technology's Chapter 11 case
  3. Marcam reports third quarter results

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            CHICAGO, IL  --  July 27, 1996  --  Andy Frain Services Inc. said
        today that the company has closed all operations, effective

            Michael Heisley, acting chairman of Andy Frain, which provided
        private security and ushering services, said every effort will be
        made to assist customers in finding alternative suppliers, so that
        services are not interrupted.  It is expected that many former Andy
        Frain employees will find employment with alternative suppliers.

            The company closed operations after its bank lender, American
        National Bank, refused to continue advancing additional funds or
        honor checks, including payroll checks.  Development Services Inc.
        is the assignee for the assets of Frain.

        The company was trying to recover from a previous bankruptcy.

CONTACT: Neil Parker, 847-405-0105, for Andy Frain Services Inc.

Final decree entered to close Dauphin Technology's Chapter 11 case


            PALATINE, Ill.  --  July 29, 1996  --  Dauphin
        Technology Inc.
announces that on July 23, 1996, the U.S. Bankruptcy
        Court approved Dauphin's post-confirmation implementation of its
        Third Amended Plan of Reorganization and thereupon entered a final
        decree discharging Dauphin Technology Inc. as a Debtor-in-

            Although Dauphin began its Chapter 11 case over $51,000,000 in
        debt, Dauphin's Chapter 11 case has been closed, the company having
        emerged substantially "debt-free" and without any material
        outstanding liabilities.

            Dauphin also announces that it has received approximately
        $1,000,000 in proceeds from a Private Placement Offering just
        recently concluded by Technology Partners LLC ("TPL").  TPL has
        played a key role in assisting Dauphin with its emergence from its
        Chapter 11 case by providing key funding during and after the
        confirmation.  Dauphin will use the proceeds of the offering for
        further product development, day-to-day expenses and manufacturing
        of Dauphin's DTR-2 computer.

            Dauphin stock is publicly traded on the over-the-counter
        electronic bulletin board under the symbol DNTK.  

        CONTACT:  Dauphin Technology Inc., Palatine
                  Sheila A. Trendel, 847/358-4406 ext. 205

Marcam reports third quarter results; Announces additional $10 million financing from General Atlantic Partners and restructuring charge


            NEWTON, Mass.  --  July 29, 1996  --  Marcam
        Corporation (NASDAQ:MCAM) today reported revenues of $51.2 million
        for the third fiscal quarter ended June 30, 1996, compared to $49.7
        million for the quarter ended June 30, 1995.  This represents an
        increase of three percent over the third quarter of 1995 and eight
        percent over the second quarter of 1996.  The company's license
        revenues were $24.1 million, an increase of 33 percent over the
        second quarter.  

            The company recorded a loss for the quarter of $10.6 million, or
        $0.93 per share, compared with a loss of $2.9 million, or $0.26 per
        share, in the quarter ended June 30, 1995.  

            This loss included a $1.0 million net after tax loss from
        ongoing business operations, a $1.3 million loss from operations at
        the company's Foresight Software subsidiary which was divested
        effective June 30, and a restructuring charge of $8.3 million.  

            The restructuring charge included $4 million related to the
        Foresight divestiture.  Additionally, the company substantially
        completed a restructuring of operations during the third quarter and
        the first part of the fourth quarter, converting direct sales
        operations to affiliate marketing in Asia and Latin America as well
        as additionally reducing headcount to improve efficiencies.  This
        resulted in expenses of $4.3 million in the third quarter.  Due to
        the timing of these actions, the company anticipates that
        approximately $3 million more will be expensed as a restructuring
        charge in the fourth quarter.  

            Marcam also announced that it has completed a $10 million
        private placement of convertible preferred stock and warrants with
        General Atlantic Partners of New York.  General Atlantic Partners is
        one of the largest private equity investment firms concentrating on
        the worldwide information technology industry.  

            Under the agreement with General Atlantic, completed in July,
        Marcam issued 100,000 shares of convertible preferred stock (non-
        dividend bearing), which are convertible into one million shares of
        common stock, and warrants for one million shares of common stock
        exercisable at $15.36 per share.  

            "We are making solid progress in our effort to restore Marcam to
        steady revenue growth and profitability," said President and CEO
        Michael Quinlan.  "It is noteworthy that during the quarter,
        excluding the restructuring charge and Foresight loss, Marcam had
        operating income of $800,000."  

            During the quarter, the company experienced strong MAPICS sales
        around the world.  Pepsico Limited in China licensed MAPICS
        applications for its concentrate plant operations.  YKK Hong Kong
        Ltd. of Greater China, a leading zipper and fastener manufacturer,
        became a new MAPICS user.  

            PRISM sales in North America rebounded with sales to Kraft
        Foods, Inc., the largest packaged food company in North America,
        licensing PRISM applications under a long-term agreement for its US
        and Canadian facilities, and Universal Foods Corporation which will
        use PRISM in facilities in North America and Europe.  Both companies
        are existing PRISM users who are expanding the use of their

            Major Protean sales in the third quarter included sales to Repap
        Enterprises Inc., a forest products company, and Imation, a
        developer of products and services for data storage and imaging
        applications.  In addition, a number of Protean customers achieved
        operational status, notably Douglas Pharmaceuticals in New Zealand.
        Douglas implemented the Protean Production system at a new
        manufacturing plant in Auckland in just four months, using three
        full time employees and one outside consultant.  

            "Protean customers like Douglas are achieving full operational
        status in record time and reporting outstanding results, confirming
        Protean s rapid and easy implementation ability as well as ongoing
        ease-of-use and open integration," Quinlan noted.  "Protean is the
        most agile ERP solution available and we anticipate rapid market
        acceptance as our customers continue to demonstrate the dramatic
        impact Protean has on their business operations.  A notable event in
        the past quarter was the on schedule delivery in June of Protean
        Release 2.0 containing important new functionality and significant
        enhancements that we believe will accelerate and expand market

            Founded in 1980, Marcam Corporation is a leading supplier of
        open enterprise applications and services for process and discrete
        manufacturing companies worldwide.  The company's Protean, PRISM,
        MAPICS XA, and Maintenance Management products have been installed
        in more than 15,000 customer locations worldwide and operate on
        platforms including IBM's AS/400 Advanced Series and RISC
        System/6000, Hewlett-Packard Company's HP 9000, Digital Equipment
        Corporation's AlphaServer Systems and Intel-based personal
        computers. Represented in more than 50 countries, Marcam has offices
        throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and
        Latin America, complemented by a worldwide affiliate organization.
        Marcam customers include such multinational companies as Coca-Cola
        USA, Emerson Electric, Kraft Foods, Engelhard Corporation, Ralston
        Purina, Rohm and Haas, Rhone Poulenc and Westinghouse.

            For more information, visit Marcam's home page on the World-Wide
        Web at URL " target=_new>">  

                              MARCAM CORPORATION               

                     (In Thousands, Except Per Share Data)               
                              Three Months Ended       Nine Months Ended    
                                   June 30,                June 30,          
                                1996       1995           1996     1995        
         Licenses                $24,085     $23,770    $65,493    $75,077
         Services                 27,099      25,900     83,121     71,600
          Total revenues          51,184      49,670    148,614    146,677
        Operating expenses:                     
          Cost of license
           revenues                3,484       4,631     11,870     12,780
         Cost of services
          revenues                17,142      16,801     53,680     46,561
         Selling and marketing    21,337      21,424     62,110     63,737
         Product development       7,339       6,680     20,966     19,005
         General and
          administrative           2,361       2,079      7,782      6,094
         Restructuring charge      8,300           -      8,300
          Total operating
           expenses               59,963      51,615    164,708    148,177
        Operating loss            (8,779)     (1,945)   (16,094)    (1,500)
        Litigation settlement          -           -     (3,250)
        Interest and other income    260         180      1,195        427
        Interest and other expense  (953)       (792)    (2,890)    (2,330)
        Loss before income tax
         expense                  (9,472)     (2,557)   (21,039)    (3,403)
        Income tax expense         1,110         355      3,151         68
        Net loss                $(10,582)    $(2,912)  $(24,190)   $(3,471)
        Net loss per share        $(0.93)     $(0.26)    $(2.13)    $(0.31)
        Weighted average number
         of shares outstanding    11,429      11,218     11,382     11,188
                               MARCAM CORPORATION       
                           CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEETS

                                (In Thousands)       
                                            June 30,     September 30,
                                              1996           1995
        Current assets:             
         Cash and cash equivalents             $10,378        $27,312  
         Short-term investments                    974          2,019  
         Accounts receivable, net               55,426         60,327  
         Prepaid expenses and other current
          assets                                 5,617          4,834  
          Total current assets                  72,395         94,492  
        Property and equipment, net             10,158         10,127  
        Computer software costs, net            31,505         30,183  
        MAPICS intangible costs, net             5,454          5,965  
        Other assets                             5,108          6,085  
          Total assets                        $124,620       $146,852  
        Current liabilities:             
         Accounts payable                      $11,753        $11,077  
         Accrued expenses and other current
          liabilities                           40,101         44,542  
         Deferred revenue                       43,632         38,228  
          Total current liabilities             95,486         93,847  
          Long-term debt                        25,442         25,209  
         Deferred income taxes                     617          1,150  
          Total liabilities                    121,545        120,206  
        Stockholders' equity:             
         Preferred stock                           225            225  
         Common stock                              115            113  
         Additional paid-in capital             66,651         65,672  
         Accumulated deficit                   (60,659)       (36,469)
         Unamortized deferred compensation        (881)        (1,100)
         Cumulative translation adjustment      (2,376)        (1,795)
          Total stockholders' equity             3,075         26,646  
          Total liabilities and stockholders'
           equity                             $124,620       $146,852

        CONTACT:  Marcam Corp.
                  Joe Gavaghan, Director, Press Relations
                  (617) 928-5895
                  George Chamberlain, Chief Financial Officer



            SALT LAKE CITY, July 29, 1996  --  Roger G. Segal, as
        Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Trustee for Bonneville Pacific Corporation,
        announced today that the two appeals to the United States District
        Court for the District of Utah filed by Portland General Holdings,
        Inc. and by the plaintiffs in the class action entitled Gohler, et
        al., v. Wood, et al., No. 92-C-0181-S (D. Utah) concerning the
        Bankruptcy Court's May 2, 1996 Order approving the Trustee's
        $65,000,000.00 settlement with the accounting firm of Deloitte &
        Touche and related parties (collectively "Deloitte & Touche") dated
        April 23, 1996 (the "Settlement") have been favorably resolved by
        stipulation and entry of an order by the United States District
        Court affirming the Bankruptcy Court's May 2, 1996 order.  As a
        result of the resolution of the two appeals, the $65,000,000.00 paid
        by Deloitte and Touche on June 21, 1996 into an interest-bearing
        escrow account as required by the terms of the Settlement, together
        with accrued interest, should be disbursed to the Trustee; from the
        $65,000,000.00 Settlement amount the Trustee's litigation counsel
        will receive a $21,450,000.00 contingent fee payment.

CONTACT:  Roger G. Segal, Trustee, 801-532-2666/



            DALLAS, TX  --  July 29, 1996  --  Search Capital Group, Inc. (OTC-
        Bulletin Board: SRCG), today announced it has signed a purchase
        agreement to acquire assets of U.S. Lending Corporation with an
        estimated value of $7.3 million.

            Located in Deerfield Beach, Fla., U.S. Lending is a non-prime
        automobile finance company currently operating under Chapter 11
        bankruptcy.  Under the terms of the agreement, Search will purchase
        lien free auto loans, repossessed autos and cash from U.S. Lending
        for an undisclosed amount of Search securities.

            "This transaction will enable Search to further expand its own
        non- prime auto loan operations in Florida," said George C. Evans,
        Search chairman, president and chief executive officer.  "In
        addition, the equity and credit holders of U.S. Lending can benefit
        from any long-term capital appreciation of Search securities."

            Evans pointed out that this is the second acquisition announced
        recently by Search.  He noted that the two acquisitions involve some
        $50 million in auto loans, more than doubling Search's receivables
        portfolio as well as its revenue.

            The U.S. Lending agreement requires the bankruptcy court's
        confirmation order approving U.S. Lending's plan of reorganization
        and authorizing U.S. Lending to enter into and perform under the
        terms of the agreement.  Because of the bankruptcy, the transaction
        is set to close 11 days after receipt of the court's confirmation
        order, which is expected within 60 to 90 days.

            Search Capital is a specialized financial services company
        engaged in the purchasing, financing and servicing of non-prime used
        automobile installment loans and non-auto consumer finance
        operations.  Search common shares and its 9 percent/7 percent
        convertible preferred shares are traded over-the-counter bulletin
        board under the symbols "SRCG" and "SPGHP", respectively.

CONTACT:  Bill Robertson of Stern Nathan & Perryman, 214-373-1601,
        for Search Capital; or Robert D. Idzi, executive vice president &
        CFO of Search Capital Group, Inc., 214-965-6000