Bankruptcy News For:  July 11, 1996

  1. Fingermatrix introduces advanced access control system

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Fingermatrix introduces advanced access control system


DOBBS FERRY, N.Y. -- July 11, 1996 -- href="chap11.fingermatrix.html">Fingermatrix
(NASDAQ/EBB:FINX), inventors of electronic fingerprinting,
        Thursday introduced an advanced access control system based on its
        newest patented live-finger scanning technology.

            Called the CHEK/ONE, the system is a single-finger scanner
        intended for use in controlling personal access to data networks or
        sensitive physical areas and in other identity verification
        applications, according to Thomas T. Harding, president.

            The system is the first major electronic fingerprinting product
        to be offered by the "new" Fingermatrix since it came out of Chapter
        11 bankruptcy with a new management and board of directors last

            First public showing of the CHEK/ONE will occur at the
        International Association for Identification conference and exhibit
        in Greenboro, N.C., July 22-25, Harding said.  Arrangements have
        already been made with several prospective users for in-the-field
        testing after the show, he added.

            The system scans a single finger, digitizes the high resolution
        image, matches it against a reference file and verifies the
        subject's identity in less than two seconds, Harding explained,
        making it suitable for a growing variety of electronic
        fingerprinting applications.

            With its patented liquid platen scanner, 600 dots-per-inch
        resolution, proprietary access control software and pyramid shape,
        the CHEK/ONE is unique in both performance and appearance, Harding

            Its use of symbols for control, making it easy to use even by
        persons without language or reading skills, is another feature of
        the system.  Also, a single CHEK/ONE access control unit can handle
        input from as many as 16 terminals at remote locations.

            Applications for CHEK/ONE include access control in banks, wire-
        transfer centers and government facilities.  The station can also be
        used to verify identity and attendance in industrial facilities,
        social programs, immigration and voting systems.

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