Bankruptcy News For - May 22, 1996

  1. Rexon stabilizes operations; renames company Tecmar Technologies
  2. Discovery Zone common stock and LYONs delisted on NASDAQ
  3. QuestCom Defaults on Payment for FCC Wireless Bid
  4. Enviropur announces 2nd quarter results and subsidiary's Chapter 11

Rexon stabilizes operations; renames company Tecmar Technologies

            LONGMONT, Colo. -- May 22, 1996 -- The former Rexon
Wednesday unveiled a new corporate name -- Tecmar Technologies
        Inc. -- designed to provide a consistent, recognizable identity for
        the company across its broad product lines and multiple sales
        channels, to make it as easy as possible for customers to locate and
        purchase Tecmar products.

            "There have been many changes at Tecmar Technologies Inc. over
        the past few months and that leaves us with a lot of explaining to
        do," said Ernest Wassmann, president and CEO.

            The new corporate identity is just one part of the business
        strategy instituted by the new corporate management team.  This
        management team is headed up by Wassmann, who joined the company
        after an extremely successful term as vice president, worldwide
        marketing at Exabyte.  Wassmann recruited a group of experienced
        storage industry veterans who are working on turning Tecmar
        Technologies Inc. around.  

            Jeff Platon now serves as vice president worldwide marketing;
        Doug Smith is vice president worldwide sales; Bill Chappell is chief
        financial officer; Joe Daiutolo serves as vice president engineering
        and operations; and Scott Sheehan is the director of customer

            These changes follow the successful acquisition of Rexon Inc. by
        Toronto-based Legacy Storage Systems International Inc. in March of

            Wassmann and his team of executives began engineering a
        turnaround at Tecmar Technologies Inc. after the company fell into
        bankruptcy last year under previous management.  "The company exited
        bankruptcy on March 5, 1996, with new ownership and is now in
        stability mode," said Wassmann.  "With a solid financial foundation,
        a trend towards profitable operations and no debt, this new
        structure gives us the resources required to begin growing Tecmar
        Technologies Inc. in the tape storage industry."

            "The name change signals a renewed commitment to making Tecmar
        Technologies Inc. the easiest tape storage company to do business
        with," said Wassmann.  "With a consistent company identity we are
        ensuring that our customers will easily recognize our superior
        products and services regardless of the tape technology or the
        distribution channel."

            Tecmar Technologies will continue to sell its line of data
        storage products under the existing brand names -- Wangtek for data
        cartridge and Travan tape drives, WangDAT 4mm Digital Audio Tape
        drives and ProLine for complete bundled solutions -- while
        transitioning to the new corporate Tecmar Technologies Inc. name.

            According to Robert C. Abraham, vice president of Freeman
        Associates Inc., Santa Barbara-based analysts and publishers:  "We
        are supportive of the direction Tecmar Technologies' new management
        is taking in tightly focusing on tape storage products and tape
        technologies.  Such a strategy will charge all of the company's
        resources with a single purpose.  This is a necessary step in making
        Tecmar a viable participant in the highly competitive tape storage

            Fara Yale, director and principal analyst at Dataquest, a
        leading industry analyst and consulting organization in San Jose,
        said:  "Too many companies try to cover too much ground without
        focusing on their strengths.  This is not the new business strategy
        of Tecmar Technologies Inc.  They are wrapping their business around
        the tape products and channels where they are known to excel."

            Platon added:  "The name change is another positive step in a
        comprehensive program aimed at delivering a consistent high level of
        customer support and service.  The company's goal is to ensure that
        once a reseller buys a product from Tecmar Technologies Inc., they
        will become a long-term partner, and we've put every possible
        resource in place to make that a reality."  Wassmann said to achieve
        that goal Tecmar Technologies Inc. is focusing on its strengths:  a
        consistency in product offerings, and a commonality in product
        design to reduce the cost of ownership for its customers.  

            "While other companies have cut back on product offerings,
        technical service operations and eliminated support for discontinued
        products, Tecmar Technologies is heading in the opposite direction,"
        said Wassmann.  "With enhanced customer ordering capabilities and
        other programs designed to drastically reduce the complexity and
        time involved in making a purchase decision."

            "Change is good," concluded Wassmann.  "Customers are clearly
        responding to the company's efforts, with new orders from major OEMs
        and distributors."

            Tecmar Technologies Inc. provides a comprehensive line of tape
        backup storage solutions for the LAN and workstation markets.  The
        company's product line features Wangtek data cartridge, Travan mini
        cartridge and WangDAT 4mm DAT tape products ranging from a capacity
        of 525 megabytes to 8 gigabytes(a) of storage capacity.  The ProLine
        Series includes complete packaged solutions, including advanced
        client/server backup software applications for LANs and workstation

            Tecmar Technologies Inc. is a subsidiary of Legacy Storage
        Systems International Inc. (TSE:LEG).  Legacy Storage Systems
        International designs and develops data storage systems for
        client/server and enterprise wide computing environments, which
        includes near-on-line storage network appliances and RAID

        Note (a):  Assumes 2-to-1 hardware compression ratio.

        CONTACT:  Tecmar Technologies Inc., Longmont
                  Jeff Platon, 303/682-4572
                  JPR Communications
                  Judy Smith, 818/992-8867

Discovery Zone common
stock and LYONs delisted on NASDAQ

            FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- May 22, 1996 -- href="">Discovery
        Zone Inc.
(NASDAQ:ZONEQ) announced that its common stock and Liquid
        Yield Option Notes due 2013 (LYONs) have been deleted from the
        Nasdaq Stock Market as of today.

            The company said that a Nasdaq Listing Qualifications Panel
        informed Discovery Zone that its request for an exception to the net
        tangible assets and bid price requirements set forth in the NASD By-
        Laws was denied and that, as a result, its stock and notes would be
        delisted as of May 23, 1996.  It has come to the company's attention
        that the stock and notes were instead delisted today.

            Discovery Zone said that it intended to file an application to
        have its stock and notes quoted in the OTC Bulletin Board or, in the
        alternative, in the NQB Pink Sheets, but that there could be no
        assurance that such application would be approved.

            Discovery Zone filed a voluntary petition under Chapter 11 of
        the U.S. Bankruptcy Code on March 25, 1996 in order to facilitate
        the implementation of its operational turnaround and a financial

        CONTACT: Robert Mead, 212/484-6701

QuestCom Comments on Payment Default for FCC Wireless Bid

            DENVER, CO -- May 22, 1996 -- QuestCom, a winning
        bidder in the government's C Block auction for 17 wireless markets
        for "Personal Communications Services" (PCS), recently missed a
        payment deadline of the FCC for a $37 million payment.

            The company had previously made an on-time payment of $7
        million.  The most recent payment deadline was missed when a bridge
        loan arrangement being negotiated with a key strategic partner fell
        through at the last minute.  

            "QuestCom is financially strong and viable," said Robert Kyle,
        QuestCom's chief executive officer.  "The company has a signed
        agreement that covers infrastructure financing and has agreements
        with Bear Stearns and Goldman Sachs to take the company public once
        matters are resolved.  In addition QuestCom has strategic
        partnerships with US WEST and Samsung Electronics."

            QuestCom filed a waiver petition with the FCC on May 15 that
        detailed reasons for the delay in payment.  "I believe that the FCC
        has set up rules for the auction that are fair," said Kyle.  "The
        FCC has made it clear that the rules do not include a `no waiver'
        policy for down payments.  

            "In our case it took an incredible set of problems, all
        happening at once, to delay our financing.  Even then we could have
        recovered if these problems didn't happen at the last minute.
        QuestCom is committed to reassembling its financing at the earliest
        possible moment."

            The management team at QuestCom includes former executives of
        McCaw, Bell Atlantic and Airtouch.  They have each been working on
        PCS at QuestCom and its predecessor for up to four years.  All have
        invested their time and their personal savings in this project.

            The chief executive officer of QuestCom, Robert Kyle, is one of
        the pioneers of the PCS industry.  He was chairman of the Small
        Business PCS Association for the last three years and a major
        participant in working with Congress and the FCC to incorporate
        small business provisions into the PCS auction rules.  Kyle was
        previously chief executive officer of two communications companies
        in Sunnyvale, Calif.

        CONTACT:  QuestCom Inc., Boulder, Co.
                  Robert Kyle, 303/417-9408

Enviropur announces 2nd quarter results and subsidiary's Chapter 11

            CHICAGO -- May 22,1996 -- Enviropur Waste Refining
        and Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: EPUR & EPURw) announced today that the
        continued restrictions resulting from the California Department of
        Toxic Substance Control's ("DTSC") complaint against its Enviropur
        West Corporation subsidiary, and the overall shortage of working
        capital have reduced revenues in the six months ended March 31,
        1996, to $5,594,841, compared to $12,286,484 for the same period in
        fiscal 1995.  The net loss for the six months was $3,405,528, after
        accounting for discontinued operations, or $0.29 per share, compared
        to a net income of $360,045, or $0.03 for the same period in fiscal

            Enviropur further announced that its previously announced
        Agreement to sell its California subsidiaries has been rescinded.
        The Company is currently positioning its Southern California
        subsidiary, Enviropur West Corporation, for a sale or for a joint
        venture partner.  To reorganize the subsidiary's $13,641,000 of
        liabilities the Southern California subsidiary has been placed under
        the protection of Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code.  This
        reorganization will allow Enviropur West Corporation to restructure
        and compromise its debts, as well as allowing a delay in compliance
        with the increased deposits required by the State of California
        under the DTSC's permits.  

            Enviropur Waste Refining and Technology, Inc., the parent
        Company, also owns PRC Patterson, Inc., the Northern California
        subsidiary.  This subsidiary is not in reorganization, however, it
        is also required to substantially increase its financial deposit
        required by the DTSC.  

            The increased financial deposits required by the State of
        California have caused Enviropur to increase its need for
        subordinated debt and equity funding to approximately $5,000,000.
        The Company is currently interviewing equity funds and investment
        bankers to determine the proper method to structure and obtain the
        needed capital, which will allow the Company to meet the financial
        assurance deposits required by the DTSC, and to provide the
        necessary working capital for the Mid-West refinery operations.  

            Enviropur is a full service resource recovery company serving
        the Midwest from its refinery in Chicago, Illinois and the West
        Coast market from its facilities in Signal Hill and Patterson,

        Enviropur Waste Refining and Technology, Inc.
    and Subsidiaries
             Statement of Operations

                                  For the Six Months Ended March 31,
                                               1996            1995
        Revenues                             $5,594,841    $ 12,286,484
        Gross Profit                           (232,386)      1,434,259
        SG & A                                1,918,497       2,996,746
        Operating (Loss)                     (2,150,883)     (1,562,486)
        Other Income (Expense)                 (375,228)      1,922,531
        Income (Loss) From
        Continuing Operations                (2,526,111)        360,045
        Discontinued Operations                (879,417)             --
        Net Income (Loss)                    (3,405,528)        360,045
        Net Income (Loss) per Share             $ (0.29)         $ 0.03
        Weighted Shares Outstanding          13,667,661      11,888,793
        CONTACT:  Enviropur:
                  Kathleen K. McDaniel, 312/251-7000, ext. 102