Bankruptcy News For - April 26, 1996

  1. Aerosonic reports year end results
  4. Herman's Sporting Goods files Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition

Aerosonic reports year end results

            CLEARWATER, Fla. -- April 26, 1996 -- Aerosonic
        Corp. (ASE:AIM) Friday reported a net loss of $1,192,000, or $.31,
        for the fiscal year ended Jan. 31, 1996, as compared to a net loss
        of $211,000, or $.06 per share in the prior fiscal year.  

            Net loss for the fourth quarter was $874,000, or $.23 per share,
        as compared to a loss of $920,000, or $.24 per share, for the prior
        year quarter.  

            The company previously announced its intentions to restructure
        and implement cost reductions.  In line with that objective, the
        company has written off $925,000 of inventory, of which $545,000 had
        been reclassified as "long-term inventory" in the previous year
        ended Jan. 31, 1995.  In addition, the company has recorded $100,000
        for possible added costs and interest related to the Sensonics
        litigation.  The company has also provided $220,000 for
        restructuring costs.  These expenses were all applied to the fourth
        quarter.  The prior year quarter included the $815,000 provision for

            The litigation, as previously reported, was the result of a
        judgment against Aerosonic in a patent infringement action filed by
        Sensonics Inc.  This decision has been appealed and the company is
        awaiting the ruling from the Court.  

            Overall sales decreased $5,428,000, or 22%, for the year.  This
        primarily occurred within the Ordnance Division.  Ordnance sales for
        the prior year consisted of the Military Base Closure contract which
        was completed during the third fiscal quarter.  

            Overall sales increased $353,000, or 8%, for the fourth quarter.
        This resulted primarily from a 13% increase in Clearwater Instrument

            After several declining years, the aircraft industry in general
        is showing an upward trend worldwide.  As a result of the
        restructuring mentioned above, the company believes it has
        positioned itself to take advantage of this positive industry trend.

                         AEROSONIC CORP.
                             Three Months Ended   Twelve Months Ended
                                  Jan. 31,             Jan. 31,
                               1996      1995       1996      1995
        Net sales                $ 4,603     4,250     18,966    24,394
        Net loss                 $  (874)     (920)    (1,192)     (211)
        Net loss per share       $ (0.23)    (0.24)     (0.31)    (0.06)
        Weighted average number
          of shares and common
          shares equivalents       3,799     3,792      3,798     3,794

        CONTACT:  Aerosonic Corp., Clearwater;
                  William C. Parker, 813/461-3000 /
                                 fax 813/447-5926


            MAITLAND, Fla. -- April 26, 1996 -- Dynamic
        Healthcare Technologies, Inc., (NASDAQ: DHTI) today announced
        operating results for the first quarter ended March 31, 1996.  The
        Company reported revenues of $2,310,000 for the three months ended,
        marking the fifth consecutive quarter in which the Company reported
        revenues in excess of two million dollars.

            Upon completion of its Restructuring and Refinancing Plans
        during 1995, the Company had returned to profitability during the
        third and fourth quarters of 1995 at revenue levels below the amount
        reported for the first quarter of 1996.  However, during the fourth
        quarter of 1995, Management began the process of significantly
        increasing the sales and marketing force in preparation for the
        launch of the Company's new DynamicVision(TM) product line.  As
        Management had projected, this resulted in a $250,000 increase in
        sales, marketing, and operational expenditures during the first
        quarter of 1996 as compared to the fourth quarter of 1995, and more
        than a $300,000 increase over the levels reported for the third
        quarter of 1995.

            The Company's DynamicVision product is an enterprise-wide, multi-
        media electronic health record solution which enables a physician or
        caregiver to view all the components of a patient's current and
        historical health record from a single workstation.  The product was
        comprehensively demonstrated at the Healthcare Information
        Management and Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference and Exhibition
        held in Atlanta, GA, during the first quarter of 1996.

                        SELECTED FINANCIAL DATA
                  (In thousands, except per share data)
                                         Three Months Ended
                                             March 31
                                         1996         1995
                                        -------      -------
        Total Operating Revenues            $2,310       $2,234
        Operating Income (Loss)             $ (323)        (366)
        Net Earnings (Loss)                 $ (367)        (443)
        Earnings (Loss) Per Share           $(0.06)      $(0.07)

            Management believes that the build up of costs in research and
        development, sales, marketing, and capital investments supports its
        business plan and will improve long term competitiveness.  A growing
        pipeline of potential sales prospects is being seen by Management
        and momentum for placements of new system sales has significantly
        increased in a market that works with typically lengthy sales cycles
        of six to eighteen months.  The Company intends to continue to
        enhance its product and services offerings and to seek market
        expansion opportunities beyond the anticipated acquisition of
        Dimensional Medicine, Inc.

            Dynamic Healthcare Technologies, Inc. develops, markets,
        installs, and supports clinical information systems, document
        imaging solutions and DynamicVision, an enterprise-wide, multi-media
        software and services solution that integrates health-related data
        from many sources into a comprehensive electronic health record.

        DynamicVision is a trademark of Dynamic Healthcare Technologies, Inc.

        CONTACT: Dynamic Healthcare Technologies, Inc.
                 Mary Lu Lander,
                 Vice President, Marketing
                 Mitchel J. Laskey,
                 President and Chief Operating Officer


            CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. -- April 26, 1996 -- Signal
        Apparel Company, Inc. (NYSE:SIA) today announced sales of $19.5
        million for the quarter ended March 31, 1996, compared with $26.2
        million for the comparable period of 1995.  The Company incurred a
        net loss of $7.1 million, or $0.67 per share, compared with a loss
        of $5.3 million, or $0.53 per share, in 1995.  

            The results for the first quarter were significantly affected by
        approximately $4.1 million in restructuring charges anticipated to
        be nonrecurring which related to changes in the Company's strategic
        direction.  These projected nonrecurring losses included costs
        associated with the consolidation of the Company's facilities, the
        opening of a new printing/distribution facility, the exiting of two
        unprofitable business segments and the liquidation of inventory from
        those business segments.  

            As previously announced, the first quarter also marked the
        launching of three important new marketing initiatives for the
        Company.  The Company's first Major League Baseball line was
        introduced to the market and initial shipments have been made to
        retailers.  In addition, the Company's two new mass market NFL
        programs were launched.  Initial shipments to retailers under both
        the Riddell/NFL and Fox/NFL programs are scheduled for June 1996.  

            Signal Apparel Company, Inc. is engaged in the manufacture and
        marketing of apparel.  The Company's Common Stock is traded on the
        New York Stock Exchange under the symbol SIA.

                      SIGNAL APPAREL COMPANY, INC.
                          Financial Highlights
                (In thousands, except per share amounts)
                                                  Quarter Ended
                                                    March 31,    
                                                1996       1995  
        Net sales                                 $19,505     $26,217
        Net loss                                  $(7,053)    $(5,318)
        Provision for preferred stock dividend    $    --     $    --
        Net loss applicable to common stock       $(7,053)    $(5,318)
        Net loss per common share                 $  (.61)    $  (.53)
        Average number of common shares
          outstanding                              11,528      10,068

        CONTACT:  Signal Apparel Company, Inc.

Herman's Sporting Goods files
Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition

            CARTERET, N.J. -- April 26, 1996 -- href="chap11.hermans.html">Herman's
        Sporting Goods, Inc.
announced today that it has filed a
        petition under Chapter 11 of the Federal Bankruptcy Code in U.S.
        Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Jersey in Trenton.  

            Herman's currently operates 117 stores from Massachusetts to
        Virginia, offering a wide selection of performance-proven, name-
        brand equipment, footwear and authentic apparel to both the novice
        and serious amateur athlete.  All of the Company's stores will be
        open for business.  Herman's plans to operate its stores so as to
        yield the greatest possible return to its creditors.  This will
        include aggressive merchandise promotions and possibly conducting
        "going out of business" sales.  

        Contact:  Todd Fogarty,
                  Kekst and Company,