Bankruptcy News For - March 5, 1996


AUTOTOTE announces first quarter results

            NEW YORK -- March 5, 1996 -- AUTOTOTE CORPORATION
        [NASDAQ/NMS:TOTE] today announced financial results for its first
        fiscal quarter ended January 31, 1996.  

            Revenues increased 39.2%, from $31.1 million in 1995 to $43.3
        million in 1996.  EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes,
        depreciation and amortization) increased 46.6%, from $5.2 million in
        1995 to $7.6 million in 1996.  The net loss for the quarter was $7.0
        million, or $0.23 per share on 30.9 million shares outstanding, vs.
        a loss of $5.9 million, or $0.21 per share on 28.8 million shares
        outstanding, a year ago.  The increase is primarily attributable to
        higher interest expense and foreign income taxes.  Despite a $1.7
        million increase in depreciation and amortization, the operating
        loss for the quarter improved to $1.8 million from $2.5 million a
        year ago.  

            A. Lorne Weil, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said, We
        made good progress in what is traditionally our seasonally weakest
        quarter.  Revenues from equipment sales showed a very sharp year-to-
        year increase, suggesting that this volatile segment of our business
        is rebounding strongly after a long period of uncertainty.  Though
        impacted by severe winter weather conditions that included snow
        storms on the East Coast and rain and flooding on the West Coast and
        in West Virginia, service revenues from our core North American
        businesses also improved.  Reflecting the delivery of systems by our
        Tele Control lottery unit, equipment gross margins strengthened to
        36.7% in the first quarter of 1996 from 30.1% in the comparable
        period of 1995; service gross margins decreased to 36.3% from 41.6%
        in the same periods.  All in all, we are pleased with the results in
        the first quarter and optimistic about the outlook for continued
        improvement in revenues and EBITDA in fiscal 1996."  

            The strong gain in revenues in the first quarter reflected an
        $11.6 million increase in equipment sales, to $13.7 million from
        $2.1 million a year ago, including the delivery of Tele Control
        systems to key German lottery customers.  

            Reflecting the change in Tele Control's revenue mix from
        primarily service to primarily sales as a result of those
        deliveries, service revenues for the Company as a whole rose only
        2%, to $29.6 million.  Service revenues for the core North American
        pari-mutuel, simulcasting and Connecticut off-track betting (OTB)
        businesses increased by 8.6%, to $22.8 million, despite the impact
        of the severe winter weather.  

            The gain in service revenues in the core businesses came from
        Connecticut OTB, which opened its Sports Haven simulcast/multi-
        entertainment facility in April 1995, and simulcasting revenues, due
        to system efficiencies available from digital compression of
        simulcast signals and expanded capacity arising from the January
        1995 acquisition of transponders from IDB.  In North American pari-
        mutuel, increased revenue from existing customers and new
        installations was offset in large part by sales lost due to severe
        winter weather conditions.  

            The restructuring and refocusing of Autotote in fiscal 1995
        continues to have a beneficial impact in fiscal 1996.  While SG&A
        was up by 8.7% over the year-earlier period, largely because of
        legal and other corporate expenses, it was down 15.1% from the third
        quarter of fiscal 1995, when the restructuring program was
        implemented.  As a percentage of sales, SG&A declined to 18.9% from
        24.2% a year ago.  EBITDA as a percentage of sales increased to
        17.5% from 16.6%.  

            Thomas C. DeFazio, President and Chief Operating Officer, said,
        With the restructuring essentially behind us, we have the benefit of
        strong market positions in our core businesses, a lower cost
        structure and a positive operating environment in our industry
        segment."  He added, The recent restructuring of our credit facility
        greatly reduces the amount of debt scheduled to be amortized in 1996
        to $8 million from approximately $35 million under the original
        agreement and gives us improved flexibility in providing capital to
        meet the needs of our existing customers as well as for new

            AUTOTOTE CORPORATION designs and manufactures computerized
        wagering equipment and provides facilities management for use in
        racetracks, off-track wagering, lotteries and legalized sports
        betting facilities.  Autotote's systems are in use in the United
        States, Europe, Central and South America, Canada, Mexico, New
        Zealand and the Far East.

                         Consolidated Statements of Operations
                           FOR THE QUARTERS ENDED JANUARY 31,
                         (In Thousands, Except Per Share Amounts)
                                       1996          1995
                                     -------       --------
        Operating Revenues:                              
         Wagering systems              $  29,568     $  28,976
         Wagering equipment and
          other sales                     13,738         2,141
                                     --------       --------
                                      43,306        31,117
        Operating expenses (exclusive
         of depreciation and
          amortization shown below):
        Wagering systems              18,847        16,925
        Wagering equipment and
         other sales                   8,698         1,496
                                     ---------     ----------
                                      27,545        18,421
        Total gross profit            15,761        12,696
        Selling, general and
         administrative expenses           8,170         7,517
        Depreciation and amortization      9,436         7,717
        Operating loss                (1,845)       (2,538)
        Other (income) expense:
        Interest expense               3,662         2,849
        Other (income) expense           292          (108)
                                      --------      ----------
                                       3,954         2,741
        Loss before income taxes      (5,799)       (5,279)
        Income taxes                       1,202           652
        Net loss                       $  (7,001)    $  (5,931)
        Loss per common share          $   (0.23)    $   (0.21)
        Weighted average number
         of common shares outstanding     30,905        28,810
        CONTACT: Gregory W. Miller   
                 The Miller Company
                 Tel: 914-834-1868   
                 Fax: 914-834-6782

Sizzler International anticipates third-quarter loss;
company repositioning test shows strong progress

            LOS ANGELES -- March 5, 1996 -- Sizzler
        International Inc. (NYSE:SZ) Tuesday announced that it anticipates a
        loss approximating $4 million or 16 cents per share for the quarter
        ended Feb. 4, 1996.

            The unusually severe winter weather in the United States,
        combined with slow systemwide sales and substantial costs related to
        the expanded test of the Sizzler American Grill repositioning, were
        primarily responsible for the loss.

            Quarterly financial information is expected to be released on
        March 18, 1996.  

            Kevin Perkins, president and CEO of Sizzler International,
        stated:  "Newly appointed Senior Executive Vice President and
        Director Timothy Ryan, who is also president of Sizzler U.S.A., will
        focus all his energies and knowledge of turnaround situations on the
        repositioning and performance improvement of our Sizzler restaurants
        in the U.S."

            Ryan said:  "We continue to be encouraged by positive responses
        to the Sizzler American Grill repositioning.  For the first time,
        the company announced that the test modifications in Phoenix
        generated sales increases in excess of 15 percent through its first
        19 weeks.  An additional test market, San Diego, opened last month
        and is generating positive results.

            "The company is also realizing benefits from its recent
        reorganization, including a major reduction in administrative staff
        and the implementation of other cost-containment procedures."

            Perkins further stated:  "The anticipated loss for the quarter
        will put Sizzler's financial results below specific covenants with
        its banks and, technically, would put the company in default of its
        loan agreement.  The company is current with all loan payments and
        all other financial obligations.  The company is working with its
        banks to address the situation."

            Sizzler International operates or licenses 586 Sizzler
        restaurants worldwide.  In addition, the company operates 92
        Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurants and one The Italian Oven
        restaurant in Queensland, Australia, as well as six Buffalo Ranch
        restaurants in the United States.

        CONTACT:  Sizzler International Inc., Los Angeles;
                  Christopher R. Thomas, 310/827-2300


            LIVERPOOL, N.Y., March 5, 1996 - Fay's Incorporated
        (NYSE: FAY) today announced financial results for the fourth quarter
        and fiscal year ended January 27, 1996.

            Revenues for the fourth quarter of fiscal 1996 increased 4.5% to
        $264.4 million from $253 million a year earlier.  Revenues from
        comparable stores (stores open one year or more as of January 27,
        1996) increased 2.5% for the fourth quarter.

            Earnings from continuing operations for the fourth quarter,
        excluding charges for restructuring, were $3.6 million or $.17 per
        share, compared to $6.1 million or $.30 per share in the fourth
        quarter of last year.

            Revenues for the year increased 5.7% to $973.8 million from
        $921.3 million in fiscal 1995.  On a comparable store basis,
        revenues for fiscal 1996 increased 1.8%.

           For the year, earnings from continuing operations, excluding
        restructuring charges, were $7.0 million or $.34 per share, compared
        to $12.9 million or $.63 per share last year.

            During the fourth quarter, the Company recorded an after-tax
        charge of $12.5 million ($20.1 million pre-tax) associated with its
        previously announced plan to reposition 50 undersized and
        underperforming drug stores.  This charge resulted in a loss from
        continuing operations for the fourth quarter of $8.9 million or $.43
        per share.

            The loss from continuing operations for the year, including
        restructuring charges, was $5.6 million or $.27 per share.

            As previously announced, the Company also recorded, in the
        fourth quarter, an after-tax charge of $3.6 million associated with
        the disposition of the company's non-drug store businesses, Wheels
        Discount Auto Supply and The Paper Cutter.  Including this
        provision, the Company reported a net loss for the quarter of $12.6
        million or  $.61 per share, compared to net income of $5.9 million
        or $.29 per share in the fourth quarter last year.

            Including the effect of restructuring charges and results from
        discontinued operations, the net loss for fiscal 1996 was $9.6
        million or  $.47 per share, compared to net income of $12.6 million
        or $.62 per share in fiscal 1995.

            Henry A. Panasci, Jr., Chairman of the Board of Fay's, stated
        "Earnings from continuing operations were impacted by declining
        gross margins on prescriptions sold through third party plans and
        weak Christmas sales.  We have taken a number of steps to improve
        profitability going forward, including the sale of our Wheels
        Discount Auto Supply Division and the pending sale of The Paper
        Cutter Division. We have also eliminated 90 administrative positions
        resulting in a $3.3 million reduction in payroll costs and adopted a
        plan to reposition 50 underperforming drug stores.  In taking the
        aforementioned steps, we are affirming our commitment to our core
        drug store and pharmacy related businesses and are positioning
        ourselves for future growth.  Our strategy in fiscal 1997 is to
        build on the strengths of our drug store and pharmacy businesses in
        generating top-line growth, while making continued reductions in
        operating costs."

            The $12.5 million fourth quarter after-tax restructuring charge
        relates to Fay's plan to reposition 50 drug stores it has identified
        as undersized or underperforming.   The process of relocating these
        stores is targeted to be completed within an eighteen month time
        frame.  The charge includes all costs associated with the store
        repositioning process, including a reserve for lease obligations and
        the write-down of certain fixed assets.  The majority of the
        targeted stores are former independent pharmacies acquired by Fay's,
        many of which operate under the Cornerdrug tradename.  The Company
        plans to relocate these stores, wherever possible, to prototype
        freestanding locations featuring drive through pharmacy windows and
        expanded convenience food departments. This repositioning process is
        already underway, Fay's having relocated five drug stores during
        fiscal 1996.  Sales gains from these relocated stores have exceeded
        expectations.  The Company believes that the repositioning process
        will have a positive impact on profits going forward.

            The loss from discontinued operations relates to the Company's
        disposition of its Wheels Discount Auto Supply Division in November
        1995 and its plans to sell the assets comprising its Paper Cutter
        Division. Fay's is presently in negotiations with a party interested
        in acquiring Paper Cutter.  The loss from discontinued operations
        includes fiscal 1997 operating losses for Paper Cutter through the
        anticipated date of sale.

            On January 26, 1996, Fay's Board of Directors declared a regular
        quarterly cash dividend of $.05 per share on the Company's common
        stock, payable April 5, 1996 to shareholders of record on March 22,

            Fay's operates the 12th largest chain of drug stores in the
        United States, with 273 drug stores located in New York,
        Pennsylvania, Vermont and New Hampshire.

                               FAY'S INCORPORATED
                (In thousands of dollars except per share data)
                                                   Thirteen       Thirteen
                                                      Weeks         Weeks
                                                      Ended         Ended
                                                   January 27     January 28
                                                       1996          1995
        Revenues                                      $264,372     $253,016
        Income from Continuing Operations
         Before Restructuring Charge                     5,379       10,751
        Restructuring Charge                           (20,087)          --
        Income (Loss) from Continuing
         Operations Before Taxes                       (14,708)      10,751
        Income (Loss) from Continuing
         operations                                     (8,938)       6,121
        Loss from Discontinued Operations               (3,642)        (245)
        Net Income (Loss)                             ($12,580)     $ 5,876
        Earnings (Loss) Per Share:
        Income (Loss) from Continuing Operations         ($.43)     $   .30
        Loss from Discontinued Operations                ($.18)       ($.01)
        Net Income (Loss)                                ($.61)        $.29
        Average Shares outstanding                      20,618       20,343
        Stores in Operation at End of Period               274          277
                                                     Fifty-Two    Fifty-Two
                                                      Weeks        Weeks
                                                      Ended        Ended
                                                    January 27,  January 28,
                                                        1996        1995
        Revenues                                      $973,809     $921,307
        Income from Continuing Operations
        Before Restructuring Charge                     11,174       22,558
        Restructuring Charge                           (20,087)          --
        Income (Loss) from Continuing
         Operations Before Taxes                        (8,913)      22,558
        Income (Loss) from Continuing                   (5,550)      12,924
        Loss from Discontinued operations               (4,067)        (287)
        Net Income (Loss)                              ($9,617)     $12,637
        Earnings (Loss) Per Share:
        Income (Loss) from Continuing Operations         ($.27)     $   .63
        Loss from Discontinued Operations                 (.20)        (.01)
        Net Income (Loss)                                ($.47)     $   .62
        Average Shares Outstanding                      20,585       20,357
        Stores in operation at End of Period               274          277

        CONTACT:  David H. Panasci, President and COO, 315-451-8000,
        Ext. 2706, or Henry A. Panasci, Jr., Chairman of the Board, Ext.
        2200, both of Fay's Incorporated

Linda's Flame Roasted Chicken reports fourth quarter and
full year 1995
results; First freestanding franchise restaurant to open in Westwood,
N.J., March, 1996

            CRANFORD, N.J. -- March 5, 1996 -- Linda's Flame
        Roasted Chicken (NASDAQ:LINCU, LINCA) today reported that its net
        restaurant sales for the year ended Dec. 31, 1995, rose 27% to
        $2,366,000 from $1,856,000 in 1994.

            The company reported a net loss of $2,070,000 ($1.28 per share),
        including a $114,000 restructuring charge resulting from the closing
        of an underperforming company store, compared with a net loss of
        $1,203,000 ($1.07 per share) in 1994.  Net losses for the fourth
        quarter of $523,000 ($.32 per share) decreased from $590,000 ($.37
        per share) from the same quarter in 1994.

            Same store annual sales increased 3% in 1995 over 1994, while
        same store sales in the fourth quarter decreased 11% reflective of a
        generally weak retailing environment.

            Commenting in the declining sales trend, Peter Weissbrod,
        president and chief executive officer, said,  "We have implemented
        aggressive discounting campaigns to increase traffic and sales, and
        introduced a new expanded menu featuring gourmet sandwiches and
        salads which have been well received.  We are hopeful that these
        efforts will lead to improved sales in the coming months."

            During 1995, the company developed and implemented a franchising
        program that resulted in the sale of three franchises in 1995 and
        one in January 1996.  Additionally, the company's first prototype,
        freestanding restaurant will open in Westwood, N.J., later this
        month.  Future plans call for multi-unit franchises nationwide.

            Linda's Flame Roasted Chicken currently operates four quick
        service restaurants, with a fifth store in Westwood approaching its
        grand opening, and has franchise agreements for sites to open later
        this year in South Orange and Oakland, N.J.

                           Linda's Flame Roasted Chicken Inc.
                                   and Subsidiaries
                           Consolidated Operating Summary
                                   Year Ended        Three Months Ended
                                     Dec. 31,              Dec. 31,
                                 1995      1994         1995      1994
        Restaurant Sales, Net    $2,366,015  $1,856,401   $469,771
        Net Loss                 (2,069,694) (1,203,179)  (523,535)
        Net Loss Per Share            (1.28)      (1.07)     (0.32)
        Average Number of Shares
         Outstanding              1,615,000   1,124,000  1,615,000

        CONTACT: Linda's Flame Roasted Chicken
                 Peter Weissbrod, 908/276-2080 ext. 19
                 Rubenstein Investor Relations  
                 Dina Silva, 212/843-8057


            HUDSON, N.H., March 5, 1996 - Howtek, Inc. (Nasdaq-NNM:
        HOWT) today announced a loss of $5,255,047 or ($0.66) per share on
        sales of $20,603,654 for the year ending December 31, 1995, as
        compared to a profit of $880,420 or $0.11 per share, on sales of
        $24,370,329 in 1994.  Sales of $5,091,980 in the fourth quarter of
        1995 declined 28% over sales in the fourth quarter of 1994 while
        sales for the year, as a whole, declined 15% over sales in 1994.
        The loss incurred in 1995 includes a restructuring charge of
        $2,662,632 taken in the second quarter of the year and a $500,000
        inventory and accounts receivable reserve adjustment in the fourth
        quarter.  The fourth quarter adjustment to inventory reflected a
        change in estimates providing additional reserves for out-of-
        production products.

            Mr. Bothwell, Howtek's President/CEO, attributed the company's
        poor performance to market weaknesses that have affected all
        companies supplying the graphic arts market.  In addition, the
        company experienced significant start-up costs associated with its
        entry into the Medical Digitizing Market.  On the positive side, Mr.
        Bothwell noted that clearance to market the new DX digitizer was
        received in January of 1996, that the company had received ISO9001
        certification, and that sales of its core product, the
        Scanmaster(TM) 4500, remained strong.

            He noted that the company had struck strategic alliances with
        Color Byte, Inc. to market its "Trident(TM)" software and also with
        Color Solutions, Inc. to include modules of its ColorBlind(TM)
        software in the company's proprietary Aurora(TM) and Polaris(TM)
        scanning packages. "With the improvement in our software offerings
        and the availability of the DX and Scanmaster 2500 for sale, we look
        for a strong reversal of the sales trend experienced in 1995 and
        return to profitability in 1996," according to Mr. Bothwell.

            Howtek was founded in 1984 by Robert Howard.  Howtek designs,
        engineers and manufactures, for sale throughout the world, flatbed
        and drum scanners for the graphic arts and desktop publishing
        markets, densitometers for the life sciences market, and film
        digitizers for the medical imaging market.

                                  HOWTEK, INC.
                              Three Months Ended      Twelve Months Ended
                                  December 31,             December 31,
                              1995         1994        1995        1994
        Sales               $5,091,980  $7,136,679  $20,603,654 $24,370,329
        Cost of sales        4,040,529   4,094,525   13,983,819  15,133,214
        Gross profit         1,051,451   3,042,154    6,619,835   9,237,115
        Operating costs      2,342,534   2,138,375    8,779,205   8,020,468
         charge                    ---         ---    2,662,632         ---
        Interest expense       134,051      67,461      433,045     259,227
        Income (loss)
        before income tax
        provision          (1,425,134)     836,318  (5,255,047)     957,420
        Provision for
         income tax                ---      68,000          ---      77,000
        Net income (loss)
         after income tax
         provision         (1,425,134)     768,318  (5,255,047)     880,420
        Net income (loss)
         per share             ($0.18)       $0.10      ($0.66)       $0.11
        Weighted shares
         outstanding         7,949,516   7,884,656    7,934,654   7,884,763

        CONTACT: Connie Webster, Director, Corporate Services of Howtek,


            TAMPA, Fla., March 5, 1996 - Kash n' Karry Food Stores,
        Inc. (Nasdaq-NNM: KASH) today announced that sales for its second
        quarter ended January 28, 1996 increased to $281.4 million from
        $272.9 million for the same period last year, representing a total
        sales increase of 3.1% and a 2.2% incease in same store sales.  The
        Company said that operating cash flow (adjusted EBITDA) improved by
        7.1% to $15.4 million in the second quarter versus $14.3 million for
        the same period last year.  The Company also reported that operating
        cash flow for the twenty- six week period ended January 28, 1996
        increased to $25.8 million on sales of $531.7 million, compared to
        $22.2 million on sales of $513.0 million in the comparable prior
        year period.

            Kash n' Karry reported net income of $1.2 million, or $0.25 per
        share for the second quarter, and a net loss of $0.7 million, or
        $0.14 per share, for the twenty-six week period.  Net income and
        income per share amounts for the prior year are not meaningful for
        comparative purposes due to restructuring adjustments.

            The Company said that gross profit, as a percentage of sales,
        decreased from 20.1% in the second quarter last year to 19.6% in the
        second quarter this year, and from 20.1% for the twenty-six week
        period ended January 29, 1995 to 19.8% for the comparable period
        ended January 28, 1996.  The Company said that greater promotional
        activity in the current year resulted in the decrease in margins.

            Selling, general and administrative expenses decreased to 14.1%
        of sales for the second quarter of 1996 compared to 14.9% for the
        second quarter of 1995, and were 15.0% for the 1996 twenty-six week
        period, down from 15.8% for the comparable period in the prior year.
        The Company said that the improvements reflect reductions in group
        insurance, workers' compensation/general liability insurance,
        utilities and maintenance expenses.

            "The increased cash flow and lower expenses we reported in the
        second quarter are part of a positive trend at Kash n' Karry," said
        Ron Johnson, Chairman and CEO of Kash n' Karry.  "The increased in
        sales is evidence of the success of both our new marketing
        initiatives and our ongoing investment in the remodel and upgrade of
        existing store facilities.  We look foward to continued improvement
        in our operating performance as the impact of these new programs is
        felt across our store base."

            As previously reported, on March 4, 1996, the Comnpany's common
        stock began trading on the Nasdaq National Market under the trading
        symbol KASH.

            Kash n' Karry operates 100 food stores and 34 liquor stores in
        West Central Florida.  With over 10,000 associates, it is one of
        Tampa Bay's largest employers.

                         KASH N' KARRY FOOD STORES
                                    13 weeks
                                     1996                1995
                               $           %               $          %
         Sales               281,354      100.00        272,889      100.00
         Gross profit         55,005       19.55         54,879       20.11
         SG&A                 39,647       14.09         40,545       14.86
         Depreciation          6,161        2.19          6,140        2.25
         Interest              6,567        2.33          5,561        2.04
         Income before
          taxes and
          extradinary items    2,630        0.94          2,633        0.96
          Same store sales                  2.2%
         Food stores open at
          end of period          100                        99
        Average selling sq. ft.
          during period
          (in thousands)       2,920                      2,903
        Current portion of
          long-term debt         ---                        ---
        Total Long-term debt     ---                        ---
        Capital expenditures  10,647                        598
        Operating cash flow
        (adjusted EBITDA)      15,358                     14,334
                                      26 WEEKS
                                        1996                     1995
                                   $          %            $           %
        Sales                  531,722      100.00       513,035     100.00
        Gross Profit           105,423       19.83       103,293      20.13
        S G & A                 79,669       14.98        81,045      15.80
        Depreciation            12,328        2.32        12,213       2.38
        Interest                12,989        2.44        16,121       3.14
        Income before Taxes
          and extraordinary
          items                    437        0.09        (6,086)     (1.19)
        Same store sales                                     3.2%
        Food stores open at end
          of period                100                        99
        Average selling sq. ft.
          during period
          (in thousands)         2,920                      2,913
        Current portion of
          Long-term debt          4,808                    12,764
        Total Long-term debt    224,407                   240,286
        Capital Expenditures     17,606                       827
        Operating cash flow      25,754                    22,248
        Total Long-term debt/
        LTM operating cash flow (1) 3.9X                      5.2X

        (1)  Operating cash flow is for the latest 52 week period.

        CONTACT:  Richard D. Coleman, Kash n' Karry, 813-621-0273


            MINNEAPOLIS, March 5, 1996 - Shuffle Master, Inc. (Nasdaq-
        NNM: SHFL) today announced the Company will revise its first quarter
        1996 earnings which were previously reported on February 26, 1996,
        as a result of a decision to set up reserves aggregating $3.4
        million to cover future potential losses associated with loans made
        to All Creative Technology, Inc. d/b/a ACT/ACCESS.  Shuffle Master
        previously announced earnings of $1.3 million or $.12 per share,
        subject to contingencies related to the loan to ACT/ACCESS.
        Earnings have been revised to reflect these reserves which resulted
        in an after tax loss of $1.1 million or $.10 per share for the
        quarter ended January 31, 1996.

            Joseph J. Lahti, president of Shuffle Master, commented, "This
        unfortunate situation could not have been anticipated at the time
        the loans were made in 1995.  In spite of the reserves, our business
        continues to be strong and should not be affected by this write-down
        in value of the loans.  These reserves should cover any and all
        losses associated with these loans.  Shuffle Master's balance sheet
        has over $23 million in cash and investments as of January 3,1

            As disclosed in the February 26, 1996 earnings release, Shuffle
        Master made loans aggregating $3.3 million to All Creative
        Technology, Inc. d/b/a ACT/ACCESS.  ACT/ACCESS advanced a
        substantial portion of the funds to Advanced CART Technology (CART),
        a sister company of ACT/ACCESS which sells equipment to the gaming
        industry.  Shuffle Master learned that certain improprieties had
        occurred at ACT/ACCESS and CART prior to January 31, 1996, which
        resulted in CART's bank lender declaring a default and commencing
        litigation in February 1996.  A major portion of the Shuffle Master
        loans were collateralized by 685 of the stock of CART.

            Since learning of these improprieties, Shuffle Master has been
        evaluating its alternatives to deal with this situation including
        exploring whether to exercise its right against the collateral.
        Both ACT/ACCESS and CART need significant additional financing to
        continue their operations.  Shuffle Master management examined a
        reorganization of CART whereby Shuffle Master would have been a 685
        shareholder and would have managed the operations of CART in an
        effort to recover the amount loaned.  It is management's opinion
        that the continued operation of CART would require significant
        additional financing from Shuffle Master and that the prospects for
        repayment of the new advances and original loans were questionable.
        These additional advances and operation of the business would also
        require management time and close attention.  Additionally,
        uncertainties related to any unknown liabilities, along with the
        previous concerns, were all major factors in the decision not to
        provide additional funding to CART.

            "In the final analysis, it is our opinion that Shuffle Master
        and its shareholders would be best served by devoting these same
        financial and management resources to expanding the existing
        business lines," Lahti continued.  "Moving forward, we prefer to
        focus resources on expanding Let It Ride(R) The Tournament(TM) to
        new jurisdictions and launching Video Let It Ride(R), both of which
        we believe have excellent sales and profit potential."

            Shuffle Master, Inc. d/b/a Shuffle Master Gaming, is a rapidly-
        growing Minneapolis-based business serving the gaming industry with
        innovative products and services.
                              SHUFFLE MASTER, INC.
                             `                   Three Months Ended
                                                         January 31, (In
        thousands, except per share amounts)     1996           1995
         Let It Ride(R) The Tournament(TM)   $6,009
         Lease                                2,190         $1,019
         Sales                                  792            315
         Other                                  119            132
                                              9,110          1,466
        Costs and expenses:
         Let It Ride(R) The Tournament(TM)    4,748             --
         Cost of leases, sales and other      1,190            589
         Selling, general, and administrative 1,408            701
         Research and development               236            114
           Total operating expenses           7,582          1,404
        Income from operations                1,528             62
        Other (expense) income:
         Loss on notes receivable            (3,370)            --
         Interest income                        370             91
        (Loss) Income before income taxes    (1,472)           153
        Provision for income taxes              375             (2)
        (Loss) Income from
          continuing operations             $(1,097)          $127
        Weighted average common and common
         equivalent shares outstanding       11,296          9,124
        Net(loss) income per share            $(.10)          $.01

        CONTACT:  John G. Breeding, Chairman and CEO or Steven A. Kahn,
        Vice President, CFO of Shuffle Master, 612-943-1951


            ATLANTA, March 5, 1996 - Robert Starzyk has joined KPMG
        Peat Marwick LLP as a Managing Director in the Corporate Recovery
        Services practice.  In his role, Starzyk will be responsible for the
        firm's turnaround and bankruptcy services in the Southeast.

            Starzyk has over 14 years of experience in working with
        businesses experiencing operating and financial difficulties in most
        major industries.  He has successfully assisted businesses in
        manufacturing, high-tech, specialty retailing, distribution, and
        transportation and has served as interim president and executive
        vice president of operations. Over the past several years, the
        majority of his clients have been businesses experiencing the
        challenges of extremely rapid growth.

            "We are extremely pleased to have Bob join our team," said Dale
        Metz, partner-in-charge of KPMG's national Corporate Recovery
        Services practice.  "Bob brings tremendous depth to our practice and
        continues our efforts to strengthen this business segment by
        retaining the most experienced people in the corporate recovery

            KPMG Peat Marwick LLP is the U.S. member firm of KPMG, The
        Global Leader among professional services firms.  Worldwide, KPMG
        has more than 6,000 partners as well as 72,000 professionals
        servicing clients through 1,100 offices in 829 cities in 136
        countries.  In the U.S., KPMG partners and professionals deliver a
        wide range of value-added consulting, assurance and tax services in
        five markets:  financial services; manufacturing, retailing and
        distribution; health care and life sciences; information,
        communications and entertainment; and public services.

        CONTACT:  Karen Handel, KPMG Peat Marwick, 404-222-3464


            NEW YORK, March 5, 1996 - ANDOVER TOGS, INC. (Nasdaq-NNM:
        ATOG) announced today the results of its operations for its fourth
        quarter and year ended November 30, 1995.  The Company reported net
        sales in the fourth quarter of $22,169,000 as compared to net sales
        in the fourth quarter of fiscal 1994 of $27,828,000.  The Company's
        net sales for the fiscal year ended November 30, 1995, however,
        increased to $80,552,000 as compared to net sales of $73,767,000 for
        the fiscal year ended 1994.  The increase in net sales for fiscal
        1995 was primarily attributable to the Dobie acquisition.

            The Company sustained a net loss of $3,195,000 or $ .72 per
        share in the fourth quarter of fiscal 1995 as compared to net income
        in fiscal 1994 of $1,275,000 or $.29 per share.  The Company
        sustained a net loss for fiscal 1995 of $4,279,000 or $.96 per share
        as compared to net income for fiscal 1994 of $125,000 or $.03 per
        share.  The net loss sustained by the Company in the fourth quarter
        and for the year is attributable to continued pricing pressures, the
        booking of business at reduced margins, excess manufacturing
        capacities and a depressed retail environment.  The Company
        manufactured and sold inventory at prices that were at break even or
        below cost.  In addition, the Company had difficulties integrating
        the Dobie business with the Company's business. Sales allowances and
        additional markdowns were taken in the fourth quarter attributable
        to the Dobie business.  Of the loss in the fourth quarter of 1995,
        approximately $832,000 was attributable to a write-off of the cost
        in excess of net assets acquired.

            As a result of the losses sustained by the Company for 1995, the
        Company ceases to be in compliance with many of the financial
        covenants in its various credit agreements thereby causing defaults
        under those agreements and jeopardizing the continued support of the
        Company's lenders.  The Company and its principal stockholders have
        been negotiating with the Company's lenders for their continued
        support.  To date, such negotiations have not been successful and
        the continued support of the lenders may not be forthcoming.
        Accordingly, the Company is considering all of its available
        options, including a filing for protection under the Federal
        bankruptcy laws.

                             SUMMARY OF OPERATIONS
                        (In the $000s except per share)
                                     Three Months Ended      Year Ended
                                       November 30           November 30
                                     1995      1994         1995      1994
        Net Sales                  $22,169    $27,828     $80,552   $73,767
        Write-off of cost in
         excess of net assets
         acquired                      832       --          832        --
        (Loss) Earnings before
         (benefit) provision for
         income taxes               (4,297)     1,862     (5,916)       142
        Net (Loss) Earnings         (3,195)     1,275     (4,279)       125
        Net (Loss) Earnings per
         common share                $(.72)      $.29      $(.96)      $.03
        Weighted Average         4,463,300  4,358,300  4,435,400  4,358,300
         common shares

        CONTACT:  William L. Cohen, Chief Executive Officer, of Andover
        Togs, Inc., 212-244-0700