Drypers Corporation selects new lender; Reaches
        Accord with Majority of Senior Note Holders

            HOUSTON--January 19, 1996--Drypers Corporation
        (Nasdaq:DYPR) today reported that it has selected Congress Financial
        Corporation to supply it with a new $21 million revolving credit
        facility.  The new facility is one of several developments in
        Drypers' financial structure which are expected to be in place by
        early next month.  

            The $21 million revolving credit facility from Congress
        Financial Corporation will be used to replace a $15 million facility
        from Drypers' current senior lender.  The holders of the Company's
        12+% Senior Notes will receive notes in lieu of the November 30
        interest payment, along with warrants to purchase shares of Drypers'
        common stock.  

            The Company's current senior lender will reinstate its term loan
        of $1.75 million.  Additional capital will be invested by Drypers'
        largest equity holders in an aggregate amount of at least $3.6
        million in exchange for which they will receive convertible notes
        and warrants.  Several major suppliers have agreed to improve terms
        to Drypers, including the conversion of current trade payables
        totaling $4 million into one year notes.  

            Implementation of this new structure is contingent upon
        negotiation of final documentation with each of these lenders and
        investors and approval from holders of the Senior Notes.  

            If for any reason the Company is unable to consummate the final
        documentation to implement this structure, then as previously stated
        in a press release issued on August 4, 1995, it may be required to
        seek protection under the federal bankruptcy laws.  Walter V.
        Klemp, Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer, noted, "This capital
        refinancing structure provides the Company with improved working
        capital and further liquidity protection.  We believe that it
        exemplifies the confidence that our major equity investors,
        suppliers and lenders have in the Company's business potential."  

            Mr.  Klemp added, "Our operating environment continues to
        improve, evidenced by a nine month high grocery market share of
        5.7%. We are experiencing further increases in quarter-to-quarter
        revenues, raw material prices continue to decline and our market
        share has improved over levels experienced this summer.  Because of
        this, we remain optimistic about our business prospects in the
        coming quarters."  

            Drypers Corporation manufactures and markets disposable baby
        diapers and related products under the Drypers brand name.  The
        Company's products are sold through grocery stores and mass
        merchants throughout the United States, Latin America and other
        international markets.  The Company also produces price value
        branded and private label diapers and related products.  

        CONTACT: Drypers Corporation,
                 Walter V. Klemp, 713/682-6848
                 Morgen-Walke Associates,
                 Lynn Morgen/Howard Zar/Melissa Garelick
                 Press: Stacy Berns, 212/850-5600


            SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 19, 1996 -- href="chap11.bonneville.html">Bonneville Pacific
, through its Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Trustee (Roger G.
        Segal), announces today that a settlement has been reached with
        another defendant of the numerous defendants in the civil action
        entitled Roger G. Segal, Trustee v. Portland General, et al, now
        pending in the United States District Court for the District of
        Utah, Case No. 92-C-364J.

            The settlement is with Carl T. Peterson and provides for a
        payment by him to Bonneville Pacific Corporation of the total sum of
        Three Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($3,500,000.00) which is
        in addition to the Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000.00) paid
        by Carl T. Peterson and received by Bonneville Pacific Corporation
        as restitution pursuant to the terms of a Plea and Cooperation
        Agreement and Order In the Matter of The United States of America v.
        Carl T. Peterson, in the United States District Court, Case No. 95-
        CR-0145B (Honorable Dee V. Benson).

            The settlement is conditioned upon approval of the written
        Settlement Agreement by the United States Bankruptcy Court for the
        District of Utah (the Honorable John H. Allen) and the entry of an
        appropriate dismissal Order by the United States District Court (the
        Honorable Bruce S. Jenkins).

        /CONTACT:  Roger G. Segal of Cohne, Rappaport & Segal, 801-532-2666/

Kimpex releases second quarter results


         Second Quarter Results ended November 30, 1995

        000)                 3 months             6 months          
                            1995      1994       1995      1994       
                      21.2      21.3       39.8      31.1       
        incomes             (0.4)      0.5       (1.6)     (0.2)      
                   $(0.03)    $0.05     $(0.15)   $(0.02)      

            The following message to shareholders will appear in the second
        quarter report to shareholders:

            "Sales for the three months ended November 30, 1995 were $21.2
        million compared to $21.3 million for the same period last year.
        The same period resulted in a loss of $0.4 million or $0.03 per
        share compared to a net income of $0.5 million or $0.05 per share
        last year.  For the six months ended November 30, 1995 revenues were
        $39.8 million compared to $31.1 million for the same period last
        year.  The net loss for this period of $1.6 million or $0.15 per
        share compares to a net loss of $0.2 million or $0.02 per share last

            The final stage of the financial restructuring was completed in
        December of 1995 and the second half of the year will reflect the
        relative reduction in financing costs.  The Company now looks
        forward with tremendous enthusiasm to focusing its efforts on the
        tasks at hand.  The winter season to date is indicative of a strong
        snowmobile season and the Company is well poised to capitalize on
        this opportunity.  Investments in our systems and distribution
        networks are beginning to pay dividends by enabling us to meet the
        ever increasing demands for quality service in the markets that we

                 We look forward to a strong third quarter and are
        confident as to the future success of our Company."               

        CONTACT: Mr. Brett Gannon,
                 Chief Financial Officer


            ST. LOUIS, Jan. 19, 1996 -- Edison
Brothers Stores, Inc.
        (NYSE: EBS) said today that it entered into a definitive purchase
        agreement with Namco Cybertainment, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary
        of Namco Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan, to sell the assets and selected
        stores of Edison Brothers Mall Entertainment and Horizon
        Entertainment.  Namco, which submitted the highest of two offers to
        Edison Brothers, was identified as the buyer at an auction held
        Thursday, January 18, 1996, in accordance with the company's
        previously announced court-approved bidding procedures.

            The sale of Edison's entertainment divisions, which operate
        approximately 128 game rooms and larger entertainment centers, is
        subject to approval by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington,
        Delaware, at a hearing on January 30, 1996.

            "We are pleased with the agreement we have reached with Namco,"
        Senior Executive Vice President Peter Edison said. "The completion
        of the sale will allow us to focus our attention on our core
        footwear and apparel businesses and move forward with the company's
        other restructuring initiatives."

            Edison Brothers Stores, Inc., filed for voluntary reorganization
        under Chapter 11 on November 3, 1995. The company operates
        approximately 2,700 apparel, footwear and entertainment specialty
        stores and is in the process of closing approximately 500 of its
        apparel and footwear stores by January 31, 1996.

        /CONTACT:  David B. Cooper, Jr., CFO, 314-331-6531, or Amy Calvin,
        Communications, 314-331-7996, both of Edison Brothers Stores, Inc./