LOS ANGELES, Jan. 17, 1996 -- Teledyne, Inc. (NYSE:
        announced today that net income for the year ended December 31, 1995
        was $162.0 million, or $2.88 per common share, compared to a net
        loss of $8.4 million, or $0.15 per common share, for the same period
        in 1994. Excluding an after-tax gain of $30.3 million on the sale of
        its defense electronic systems business, income for the year 1995
        increased 65 percent to $131.7 million, or $2.33 per common share,
        compared to 1994 income of $79.6 million, or $1.43 per common share,
        excluding after-tax charges of $88.0 million to resolve certain U.S.
        government contracting issues.  Sales from continuing operations
        increased 15 percent to $2.56 billion for 1995 compared to $2.22
        billion for the same period of 1994.

            "We are pleased that Teledyne's 1995 income was up 65 percent
        from the previous year.  Also, sales in continuing businesses rose
        across all segments, led by a 22 percent increase in specialty
        metals.  Our operating results reflect continued improvement in our
        worldwide markets and the effectiveness of our business plans.
        These increased earnings mean higher value for our shareholders,"
        said William P. Rutledge, chairman and chief executive officer, and
        Donald B. Rice, president and chief operating officer.

            "Teledyne's platform for profitable growth is in place.  We
        continue to increase the Company's focus on technology-based
        manufacturing and engineering businesses where we have strong market
        positions.  At year end, the Company acquired two businesses
        complementing existing operations: Stellram Group, based in Europe,
        manufacturers of high precision milling, boring and drilling systems
        primarily for the European market; and Envases Comerciales, S.A., a
        Costa Rican manufacturer of specialty packaging for pharmaceutical
        and food companies throughout Central America and Mexico.  These
        acquisitions expand the geographic reach of existing Teledyne
        businesses which already have strong positions in North American
        markets," they added.

            Net income for the fourth quarter of 1995 increased to $30.6
        million, or $0.54 per common share, compared to $16.4 million, or
        $0.30 per common share, for the same period in 1994.  Excluding an
        after-tax charge of $13.0 million to resolve certain U.S. government
        contracting issues and the reversal of losses on fixed-priced
        development and initial production contracts of $5.3 million, income
        for the fourth quarter of 1994 was $24.1 million, or $0.43 per
        common share.  Sales from continuing operations for the fourth
        quarter of 1995 increased 7 percent to $640.5 million from $598.2
        million for the same period of 1994.

        Results of Operations

        Aviation and Electronics

         Sales from continuing operations increased to $1.02
billion for
        1995 from $882.0 million for 1994 and decreased to $229.7 million
        for the fourth quarter of 1995 from $237.7 million for 1994.  Sales
        improvements occurred in development work on the United States' new
        High Altitude Endurance Unmanned Aerial Surveillance/Reconnaissance
        Vehicle (the Tier II Plus program), electromechanical relays for
        commercial customers, airframe structures for the U.S. government,
        marine seismic cables for the oil exploration industry, fabricated
        products for the U.S. armed forces, and avionics for the commercia
        aviation market.  In addition, completion of a contract to provide
        ground power generators to the U.S. Air Force increased sales $80
        million for the year 1995 over 1994.  In the 1995 fourth quarter,
        decreased sales of piston engine rebuilds for the general aviation
        market and lower shipments of fabricated products, aerial targets,
        and certain other military unmanned aerial vehicles more than offset
        the effect of the increases described above.

            Operating profit from continuing operations increased to $102.7
        million for 1995 from $84.6 million for 1994, excluding charges of
        $88.8 million in 1994 to resolve certain U.S. government contracting
        matters. Operating profit from continuing operations was $24.5
        million for the 1995 fourth quarter compared to $25.3 million for
        the same period of 1994, excluding the reversal of estimated losses
        of $10.7 million in the 1994 fourth quarter related to fixed-priced
        development and initial production contracts.  Operating profit from
        continuing operations included $8.4 million in the year 1995 and
        $7.0 million in 1994 for similar reversals.  Reduced losses on wire
        and cable products, and increased sales and margins of
        electromechanical relays and airframe structures contributed to the
        operating profit for the year and fourth quarter of 1995.  Operating
        profit for both periods was adversely affected by lower sales and
        margins on piston engines for the general aviation industry and
        turbine engines for the U.S. government, and by increased
        development costs for certain scientific instrument products.

        Specialty Metals

Sales from continuing operations increased to $867.6
million in
        1995 from $709.7 million in 1994 and increased to $225.2 million for
        the fourth quarter of 1995 from $185.1 million for the same period
        of 1994. These sales increases were due to both improvement in
        worldwide automotive, commercial aerospace, and other industrial
        markets, and to increased market penetration in such areas as thin-
        rolled products, carbide cutting tools, specialty shapes and tubes,
        and titanium alloys. In addition, zirconium sales increased for the
        international power generation market due to a major customer's
        three year buy in 1995.

            Operating profit from continuing operations increased to $85.3
        million for 1995 from $40.1 million for 1994 and increased to $18.4
        million for the fourth quarter of 1995 from $8.4 million for the
        same period of 1994, excluding a charge of $13.0 million to resolve
        certain U.S. government contracting issues in the 1994 fourth
        quarter. Operating profit for the year and fourth quarter of 1995
        increased primarily due to higher sales and improved margins.
        Operating profit was enhanced by strong performances in nickel-based
        alloys, specialty shape and tube, thin rolled, and tungsten-based

            Operating profit for both periods was reduced by costs
        associated with new facilities for the manufacturing and
        distribution of thin- rolled products.  These included a new high
        capacity mill at New Bedford, Mass., and an international service
        center in Taiwan. Decreased productivity in zirconium products
        related to protracted labor negotiations (now settled) also reduced
        operating profit.  In addition, increased raw material costs and
        their effect on last-in, first-out inventory valuations, and
        research and development costs related to an automated real-time
        inspection system for hot-rolled rod and bar products negatively
        affected operating profit for both periods.


  Sales from continuing operations increased to $346.8
million for
        1995 from $318.1 million for 1994 and increased to $95.9 million for
        the fourth quarter of 1995 from $92.7 million for the same period of
        1994. For the year and fourth quarter of 1995, sales improved in
        nitrogen cylinder systems, metal stamping dies and plastic
        compression molds for automotive and truck markets, crash fire
        rescue vehicles for the U.S. Air Force, and material handling
        equipment.  Sales of material handling equipment increased during
        both periods as a result of increased market penetration and the
        January 1995 acquisition of the material handling business of Kooi
        B.V.  Kooi is a Netherlands company that is Europe's largest
        supplier of truck-mountable, self-propelled material handlers. For
        the year 1995, tank engine sales declined, principally in the fourth
        quarter, and land combat vehicle development sales declined compared
        to 1994.

            Operating profit from continuing operations increased to $18.7
        million for 1995 from $13.0 million for 1994 and decreased to $4.7
        million for the fourth quarter of 1995 from $10.5 million for the
        same period of 1994.  Operating profit for 1995 increased primarily
        due to a gain on sale of an industrial valve product line and
        improved performance in metal stamping dies and plastic compression
        molds.  In addition, operating profit for the year and fourth
        quarter of 1995 increased due to improved operating results of crash
        fire rescue vehicles.  Operating profit for both periods was reduced
        by lower sales of tank engines, costs associated with the
        integration and rationalization of Kooi product lines, plant
        rationalization expenses, and decreased margins on certain machine
        tools as a result of a labor dispute.  Retiree medical expense
        included in the operating results of this segment totalled $8.6
        million in 1995 and $9.0 million in 1994.


Sales from continuing operations increased to $326.6
million for
        1995 from $307.6 million for 1994 and increased to $89.7 million for
        the fourth quarter of 1995 from $82.7 million for the same period of
        1994. Sales for the year and fourth quarter of 1995 increased for
        commercial and residential heating systems, and for two new
        products, Teledyne Water Pik's SenSonic(TM) Plaque Removal
        Instrument and its Pour-Thru Water Filter(TM) device.  However, the
        weak Christmas season among retailers suppressed fourth quarter
        sales throughout Teledyne Water Pik's product lines.  Sales for the
        year 1995 increased due to a third new product, the MAXX-PURE(TM)
        ozone sanitizing system for swimming pools, while sales for pool
        heaters decreased as a result of poor weather conditions and a
        slowdown in spending on consumer durables. Operating profit from
        continuing operations decreased to $18.7 million for 1995 from $21.5
        million for 1994 and decreased to $6.5 million for the fourth
        quarter of 1995 from $7.1 million for the same period of 1994.  The
        1995 and fourth quarter results were adversely affected by
        advertising and start-up costs for the three new products and the
        sales declines discussed above.

        Corporate Expense

         Corporate expense increased to $82.1 million for the year 1995
        from $68.4 million for the same period of 1994 and increased to
        $19.8 million for the fourth quarter of 1995 from $19.0 million for
        the same period of 1994.  Corporate expense increased for the year
        1995 primarily due to legal and advisory fees associated with an
        unsolicited merger proposal and ensuing proxy contest and increased
        warranty expenses for closed businesses.

        Pension Income

         Teledyne's non-cash pension income recorded the amount by
        the amortization into income of pension surplus and estimated return
        on plan assets exceeded the current year's cost of providing
        benefits.  Pension income before tax increased to $80.7 million in
        the 1995 year from $79.1 million for the same period of 1994 and
        decreased to $20.2 million in the fourth quarter of 1995 from $22.5
        million for the same period of 1994.  The change in pension income
        was a result of a higher expected return on pension assets and a
        change in discount rate used to calculate the pension benefit
        obligation partially offset by a change in mortality assumptions.
        The fourth quarter of 1994 included a one-time pension curtailment
        gain related to closed businesses.

            Cash from excess pension assets of $17.5 million in 1995 and
        $15.0 million in 1994 was transferred pre-tax under Section 420 of
        the Internal Revenue Code from the Company's defined benefit pension
        plans to the Company.  The Internal Revenue Code permits transfers
        annually of an amount not to exceed the Company's actual
        expenditures on retiree health care benefits.  While not affecting
        reported operating profit, cash flow increased by the after-tax
        effect of the transferred amount.

        Other Income

      In July 1995, the New Piper
Company emerged from
        bankruptcy with Teledyne having exchanged its major creditor
        position for 24.2 percent ownership and an option to purchase an
        additional 24.2 percent. As a result, Teledyne recognized a gain for
        the year 1995 of $5.9 million, included in other income.  Also
        included in other income are gains, primarily from sale of excess
        real estate, of $5.1 million for 1995 compared to $6.0 million for

        Income Taxes

Provision for taxes in 1995 includes a reduction of $9.3
        for the year and $2.5 million for the fourth quarter as a result of
        revisions to prior years' estimated income tax liabilities.

            Teledyne, Inc. is a technology-based manufacturing corporation
        serving worldwide customers with commercial and government-related
        aviation and electronics products; specialty metals for consumer,
        industrial and aerospace applications; and industrial and consumer

        Teledyne, Inc. and Subsidiaries
        (In millions)
                                           Year Ended       Quarter Ended
                                           December 31,      December 31,
                                         1995       1994     1995     1994
        Aviation and electronics:
         Continuing                   $1,015.4   $  882.0   $229.7   $237.7
         Discontinued                        -      148.5        -     41.3
                                       1,015.4    1,030.5    229.7    279.0
        Specialty metals:
         Continuing                      867.6      709.7    225.2    185.1
         Discontinued                      1.5        1.7      0.3      0.4
                                         869.1      711.4    225.5    185.5
         Continuing                      346.8      318.1     95.9     92.7
         Discontinued                      9.9       23.6      1.8      4.5
                                         356.7      341.7     97.7     97.2
         Continuing                      326.6      307.6     89.7     82.7
         Discontinued                        -          -        -        -
                                         326.6      307.6     89.7     82.7
         Continuing                    2,556.4    2,217.4    640.5    598.2
         Discontinued                     11.4      173.8      2.1     46.2
                                      $2,567.8   $2,391.2   $642.6   $644.4
        Teledyne, Inc. and Subsidiaries
        (In millions except per share amounts)
                                            Year Ended        Quarter Ended
                                            December 31,       December 31,
                                           1995      1994     1995     1994
        Operating Profit (Loss):
        Aviation and electronics:
         Continuing                       $102.7   $ (4.2)   $ 24.5   $ 36.0
         Discontinued                          -    (35.8)        -      3.1
         Pension income                     18.1     12.8       4.5      3.2
                                           120.8    (27.2)     29.0     42.3
        Specialty metals:
         Continuing                         85.3     27.1      18.4    (4.6)
         Discontinued                          -      1.4         -    (3.9)
         Pension income                      8.3      8.7       2.1      2.2
                                            93.6     37.2      20.5    (6.3)
         Continuing                         18.7     13.0       4.7     10.5
         Discontinued                        0.6     (1.3)      0.2    (3.5)
         Pension income                     25.9     25.8       6.5      6.4
                                            45.2     37.5      11.4     13.4
         Continuing                         18.7     21.5       6.5      7.1
         Discontinued                          -     (2.8)        -      0.3
         Pension income                      0.2     (0.1)      0.1    (0.1)
                                            18.9     18.6       6.6      7.3
        Total Continuing                   225.4     57.4      54.1     49.0
         Discontinued                        0.6    (38.5)      0.2    (4.0)
                                           226.0     18.9      54.3     45.0
        Corporate expense:
         Salaries and benefits             (23.0)   (18.7)     (6.9)   (4.5)
         Closed businesses' expenses       (11.9)    (8.4)     (2.0)   (2.2)
         Other                             (47.2)   (41.3)    (10.9)  (12.3)
        Interest expense                   (42.3)   (43.5)    (10.8)  (11.2)
        Pension income                      80.7     79.1      20.2     22.5
        Other income                        67.9     10.2       3.5      0.8
        Income (Loss) Before Taxes         250.2     (3.7)     47.4     38.1
        Provision for Taxes                 88.2      4.7      16.8     21.7
        Net Income (Loss)                  162.0     (8.4)     30.6     16.4
        Preferred Stock Dividends            1.6        -       0.7        -
        Net Income (Loss) Applicable to
         Common Shareholders               $160.4   $ (8.4)  $ 29.9   $ 16.4
        Net Income (Loss) Per Common Share $ 2.88   $(0.15)   $ 0.54  $ 0.30
            Average shares - There were 55,656,827 and 55,778,014 shares of
        common stock outstanding during the year and three months ended
        December 31, 1995, respectively, and 55,446,296 and 55,455,347 for
        the year and three months ended December 31, 1994, respectively.
            Note - In January 1995, the Company sold substantially all of
        its defense electronic systems business and related assets at a
        pretax gain of $50.7 million, included in other income.  Sales and
        operating results for its defense electronic systems business for
        1994, including charges of $35.0 million to resolve certain U.S.
        government contracting issues, have been reclassified and presented
        in discontinued results.  In addition, sales and operating results
        for prior periods have been reclassified for realignment of certain
        business units and to conform with the December 1995 presentation.

        /CONTACT:  Rosanne O'Brien of Teledyne, Inc., 310-551-4265/

Diamond Multimedia
Reports Results For
        The Year Ended December 31, 1995

            SAN JOSE, Calif.--Jan. 17, 1996--Diamond
        Multimedia Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:DIMD) reported record revenues for
        the quarter and year ended December 31, 1995.  

            For the quarter ended December 31, 1995, revenues increased 214
        percent to $190.1 million, up from $60.6 million in the
        corresponding prior year period.  The Company's Supra Corporation
        subsidiary, acquired in September 1995, accounted for approximately
        18 percent of revenues or $34 million.  The Company's SPEA Software
        AG subsidiary, acquired in November 1995, accounted for $17 million
        of revenues from the date of acquisition.  

            Gross margin for the quarter ended December 31, 1995 was 21%.
        Gross margin was adversely affected by approximately two percentage
        points, or seven cents per share, due to unexpected year-end
        inventory adjustments.  

            For the quarter ended December 31, 1995, Diamond recorded net
        income of $13.1 million or 40 cents per share, on 33.1 million
        shares, before a one-time in-process technology write-off related to
        the acquisition of SPEA Software AG of $38.0 million or $1.19 per
        share.  In the comparable period of 1994, the Company reported net
        income of $5.5 million or 26 cents per share on 20.9 million shares.

            For the year ended December 31, 1995, revenues were $467.6
        million compared with $203.3 million for the previous year.  Giving
        effect to in-process technology write-offs of an aggregate of $76.7
        million in connection with the SPEA and Supra acquisitions, the
        Company reported a net loss of $41.3 million or $1.55 per share on
        26.7 million shares.  

            Without the one-time write-offs, Diamond would have reported net
        income of $35.4 million or $1.29 cents per share.  For the
        comparable period in 1994, Diamond reported net income of $20.1
        million or 96 cents per share on 20.9 million shares.  

            On November 28, 1995, Diamond sold 3,150,000 shares of common
        stock at $31.25 per share in a public offering, raising net proceeds
        of approximately $93.6 million.  The proceeds of the offering will
        be used for general corporate purposes and for acquisitions and
        acquisition-related expenses.  

            The Company has an outstanding offer to acquire href="chap11.hayes.html">Hayes
        Microcomputer Products, Inc.
that is currently being reviewed
by the
        U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Atlanta, Georgia.  Court hearings have been
        scheduled through the end of January and the Company does not expect
        a decision to be made before then.  There can be no assurance the
        Company's offer will prevail.  

         Diamond Multimedia

            Diamond Multimedia designs, markets and supports high-
        performance multimedia solutions for the PC and Macintosh markets.
        Products include the Stealth, Viper and SPEA brands of graphics, CAD
        and multimedia accelerators, Diamond EDGE 3D animation accelerators
        and Supra fax/modems.  Diamond also markets Internet kits including
        ISDN adapters, as well as sound cards and multimedia upgrade kits.  

            Headquartered in San Jose, Diamond has marketing and technical
        support facilities in Vancouver (Wash.), Tokyo, Starnberg (Germany),
        Paris and Slough (U.K.) Diamond's products are sold through
        regional, national and international distributors as well as to
        major computer retailers, mass merchants and OEMs worldwide.
        Diamond's common stock is traded on the NASDAQ National Market under
        the symbol DIMD.  

            For more information on Diamond Multimedia at no cost, please
        call 800/PRO-INFO.  

                     Diamond Multimedia Systems, Inc.
                  Consolidated Statements of Operations
                (in thousands, except per share amounts)
                                 Three Months Ended      Year Ended        
                                    December 31,         December 31,        
                                   1995     1994       1995       1994
        Net sales                    $190,056  $60,572   $467,635   $203,297
        Cost of sales                 150,031   43,523    359,285    145,314
        Gross profit                   40,025   17,049    108,350     57,983
        Research and development        4,103    1,224     10,665      3,696
        Selling, general and
         administrative                15,354    6,762     39,311     21,150
        Amortization of intangibles       937       --        937         --
        Write-off of in process
         technology                    38,000       --     76,710
        Total operating expenses       58,394    7,986    127,623     24,846
        Income (loss) from
         operations                   (18,369)   9,063    (19,273)    33,137
        Interest income (expense),
         net                                8      237     (1,291)       662
        Other income, net               1,407       --      1,357
        Income (loss) before
         provision for taxes          (16,954)   9,300    (19,207)    33,799
        Provision for income taxes      7,958    3,766     22,140     13,683
        Net income (loss)            ($24,912)  $5,534   ($41,347)   $20,116
        Common shares and
         equivalents                   32,050   20,900     26,724     20,900
        Net income (loss) per share    ($0.78)   $0.26     ($1.55)     $0.96
                     Diamond Multimedia Systems, Inc.
                  Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets
                             (in thousands)
                                 At Dec. 31, 1995    At Dec. 31, 1994    
        Current assets:                                         
         Cash and short-term
          investments                    $106,203            $72,922
         Accounts receivable               90,640             20,462      
         Inventories                       89,635             18,572
         Deferred taxes and other
          current assets                   23,926              7,222  
          Total current assets            310,404            119,178     
        Fixed assets, net                  10,152              1,676
        Other assets                        6,385
        Goodwill and other intangibles,
         net                               15,925                 --     
          Total assets                   $342,866           $120,854    
        Current liabilities:                                    
         Notes payable, current             $713            $82,664     
         Bank lines of credit             25,545                 --       
         Trade accounts payable and
          other accrued liabilities       98,348             30,488        
         Income taxes payable                 --                310     
         Total current liabilities       124,606            113,482     
        Long-term debt, net of current
         portion                           3,524                 --       
        Subordinated promissory notes
         payable                              --             34,167      
        Deferred taxes                     1,657
          Total liabilities              129,787            147,629     
        Mandatorily redeemable
         preferred stock                      --             29,174      
        Stockholders' equity (deficit)   213,079            (55,949)    
          Total liabilities and
           stockholders' equity  
          (deficit)                     $342,866           $120,854

        CONTACT:  Diamond Multimedia,
                  Gary Filler (investors), 408/325-7333        
                  Kim Stowe (media), 408/325-7204
                  FRB San Francisco,
                  Ann Trunko (general information),
                  Kevin Mirise (analyst contact), 415/986-1591

Wonderware reports financial results for fiscal 1995

            IRVINE, Calif.--Jan. 17, 1996--Wonderware Corp.
        (NASDAQ:WNDR) Wednesday reported its financial results for the
        fiscal year ended Dec. 31, 1995.  

            These included record revenues for the fourth quarter and the
        full year, but lower net income in the fourth quarter and a loss for
        the full year, both due to unusual, non-recurring charges.  

            Revenues for the year ended Dec. 31, 1995, were a record
        $55,010,933, an increase of 54 percent from the $35,705,280 in
        revenues recorded in 1994.  Income for the year before non-recurring
        charges was $10,829,536; however, after the non-recurring charges,
        the company reported a net loss of $14,301,667 for 1995.  This
        compared to net income of $7,575,337 for the prior year.  On a per
        share basis, this amounted to a loss of $1.13 for 1995, as compared
        to net income of $.58 per share in 1994.  

            Revenues for the fourth quarter of 1995 were $16,202,277, an
        increase of 47 percent from the $11,031,543 reported for the fourth
        quarter of 1994.  Net income for the quarter was $1,327,657
        ($2,770,921 before the non-recurring charges), as compared to the
        $2,374,708 reported for the previous year.  On a per share basis net
        income was $.09 per share, compared to $.18 per share for the 1994
        fourth quarter.  

            "The net loss reported for the year resulted from several
        unusual non-recurring items,"  explained Lee Kim, acting chief
        financial officer.  "It includes the pre-tax write-off of $33
        million of acquired in-process research and development costs that
        we reported in the third quarter, which was related to our
        acquisitions of EnaTec Software Systems and Soft Systems
        Engineering.  It also includes fourth quarter accruals related to
        severance costs incurred in restructuring the company's executive
        management; relocation costs; and costs associated with the
        acquisition of assets from Professional Technology Management (PTM)
        in South Africa."  

            "Most of the non-recurring charges were related to
        acquisitions,"  said Roy H. Slavin, chairman, president and chief
        executive officer. "We completed two major deals in the third
        quarter.  They have presented us with a situation where we have
        continuing expenses for product development, sales and marketing
        activities related to our manufacturing execution system (MES) and
        batch process management products -- all without a currently
        significant revenue stream.  The same is true, but on a smaller
        scale, with the database technology that we acquired from PTM during
        the fourth quarter.  

            "We feel the ongoing operations of EnaTec and SSE will require
        further investments in 1996, but that as the Wonderware InTrack MES
        product and the Direktor batch product come on stream during the
        year they will offset these expenses with increased revenue,"
        Slavin said.  "The database product acquired from PTM will become a
        core technology within future products.  Revenue associated with it
        will begin with shipment of future generations of our entire factory
        automation suite.  

            "As we have noted previously, we anticipate higher than historic
        investments in R&D, sales, and marketing programs in 1996 as we
        penetrate new markets for the MES and batch products,"  Slavin
        added. "We feel the fundamentals of our business remain strong and
        we are proceeding with implementation of our long term strategic
        plans in our targeted markets."  

            The company noted that actual results for 1996 may differ
        materially from the above forward-looking statements due to a number
        of factors, including but not limited to delays in introduction of
        products or enhancements, market acceptance of new products,
        competition and pricing in the software industry, and seasonality of
        revenues.  These factors are more fully discussed in the company's
        most recent quarterly report on Form 10-Q and annual report on Form

            Wonderware Corp. is the leading independent supplier of Windows-
        based software for the industrial automation marketplace.  Founded
        in 1987, the company has headquarters in Irvine, Calif., and has
        regional offices in the United States, Europe and Asia to provide
        support to its worldwide distributor channel.  -0-

                           WONDERWARE CORP.            
                  CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF OPERATIONS                     
                              Three months ended         Year ended      
                                   Dec. 31,               Dec. 31,
                               1995         1994       1995      1994
                           (Unaudited)  (Unaudited)            
        Total revenues       $16,202,277 $11,031,543  $55,010,933
        Cost of sales            776,749     464,725    2,581,032
          Gross profit        15,425,528  10,566,818   52,429,901
        Operating expenses:                     
        R&D                    3,676,768   2,243,797   10,607,252
        SG&A                   9,117,909   5,292,293   29,114,618
        Severance costs        1,319,624                1,319,624       
         Operating income
          before acquired                     
          R&D expenses         1,311,227   3,030,728   11,388,407
        Acquired R&D                -            -     33,091,626
         Operating income
          (loss)               1,311,227   3,030,728  (21,703,219)
        Other income, net        700,321     546,171    2,815,232
          Income (loss)
          before provision
          for income taxes     2,011,548   3,576,899  (18,887,987)
        Provision for
          income taxes           683,891   1,202,191   (4,586,320)
         Net income (loss)    $1,327,657 $ 2,374,708 $(14,301,667)
        Net income (loss)
          per common and                     
          equivalent share     $   0.09     $  0.18      $ (1.13)    $  0.58
        Weighted average
         common and common
         equivalent shares    14,200,792   13,441,750  12,650,347
                               WONDERWARE CORP.
                         CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEETS         
                                        Dec. 31,      Dec. 31,
                                          1995         1994
        Current assets:         
        Cash and cash equivalents    $ 27,864,382   $ 20,147,748
        Short-term investments         39,060,920     38,334,336
        Accounts receivable, net       10,439,179      5,146,223
        Inventories                       460,663        378,347
        Deferred tax assets             2,139,690        863,892
        Prepaid expenses and other
         current assets                   948,387        525,036
            Total current assets       80,913,221     65,395,582
        Property and equipment, net         6,272,399      3,381,759
        Investments                           800,000      2,800,000
        Noncurrent deferred tax assets      1,967,711       
        Other assets                          408,265         35,541
            Total assets             $ 91,361,596   $ 71,612,882
        Current liabilities:         
        Accounts payable             $  1,532,721   $  1,011,830
        Accrued employee incentive
        compensation                      833,627        828,491
        Accrued commissions               450,287        379,042
        Income taxes payable              438,548        247,275
        Accrued payroll and related
          liabilities                   2,939,677        734,616
        Other accrued liabilities       2,090,756      1,768,082
        Deferred revenue                1,234,640        894,405
            Total current liabilities   9,520,256      5,863,741
        Stockholders' equity:         
        Common stock                       13,248         12,098
        Additional paid-in capital     83,331,383     53,203,248
        Unrealized gain (loss) on
            short-term investments        192,698        (71,883)  
        Retained earnings (deficit)    (1,695,989)    12,605,678
          Total stockholders' equity   81,841,340     65,749,141
          Total liabilities and
           stockholders' equity      $ 91,361,596   $ 71,612,882

        CONTACT:  Wonderware, Irvine,
                  Lee Kim or Don Allen, 714/727-3200

Trimark Holdings announces it expects to
        post a second-quarter loss relating to specific projects and
        corporate restructuring; corporate cash flow remains strong

            LOS ANGELES---Jan. 17, 1996--Trimark Holdings
        Inc. (NASDAQ/NNM:TMRK) Wednesday announced that it expects to report
        a loss of approximately $4.5 million for the quarter ended Dec. 31,
        1995, primarily due to writedowns following the poor performance of
        the video acquisitions "Kids" and "Death Machine," a significant
        reserve taken for the company's interactive CD-ROM game "The Hive"
        and certain restructuring charges.

            "While we are disappointed that the company will report the
        first quarterly loss in its history," stated Chairman Mark Amin,
        "the company continues to generate strong cash flow.  Trimark has a
        $25 million credit line with Bank of America and WestLB and no other
        long-term debt.

            "We need to address the rapidly changing realities of the
        entertainment landscape.  The difficulties which the video industry
        faces from severe competition, cable television and direct broadcast
        satellite are expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

            "The company plans to continue to invest approximately $40
        million in the acquisition and production of motion picture product
        annually.  The company is currently seeking to fill a newly created
        position, President of Production, to oversee all acquisition,
        development and production operations."

            Lucie Guernsey, vice president of WestLB, said:  "Unlike other
        entertainment companies that have waited until they experienced
        severe cash drains before restructuring, Trimark Holdings has taken
        pro-active steps to address a rapidly changing marketplace while
        maintaining a strong cash flow.  We are confident in the steps taken
        by Trimark's management."

            The company previously announced that Trimark Interactive
        shipped more than 120,000 units of the interactive game "The Hive,"
        developed exclusively for Windows `95.  The retail sales of "The
        Hive" have been negatively affected, as have other add-on products
        made exclusively for Windows `95, by the dramatically smaller-than-
        projected installed user base of the operating system.

            "The Hive" received rave reviews and is one of the best-selling
        native Windows `95 games, and even though Trimark recognizes
        Microsoft's continued support for Windows `95 as the PC operating
        system of the future, the company chooses to take a substantial
        reserve against returns now based on the slower-than-expected sales
        of the game.

            The company's current slate of motion pictures has more than $20
        million of new product including the science-fiction family film
        "The Warrior of Waverly Street," "Crossworlds," "The Dentist" and
        "The Pinocchio Syndrome."

            Trimark Pictures is a division of Trimark Holdings Inc., a broad-
        based entertainment company that acquires, produces and distributes
        motion pictures domestically and internationally under the Trimark
        Pictures banner; licenses to the broadcast industry under the
        Trimark Television moniker, to the domestic home video market under
        the Vidmark Entertainment label and to the interactive market under
        the Trimark Interactive banner.

        CONTACT:  Trimark Holdings Inc., Los Angeles,
                  David Bowers or Douglas L. Lowell, 310/314-2000