SAN DIEGO, Dec. 29, 1995 -- Triton
Group Ltd.
        announced today that it has begun a review of trading losses
        incurred by its predecessor companies through Jay Goldinger and the
        Capital Insights firm.  It is believed the losses were the result of
        leveraged investments in the Treasury bond market, similar to those
        described in the press relating to Pier 1 Imports and PairGain
        Technologies.  It is believed the losses were incurred in 1989-1990
        and amounted to approximately $10 million.  The origin and extent of
        the investing relationship with Mr. Goldinger is not known by
        current management, but it is believed that it was terminated in
        connection with these losses.

            Commenting on this situation Michael M. Earley, Triton's
        President, stated, "We have noted the reported losses and related
        allegations at Pier 1 and PairGain, and are reviewing the
        circumstances regarding Triton and Intermark's trading losses with
        Mr. Goldinger.  Our understanding is that our predecessors allocated
        a portion of the company's investment portfolio to this high-risk
        strategy and lost the bet.  If, however, the investigations
        determine that the losses resulted from other than a failed
        investment strategy, we will determine what options are available to
        us, if any."

            Triton emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy in June 1993, the
        successor to Intermark Inc. and Triton Group Ltd.  Triton currently
        owns 49.4% of Mission West Properties (AMEX: MSW) and certain other

        /CONTACT:  Michael M. Earley, President of Triton, 619-231-1818/



            HAMILTON HM DX, Bermuda, Dec. 27, 1995 -- The Board Of
        Directors of Presidio Capital Corp., a British Virgin Islands
        Corporation, approved the payment of a cash dividend of $1.00 per
        share or approximately $10 million payable on January 12, 1996, to
        all shareholders of record as of January 3, 1996.  This represents
        the fourth distribution paid by Presidio to its shareholders.

            Presidio Capital Corp., the successor entity to href="chap11.integrated.html">Integrated
        Resources Inc.
, is engaged in the liquidation and disposition
of the
        assets of Integrated, which were acquired pursuant to the Sixth
        Amended Plan of Reorganization submitted by the Subordinated
        Bondholders Committee and the Steinhardt Group.  The plan of
        reorganization was consummated on November 3, 1994.  Upon payment of
        this dividend, Presidio will have made liquidating distributions to
        date of $9.49 per share to its shareholders.

        /CONTACT:  Christopher Weatherhill of Hemisphere Management Ltd.,


            ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Dec. 28, 1995 -- Silver
        Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: SKTV) today announced its financial
        results for the quarter ended November 30, 1995.  Total revenue for
        the first quarters of fiscal year 1996 and 1995 were unchanged at
        approximately $11.6  million.  For the first quarter of fiscal year
        1996, the  Company reported a net loss of $(3.3) million or $(.35)
        per share compared to a net loss of $(31) thousand or less than one
        cent per share in the same quarter last year.  The primary reasons
        for the net loss include the previously disclosed $2.0 million
        Company-wide restructuring and relocation charges, an additional $.6
        million charge related to the closing of the Denver facility of
        Telemation, Inc., and $.8 million of charges under the terms of the
        Equity and Bonus Compensation Agreement entered into between the
        Company and its new Chairman, Barry Diller.

            The Company also announced that James M. Lawless has resigned as
        a member of the Company's Board of Directors, effective December 22,
        1995, and no longer serves as President.  Mr. Lawless served the
        Company with distinction as Chairman of the Board from June 7, 1994
        until August 24, 1995 and as President since January 12, 1994.

            SKTV owns and operates 12 independent full power UHF broadcast
        television  stations which serve 8 of the 12 largest markets in the
        United States, including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, and the
        stations reach approximately 28 million television households.

                    FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS (Unaudited)
                                             Quarter Ended
                                      11/30/95          11/30/94
                                 (In thousands, except per share data)
        Selected Income Statement Information:
        Revenue                        $11,553           $11,555
        Net loss                       $(3,319)          $   (31)
        Per share basis:
        Net loss                       $  (.35)          $   ---
        Weighted Average
         Shares Outstanding              9,378             8,899
        Selected Balance
         Sheet Information As Of:     11/30/95           11/30/94
        Cash and Cash Equivalents      $21,580           $11,099
        Total Debt Outstanding        $111,456          $122,381

        /CONTACT:  Jason Stewart, 310-246-1411, or Steven Grant,
        813-573-0339, both of Silver King/