Drypers Corporation comments on ongoing negotiations
        for new capital financing commitments

            HOUSTON--December 1, 1995--Drypers
        Corporation (Nasdaq:DYPR) today reported that it has received two
        separate commitments from lending institutions each for a $20
        million financing facility.  The financing facility would replace
        Drypers' existing $15.0 million revolving credit facility.  Drypers
        also reported that it is in discussions with its existing senior
        lender to continue a $1.8 million term loan.  Additionally, Drypers'
        two largest equity holders have agreed to provide additional capital
        in an aggregate amount of at least $3.6 million.  Concurrent with
        these developments, Drypers has continued to negotiate with the
        holders of the Company's 12 +% Senior Notes.  The Company has been
        informed by Holders of a substantial majority of the Notes that they
        have given instruction to the Trustee of the Notes not to accelerate
        the debt and to take no action at this time with respect to the
        unpaid semiannual interest payment, which was due November 1, 1995,
        and for which the payment grace period expired December 1, 1995.
        Both the credit facility and the capital investment are subject to
        further negotiation of conditions that are yet to be met.  If
        certain of these negotiations or negotiations with the Noteholders
        are unsuccessful, as previously stated in a press release issued on
        August 4, 1995, the Company may be required to seek protection under
        the federal bankruptcy laws.  

            Walter V.  Klemp, Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer,
        noted, "We are pleased to have passed this milestone in our
        negotiations for a financing package which will help Drypers meet
        its financial obligations.  We believe the commitments from our
        lending institutions show confidence in the improving trends in
        Drypers' business.  In the four-week period ended November 4, 1995,
        Drypers grocery retail market share increased to 5.6%, continuing a
        steady improvement in recent months from a low of 4.1%."  

            Mr.  Klemp added, "In addition to our strengthening market
        share, we are further encouraged by recent improvements in our
        operating environment.  Our largest nationally- branded competitor
        recently announced price increases on its diaper products,
        signalling an end to the price war we have been struggling through.
        Additionally, we have recently had price reductions from our
        suppliers of fluff pulp, signalling price weakness in that
        commodity.  We believe that both of these events bode well for
        Drypers' ongoing performance."  

            Drypers Corporation manufactures and markets disposable baby
        diapers and related products under the Drypers brand name.  The
        Company's products are sold through grocery stores and mass
        merchants throughout the United States, Latin America and other
        international markets.  The Company also produces price value
        branded and private label diapers and related products.  

        CONTACT: Drypers Corporation,
                 Walter V. Klemp, 713/682-6848
                 Morgen-Walke Associates,
                 Lynn Morgen/Howard Zar/Melissa Garelick;
                 Press: Stacy Berns, 212/850-5600


            DALEVILLE, Ind., Dec. 4, 1995 -- href="chap11.burlington.html">Burlington Motor
        Holdings, Inc.
and its subsidiaries today filed in the state of
        Delaware for protection and reorganization under Chapter 11 of the
        U.S. Bankruptcy Code.  The filing is part of the Company's
        previously announced planned restructuring of its existing debt.

            Burlington, which provides truck load transportation services
        throughout the continental United States and to and from Mexico and
        Canada, also announced that it obtained a $50 million line of credit
        to be provided by Foothill Capital Corporation.  GE Capital will
        continue to provide a line of credit pending approval of the
        Foothill facility. These lines of credit will provide the Company
        with the cash and liquidity it needs to continue to operate the
        business as usual and pay suppliers at normal levels as it prepares
        a reorganization plan.

            The Company's operations will not be affected by the
        reorganization filing and Burlington will continue to provide the
        highest level of service to its customers.  Employee wages and
        benefits will also continue uninterrupted.

            In an effort to expedite its reorganization, Burlington has been
        engaged in discussions with its secured creditors and holders of its
        publicly traded 11-1/2% Senior Subordinated Notes Due 2003 to change
        existing amortization schedules and reduce existing debt by
        converting certain debt to equity.  In addition, and upon certain
        conditions, the Company's shareholders are also willing to
        contribute additional capital to improve the liquidity of the
        business.  The Company anticipates filing a Disclosure Statement and
        Plan of Reorganization outlining the terms of the restructuring in
        the near future.

            The Company believes that the above efforts will be concluded
        expeditiously, resulting in a substantially stronger balance sheet.
        It is simultaneously pursuing an operational restructuring plan
        which will enable the Company to continue its high level of customer
        service and to attain profitability.

        /CONTACT:  James Overley of Burlington Motor Carriers, 317-378-4119,
        or Sam Witchel of Scharff, Witchel & Co., 212-983-1060/