FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 28, 1995 -- Sunbeam
        Corporation (NYSE: SOC) announced today that its subsidiary, Sunbeam
        Products, Inc., has acquired the principal operating assets of the
        outdoor and indoor furniture businesses of href="chap11.lineal.html">The Lineal Group, Inc.
        (d/b/a Samsonite Furniture Company) and also has entered into a long
        term license agreement with Samsonite Corporation (Nasdaq: SAMC) to
        market certain outdoor and indoor furniture lines under the
        Samsonite(R) brand name in the United States.  Lineal was a
        Samsonite(R) licensee on many of the furniture product lines
        acquired by Sunbeam today.

            The purchase of Lineal's inventory, equipment, intellectual
        property and certain other assets was made in connection with a
        Chapter 11 filing by Lineal.  The acquired business had sales of
        approximately $70 million for its fiscal year ended July 31, 1995,
        prior to Lineal's September 1, 1995 bankruptcy filing.  The purchase
        price for the assets acquired was $11.9 million.

            Commenting on the acquisition, Jim Clegg, President, North
        America, for Sunbeam stated:  "This is an excellent strategic
        purchase for our Company, allowing us immediate access to new
        distribution channels and a new customer base, counterseasonal
        diversification of our furniture product lines and an outstanding
        brand name in Samsonite(R).  Lineal lost sales and distribution
        during the bankruptcy, but we expect to be able to restore a portion
        of the lost sales in the first year and thereafter to grow the
        business significantly."

            Roger Schipke, Sunbeam's Chairman and CEO, added:  "This
        acquisition underscores Sunbeam's continuing commitment to growth
        through acquisitions as well as through internal growth.  We
        continue to look for niche acquisitions such as Lineal, which afford
        opportunities for significant growth at relatively low risk.  The
        Company acquired the Counselor(R)-Borg(R) scale business from Newell
        in late 1993 and also acquired the outdoor resin furniture business
        from Rubbermaid in 1994. We feel that the Lineal product lines and
        the Samsonite(R) brand make this a comparable strategic

            The business acquired by Sunbeam today includes a casual living
        division, which markets high end patio & garden furniture primarily
        through specialty stores under the Samsonite(R), Halcyon(R),
        Molla(R) and Lineal Design(R) brands; a commercial/hospitality
        division, which sells folding and stacking tubular steel, aluminum
        and wood commercial furniture primarily under the Samsonite(R)
        brand; and a mass market division, which sells folding tables and
        chairs, step stools and bar stools, under the Samsonite(R) brand.
        This acquisition complements Sunbeam's multichannel, multi-brand
        strategy for its furniture business.

            Sunbeam is a leading producer of outdoor casual furniture,
        offering a full line of resin, folding aluminum, style aluminum,
        steel, wood and wrought iron furniture products.  Sunbeam recently
        expanded its furniture offerings to include indoor casual dining
        sets and bar stools. The Lineal acquisition will add wrought
        aluminum lines and high-end aluminum style and steel furniture for
        outdoor use, as well as expanding Sunbeam's indoor and outdoor
        furniture offerings to include folding and stacking tables and
        chairs, commercial lines, step stools and additional varieties of
        bar stools.

            Sunbeam Corporation is a leading consumer products company that
        designs, manufactures and markets, nationally and internationally, a
        diverse portfolio of outdoor and household brand name products.  The
        Company's Sunbeam(R) and Oster(R) brands have been household names
        for generations, both domestically and abroad, and the Company is a
        market leader in many of its product categories.

        /CONTACT:  James J. Clegg, President, North America, Sunbeam
        Corporation, 708-995-8900, or John DeSimone, Manager, Investor
        Relations, Sunbeam Corporation, 954-767-2100/


            WILMINGTON, Del., Nov. 28, 1995 -- href="chap11.columbia.html">The Columbia Gas
        System, Inc.
, (NYSE: CG) and Columbia Gas Transmission Corp., its
        principal pipeline subsidiary, are emerging from Chapter 11 today,
        prepared to begin what Chairman and CEO Oliver G. Richard III
        described as the "systematic transformation of Columbia into a
        bolder, aggressive and innovative energy company."

            As provided in separate reorganization plans that were confirmed
        by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware on
        November 15, The Columbia Gas System, Inc., has begun distributing
        $3.6 billion to its creditors and Columbia Transmission has begun
        distributing $3.9 billion to its creditors, including $2.3 billion
        to the Parent Corporation.  The two companies have been operating as
        debtors-in- possession since filing for Chapter 11 protection July
        31, 1991.

            "The payment of our creditors marks the end of the bankruptcy
        and the beginning of a new era for Columbia," Richard said.  "We
        intend to leverage Columbia's strong physical and intellectual
        resources, old and new, and remake the company into one of the
        leading marketers of energy and energy services in the nation ... a
        company that provides customers with real choices and one-stop-
        shopping for all of their energy needs."

            Richard predicted that, following emergence, Columbia would be a
        "dramatically different company; one that is more flexible, more
        competitive and poised to aggressively pursue strategic initiatives
        that will increase earnings and add value for its shareholders.  We
        are already searching out productivity gains in all of our business
        units and identifying ways to reduce operating costs."

            "Unlike many companies emerging from Chapter 11, Columbia is in
        a strong financial position," Richard said.  "We are prepared to
        commit the resources and capital investments needed to strengthen,
        expand and improve the earning capability of our two most important
        channels to our customers: our interstate pipeline and distribution
        highways.  At the same time, we plan to systematically seek out and
        capitalize on significant growth opportunities in non-regulated
        businesses by both independently expanding our existing non-utility
        operations and through carefully thought out strategic alliances."

            The Parent Corporation is distributing approximately $3.4
        billion in full payment of the debt the Corporation owed financial
        institutions and other investors prior to filing for Chapter 11,
        including approximately $1.1 billion of interest on that debt.
        Payments for tax, administrative and other miscellaneous claims
        total approximately $200 million.  This distribution to creditors is
        funded by approximately $1 billion in cash, a portion of which is
        derived from new bank debt; about $2 billion in new debt securities
        with maturities that range from five to 30 years; and about $200
        million in preferred stock and $200 million in dividend enhanced
        convertible stock.  The new debt securities have an average interest
        rate of 7.03 percent, one of the lowest debt costs in the gas

            In addition to the $2.3 billion being paid to the Parent
        Corporation, Columbia Transmission is distributing $1.066 billion to
        resolve claims filed by natural gas producers after their gas
        purchase contracts were rejected.  These payments are to those
        producers who signed settlement agreements with Columbia
        Transmission or accepted claims' values included in the confirmed
        reorganization plan.  Other producers' claims will be paid when
        settlements are reached or their claims are finally litigated.
        Columbia Transmission is also distributing about $160 million to
        resolve claims filed by its customer companies and approximately
        $240 million for tax, trade, administrative and other miscellaneous
        claims.  As provided in the reorganization plan, the Parent
        Corporation is receiving restructured secured debt and restructured
        equity to satisfy its claims.  Other claims being paid by Columbia
        Transmission today are funded primarily by approximately $1.4
        billion in cash the company accumulated while operating under
        Chapter 11.

            The Columbia Gas System, Inc., is one of the nation's largest
        natural gas systems. Its 17 operating subsidiaries are engaged in
        the exploration, production, purchase, marketing, storage,
        transmission and distribution of natural gas as well as other energy
        operations including electric power generation.

        /CONTACT:  Media, H.W. Chaddock, 302-429-5261, or W.R. McLaughlin,
        302-429-5443, or Analysts, T.L. Hughes, 302-429-5363, or K.P.
        302-429-5471, all of Columbia Gas/


            DALLAS, Nov. 28, 1995 -- Centex Corporation
        today on the suspension of a contract to build Harrah's Jazzville
        Casino in New Orleans as a result of last week's bankruptcy filing
        by the Harrah's Jazz Company
partnership.  Centex Landis
        Construction Co., Inc., the New Orleans-based subsidiary of the
        Centex Construction Group, has been the general contractor under a
        $116 million contract for the project, which is about 60 percent

            At the time of the bankruptcy filing, Centex Landis and its
        subcontractors and suppliers were owed in the range of $35 million,
        representing approximately two months of unpaid construction costs.
        Centex said it believes that any exposure Centex Landis may have as
        a result of the Harrah's Jazz filing will be substantially less than
        those costs.  Centex also indicated it is too early to determine if
        the filing will ultimately require Centex to take a charge against

            Centex indicated it believes that Harrah's Entertainment, Inc.,
        the parent company of a subsidiary that is a partner in Harrah's
        Jazz Company, will ultimately be unable to avoid substantial
        liability for construction-related claims against Harrah's Jazz.
        Centex said Centex Landis intends to aggressively pursue all legal
        remedies available to ensure recovery of payments due under the

        /CONTACT:  Laurence E. Hirsch, chairman and chief executive, or
        Sheila E. Gallagher, vice president-corporate communications, both
        Centex, 214-559-6500/


            NEW YORK, Nov. 28, 1995 -- href="chap11.columbia.html">Columbia Gas System, Inc.'s
        (Columbia) $2,000,000,000 senior debt securities, series A through G
        are rated 'BBB' by Fitch.  In addition, the company's  $200,000,000
        preferred stock is rated 'BBB-'.  Columbia's $200,000,000 dividend
        enhanced convertible stock, a form of preferred stock ranking pari
        passu with the new preferred stock is also rated 'BBB-'.  The
        securities have been issued to borrowers in combination with cash
        upon Columbia's emergence from bankruptcy today.  The ratings
        replace preliminary ratings assigned by Fitch on Oct. 13, 1995.
        Ratings are withdrawn on Columbia's 'DDD' debentures, which have
        been canceled upon issuance of the new securities.  The credit trend
        is stable.

            The ratings reflect expectations that Columbia emerges from
        bankruptcy with a capital structure, earnings capacity, and the
        financial flexibility to successfully compete in an unbundled and
        increasingly competitive natural gas industry.  Core interstate
        transmission and local distribution segments are operationally
        sound, provide low-cost service, and should generate moderate growth
        in earnings and cash flow.  Performance of nonregulated operations,
        including oil and natural gas exploration and production and energy
        marketing, is far less predictable.  However, opportunities for
        success will be vastly improved with Columbia's healthier post-
        bankruptcy credit profile and the easing of current financial

            The bankruptcy plan resolved major regulatory and legal
        uncertainties.  Columbia is adopting disciplined business unit
        strategies.  New senior management is poised to provide aggressive
        leadership and is committed to developing a more agile, market
        focused organization.  While some of the near-term credit measures
        projected by Columbia in its April 1995 bankruptcy plan disclosure
        statement appear marginal for investment grade status, Fitch
        believes that these projections are generally conservative.
        Moreover, a gradual improvement is very likely.

        /CONTACT:  Ralph Pellecchia, 212-908-0586, or Bill Stellenwerf,
        212-908-0558, both of Fitch/

        Trenton Industries Inc. - Court
        Approval Adjourned

            TORONTO--Nov. 28, 1995--href="internat.canada.trenton.html">TRENTON INDUSTRIES INC
        (TSE:TII) The court has adjourned the motions for approval of the
        Proposals under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act of Trenton
        Industries Inc. and its two subsidiaries, Trenton Machine Tool Inc.
        and SailRail Enterprises Limited.  

            The motions for court approval will now be heard on November 30,
        1995.  The adjournment was sought by the Trenton Group in order to
        provide it with an additional period of time in which to finalize
        financing for its obligations under the Proposals and to support a
        return to normal business operations.  

        CONTACT: Trenton Industries Inc.,
                 Dean Antonakes, 613/394-4861


            CENTURY CITY, Calif., Nov. 28, 1995 -- href="chap11.prism.html">Prism Entertainment
(AMEX: PRZ) announced that it will file a
petition for
        reorganization under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code.  In this
        connection, the Company expects to incur a substantial loss for the
        third quarter ended October 31, 1995 as a result of a decrease in
        sale of video cassettes for the U.S. rental market.  As a result,
        Prism has been experiencing a significant working capital shortfall
        as it has been unable to further utilize its line of credit from its
        lender.  The Company's ability to use the credit line is based on
        the availability of accounts receivable arising from, among other
        things, sale of video products.  Accordingly, the Company's existing
        accounts receivable is insufficient to allow further borrowing.  The
        Company is presently engaged in discussions with its lender
        regarding the use of cash collateral during the pendency of the
        bankruptcy proceeding.

            Turner Home Entertainment will continue to distribute the
        Company's films into the domestic video market.  The three films to
        be distributed in the Company's fourth quarter include a sequel to
        its best selling franchise, "Night Eyes 4."  However, the company
        does not have sufficient capital to fully complete its calendar 1996
        production and release schedule, nor to satisfy, in a timely
        fashion, its monetary obligations to certain of its larger

            The Company does not satisfy all of the guidelines for the
        continued listing of the Company's common stock on the American
        Stock Exchange. Accordingly, there can be no assurances that the
        Company's stock will continue to be listed.  The American Stock
        Exchange has advised the Company that the existing trading halt will
        not be lifted until full disclosure of the Company's financial
        matters has been made and the Exchange has reviewed the Company's
        continued listing eligibility.

            The Company also announced the resignations from its Board of
        Directors of Ron Berger, Wirt Walker and Mishal Al Sabah.  Peter
        Graham and Barry Collier will continue as directors, and Mr. Collier
        will continue to serve as President, Chief Executive Officer and
        Chief Operating Officer of Company.  The Company has also retained
        an investment banking firm to find a strategic partner and/or

        /CONTACT:  David L. Ficksman for Prism Entertainment, 213-688-3698/