Cerplex announces third quarter results of

            TUSTIN, Calif.--Nov. 10, 1995--The Cerplex
        Group, Inc. (Nasdaq:CPLX) announced its financial results for the
        third quarter ended September 30, 1995.  As previously announced,
        during the third quarter, the Company adopted a plan to discontinue
        its end-of- life programs.  The Company's continuing operations now
        include depot repairs, contract services, spare parts management and
        sales, and support services such as help desk services for hardware
        and software support.  

            For the quarter ended September 30, 1995, Cerplex reported net
        sales from continuing operations of $35.4 million, a 33.4% increase
        compared to net sales from continuing operations of $26.5 million
        for the same period last year.  The net loss from continuing
        operations for the third quarter was $9.4 million, or $0.66 per
        share compared to net income from continuing operations of $0.1
        million, or $0.01 per share for the same period last year.  The net
        loss from discontinued operations for the third quarter was $15.6
        million or $1.08 per share, compared to net income from discontinued
        operations of $1.0 million, or $0.07 per share for the same period
        last year.  

            For the nine month period ended September 30, 1995, net sales
        from continuing operations grew to $101.9 million, a 67.5% increase
        over the $60.8 million reported for the nine month period last year.
        The net loss from continuing operations for the nine month period
        was $8.5 million, or $0.59 per share compared to net loss from
        continuing operations before extraordinary item of $0.4 million, or
        $0.03 per share for the same period last year.  The net loss for
        discontinued operations for the nine month period was $15.4 million,
        or $1.07 per share, compared to net income from discontinued
        operations of $5.6 million, or $0.43 per share for the same period
        last year.  

            The net loss from continuing operations for the third quarter
        was attributable to reserves and write-offs of approximately $10.7
        million relating to receivables from href="chap11.spectra.html">SpectaVision, a customer
        operating under the protection of Chapter 11 of the United States
        Bankruptcy Code; assets associated with Novadyne, a customer of the
        Company; and assets associated with programs which the Company is
        renegotiating or winding down.  The net loss from discontinued
        operations of $15.6 million was primarily attributable to write-offs
        relating to inventories, fixed assets, goodwill and other
        intangibles, leasehold improvements and facility consolidations
        associated with discontinued end-of-life programs.  

            The Cerplex Group is a leading independent provider of
        electronic repair and parts logistics services.  The Company has
        developed extensive capabilities in the repair, refurbishment,
        upgrade and testing of a wide range of electronic equipment
        primarily for the computer and telecommunications industries, as
        well as for the medical instrumentation and other industries
        utilizing electronic equipment.  

                               THE CERPLEX GROUP
                       (in thousands, except per share data)
                               Three Months Ended    Nine Months Ended  
                                 September 30,         September 30,
                                1995      1994        1995      1994  
        Net sales                $  35,381 $  26,530   $ 101,870 $  60,810
        Cost of sales               32,450    22,392      86,888    51,105
         Gross profit            2,931     4,138      14,982     9,705
        Selling, general and
         administrative expenses    13,191     2,935      22,502     7,066
        Operating income (loss)    (10,260)    1,203      (7,520)    2,639
        Equity in income from
         joint venture                 347       -         1,506       -
        Interest expense, net        1,295       920       3,740     3,239
         Income (loss) before taxes,
          discontinued operations
          and extraordinary item   (11,208)      283      (9,754)     (600)
        Taxes on income before
         discontinued operations
         and extraordinary item     (1,775)      156      (1,281)     (222)
         Income (loss) before
          discontinued operations and
          extraordinary item        (9,433)      127      (8,473)     (378)
        Discontinued operations,
         net of income taxes
        Income (loss) from
           operations               (2,118)    1,028      (1,966)    5,632
        Estimated loss from
         liquidation of discontinued
         operations                (13,446)              (13,446)
        Income (loss) from
         discontinued operations    (15,564)   1,028     (15,412)    5,632
        Income (loss) before
         extraordinary item         (24,997)   1,155     (23,885)    5,254
        Extraordinary item, net of
         taxes of $1,457                                            (2,011)
        Net income (loss)          $(24,997) $ 1,155   $ (23,885) $  3,243
        Net income (loss) per share
         before discontinued
         operations and extraordinary
         item                      $  (0.66) $  0.01   $  (0.59) $   (0.03)
        Net income (loss) per share
         from discontinued operations (1.08)    0.07      (1.07)      0.43
        Net income (loss) per share
         from extraordinary item                                     (0.15)
        Net income (loss) per share $ (1.74) $  0.08   $  (1.66) $    0.25
        Weighted average common and
         common equivalent shares
         outstanding                 14,397   14,476     14,405     13,180
                               THE CERPLEX GROUP
                            CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEETS
                                (in thousands)
                                          September 30,  December 31,
                                              1995           1994    
        Current Assets:
          Cash and cash equivalents             $  1,479       $  9,442
          Accounts receivable, net                30,910         30,433
          Inventories                             28,539         28,550
          Income tax receivable                    3,086
        - -        
          Net assets of discontinued operations    4,900           - -
          Prepaid expenses and other               5,932          6,845
          Total current assets                74,846         75,270
        Inventories                                - -            7,437
        Property, plant and equipment, net        15,349         16,296
        Investment in joint venture                7,000          5,191
        Goodwill                                   6,571          3,620  
        Other long-term assets                     4,033         12,893
          Total assets                      $107,799       $120,707
        Current liabilities:
          Accounts payable                      $ 11,143       $  7,711
          Accrued liabilities                     12,554         11,252
          Current portion of long-term debt          568            674
          Income taxes payable                     1,517            865
          Total current liabilities           25,782         20,502
        Long-term debt, less current portion      65,619         58,920
        Long-term obligations,
         less current portion                        600          1,800
        Stockholders' Equity:
          Common stock                                13             13
          Additional paid-in capital              47,508         47,483
          Notes receivable from stockholders        (223)          (299)
          Unearned compensation                     (161)          (214)
          Accumulated deficit                    (31,517)        (7,632)
          Cumulative translation adjustment          178            134
          Total stockholders' equity          15,798         39,485
          Total liabilities and stockholders'
           equity                           $107,799       $120,707

                 Bruce D. Nye,
                 Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
                 (714) 258-5600

Court approves REXON financing

            LONGMONT, Colo.--Nov. 10, 1995--href="chap11.rexon.html">REXON Inc.
        (NASDAQ:REXNQ) Friday announced that the Bankruptcy Court has
        approved a $4 million loan facility.

            The loan facility is being provided by Legacy Storage Systems
        International Inc. and a REXON senior management group, each of
        which is providing $2 million.  

            Robert C. Genesi, chairman and CEO, stated:  "We are extremely
        pleased with the Bankruptcy Court's approval of the Legacy and REXON
        management loan facility.  This will allow REXON to resume a normal
        level of operations rather than the severely restricted level of
        manufacturing and shipments at which we have been operating for the
        past few months.

            "We are greatly appreciative of the continued commitment and
        support of REXON's customers throughout this difficult period and
        are pleased to be in a position to resume normal service to our

            The company announced the appointment of Ernest H. (Ernie)
        Wassmann as president and chief operating officer of REXON/Tecmar.
        Wassmann joined REXON in October as vice president worldwide
        marketing and sales.

            From 1993 until October 1995, Wassmann was vice president
        worldwide marketing/distribution for Exabyte Corp.  He joined
        Exabyte in 1993 when it acquired Tallgrass Technology, where he
        served as president and chief executive officer.  

            The company has closed its St. Petersburg office.  The Longmont
        facility is the location for the company headquarters.

            REXON is dedicated to data storage and systems for the computer
        industry.  It offers Wangtek quarter-inch cartridge (QIC) and
        Digital Audio Tape (DAT) drive product.  Tecmar brand solutions
        include QICVault, DATaVault, ProLine and ProLine CX.  

        CONTACT:  J. Embry, 310/355-0761

The Harvey Group Inc. announces receipt of $1.5

            SECAUCUS, N.J.--Nov. 10, 1995--The
Harvey Group
(the "Company") is pleased to announce that it has received
        $1.5 million from an investor group.

            This cash infusion represents additional debtor-in-possession
        credit support to fund the reorganization plan and the company's
        emergence from Chapter 11.

            Art Shulman, president stated, "We have used the $1.5 million,
        coupled with significant support from our specialty audio/video
        vendors and our bank to build more than adequate inventory levels
        for the upcoming holiday season.  In addition, we will have
        sufficient working capital available to support operations."
        Shulman continued, "We are now well on our way with our plan of
        reorganization and are looking forward to a successful fourth
        quarter selling season."

            Based in Secaucus, Harvey Electronics is a specialty retailer of
        high-quality audio/video consumer electronics and home theater
        products with six stores in the Metropolitan New York area.

        CONTACT: The Harvey Group Inc.,
                 Arthur Shulman or Joseph J. Calabrese
                 201/865-3418 or Fax: 201/865-0342


            DALLAS, Nov. 10, 1995 -- Dave & Busters, Inc.
        DANB) responded today to the recent news articles regarding the
        effects of the bankruptcy filing by href="chap11.edison.html">Edison Brothers Stores, Inc.
        (Edison Brothers) on Dave & Buster's (the Company).  The Company's
        decision to publicly respond to these news articles was due to the
        concerns expressed by its shareholders as a result of the
        publication of the news articles and to certain inaccuracies
        contained in those articles.

            As noted in the New York Times article, Edison Brothers does not
        view the spin-off as a fraudulent conveyance.  Regardless of this
        issue, Dave & Buster's and its legal advisors do not believe that
        any shareholder who bought common stock of the Company after the
        spin-off was completed or during the Company's recently completed
        public offering would be affected by any fraudulent conveyance claim
        that might be initiated.  Additionally, the implication in the New
        York Times article that the creditors of Edison could proceed
        against assets owned by Dave & Buster's is not legally correct.

            Dave & Buster's operates five large, high volume
        restaurant/entertainment complexes under the Dave & Buster's name in
        the following locations:  two in Dallas and one each in Houston,
        suburban Atlanta and near downtown Philadelphia.  The Company's
        newest location in suburban Chicago opens next week on Nov. 16.

        /CONTACT:  Michael Parver, Michael Parver Associates, Inc.,

REXON announces preliminary fourth-quarter

            LONGMONT, Colo.--Nov. 10, 1995--href="chap11.rexon.html">REXON Inc.
        (NASDAQ:REXNQ) Friday announced preliminary revenues and earnings
        (loss) for its fourth fiscal quarter.

            The company stated that it expects to report complete financial
        information by the end of November.  The company petitioned for
        Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Sept. 13, 1995.

            For the three-month period ended Oct. 1, 1995, revenues are
        expected to be approximately $6 million.  Losses are expected to be
        approximately ($24 million), which includes additional reserves
        against inventory and fixed-asset write-down of approximately $5

            REXON is dedicated to data storage and systems for the computer
        industry.  It offers Wangtek 1/4-inch cartridge (QIC) and Digital
        Audio Tape (DAT) drive product.  Tecmar brand solutions include
        QICVault, DATaVault, Proline and Proline CX.

        CONTACT:  J. Embry, 310/355-0761