Tandberg Data expands its factory production
        capacity; No. 1 high capacity tape drive manufacturer capitalizes on
        competitors' problems

            SIMI VALLEY, Calif.--Nov. 6, 1995--Tandberg
        Data Inc. has announced the completion of a plan that has resulted
        in the doubling of its manufacturing capacity at its Oslo, Norway
        manufacturing plant.

            The announcement is intended to reassure high capacity tape
        drive OEMs, VARs and resellers that Tandberg Data is capable of
        supplying enough products to satisfy customers requirements that
        previously were sourced from Rexon
and other manufacturers.  Rexon
        announced on Sept. 13 of this year that they were filing a voluntary
        petition for relief under the provisions of Chapter 11 of the U.S.
        Bankruptcy Code in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of
        Colorado.  Rexon has sold high capacity tape drives under the
        Wangtek brand name.

            "The situations with Rexon and other tape drive manufacturers
        have only added to what was already a high growth year for our
        company's product sales to new OEM and VAR/reseller accounts," said
        David L. Griffith, president and CEO of Tandberg Data Inc.  "We
        already held more than 80 percent of the 1.3GB and higher tape drive
        market before Rexon's bankruptcy filing and other manufacturer's end
        of production announcements.  These events have created apprehension
        among some OEM and VARs that have high demand for the type of
        products that we make.  The increase in our Oslo factory's capacity
        has been going on for several quarters, so we have been able to
        respond with the necessary capacity to service virtually all of the
        requirements from Rexon and other manufacturers."

            Tandberg Data is presently shipping evaluation quantities to a
        small numbers of OEMs of the new TDC 6100 -- a 13GB (26GB with
        included hardware data compression) QIC tape drive.  The company
        expects to begin volume production of this new drive in Q1 1996.

            "The increased factory output will allow us to absorb Rexon and
        other companies' customer demands and still be able to meet the TDC
        6100 roll out schedules," Griffith said.

        Tandberg Data Inc.

            Tandberg Data Inc.  is a pioneer in streaming tape technology
        and is the leading worldwide supplier of high-speed, high-capacity
        QIC tape drives and related products for computer backup, archival
        storage and software distribution.  Tandberg Data's products are
        also sold through distributors, including Tech Data, Merisel,
        Western Microtechnology and Gates/Arrow.  Major OEM customers
        include IBM, Digital Equipment Corp, H.P.'s Colorado Memory Systems
        Division, AT&T and Sun Microsystems.  Tandberg Data is a subsidiary
        of Tandberg Data A/S of Oslo, Norway.  

        CONTACT:  Fisher Business Communications Inc.,
                  William L. Prichard or Robert J. Fisher, 714/556-1313
                  Tandberg Data Inc.,
                  Kathryn Lodato, 805/579-1000


            PRINCETON, N.J., Nov. 6, 1995 -- href="dir.bankruptcy.html">Bankruptcy Creditors'
        Service, Inc.
, today announced publication of href="chap11.edison.s001.html">EDISON BROTHERS
.  As widely reported, href="chap11.edison.html">Edison Brothers Stores, Inc.
        (NYSE: EBS), based in St. Louis, filed for protection from its
        creditors under chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code late
        last week in Wilmington, Del.

            "EDISON BROTHERS BANKRUPTCY NEWS - like our href="">other case-specific
        bankruptcy newsletters
- will provide on-going, in-depth news and
        reporting about the chapter 11 reorganization undertaken by The
        Edison Brothers," says Peter A. Chapman, President of Bankruptcy
        Creditors' Service, Inc., and Editor of EDISON BROTHERS BANKRUPTCY

            Chapman explains that attorneys, creditors, and investors
        involved in bankruptcy cases the size of Edison Brothers' quickly
        find BCSI's case-specific newsletters to be an invaluable resource
        as they attempt to wade through the mountains of paper that are
        filed with the Bankruptcy Court and long hours of court hearings.

        The first issue of EDISON BROTHERS BANKRUPTCY NEWS includes:

            Chapman said that next week's issue will provide subscribers
        with a detailed review of:

            EDISON BROTHERS' BANKRUPTCY NEWS is distributed on a
        subscription basis by e-mail or facsimile transmission for $45 per
        issue plus nominal fax charges.  New issues are published as
        significant activity occurs (generally every 10 to 20 days) in
        Edison Brothers' cases.

            Chapman stated that one copy of today's first
issue of EDISON
        BROTHERS BANKRUPTCY NEWS is available at no charge upon request.

            Chapman further advised that individuals with access to the
        Internet may obtain copies of the first issue of EDISON BROTHERS
        BANKRUPTCY NEWS at href="chap11.edison.html">
from the InterNet" target=_new>">InterNetBankruptcy  

        /CONTACT: Peter A. Chapman of href="dir.bankruptcy.html">Bankruptcy Creditors' Service, Inc.,
        609-924-8949, or fax, 609-924-8963, or E-mail: href="">


            TROY, Mich., Nov. 6, 1995 -- Kmart Corporation
        said today that certain of its existing real estate debt contains
        provisions under which the debt can be "put back" to the company in
        certain circumstances.  The company noted that nothing has occurred
        to trigger the "put" provisions and the company does not anticipate
        a triggering event.  In order to remove any uncertainty the "put"
        provisions may create, however, Kmart has initiated discussions with
        the holders of the debt.

            The real-estate debt totals $681 million related to about 60
        stores, and consists of $241 million in revolving bank facilities
        supporting store construction and $440 million in permanent mortgage
        or lease financing.  The debt can be "put back" to Kmart if its
        credit rating falls below investment grade.  Kmart noted that it has
        met recently with its debt rating agencies and will not speculate
        about the outcome of those conversations.  The company's long term
        debt rating is under review at both Standard & Poor's and Moody's
        and is currently two levels above non-investment grade at both
        rating agencies.  If more than $100 million of this real estate debt
        were "put back" to the company and Kmart could not obtain a waiver
        or otherwise resolve the matter, it could be subject to repayment of
        outstanding borrowings under its lines of credit.

            "Given the significant operational improvements made in 1995 and
        the strength of the company's balance sheet, we do not anticipate
        that Kmart will lose its investment grade rating," said Marvin P.
        Rich, executive vice president, strategic planning, finance and
        administration.  "While we do not believe these puts will become an
        issue, we have a game plan to address them and are moving
        aggressively to remove any uncertainty. We are working with outside
        advisors to resolve this issue."

        Kmart also said that:

            Kmart Corporation serves America with 2,163 Kmart and 171
        Builders Square retail outlets and 144 stores internationally.

        /CONTACT:  Robert M. Burton, Director of Investor Relations,
        810-643-1040, or Shawn M. Kahle, Vice President of Corporate
        810-637-4201, both of Kmart/


            NEW YORK, Nov. 6, 1995 -- Riddell Sports Inc.
        RIDL) today noted that its footwear licensee, Pursuit Athletic
        Footwear, Inc. and Pursuit's parent, href="chap11.riddell.html">Riddell Athletic Footwear,
, had filed for bankruptcy court protection in Delaware.
        Pursuit and Riddell Athletic Footwear are not affiliated with the
        Company other than through its licensing arrangement.  A Riddell
        Sports representative stated that although it had been receiving
        royalties from this licensee, the royalties were not significant to
        the Company's results, and the bankruptcies would not materially
        adversely affect the Riddell Sports' earnings.

            Riddell Sports Inc. is the world's leading manufacturer and
        reconditioner of football equipment.  The Company sells football
        helmets and shoulder pads and other sports protective equipment
        under the Riddell brand, and provides reconditioning services under
        the All American name.  The Company also licenses the Riddell and
        MacGregor trademarks for use on athletic footwear, leisure apparel
        and sports equipment.

        /CONTACT:  Lisa Marroni of Riddell Sports Inc., 212-826-4300/

Moody's Reinstates Previously
Suspended Rating on Orange
        County, California -- John Wayne Airport; Rating Is Now A, revised
        from A1

            Security of Revenue Stream, Stability of Airport Enterprise and
        Strong Credit Fundamentals Are Balanced Against Operating
        Constraints, Airport's Position Within County Government, and
        Possible Sale or Transfer of Airport

            NEW YORK--Nov. 6, 1995--Effective today,
        Moody's Investors Service reinstated at A the previously suspended
        rating on the airport revenue bonds of href="">Orange County, California
        -- John Wayne Airport.  The new rating is a downgrade from the A1
        that was maintained on the airport until the rating was suspended in
        December 1994 in connection with the bankruptcy of Orange County.
        Adam J.  Whiteman, vice president in Moody's Revenue Specialties
        Group and senior credit officer for airport ratings, noted the
        apparent insulation of the airport's operating revenue stream from
        Orange County's financial problems.  

            Whiteman said that "the airport is still in technical default,
        reflecting the county's bankruptcy status and the lack of audited
        financial statements,"  but he said that "debt service continues to
        be paid and bondholder security is not compromised.  The airport's
        loss of roughly $14 million as part of the county's settlement is
        not problematic given the limited scope of capital needs and the
        remaining cash balances."  

            Whiteman warned, however, that the airport "is an operating unit
        within a county that is in turmoil."  

            The credit outlook remains uncertain, said Whiteman, "given the
        county's willingness to view sale or transferral of the airport as
        an option or a potential solution to the county's financial
        problems."  Since December, Whiteman said, "the county has
        considered a number of strategies to solve its financial problems,
        many of which involve the airport.  The county has entertained the
        options of both transferring and selling the airport either with or
        without future development of the El Toro military base.  The
        constraints placed on the credit given its status as an operating
        department of the county have been taken into account in the
        rating."  Whiteman enumerated the following points in support of the
        A rating:

        CONTACT: Adam J. Whiteman,
                 Vice President and Senior Credit Officer,
                 Airport Ratings