ATLANTIC CITY, N.J., Oct. 26, 1995--href="">Capital Gaming
        International, Inc.
(OTC Bulletin Board: GDFI) (the "Company")
        reported financial results for its fourth quarter and fiscal year
        ended June 30, 1995 ("Fiscal Year 1995").

            For the Fiscal Year ended June 30, 1995, the Company reported
        revenues of approximately $6.4 million, compared with $1.7 million
        for Fiscal Year ended June 30, 1994.  Operating losses from
        continued operations for Fiscal Year 1995 were $29.5 million
        compared with an operating loss of $23.7 million for the prior year.
        For specific projects, the Company reported a loss from its New
        Orleans subsidiary, Crescent City Capital Development Corporation
        ("Crescent City"), of approximately $17.6 million from continuing
        operations and an overall loss of $19.0 million.  As previously
        reported, Crescent City discontinued operations following
        substantial operating losses in part as a result of the failure of
        the New Orleans gaming market.  The Company's total net loss in
        Fiscal Year 1995 was $117.7 million, or $6.82 per share, as compared
        to a net loss of $23.7 million, or $1.68 per share a year earlier.
        The Fiscal Year 1995 net loss was predominantly related to losses
        incurred by Crescent City as the result of development costs and
        operating revenue shortfalls at the Company's River City riverboat
        casino project in New Orleans.  The Fiscal Year 1995 net loss also
        includes a loss of $5.11 per share for extraordinary items related
        to the write-off of expenses related to the River City terminal in
        the fourth quarter.

            For the fourth quarter ended June 30, 1995, the Company reported
        revenues of $2.8 million, compared with $.83 million in the
        corresponding quarter last year.  The operating loss was $6.3
        million in the fourth quarter, compared with an operating loss of
        $10.9 million in the 1994 fourth quarter.  Net loss for the fourth
        quarter was $86.9 million, or $4.50 per share, compared with a net
        loss of $10.9 million, or $.66 per share, in the corresponding 1994
        quarter. The net loss in the fourth quarter included a loss on
        disposal of discontinued operations of $69.3 million or $3.50 per
        share. Accordingly, fourth quarter losses were predominantly related
        to losses incurred by Crescent City.  Crescent City had fourth
        quarter revenues of $4,196,000 following its opening in April, but
        reported operating losses of $17,188,000 prior to closing on June 9,

            The Company reported Fiscal Year 1995 Native American casino
        management fees of $6,441,000 as compared to approximately
        $1,724,000 in the previous fiscal year.  Fourth quarter management
        fees were $2,797,000, compared with 1994 fourth quarter management
        fees of $833,000.  The increase in management fees reflects the
        opening of the Wildhorse Gaming Resort in Pendleton, Oregon in
        March, 1995, and the openings of the Mazatzal Casino in Payson,
        Arizona and the Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn, Washington, both of
        which opened at the end of April, 1995.  The Company's reported net
        losses for Fiscal Year 1995 also included the extraordinary charges
        taken in connection with the discontinuance of the Santa Rosa
        Rancheria contract which was terminated during Fiscal Year 1995.  In
        addition, the net loss included approximately $1.9 million in
        development costs, which are treated as an expense, associated with
        the Narragansett Tribe's gaming project.

            The Company has reduced operating expenses by approximately $3.3
        million per year.  In addition, the Company has reduced its
        development budget since June of 1995 by approximately $3.0 million.
        The Company continues to incur extraordinary expenses of
        approximately $400,000 per month in connection with the cessation of
        gaming operations at the New Orleans River City Casino.

            In other developments, the Company reported that as part of
        Crescent City's reorganization, a Plan of Reorganization (the
        "Plan") was filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Louisiana.  The
        Company anticipates the Plan to be confirmed by the Bankruptcy Court
        prior to December 31, 1995.  Pursuant to the Plan, which includes
        the sale of Crescent City to Mirage Resorts, Incorporated, the
        Company estimates that the Indenture Trustee, on behalf of the
        holders of the 11-1/2% Secured Notes, will receive approximately
        $35.0 million, net of certain settlement payments contemplated
        thereby.  Such settlement payments will be used to fund
        distributions to other Crescent City creditors, including trade
        vendors. The purchase price to be paid by Mirage is $55.0 million
        plus the assumption of up to $6.5 million of equipment financing.
        On September 21, 1995, the Noteholder's Steering Committee for the
        Company's 11-1/2% Senior Secured Notes recommended to the Company
        that it proceed in the Bankruptcy Court with obtaining approval of
        the transactions contemplated by the Mirage transaction.  The
        consummation of the Mirage transaction is subject to a number of
        regulatory approvals including the approval of the Louisiana State
        Police Riverboat Gaming Enforcement Division and the Louisiana
        Riverboat Gaming Commission.

            The consummation of the Plan, including the approval of the
        Mirage transaction, will be dependent upon the satisfaction of
        various conditions, including, among others, preparation of
        disclosure statements describing the Plan and approval of the
        disclosure statements by the Bankruptcy Court, the acceptance of the
        Plan by several classes in interest, and confirmation of the Plan by
        the Bankruptcy Court. There can be no assurances that the required
        conditions of the Plan will be satisfied.

            Edward M. Tracy, President and Chief Executive Officer,
        commented, "While we are disappointed with the results of the River
        City project, the Company intends to complete the sale of its New
        Orleans assets to Mirage.  The Company is pleased, however, with the
        performance of its Native American casino operations, which continue
        to meet the Company's expectations.  Going forward, the Company
        remains focused on its strategy of restructuring existing debt,
        maintaining its Native American casino operations and pursuing new
        gaming ventures."

            Based in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Capital Gaming International
        is a multi-jurisdictional casino development and management company
        with interests in the Native American gaming markets.

        /CONTACT:  William S. Papazian, Senior Vice President and General
        Counsel of Capital Gaming International, 609-383-3333/

Oakhurst Company makes announcement

            GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas--Oct. 26, 1995--Oakhurst
        Company Inc. ("Oakhurst") (NASDAQ: OAKC), a major distributor in the
        automotive aftermarket, today announced that its majority-owned
        subsidiary, Steel City Products Inc. ("SCPI") is anticipating a
        decrease in sales to a large customer, Forest City Auto Parts Inc.
        and that sales to this customer are expected to be eliminated
        altogether during the first half of 1996.
            In the first half of the current fiscal year (March through
        August 1995) sales to Forest City were approximately $3.2 million.
        SCPI expects that sales to Forest City and to href="chap11.jamesway.html">Jamesway Corporation
        (a large customer which filed for bankruptcy on Oct. 18, 1995) will
        be approximately $2 million lower in the second half of the current
        fiscal year than in the same period of the prior year.

            To counter this loss of business, SCPI has reduced operating and
        overhead expenses while intensifying its on-going efforts to
        increase business with existing customers and to add new customers.
        In addition, SCPI is exploring the addition of new product lines to
        its business.

        CONTACT:  Oakhurst Company Inc.,
                  Maarten D. Hemsley, 214/660-4484
                  Karen A. Stempinski, 214/660-4448