Safety 1st Inc. announces third quarter, nine
        month results

            CHESTNUT HILL, Mass--Oct.  25, 1995--Safety
        1st, Inc.  (Nasdaq:SAFT) today announced that net sales for the
        third quarter ended September 30, 1995 increased 55.2% to $26.7
        million from $17.2 million in the same period last year.  Net income
        was $1.8 million for the three month period, a 5.8% increase over
        net income of $1.7 million a year ago.  Net income per share was
        $0.26 compared with net income per share of $0.25 in the fiscal 1994

            For the nine months ended September 30, 1995, net sales
        increased 50.1% to $80.9 million from $53.9 million for the first
        nine months of the prior year.  Net income increased 2.1% to $5.7
        million for the nine months of fiscal 1995 compared to net income of
        $5.6 million last year.  Net income per share was $0.80 for the nine
        month period, a 1.2% decrease over net of $0.81 for the same period
        last year.  The decrease in net income per share reflects a 3%
        increase in the weighted average number of shares outstanding to
        7,127,000 from 6,918,000.  

            As previously announced, the Company recorded a non-recurring
        pretax charge of $285,000 in the third quarter ending September 30,
        1995.  The charge reflects a write-down of receivables due to the
        Company from The Caldor
, which recently filed for
        bankruptcy under Chapter 11.  The charge reduced net income by
        approximately $0.02 per share in the 1995 third quarter.  

            Michael Lerner, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer,
        commented, "During the third quarter we announced some significant
        events that will play an important role in our continued growth
        going forward, including the introduction of 60 new home security
        products at the National Hardware Show.  The acquisitions of EEZI,
        Ltd.  and Orleans Juvenile Products will position Safety 1st as a
        major competitor within two key international markets where we will
        realize significant operating efficiencies and greater marketing and
        distribution opportunities."  

            Safety 1st is a leading developer, marketer and distributor of
        child care products, including feeding, teething, health-hygiene and
        convenience items.  The Company currently distributes over 300
        products to more than 3,700 retailers.

                                    SAFETY 1ST, INC.
                            CONDENSED STATEMENTS OF INCOME
                           Three Months Ended  Nine Months Ended           
                           9/30/95   9/30/94   9/30/95  9/30/94        
                             (in thousands, except per share)
             Net sales               26,683    17,198    80,888  53,873
        Cost of goods sold      16,617    10,014    51,004  31,973
        Gross profit            10,006     7,184    29,884  21,900
        Selling, general and          
           administrative        6,639     4,296    19,840  12,698
        Operating income         3,427     2,888    10,044   9,202
                                      Interest income (expense)(412)
        5     (699)     117
                             3,015     2,893     9,345   9,319
        Income taxes             1,176     1,155     3,644   3,735
        Net income               1,839     1,738     5,701   5,584
        income per share   $  0.26   $  0.25    $ 0.80  $ 0.81            
        Weighted average common shares outstanding              7,133
        7,076     7,127   6,914

        CONTACT: Tony Pintsopoulos,
                 Chief Financial Officer
                 (617) 964-7744      
                 Naomi Rosenfeld/Eileen Howard/
                 Stefanie King,
                 Media Contact:
                 Stacy Berns,
                 Morgen-Walke Associates
                 (212) 850-5600


            MIDLAND, Mich., Oct. 25, 1995--Dow
Corning Corp.
        reported global sales of $624.3 million for the third quarter of
        1995, up 11.5 percent from $559.7 million reported for the same
        quarter in 1994.

            Profit after tax (PAT) for the third quarter of 1995 is $47.3
        million, up 36.3 percent from $34.7 million recorded for third
        quarter 1994.

            Year-to-date sales are $1.88 billion, a 16 percent increase over
        $1.62 billion reported for the first nine months of 1994.  The
        company, however, reported a year-to-date net loss of $70.2 million,
        due to the special after-tax charge of $221.2 million taken at the
        end of the second quarter to reflect a change in the company's
        accounting method for its liability in a breast implant global

            Without this charge and other accounting changes related to
        Chapter 11, Dow Corning's adjusted year-to-date PAT is $141.6
        million, up 26.0 percent over $112.4 million reported for the first
        nine months of 1994.

            "Employees worldwide are commended for their ability to stay
        focused on growth, customer service, and spending control in the
        wake of Chapter 11," said John W. Churchfield, vice president for
        planning and finance and chief financial officer.  "We are also
        thankful for the continued loyalty of customers and suppliers since
        the Chapter 11 filing.  We remain absolutely dedicated to continue
        earning their support."

            "Third-quarter growth was good, despite slowing economic growth
        in the U.S. and Europe and a continuing weak economy in Japan,"
        Churchfield continued.  "Strong growth in the rest of Asia, and a
        good balance of firmer selling prices and expense control worldwide,
        continue to favorably impact our performance."

            Churchfield said that profit margins have also been favorably
        impacted by lower interest expenses - due to Chapter 11 suspension
        of interest payments, and by higher interest income - due to high
        cash balances partly attributed to insurance settlements.

            Quarterly financial statements are available upon request after
        November 7 by calling Dow Corning at 517-496-5436.

            Dow Corning Corp., a global leader in silicon-based materials,
        is a Michigan corporation with shares equally owned by The Dow
        Chemical Co. (NYSE: DOW) and Corning Inc. (NYSE: GLW).  More than
        half of Dow Corning's sales are outside the U.S.

                            Dow Corning Corporation
          Consolidated Statements of Operations and Retained Earnings
                            (In millions of dollars)
                                      Nine months ended   Three months ended
                                         September 30         September 30
                                         1995       1994     1995     1994
        NET SALES                       $1,877.9  $1,621.2  $624.3   $559.7
          Manufacturing costs of sales   1,229.3   1,068.0   418.6    377.0
          Marketing and administrative
            expenses                       331.8     296.9   115.3    102.2
          Implant costs                    351.1        --      --       --
                                         1,912.2   1,364.9   533.9    479.2
        OPERATING INCOME (LOSS)            (34.3)    256.3    90.4     80.5
          Interest Income, currency gains
            (losses) and other, net         (2.3)     (1.8)    0.9      1.9
          Interest expense                 (40.1)    (54.3)   (3.7)   (20.7)
          COSTS AND INCOME TAXES           (76.7)    200.2    87.6     61.7
          Reorganization costs               3.4        --     2.9       --
          Income tax provision (benefit)   (22.3)     78.1    33.2     24.1
          Minority interests' share
            in income                       12.4       9.7     4.2      2.9
        NET INCOME (LOSS)                  (70.2)    112.4    47.3     34.7
        Retained earnings at beginning
          of period                        597.5     604.3   480.0    682.0
        Retained earnings at end of
          period                          $527.3    $716.7  $527.3   $716.7
                            Dow Corning Corporation
                     Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets
                                 (In millions)
        ASSETS                              Sept. 30, 1995   Dec. 31, 1994
          Cash and cash equivalents               $369.9          $201.1
          Receivables, net                         490.9           416.2
          Anticipated implant insurance receivable 265.0           157.5
          Implant deposit                             --           275.0
          Inventories                              342.5           308.4
          Other current assets                     188.4           277.6
          Total Current Assets                   1,656.7         1,635.8
        Property, plant and equipment, net       1,199.4         1,191.9
        Anticipated implant insurance receivable 1,126.0           943.6
        Implant deposit                            275.0              --
        Restricted insurance proceeds              107.5              --
        Other assets                               530.8           321.9
                                                $4,895.4        $4,093.2
          Short-term borrowings                    $44.0          $446.8
          Accounts payable                         137.6           160.2
          Implant reserve                           72.7           475.4
          Other current liabilities                224.7           242.6
          Total Current Liabilities                479.0         1,325.0
          Long-term debt                           128.0           335.1
          Implant reserve                          403.2         1,286.9
          Other liabilities                        100.0           352.1
          Accounts payable                          45.3              --
          Implant reserves                       2,007.5              --
          Notes payable and long-term debt         649.6              --
          Other                                    342.8              --
        Total liabilities subject to compromise  3,045.2              --
        Minority interest in consolidated
          subsidiaries                             124.5           117.9
        Stockholders' equity                       615.5           676.2
                                                $4,895.4        $4,093.2

        /CONTACT:  Barbara J. Muessig of Dow Corning, 517-496-8841/

MAI Systems Reports $2.4 Million Quarterly

            IRVINE, Calif.--Oct. 25, 1995--MAI
(AMEX: NOW) today announced that it earned net
income of
        $2.4 million on revenues of $16.5 million for the quarter ending
        September 30, 1995.  

            The company earned $8.0 million on revenues of $49.3 million for
        the first nine months of 1995.  Revenues and earnings for the
        comparable periods of 1994 (after adjustment for disposed or closed
        operations) were $14.2 million and a loss of $1.2 million for the
        third quarter and $44.4 million and $203,000 for the first nine
        months, respectively.  

            Earlier this year, the company sold its Asian and Costa Rican
        subsidiaries and discontinued the direct sales of its process
        manufacturing solutions business in favor of an exclusive worldwide
        distributor.  Those operations contributed revenues of $1.6 million
        and $5.4 million during the third quarter and first nine months,
        respectively, of 1994.  

            Earnings per share were $0.29 and $0.97 per share for the third
        quarter and year to date, respectively, compared to a loss of $0.17
        per share during the comparable quarter of 1994 and earnings of $.03
        for the first nine months of the prior year (earnings per share have
        been adjusted to give effect to the company's August 1995 stock
        split effected by means of a 25% stock dividend).  

            MAI's third quarter revenue growth, exclusive of disposed or
        closed operations, was positively impacted by strong sales into the
        gaming industry and by improved computer products sales.  Operating
        income was adversely impacted by other operating expense, which in
        the third quarter was comprised of expenses and benefits associated
        with litigation which the company has pursued against alleged
        infringers of its copyrights, and a reserve for a contingent
        incentive payment pursuant to a previously disclosed consulting
        agreement which the company entered into in 1994.  

            The company also benefited from a $1.6 million reorganization
        gain resulting from the settlement of certain other tax matters
        relating to the company's 1994 bankruptcy reorganization.  These
        gains have been classified as an extraordinary item.  

            The company recently announced that it had entered into
        agreement with Remanco International, a leading provider of point-of-
        sale hardware and software products, to act as the exclusive
        nationwide provider of maintenance services for its products.  In
        August, the company became listed on the American Stock Exchange.  

            MAI installs and supports total information systems solutions,
        primarily in the gaming and hospitality industries.  In addition,
        the company designs, sells and supports a wide variety of computer
        products including (i) local and wide area computer networks, (ii)
        document imaging systems, (iii) computer products for legacy systems
        which upgrade, enhance and integrate legacy systems with currently
        available computer technologies, and (iv) vertical and horizontal
        software applications including OpenBASIC, MANBASE,
        FDM(4)/FlexPOINT, ASG, Medical Management, BFMS and TriBASE.  

                          MAI SYSTEMS CORPORATION
               Condensed Consolidated Statements of Operations
                                For the three months  For the nine months
                                               ended                ended
                                              Sept. 30,         Sept. 30,
                                          1995     1994     1995     1994
        (dollars in thousands,
          except per share data)
          Computer products and
          other contract services          $16,455  $15,756  $49,289
        Direct Costs:
          Computer products and other
          contract services                 10,141   10,578   30,434
             Gross Profit                6,314    5,178   18,855   18,461
        Selling, general and
          administrative expenses            3,390    3,899    9,698
        Research and development costs         636      871    1,812
        Other operating expense (income)       879       72      225
        Restructuring costs                           1,814
             Operating income (loss)     1,409   (1,478)   7,120      639
        Interest-net                            60      130      145
        Minority interest in
          consolidated subsidiary              150               205
             Income (loss) before
               income taxes and
               extraordinary item        1,199   (1,608)   6,770      273  
        Provision (benefit) for
          income taxes                         333     (380)     356
             Income (loss) before
               extraordinary item          866   (1,228)   6,414      203
        Extraordinary item:
          Reorganization gain               (1,566)           (1,566)
             Net income (loss)           2,432   (1,228)   7,980      203
          Net income (loss) per share
        of common stock:
        Income (loss) before
          extraordinary item             $0.10   $(0.17)   $0.78    $0.03
        Extraordinary item               $0.19             $0.19
        Net income (loss)                $0.29   $(0.17)   $0.97    $0.03
        Includes revenues of $1.6 million and $5.4 million for the third
        quarter and first nine months of 1994, respectively, from former
        operations which were either disposed or closed.


        CONTACT:  Stanley P. Witkow,
                  Vice President, Corporate and Legal Affairs,
                  MAI Systems Corporation
                  Adam Friedman/Joe Mansi,
                  212/682-6300, ext. 215/205

All For A Dollar announces third quarter and nine
        month results

            SPRINGFIELD, Mass.--Oct. 25, 1995--All
For A
        Dollar Inc.
(the "Company"), today announced earnings for the
        quarter and nine months ended Sept. 30, 1995.  

        The company emerged from Chapter 11 proceedings on June 30, 1995.

   The loss before reorganization items for the third quarter was
        $531,000, compared to a loss before reorganization items of $1.3
        million in the corresponding period in 1994.  Net loss for the
        quarter was $602,000, or $.09 per share.  Net loss for the
        corresponding period in 1994 was $1.4 million, or $.20 per share.

            The loss before reorganization items for the 1995 nine months
        was $2.4 million, compared to a loss before reorganization items of
        $5.6 million in the corresponding period in 1994.  Net income for
        the nine months was $3.9 million, or $.56 per share, compared to a
        net loss of $11.4 million, or $1.64 per share in the corresponding
        1994 period.  The variance in net profit performance is related to
        the company's bankruptcy proceedings.

            All For A Dollar presently operates 111 retail close-out variety
        stores in nine Northeastern states, offering high quality and brand
        name merchandise, predominantly at the single price point of $1.

        CONTACT: All For A Dollar Inc.,
                 Donald A. Molta, 413/733-1203


            LOS ANGELES, Oct. 25, 1995--GFI Energy
Ventures LLC
        (GFI), a Los Angeles investment firm recently formed by several
        investor companies to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the
        energy utility industry, made its first purchase Oct. 2.  GFI bought
        the assets of Anaheim, CA-based href="chap11.statordyne.html">Statordyne Corporation, a
        manufacturer and marketer of patented power protection systems that
        had been in Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization since Aug. 23.

            Ian Schapiro, GFI chief financial officer, said, "In any
        acquisition of a company there is risk.  However, we think the
        uniqueness of the patented Statordyne power protection system
        concept is obviously worth the risk.  In our due diligence phase, we
        were most impressed by the obvious enthusiasm Statordyne's customers
        expressed regarding the company's products.  Statordyne's products
        serve a market we feel is growing rapidly."  Statordyne has large
        power protection systems installed in critical telecommunications,
        manufacturing and data processing applications.  "What's more,"
        Schapiro added, "utilities themselves have become re-marketers of
        the Statordyne system as part of their power quality and demand side
        management programs designed to serve their most demanding
        customers."  These programs and the equipment upon which they are
        based help utility customers manage and solve power problems.

            GFI's focus is on acquiring businesses which are positioned to
        benefit from the dramatic acceleration of competition deregulation
        and technological innovation the industry is experiencing.  "Our
        goal," said Schapiro, "is to help companies grow through our
        industry contacts and market knowledge as well as by creating
        synergies among the companies in which we invest."

            Schapiro and his two associates in GFI Partners LLC, one of the
        GFI investor companies, founded and were formerly partners in one of
        the country's leading utility consulting firms called Venture
        Associates. One of those associates and now president of GFI,
        Lawrence Gilson, said, "The only bet we and others are making is on
        the pace at which the electricity market becomes more competitive,
        not the direction of change.  We think the bulk of new players and a
        lot of the traditional players are going to the upstream area - the
        generation end of the business.  However, we think there are
        tremendous opportunities at the customer service and distribution
        end.  And that's where Statordyne offers an excellent fit with our

            In addition to Schapiro and Gilson, former Venture Associates
        partner Richard Landers is the third partner in GFI Partners LLC.
        The three are longtime utility consultants in the United States and
        Europe. After selling Venture Associates to Arthur Andersen & Co.,
        they continued to run the business for Andersen prior to forming GFI
        Partners LLC.

            Additional equity partners that make up GFI include Allen-GFI,
        Inc. (an affiliate of Allen & Company Incorporated, the New York
        investment banking firm), Rothschilds Investment Trust Capital
        Partners plc (the publicly-traded, London-based investment company
        chaired by Lord Rothschild), and Durham Enterprises Ltd. (an
        investment company associated with international investor Tony

        /CONTACT:  Ian Schapiro, CFO of GFI, 310-442-0542/


            MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota, Oct. 25, 1995--Universal
        Inc. (Nasdaq: UNIV) today announced that revenues for the third
        quarter ended September 30, 1995 increased 35.1% to $18,289,000
        versus $13,543,000 in 1994.  During the 1995 third quarter the net
        income was $257,000 or $.05 per share compared to $104,000 or $.02
        per share for the same quarter last year.  For the nine months ended
        September 30, 1995, revenues increased 34.1% to $50,406,000 versus
        $37,594,000 in 1994 and during the same period the net loss
        decreased to $299,000 or $.06 per share versus a net loss of
        $2,530,000 or $.52 per share in 1994.

            Included in the third quarter net profit figure was a $245,000
        loss resulting from the Company's 40.5% ownership of href="chap11.odds.html">Odd's-N-End's,
which lost a total of $605,000 during the third quarter.
        Overall Universal is pleased with the continued progress at Odd's-N-
        End's since it emerged from bankruptcy in December 1994 and
        anticipates a positive contribution to Universal in the years ahead.

            Only Deals, Inc., the Company's wholly owned retail subsidiary
        also announced today that it expects to open 4 to 6 new stores
        during the balance of the year towards its goal of opening
        approximately 10 new stores during 1995.

            Mark Ravich, Chief Executive Officer, in announcing the third
        quarter results commented: "We are proud of the continued
        improvement in our financial performance during 1995's third
        quarter.  For the fourth quarter of 1995 we are projecting that
        results will significantly exceed last year's $908,000 profit.  In
        addition, we are very pleased with the initial results from our
        recent four new Only Deals store openings. Assuming a good Christmas
        season, Universal will make a solid return to profitability in
        fiscal 1995, with a goal of growing revenues 25% to 35% in fiscal

            Universal International, Inc. buys and sells quality "close-out"
        merchandise in its wholesale business and owns and operates two
        chains of retail stores that offer "close-out" merchandise under the
        names Only Deals and Odd's-N-End's.  Universal's shares are traded
        on the Nasdaq National Market under the symbol UNIV.

                         UNIVERSAL INTERNATIONAL, INC.
                     Selected Consolidated Income Statement
                   and Consolidated Balance Sheet Information
                    (in thousands, except per share amounts)
                                     Three Months Ended    Nine Months Ended
                                        September 30,        September 30,
                                       1995     1994        1995     1994
        Net Sales                   $18,289  $13,543     $50,406  $37,594
        Gross Margin                 $6,476   $3,936     $17,631  $10,598
        Net Income (Loss)              $257     $104       $(299) $(2,530)
        Income (Loss) Per Share        $.05     $.02       $(.06)   $(.52)
        Weighted Average Shares
         Outstanding                  4,893    4,893       4,893    4,893
                                                 At September 30,
                                                 1995      1994
        Working Capital                       $16,545   $17,049
        Total Assets                          $34,716   $26,779
        Total Liabilities                     $15,059    $8,206
        Non-controlling Interest
         in Subsidiary                           $477       --
        Shareholders' Equity                  $19,180  $18,572

        /CONTACT:  Mark Ravich of Universal International, 612-533-1169/


            BATON ROUGE, La., Oct. 25, 1995--U.S. District Judge
        Frank Polozola, on Tuesday, Oct. 24, issued a memorandum opinion
        ruling in favor of Gulf States Utilities (GSU) on href="chap11.cajun.html">Cajun Electric
        Power Cooperative
's fraud claims involving its decision to
invest in
        the River Bend nuclear plant in St. Francisville, La.  In his ruling
        Judge Polozola said that he would issue detailed reasons for his
        decision in a further written opinion to be filed at a later date.
        The court did not indicate when the formal written opinion would be
        filed.  The court also found that Cajun's claim had not been timely

            Entergy Corporation (NYSE: ETR) Senior Vice President and
        General Counsel Michael G. Thompson characterized Judge Polozola's
        action as a significant victory for GSU, an Entergy subsidiary.  "We
        are very pleased with the court's decision," Thompson said, "and are
        gratified to have prevailed in this portion of the litigation."

            Thompson said Entergy's representatives, as the court and the
        Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC) have urged, will continue
        to discuss the possibility of settling the remaining issues in the
        litigation with all parties involved.  "A second phase of this
        lawsuit involves a breach of contract claim," he said.  "We are
        confident that GSU's position in this second phase is sound and that
        GSU acted properly."  Should settlement discussions prove
        unsuccessful, the second phase of the lawsuit may ultimately be
        tried, unless Cajun's trustee in bankruptcy decides to forego the

            The case has been complicated by Cajun's decision to file
        bankruptcy.  The electric cooperative made its Chapter 11 filing on
        Dec. 21, 1994, after the LPSC ordered Cajun to lower its rates to a
        point where, according to Cajun's filing, the cooperative would be
        unable to meet its financial obligations on over $4 billion in loans
        from the Rural Utilities Service, formerly the Rural Electrification

            Judge Polozola retains jurisdiction over the bankruptcy case
        where he will decide major River Bend issues while maintaining
        overall supervision of the case.  Bankruptcy Judge Gerald Schiff,
        meanwhile, will handle normal bankruptcy issues arising in the case.

            The $4.6 billion River Bend nuclear power plant began commercial
        operation in June of 1986.  GSU owns 70 percent of the facility
        while Cajun Electric owns the remaining 30 percent.

        /CONTACT:  Patrick Sweeney, Media Relations, 504-576-4160, or Stuart
        Ball, Investor Relations, 504-576-4817, both of Entergy/


            NEW YORK, New York--October 25, 1995--href="chap11.slm.html">SLM International,
(Electronic Bulletin Board: "SLMI"), which, together with
        several affiliated companies, filed yesterday for relief under
        Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code in the District of Delaware,
        announced today that it has obtained authorization from the
        Bankruptcy Court to operate its business in the ordinary course.  

            Among other orders entered by Bankruptcy Judge Helen S. Balick
        was an order which authorized the Company to use the cash generated
        by the Company's receipts to continue to fund its business
        obligations.  The Bankruptcy Court has also authorized the Company
        to pay its foreign creditors, including those located in Canada,
        without interruption notwithstanding the bankruptcy filing.  

            The Bankruptcy Court has further authorized the Company to pay
        without interruption all wages, salaries, sales commissions,
        employee benefits, and customs duties and to honor all
        manufacturers' warranties in support of the Company's efforts to
        continue business as usual during its restructuring.  

        CONTACT: SLM International, Inc.,
                 David M. Friedman,
                 Chief Counsel,
                 (212) 407-3890