PHOENIX, Arizona -- Oct. 5, 1995 -- href="chap11.amwest.html">America West Airlines (NYSE: AWA)
        announced today that the U.S. Bankruptcy Court entered an order
        allowing the distribution of approximately 2.4 million shares of its
        Class B common stock, pursuant to the Company's application for that
        order previously announced on September 22, 1995.

            The shares to be distributed were originally reserved in escrow
        to satisfy those claims of general unsecured creditors in the
        Company's 1991 bankruptcy case not resolved at the time the
        Company's Plan of Reorganization became effective in August 1994.
        The distribution is expected to be recorded on the Company's stock
        register no later than Friday, October 6, 1995.  Following the
        distribution, approximately 700,000 shares will remain in escrow to
        be distributed upon resolution of the remaining 20 unresolved
        claims.  America West now has approximately 45 million shares of
        Class B common stock outstanding including the shares to be
        distributed and those remaining in escrow.

        /CONTACT:  Hiro Notaney, Manager - Corporate Communications of
        America West, 602-693-5731/


            COLUMBUS, Ohio, Oct. 5, 1995 -- Western Auto
        announced it has received the approval of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court
        to acquire certain store and inventory assets of href="chap11.nationwise.html">Nationwise
        Automotive, Inc.
Nationwise had operated a chain of auto parts
        stores in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and Tennessee.  A
        wholly owned subsidiary of Sears, Roebuck and Co., Western Auto
        operates a national network of automotive-related stores.

            Western Auto plans to immediately remodel the 84 acquired stores
        and operate them under the "Western Auto's Parts America" name.  The
        acquired stores will continue the Nationwise format of offering
        high- quality, name-brand automotive parts and accessories through
        broad merchandise assortments.  Western Auto intends to interview
        all current Nationwise store and field support personnel for
        possible future employment.

            "This acquisition fits perfectly with our strategy of rapid
        expansion of the Western Auto's Parts America chain in the next few
        years," said John Leach, chairman and CEO, Western Auto Supply

            Paul Baffico, president of Sears Automotive Group, added that
        "The volume buying power of Western Auto and Sears will provide our
        customers with great value on the automotive parts they need.  This
        is also another example of how Sears plans to aggressively grow its
        automotive business."

            Western Auto Supply Company currently manages 390 Western Auto
        company-owned stores, 900 Western Auto associate stores, 138
        National Tire Wholesale (NTW) stores, 121 Tire America stores and 19
        Parts America stores from its headquarters in Kansas City, Mo.

        /CONTACT:  Bob McHenry, Sears media relations, 708-286-5231.

The Harvey Group Inc. announces financing of

            SECAUCUS, N.J.--Oct. 5, 1995--The
Harvey Group
(the "Company") announced today that the company has
signed a
        letter of intent with an investor group, which sets forth the terms
        and conditions of an agreement to provide additional secured debtor-
        in-possession credit support of $1,500,000.  It is anticipated that
        these funds will be used to fund a reorganization plan and the
        company's emergence from Chapter 11.

            The company has already received an initial installment, and
        expects the balance of the funds on or before Nov. 1, 1995.

            Art Shulman, president stated, "I am pleased that the company is
        now on the road towards a resolution of its financial problems and
        that we will now be able to refocus our efforts and resources on our
        business and the upcoming holiday season."

            Based in Secaucus, Harvey Electronics is a speciality retailer
        of high-quality audio/video consumer electronics and home theater
        products with six stores in the Metropolitan New York area.

        CONTACT: The Harvey Group Inc.,
                 Joseph J. Calabrese, 201/865-3418

All For A Dollar reports increase in
        comparative store sales

            SPRINGFIELD, Mass.--Oct. 5, 1995--All
For A
        Dollar Inc.
, today announced that sales in stores which were open
        more than 24 months (comparative store sales) had increased 6.9
        percent for the third quarter ended Sept. 30, 1995, from the
        corresponding period in 1994.

            For the nine months ended Sept. 30, 1995, the comparative
        increase was 5.7 percent.

            Sales for the 1995 third quarter decreased 7.2 percent to $10.6
        million from $11.5 million, and sales for the nine month period
        decreased 18.7 percent to $30.4 million from $37.4 million, compared
        to the corresponding 1994 periods.  The reduction in sales is solely
        the result of operating fewer stores in 1995 as a result of the
        bankruptcy reorganization.

            All For A Dollar presently operates 111 retail close-out variety
        stores in nine northeastern states, offering high quality and brand
        name merchandise, predominantly at the single price point of $1.00.

        CONTACT:  All For A Dollar,
                  Donald A. Molta, 413/733-1203


                    Marshall Loeb is Host of Popular Series,
            Now In Its Second Year with America's Leading Executives

            On Wednesday, Oct. 11, from 5:30 PM to 7 PM.  Marshall Loeb
        editor-at-large of Fortune magazine, will host a wide-ranging
        discussion with Judy Harrison, president and CEO of The Monet Group,
        Inc.  The event will take place at The Stern School's Management
        Education Center at 44 West Fourth Street in the 11th floor
        Boardroom.  The first half of the evening will feature Mr. Loeb
        interviewing Ms. Harrison:  during the second half, the discussion
        will be opened to questions from the audience.

            Ms. Harrison is credited with the dramatic shift of $16.6
        million that took place in Monet's bottom line in just one year,
        when the company moved from an operating loss of $10.6 million in
        1993 to a $6 million operating profit in 1994.  A highly regarded
        veteran of the retail industry, Ms. Harrison joined Monet in January
        1994, while its parent company was in Chapter 11 and remained on
        board after Monet was taken over by an investment group.   Today,
        The Monet Group is the world's largest and most profitable marketer
        and manufacturer of fashion jewelry.

            The Oct. 11 event is the first in this year's CEO Series which
        offers Stern's students and faculty - and members of the media and
        the corporate community - direct and unique insights into how
        America's top executives operate.  Last year's guests included the
        CEOs of Allied Signal, GE and American Express; future discussions
        this year will feature the CEOs of Shell Oil, CBS, Lockheed Martin
        and Unilever.

            The Stern School of Business is a world leader in graduate and
        undergraduate management education.  Its finance, international
        business and accounting departments are consistently ranked among
        the top five in the nation.

        Coverage is invited --
            For more information or to RSVP call contacts below.  We look
        forward to seeing you on Wednesday, Oct. 11 at The Stern School.

            CONTACT:  Phil Fried at The Dilenschneider Group, 212-922-0900
        or Colleen Troy at the Stern School, 212-998-0671.

        Players International and H Group
        Holding Terminate Agreement With Grand Palais Riverboat, Inc.

            LAS VEGAS, Nevada--October 5, 1995--Players
        International, Inc. (Nasdaq:PLAY) and H Group Holding, Inc., the
        parent company of the Hyatt Group of companies, announced today that
        their joint venture has terminated its previously announced
        agreement with Grand Palais Riverboat,
to acquire out of
        bankruptcy the Grand Palais Riverboat previously operated in New
        Orleans, Louisiana. Players and H Group Holding stated that the
        agreement was terminated due to various breaches on the part of
        Grand Palais including its obligation to obtain an order of the
        bankruptcy court that would reimburse the joint venture for certain
        out-of-pocket expenses if the transaction failed to close, and that
        would establish certain bidding procedures for completion of the
        sale of the riverboat in accordance with applicable bankruptcy

            The H Group-Players joint venture remains interested in
        acquiring a riverboat and license for relocation to Shreveport,
        Louisiana, and intends to pursue this acquisition within the context
        of the bankruptcy proceedings involving the Grand Palais and
        Crescent City Queen riverboats.  

            Players International, Inc. is a multi-jurisdictional casino and
        entertainment gaming company.  The Company owns and operates
        riverboat casino facilities on the Ohio River in Metropolis,
        Illinois and in Lake Charles, Louisiana and the Players Island
        Resort, a land-based casino resort in Mesquite, Nevada.  Additional
        developments include a joint venture with Harrah's for a casino
        entertainment complex in Maryland Heights, Missouri scheduled for a
        1996 opening.  

        CONTACT: Players International, Inc.,
                 Peter Aranow,
                 Chief Financial Officer,
                 Morgen-Walke Associates,
                 Christine DiSanto/Adam Steinberg,
                 Media Contact: Stan Froelich,

Rockefeller Center Properties Inc.

           NEW YORK--Oct. 5, 1995--Rockefeller Center
        Properties Inc. ("RCPI") confirmed today in response to inquiries
        that the Agreement and Plan of Combination dated as of Sept. 11,
        1995, between RCPI and Equity Office Holdings, L.L.C., the national
        office building investment and management company led by Samuel
        Zell, remains in effect.  
            RCPI, a mortgate real estate investment trust whose principal
        asset is a $1.3 billion participating convertible mortgage loan on
        Rockefeller Center, is listed on the
New York Stock Exchange as
        "RCP".  As of Oct. 4, 1995, there were 38,260,704 shares of RCPI
        common stock outstanding.  

        CONTACT: Rockefeller Center Properties Inc., New York,
                 Stephanie Leggett Young, 212/698-1440;
                 Gary Holmes, 212/484-7736


            CHICAGO, Oct. 5, 1995 -- Equity Office Holdings,
        (EOH), a national office building investment and management company
        led by Samuel Zell, in a letter to Rockefeller Center Properties,
        Inc. (RCPI) (NYSE: RCP), today proposed a number of enhancements to
        its existing definitive agreement to recapitalize RCPI.  These
        modifications, submitted after careful analysis of shareholder
        response to the various offers for RCPI, present the greatest value
        for the long-term interests of RCPI shareholders, href="chap11.rcp.html">Rockefeller Center
        tenants and the City of New York.

        Highlights of the proposed enhancement include:

            Although Equity Office Holdings does not believe that it is in
        the best interests of RCPI shareholders to sell out at this time,
        EOH would consider restructuring the investment to provide for an
        outright purchase of the $1.3 billion mortgage loan from the Company
        for a mutually agreeable price that would be paid either in cash or
        a combination of cash and participating debt securities.

[The text of Zell's Enhancement Letter follows:]        

        October 5, 1995
        Dr. Peter Linneman
        Rockefeller Center Properties, Inc.
        1270 Avenue of the Americas
        New York, New York 10020
        Dear Peter:
            In response to requests of Board members and major shareholders,
        we would like to propose for your consideration several enhancements
        to the existing definitive agreement.
            As you know, we have worked with you since June to customize a
        structure that maximizes for RCPI's shareholders the benefits that
        you have sought to achieve for them.  In summary, when you
        approached us in June seeking our assistance, you set forth the
        following goals: (1) to deleverage the company and pay off the
        expensive Goldman Sachs/Whitehall financing and the 13% convertible
        debentures; (2) to assure the new investment would align the
        investor's interests with those of existing shareholders by
        positioning shareholders to participate in the upside of this unique
        property in the years ahead; (3) to partner with someone who has the
        skills and credibility to negotiate with Mitsubishi the best deal
        for shareholders; (4) to partner with an organization or
        organizations having the real estate skills to turnaround,
        reposition, and run Rockefeller Center; and (5) to partner with an
        investor who is experienced in the running of public companies and
        who appreciates the importance of a board of directors having a
        majority of independent directors.  Our offer continues to provide
        the most significant value to shareholders, in alignment with and in
        the best interests of the shareholders as agreed upon with their
        representatives on the Board of Directors.
        I. Capital Structure and Shareholder Alignment
            The Zell Group proposal offers superior, long-term value to all
        RCPI shareholders.  The proposed new capital structure immediately
        reduces debt from a current, onerous, blended rate of 11.27% to
        7.76%.  This reduces total interest payments by $35.6 million per
        year, or $0.93 per share.  During the first five years this results
        in the creation of $4.65 per share of value.  This is accomplished
        by both repaying RCPI's highly expensive existing debt (including
        the Goldman/Whitehall debt) and replacing it with a lower
        leverage/low cost structure which is only possible because of the
        AAA rated debt that our partner General Electric/NBC has agreed to
            The $250 million equity infusion takes RCPI off "life support"
        and will permit the operation and enhancement of Rockefeller Center
        to achieve its proper, long-term positioning in the marketplace.
        The shareholders have been investors during the worst of times; they
        should now be permitted to stay as investors to participate in the
        long-term potential of Rockefeller Center.  We remain committed to
        the preservation of the Center as an intact asset, and our belief is
        firm that the sum is greater than the parts.  In our view, the
        Center is inherently stronger when owned and managed as one
        II.  Sponsorship
            The composition of the Zell Group represents unparalleled
        sponsorship.  The Walt Disney Co. brings commitment to the
        enhancement of New York's venerable Radio City Music Hall and the
        retail components of the complex.  GE/NBC bring shareholders
        partnership with the Center's anchor tenant and a AAA bondable lease
        (substantially reducing interest rate costs), as well as GE/NBC's
        substantial equity commitment.  The Zell/Merrill Lynch fund has as
        investors major institutions across a range of blue-chip
        corporations and governmental entities.  The stability, experience
        and financial strength backing ownership thus will uniquely enhance
        RCPI's ability to attract tenants and access capital.
        III. Real Estate Skills
            Zell/Equity has been engaged in the acquisition, redevelopment,
        management, and turnaround of real estate assets and corporations
        since 1968 and today has interests and a management role in more
        than 375 real estate projects nationwide.  The track record of
        Zell/Equity's commercial real estate operations offers Rockefeller
        Center management by one of the dominant national players in the
        industry, with access to a national pool of tenants.  As both a
        turnaround expert and long-term owner/operator, Equity Office has
        purchased more than 20 million square feet of Class A real estate
        over the last six years, with all still held in its portfolio.  Of
        those properties owned for more than one year (most of which had
        significant vacancy problems), occupancy portfolio-wide stands at
        93% with tenant retention of 78% across the portfolio.  The Zell
        organization additionally owns and operates a significant national
        retail portfolio.  The recent renovation of the 1.2 million square
        foot Old Orchard shopping center in metro Chicago, which includes
        such prominent retailers as Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, Saks,
        Marshall Field, and Lord & Taylor, is indicative of our ability to
        position and create high end retail environments.
            Our proposal represents the best solution for the tenants of the
        Center.  The immediate availability of cash for improvements, the
        leasing leverage through Equity Office's involvement, the renewal of
        GE/NBC's commitment as the Center's largest tenant, and the Disney
        involvement in Radio City Music Hall will act to regenerate the
        exciting environment associated with Rockefeller Center in the
        public's imagination via retailing, leasing, and management
        IV. Commitment to Public Shareholders Interests
            Unlike many real estate organizations, the Zell organization
        additionally is experienced in the public ownership and operation of
        real estate and corporations, and in the building of shareholder
        value. Two publicly-traded REITs, Equity Residential Properties
        Trust ("EQR") and Manufactured Home Communities, Inc. ("MHC") headed
        by Mr. Zell represent the largest companies in their respective
        asset classes. Zell/Equity affiliates include 13 publicly traded
        companies representing approximately $10 billion in 1994 revenues
        with a total market value of more than $6 billion.  Since March
        1992, in excess of $2.5 billion in equity capital has been raised in
        public markets by Zell/Equity affiliated public companies.
            The Zell Group is committed to building shareholder value for
        all RCPI shareholders.  The definitive agreement was developed based
        upon the needs of the REIT as outlined to us by the Board.  Our
        agreement includes the preservation of an independent board of
        directors, with no change of control.  For shareholders who believe
        that the bottom of the market may be the wrong time to sell, the
        Zell proposal offers the opportunity to hold and share in the
        tremendous potential of this truly unique property.
            As we have examined shareholder responses to the various offers
        being submitted to the Board, we additionally submit the following
        enhancements for your consideration:
            1. Subject to Board and SEC approvals, we are prepared to
        allocate up to $100 million of our $250 million investment to a
        shareholder rights offering for the benefit of existing holders of
        RCPI common stock, allowing each holder the opportunity to acquire,
        upon the closing of the investment, at a price of $5.50 per share, 2
        additional shares of NUREIT for every 5 shares of NUREIT received in
        the transaction.  These rights to buy shares could be transferable.
        The Zell Group, at no cost to the Company or NUREIT, would take up
        rights that were not exercised.
            2. In addition, we suggest that as long as Goldman
        Sachs/Whitehall agrees to a closing date no later than December 31,
        1995, NUREIT would offer to pay to Whitehall $30 million cash in
        consideration of the cancellation by Whitehall of its rights under
        the "Warrant Agreement" and the "SAR Agreement" and the repayment of
        all Goldman Sachs/Whitehall debt at par.  If the offer were accepted
        and the $30 million paid to Whitehall, the Consideration Securities
        would no longer include any NUREIT Warrants or NUREIT SARS.  We
        believe this would be very attractive to Goldman Sachs/Whitehall
        because this would result in a repayment of the Goldman "LIBOR +4%"
        notes that, due to the bankruptcy of the Center's owners, they have
        been unable to securitize; and, would provide Whitehall with in
        excess of a 50% return on its $75 million 14% debenture investment.
        Given that Whitehall is typically not a long term investor we assume
        the Whitehall investors would find this proposal very attractive.
            Alternatively, although we do not believe it to be in the best
        interests of your shareholders to sell out at this time, we would
        consider restructuring the investment to provide for an outright
        purchase of the $1.3 billion mortgage loan for a mutually agreeable
        price that would give the Company either cash or a combination of
        cash and participating debt securities that could then be
        distributed by RCPI to its shareholders in a liquidation of RCPI.
        If any of these are of interest to the Board, we are prepared to
        pursue modifications to the definitive agreement as contemplated by
        its Section 2.4.
            We continue to believe that the Board's original goals and
        objectives as set forth at the beginning of this letter remain in
        the best interests of its shareholders.  After years of economic
        disappointment now would not seem the opportune time for
        shareholders to be forced to sell out.  Our proposal gives
        shareholders the choice to either sell in the open market (current
        price is above Goldman's offer), hold their shares and be partners
        with us in the creation of long term value, or buy additional shares
        in the proposed rights offering.  The existing definitive agreement
        is the only proposal that brings (1) $250,000,000 of new equity; (2)
        reduces debt costs by $35.6 million per year by the provision of a
        AAA guarantee and the elimination of existing high rate debt; (3)
        and brings the skills and resources of the premier real
        estate/entertainment operators of GE/NBC, Disney and Equity Office
        to create the maximum long term value for your shareholders.
        Sincerely yours,
        Samuel Zell
        Chairman and
        Chief Executive Officer

        /CONTACT:  Elliot Sloane, 212-704-8126, David Sternstein,
        212-704-4528, or Debra Jack, 212-704-8257, all of Edelman Financial/


            MEMPHIS, Tenn., Oct. 5, 1995 -- J.R. Hyde III,
        and chief executive officer of AutoZone Inc. (NYSE: AZO), announced
        today that the company will not pursue its previous offer to acquire
        45 Nationwise stores. A
bankruptcy court approved a significantly
        higher bid by Western Auto in a sealed bid process.

            "We made a fair offer, and we weren't willing to go beyond what
        we considered a reasonable price," Mr. Hyde said.  "We will continue
        our plans to build 250 new stores chainwide this fiscal year."  At
        the end of fiscal 1995, AutoZone had 1,143 stores in 26 states.

        /CONTACT:  Financial - Sheila Stuewe, 901-325-4458, or Media -
        Laura Nevins, 901-325-6647, both of AutoZone Inc./