HERSHEY, Pennsylvania., Sept. 13, 1995 -- href="chap11.nuclear.html">Nuclear Support Services,
(Nasdaq: NSSI) provides the following summary of most
        frequently asked questions and its responses in an effort to update
        its investors and the public in regard to its recent entry into
        Chapter 11 reorganization proceedings.

            Question:  Was the Company's underlying business showing
        material deterioration since the Company's third quarter ending June
        30, 1995, and prior to its bankruptcy filing on September 5, 1995?
        Response:  No. The Company's underlying business and overall demand
        for its services were not deteriorating.

            Question:  Did pre-bankruptcy cash flow projections for the
        Company show inadequate cash for debt service and operations?
        Response:  No. Company projections prepared in August showed
        adequate cash for debt service and operations through calendar 1995
        and beyond.

            Question:  What is the status of the suit against Westinghouse
        and what is the effect of the bankruptcy filing on the Westinghouse
        lawsuit? Response:  The Company, as debtor-in-possession, can
        continue to pursue the Westinghouse lawsuit.  The suit is in the
        pleading stage with discovery having been initiated.  Aside from the
        procedural information noted, it would not be advisable to comment
        further on substantive matters of the lawsuit during its pendency.

            Question:  What is the response of NSSI's customers to its
        bankruptcy filing?  Response:  The initial response of NSSI's
        customers has been supportive.

            Question:  What is the Company's intent in filing the Chapter 11
        bankruptcy proceedings and what is the time frame of these
        proceedings? Response:  The Company filed for Chapter 11 upon its
        lenders' cessation of funding and in order to gain access to its
        cash and continue operations.  Promptly after filing for Chapter 11
        protection, the Company was successful in negotiating a temporary
        cash collateral agreement with its lenders allowing use of cash
        payments made to it to be applied to continuing operations.  The
        Company is in the process of negotiating an extension of this cash
        collateral agreement with its lenders and/or arranging debtor-in-
        possession financing for the bankruptcy period.  Management believes
        that the Company's assets exceed its liabilities, and it is the
        Company's intent to pay off all creditors in an orderly fashion.  It
        is the Company's further intent to reduce its debt, by selling
        assets if necessary, and to negotiate new financing arrangements so
        it can emerge from Chapter 11 reorganization as swiftly as possible.

            Question:  What is the time frame for the Company's Chapter 11
        proceedings?  Response:  There can be no assurance as to time frame.
        It is the Company's goal to emerge from Chapter 11 reorganization
        proceedings before the end of the second quarter of its 1996 fiscal
        year (i.e., the first calendar quarter of 1996).

        /CONTACT:  Ralph A. Trallo, President and COO of Nuclear Support
        Services, 717-533-6370/

         REXON announces Chapter 11 filing

            DENVER, Colorado--Sept. 13, 1995--href="chap11.rexon.html">REXON Inc.
        (NASDAQ:REXNQ) Wednesday announced that it has filed a voluntary
        petition for relief under the provisions of Chapter 11 of the U.S.
        Bankruptcy Code in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the  District of

            The filing is intended to allow the company to restructure its
        financial obligations through a plan of reorganization.

            The company has been seeking to raise needed working capital
        through additional debt and/or equity financings.  Despite REXON's
        best efforts, it has been unable to complete such new financing or
        obtain a new credit line with more favorable terms before
        Wednesday's filing.

            Due to its shortage of working capital and inability to obtain
        new debt or equity financing, REXON's Board of Directors determined
        that a Chapter 11 filing was the alternative that would allow the
        company to continue in business and would be in the best interests
        of its customers, creditors, shareholders and employees.  

            REXON is currently considering debtor-in-possession financing
        proposals received by the company and is in the process of selecting
        which proposal, if any, will be submitted for bankruptcy approval.
        This positive development should allow the company to maintain its
        present business and give it an opportunity to increase revenues and
        return to profitability.  A hearing is expected to be scheduled next
        week for the court's approval of a proposed financing.

            The bankruptcy filing is limited to REXON Inc., the U.S. parent
        corporation, and its REXON/Tecmar Inc. subsidiary.  REXON's foreign
        subsidiary, REXON Singapore Pte. Ltd., intends to resume its
        manufacturing operations with a minimum of disruption and

            Robert C. Genesi, chairman and CEO, stated: "Our decision to
        seek protection under Chapter 11 was a very difficult one.  We have
        made every reasonable effort to complete a $10 million financing
        which, if successful, would have given us the opportunity to take
        advantage of what we felt were good business prospects going

            "However, despite those efforts (which included the sale of the
        company's real estate in Solon, Ohio), the company could not
        complete the financing within the time available to us."

            Genesi added, "While we obviously preferred to avoid this
        bankruptcy filing, we believe that in the long term this filing will
        benefit our financial situation and allow us to begin to resume our
        routine operations with a minimum of disruption.  The new requested
        line of credit will facilitate full payment to all suppliers for
        goods and services that we receive after today's filing.  

            "We intend to promptly begin the preparation of a reorganization
        plan which will be designed to strengthen REXON as a viable going
        concern while also maximizing recovery for our creditors, vendors,
        and shareholders.  The continued strong support being shown by our
        customers and creditors at this time is very much appreciated and we
        fully believe we will be able to fulfill their trust and

            The company also announced that Henry E. Oberle, president, COO,
        and a director (who was located at the sold Ohio facility), and
        Kanwai Rekhi, an independent director, have recently resigned their
        positions with the company to pursue personal projects and other

            REXON is a publicly owned company dedicated to data storage and
        systems for the computer industry.  It offers Wangtek 1/4 inch
        cartridge (QIC) and Digital Audio Tape (DAT) drive product.  Tecmar
        brand solutions include QICVault, DATaVault, ProLine and ProLine CX.
        Multimedia products are marketed under the Tecmar brand to major
        OEMs and distributors.

        CONTACT:  REXON Inc.,
                  J. Embry, 310/355-0761