PETCO buys Pet Metro for $3 million


            SAN DIEGO, Ca.--Aug. 24, 1995--PETCO Animal
        Supplies, Inc., one of the nation's largest specialty retailers of
        premium pet food and supplies, announced today that it has purchased
        Pet Metro, a Southern California-based chain
of pet food superstores, for approximately $3 million.  PETCO closed the
        transaction last night after agreeing to purchase the company out of
        bankruptcy last Thursday.


            PETCO's Chairman and President Brian K. Devine said, "This is an
        excellent strategic acquisition for Petco and greatly strengthens
        our market penetration in Southern California."


            Mr. Devine said, "PETCO plans to convert the four existing Pet
        Metro stores, located in Pasadena, Huntington Beach, San Diego and
        Riverside, into PETCO superstores.  These stores average slightly
        over 17,000 square feet in size and generated in excess of $12
        million of sales in the previous twelve months.  The company also
        plans to open three additional California stores that Pet Metro had
        signed leases for but was unable to open before it went into


            With the addition of the Pet Metro stores, PETCO will operate
        approximately 123 premium pet food and supply stores in California
        alone -- 227 nationwide.


            Mr. Devine said, "The pet food retailing industry continues to
        undergo significant consolidation and we will continue to identify
        and make opportunistic acquisitions that are in the best interests
        of our customers and shareholders."


            PETCO is a leading specialty retailer of premium pet food and
        supplies.  The company operates 227 stores, including 136
        superstores, in 13 states and The District of Columbia.


        CONTACT:  PETCO Animal Supplies, Inc., San Diego
                  Richard St. Peter, 619/677-3003


        Ramtron Releases Restructuring Update


            COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.--Aug. 24, 1995--
Ramtron International Corporation (NASDAQ:RMTR)
today announced that an
        objection to the approval of Ramtron's recently announced debt
        restructuring agreement has been filed by the Official Joint
        Creditors Committee (the Committee) of the Oren L. Benton bankruptcy


            Although the Committee expressed approval of the restructuring
        in a letter dated July 31, 1995, the recent rise in Ramtron's stock
        price caused the Committee to file an objection to court approval on
        Wednesday afternoon in the interest of enhancing the consideration
        payable to the Benton Estate as part of the restructuring.


            The Committee states in its objection, "Due to the change in
        market price, the Ramtron stock is very attractive to a number of
        qualified third party investors.  The Committee is informed and
        believes that one or more of these investors are willing to assume
        BEA's position to enhance the consideration payable to the Benton
        Estate in acquiring the 1992 note."  The Committee has advised
        Ramtron that its objection is not intended to delay the consummation
        of a debt restructuring, and that the Committee supports the current
        proposed restructuring in the absence of an enhanced offer to the
        Benton Estate.


            Ramtron is currently operating under a NASDAQ exception to
        quantitative listing criteria that expires August 31, 1995.  If at
        that time, the Company is unable to close the restructuring, obtain
        an extension to the NASDAQ's exception, or otherwise meet NASDAQ's
        listing criteria, Ramtron's equity securities will be delisted from
        the NASDAQ Stock Market.  Thereafter, the Company would be required
        to reapply for listing once the criteria is met.  If necessary,
        Ramtron will seek a further exception to the listing criteria, but
        there can be no assurances that such an exception will be granted.


            In view of the Committee's position, Ramtron continues to plan
        for the consummation of a debt restructuring.


            For more information about Ramtron and its products, contact:
        Corporate Communications, Ramtron International Corporation, 1850
        Ramtron Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA 80921.  Telephone is
        800-545-FRAM; FAX is 719-481-9294.


        CONTACT:  Ramtron International Corporation
                  Lee A. Brown, 719/481-7011




            ANAHEIM, Calif.--Aug. 25, 1995--HREF="chap11.statordyne.html">Statordyne Corporation
announced today that an involuntary
        petition for an order of relief under chapter 11 of the U.S.
        Bankruptcy Code was filed on August 23, 1995 by a group of its
        largest creditors.  The Company plans to consent to the bankruptcy
        and to file motions early next week with the court to grant an
        accelerated schedule for the Company's bankruptcy case.  According
        to Kenneth A. Ruck, Chairman and CEO of Statordyne, "The Company
        intends to maintain normal business operations during the
        proceedings, and provide continued service to its customers."


            The case was filed August 23, 1995 in the United States
        Bankruptcy Court, Central District of California, Santa Ana Division
        (Case No. SA95-18647JB).  The Company is represented in the
        bankruptcy proceedings by the law firm of Winthrop Couchot in
        Newport Beach, Calif.


            The Company designs, manufactures and markets patented power
        protection systems that enhance electrical power quality while
        providing peaking capabilities and uninterrupted transition to
        backup power in the event of a utility outage.


        /CONTACT:  Bradford Roberts, president of Statordyne, 714-704-1000/