WAYNE, N.J.--Aug. 10, 1995--The common stock of
        The Grand Union Company will begin trading on
Monday (August 14) on
        the NASDAQ National Market.  Grand Union is a retail food company
        operating 231 stores in six Northeastern states.  Its new trading
        symbol will be GUCO, which will replace its former OTC Bulletin
        Board symbol of GDUN.   


            Roger E. Stangeland, Chairman of the Board, said "Grand Union's
        NASDAQ listing represents yet another step in the overall recovery
        process that has been accomplished by the Company's management
        team."  Grand Union emerged from bankruptcy on June 15.


            Joseph J. McCaig, President and Chief Executive Officer, said
        that Grand Union's entry into the NASDAQ National Market provides
        brokers and others with immediate access to the best bid and ask
        prices and other information about the Company's shares throughout
        the trading day.  Those prices will be available in more than
        200,000 electronic terminals in brokers' offices throughout the
        United States and the world.  Trading data is also distributed
        widely through wire services for selective dissemination by
        newspapers and radio and television stations.


            In addition to increased market visibility, NASDAQ offers Grand
        Union the advantage of multiple market makers that compete to offer
        the best bid and ask prices as opposed to a single specialist on the
        floor of a stock exchange.


            Grand Union, founded in 1872, is one of the nation's largest
        regional retail food companies.  Sales during its last fiscal year
        ended April 1, 1995, were $2.4 billion.  The Company serves some 3
        million customers weekly and employs 16,000 people.  It operates
        retail food stores in Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New
        York, Pennsylvania and Vermont.


        CONTACT: The Grand Union Company
                 Donald C. Vaillancourt, 201/890-6100