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            DALLAS,Texas--July 24, 1995--Thermex
Energy Corp.,
a commercial explosives company, has been awarded what is believed to
        be the largest antitrust verdict handed down in Texas, the company's
        CEO announced Friday.      

            ICI Explosives, USA, the largest explosives manufacturer in the
        world, was found to have used monopolistic methods to drive Thermex
        into bankruptcy in 1990.  ICI-USA is a subsidiary of Imperial
        Chemical Industries, PLC, the largest public company in Great


            After final adjustments, the Wise County jury award could be
        more than $400 million.


            Thermex became the fourth largest commercial explosives
        manufacturer in the United States after it purchased the commercial
        explosives division of Gulf Oil in 1984.  Shortly thereafter, Atlas
        Powder Co. (ICI-USA's former name) began to manipulate materials
        prices to undermine Thermex's operation, leading to the Chapter 7
        filing against Thermex.


            Richard Forsythe, CEO of Thermex, said he's relieved the 11-year
        ordeal is ending.  "They kept telling us we'd never get to trial,
        let alone win.  It's a great feeling to look back at the hurdles
        we've jumped to get to this day."


            Forsythe added that the verdict could trigger a ripple effect in
        the construction, mining and the oil and gas industries worldwide.
        "This decision should promote competition and hopefully lower prices
        for the consumer."


            ICI-USA is named as a defendant in the class-action suit
        recently filed by the victims and families of the federal building
        bombing in Oklahoma City.


            Decatur, Texas, was chosen for the trial because one of ICI's
        companies has a distribution center in the county.  The case was
        heard in 271st Judicial District Court, and after hearing eight
        weeks of testimony, the jury deliberated one day.


            Thermex was represented by Kilgore & Kilgore in Dallas; and the
        firm of Woodruff, Wren & Simpson in Decatur, Texas, as well as
        Sewell & Forbis of Decatur.


            Gardere & Wynne of Dallas, and Brock Smith of Decatur,
        represented the defendants.


        /CONTACT:  Thermex Energy Corp., 214-931-3440; or Kilgore & Kilgore,
        214-969-9099; or John Quinn, Read-Poland Associates, 214-760-6066/




            CHARLESTON, W.Va.,--July 24, 1995--
Columbia Gas
        Transmission Corp.
, a unit of The Columbia Gas System, Inc. (NYSE:
        CG), plans to invest about $350 million to expand the capacity of
        its natural gas pipeline system to provide in excess of 450,000
        dekatherms per day of additional firm storage and transportation
        services over a three-year period starting in 1997.  A dekatherm is
        about one thousand cubic feet of natural gas.


            The company has signed binding 15-year precedent agreements to
        provide increased levels of service to 23 customers, most of them
        local natural gas distribution companies.  Under the agreements,
        Columbia Transmission will increase its current level of firm
        service entitlements by about seven percent.


            Ninety percent of the new capacity is for firm storage service.
        The remainder is for firm transportation service.


            Customers receiving the additional services are located
        primarily in the Mid-West and Mid-Atlantic areas.  Tentative plans
        for the expansion were announced late in 1994.  Customers identified
        their firm transportation and storage service needs during an open
        season earlier this year.  Columbia Transmission is continuing to
        explore ways to meet additional customer requests.


            Plans call for the expansion to begin in 1997 and to be
        completed in 1999 with the first service being available for the
        1997-1998 winter.


            "Our customers are mainly interested in seasonal storage
        service," Chairman James P. Holland said.  "We are able to meet
        their needs in a cost-effective way because of our extensive storage
        operations in the market area.  The proximity of storage to markets
        provides reliability during the winter when demand for natural gas
        is at its peak."


            As part of the expansion project, the company will enhance the
        performance of its storage operations by drilling new wells and
        improving the deliverability of existing wells.


            Also, Columbia Transmission will add about 100 miles of pipeline
        in about 14 segments along its core pipeline system and install
        about 50,000 horsepower of compression.


            Columbia Transmission will file with the FERC later this year
        for authority to construct the new facilities.  Details about the
        individual projects will be included in the fling.  In addition, a
        filing will be made seeking any necessary bankruptcy court approvals
        for the project.


            The company will propose that expansion costs be rolled into
        existing rates.  Holland said the effect on existing rates will be
        minimal and well within the five-percent-increase threshold recently
        established by the FERC.


            "We said at the beginning of this project we believed the
        marketplace would choose our proposal as the most attractive among
        competing proposals to serve new demand in this geographic area,"
        Holland said.  "The project we are announcing today demonstrates the
        strength of our competitive position in the marketplace."


            Columbia Transmission is the primary interstate pipeline unit of
        The Columbia Gas System, Inc.  The company provides natural gas
        transportation and storage services to customers in 13 states and
        the District of Columbia.  It operates 19,000 miles of pipeline, 160
        compressor stations and 45 storage fields.


        /CONTACT:  Dave Dodrill (Media) 304-357-2257, or 304-357-2000, or
        Tom Hughes (Analysts), 302-429-5363, both of Columbia Gas/





            FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich.,--July 24 , 1995--
Data Systems Network Corporation (Nasdaq Small Cap Market: DSYS; PSE)

        today that a stipulated order approving the settlement of a lawsuit
        between Data Systems and 3Com Corporation (Nasdaq-NNM: COMS) had
        been entered by the Federal Bankruptcy Court on June 8, 1995 and
        that the time in which any appeal of that order needed to be filed
        had expired.  The Company also announced that all agreements and
        releases necessary to the settlement had been signed by both parties
        and that it expected the necessary payments required by both sides
        to be made this week.


            "This completes the process of settling this disagreement," said
        Michael W. Grieves, President and CEO of Data Systems Network
        Corporation.  "We believe this was a very fair and favorable outcome
        to this litigation and are happy to put it behind us."


            Data Systems Network Corporation provides a wide range of
        computer integration services including installation, consultation,
        maintenance and training.  Data Systems is headquartered in
        Farmington Hills, Michigan and has four other midwest offices, with
        customers located throughout the United States.


        /CONTACT:  Barbara Hauswirth, Marketing Manager of Data Systems
        Network, 810-489-7117/
        (DSYS COMS)



        KLH reaches tentative financing arrangement


            KANSAS CITY, Kan.--July 24, 1995--KLH
        Engineering Group Inc. announced that it has reached a tentative
        financing arrangement that will be finalized within the next 10


            This arrangement will allow Tomahawk
Construction Co. Inc.
, a subsidiary of KLH, to follow its Chapter 11 bankruptcy
plan and
        emerge from bankruptcy by Aug. 14, 1995.


            The conditions of the financing arrangement will greatly improve
        the company's net equity and strengthen its overall position.


            KLH Engineering Group Inc. is a full-service consulting,
        engineering and construction firm based in Englewood, Colo.  The
        company's common stock trades on the NASDAQ Bulletin Board under the
        symbol KLHE.


        CONTACT:  KLH Engineering Group Inc.
                  Michael A. Cederstrom, 913/621-4233