WARREN, Ohio,--July 13, 1995--
Copperweld Steel Company
today announced that it has reached an agreement with
Hamlin Holdings, whereby Hamlin will withdraw its notice terminating its
        agreement to purchase the assets of Copperweld Steel, and the
        parties will resume their efforts to complete that transaction.
        Copperweld Steel has filed a motion with the Bankruptcy Court in
        Youngstown seeking the Court's approval of a "lock-up arrangement"
        with Hamlin Holdings, Inc. which would terminate the bidding for
        Copperweld's assets.  A hearing is expected to be held early next
        week on the motion.


            As announced earlier, in early July, Hamlin had issued a notice
        to Copperweld Steel terminating the purchase agreement that it had
        entered into with Copperweld Steel in October 1994 for failure to
        satisfy certain conditions to that purchase agreement.  After Hamlin
        had sent that notice, Hamlin, the United Steelworkers of America and
        the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors in Copperweld's
        Chapter 11 case were able to resolve their differences and reach an
        agreement on a consensual plan of reorganization.  Accordingly,
        Hamlin agreed to withdraw its termination notice and Copperweld
        Steel agreed to reinstate the purchase agreement.  In addition, at
        Hamlin's request and in order to expedite Copperweld Steel's and
        CSC's emergence from Chapter 11, Copperweld Steel determined to seek
        approval of a court order terminating the bidding for Copperweld
        Steel's assets.


            Donald J. Caiazza, President and CEO of Copperweld Steel
        Company, stated, "We are pleased that the creditors have resolved
        their differences.  It is now of utmost importance to both
        Copperweld Steel and CSC to move as quickly as possible to file a
        plan of reorganization and to complete the sale of our assets.  We
        are greatly appreciative of the ongoing support of our customers and
        suppliers throughout these Chapter 11 cases and of the tremendous
        effort put forth by our employees that has enabled the company to
        continuously improve quality, customer service and operating results
        during this lengthy process.  We owe it to all of these people to
        conclude these cases as rapidly as possible."


            Caiazza also indicated that the creditors are fully aware of the
        competing offer to purchase Copperweld Steel's assets made by
        Chariot Investors, Inc. and its economics.  He stated that
        Copperweld had creditor support for the court order terminating the
        bidding for Copperweld Steel's assets.


            Copperweld Steel Company is an electric furnace manufacturer of
        special quality alloy and carbon steel bars and a leader in SBQ
        technology and value-added products.  The Warren, Ohio, based
        company, together with its non-operating parent, CSC Industries, has
        been operating under the protection of Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy
        Code since November 1993.


        /CONTACT:  Donald J. Caiazza, President and C.E.O., of Copperweld
        Steel Co., 216-841-6500/


        All For A Dollar reports increase in comparative store sales


            SPRINGFIELD, Mass.--July 13, 1995--All For A
        Dollar Inc.
today announced that sales in stores which were open
        more than 24 months (comparative store sales) had increased 15.2
        percent for the second quarter ended July 1, 1995, from the
        corresponding period in 1994.


            For the six months ended July 1, 1995 the comparative increase
        was 5.1 percent.


            Sales for the 1995 second quarter decreased 14.4 percent to
        $10.3 million from $12.0 million, and sales for the six months
        period decreased 23.8 percent to $19.7 million from $25.9 million,
        compared to the corresponding 1994 periods.  The reduction in sales
        is solely the result of operating 54 fewer stores in 1995.


            Roger Slate, president and chief executive officer of All For A
        Dollar, stated that "we are very pleased that the significant
        changes which have resulted from our reorganization, including the
        reduction in the number of stores, the addition of senior store
        operations management, and the introduction of new merchandising
        approaches, have resulted in significantly improved comparative
        store sales.  We are confident that the company's recent successful
        emergence from bankruptcy will be evidenced by continually improving


            All For A Dollar presently operates 110 retail close-out variety
        stores in nine northeastern states, offering high quality and brand
        name merchandise, predominantly at the single price point of $1.


        CONTACT:  All For A Dollar, Springfield
                  Donald A. Molta, 413/733-1203




            PHILADELPHIA, Pa,--July 13, 1995--The Honorable Arlin M.
        Adams, creditor-elected Trustee for the bankruptcy estate of the
        Foundation for New Era Philanthropy, has
announced that the 341 meeting of creditors of the Foundation has been postponed for
one week and will be held on July 24, 1995.  The meeting will take place
        at 2 p.m. at the Doubletree Hotel at Broad and Locust streets in
        Center City Philadelphia, in the Ormandy Ballroom on the first
        floor. The meeting, to be the first time that Adams will speak in
        his official capacity as trustee, originally was scheduled to be
        held on July 17.


            At the July 24 meeting, Adams will set forth his agenda for
        administering the New Era estate.  Adams will outline the
        investigations that he and his professional advisors will perform
        and establish a means of communication with hundreds of creditors
        and constituencies.


        /CONTACT:  Arlin M. Adams, Trustee of Foundation for
        New Era Philanthropy, 215-751-2072/