DALLAS, Texas--June 5, 1995--One Williams
Center Co.
has initiated reorganization proceedings in the United States
        Court for the Northern District of Texas.  One Williams Center Co.
        is the owner of One Williams Center in Tulsa, Okla.  The property,
        which is Tulsa's premier class A downtown office building, serves as
        headquarters of The Williams Companies.


            One Williams Center was originally developed by The Williams
        Companies in 1974.  The Williams Companies sold its interest in One
        Williams Center Co. in 1987.  As a part of the sale, The Williams
        Companies agreed to continue its obligations under a guarantee that
        provided for cash flow to meet property level obligations.  In
        January 1995, The Williams Companies acquired the mortgage on the
        property and informed One Williams Center Co. it would not make any
        further payments under its 1987 guaranty continuation agreement.
        One Williams Center Co. has initiated litigation against The
        Williams Companies for damages in connection with the guaranty
        continuation agreement.  The Williams Companies has asserted
        counterclaims in that litigation.


            The Tulsa office market continues to exhibit signs of
        improvement from the collapse of the 1980's, but market rental rates
        have not yet fully recovered.  The Williams Companies' refusal to
        make payments under the guaranty continuation agreement means that,
        absent the relief available in reorganization proceedings, One
        Williams Center Co. will be faced with insufficient funds to meet
        future debt service payments and operating requirements.


            "One Williams Center is without question Tulsa's premier office
        building," said Jeffrey C. Chavez, vice president of the general
        partner of One Williams Center Co.  "We believe that the
        reorganization proceedings will allow us to continue to operate the
        property in the ordinary course of business with minimal impact to
        our tenants and vendors."

        /CONTACT:  Jeffrey C. Chavez of One Williams Center Co.,



            TRENTON, ONTARIO--JUNE 6, 1995--HREF="internat.canada.trenton.html">TRENTON INDUSTRIES
        INC(TSE: TII)
Trenton Industries Inc.  (the "Company") announces the
        following updates to its plan to file a proposal (the "Proposal")
        under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act ("BIA"), which plan was the
        subject matter of previous press releases dated March 2, 1995 and
        April 4, 1995.   


            The Company and its subsidiaries, Trenton Machine Tool Inc.  and
        Sailrail Enterprises Limited (the "Subsidiaries") have now filed
        Proposals under the BIA related to their unsecured debt and these
        Proposals have been forwarded to unsecured creditors.  A meeting of
        those unsecured creditors has been scheduled for Wednesday, June 7,
        1995 to approve or reject the Proposals.  Management of the Company
        believes there is a reasonable expectation that the Proposals will
        be approved.  It was determined that a viable proposal could not be
        made on behalf of the Company's other subsidiary, Brawley Industries
        Limited ("Brawley") and an assignment in bankruptcy was filed on May
        11, 1995.   


            The Company has made an agreement in principle with Penfund
        Capital (No. 1) Limited ("Penfund"), one of the secured lenders for
        the Company and its Subsidiaries, to settle liability under the
        Company's $1.4 million guarantee of the obligations of Brawley to
        Penfund for an amount of $600,000.00 and to convert this debt plus
        the Company's $362,250.00 preferred share obligation to Penfund into
        14,448,198 common shares in the capital stock of the Company.  In
        addition to certain other ancillary matters, the arrangement with
        Penfund is subject to completion of the reorganization of the
        Company and its Subsidiaries, acceptance of the Proposal, approval
        by Penfund's loan committee, and satisfactory legal documentation.   


            The Bank of Montreal (the "Bank") provided secured operating
        lines of credit to the Company and its Subsidiaries in the
        approximate amount of $4.0 million (the "Bank Loans"), but had
        ceased to advance additional credit to the Company.  An investor
        group, through the Toronto-Dominion Bank as agent, has purchased the
        Bank Loans.  The Company believes that the new arrangement will
        result in some working capital availability for the Company.  It has
        also been agreed that these Bank Loans may be converted in part or
        whole into units of securities of the Company at $0.07 per unit.
        The units will consist of one issued common share plus half a
        warrant.  One full warrant will entitle the holder to purchase one
        common share at $0.10 per share.  The conversion of this secured
        debt into equity is intended to permit the Company and its
        Subsidiaries to obtain new secured operating lines of credit.  If
        the maximum conversion is effected, 62.0 million common shares would
        be immediately issued.  The warrants if fully exercised, would
        result in an additional $3.1 million of equity capital for the
        Company and an additional 31.0 million issued common shares.  The
        conversion transaction is subject to completion of the
        reorganization including creditors' and court approval of the
        Proposal, satisfactory arrangements with the other secured creditors
        of the Company and its Subsidiaries, all necessary regulatory and
        shareholder approval, and the completion of new operating lines of
        credit being extended to the Company and its Subsidiaries.   


            The Company continues to pursue reorganization transactions with
        its other secured creditors and those of its Subsidiaries and with
        the minority shareholders of its Subsidiaries.  The Proposals, if
        accepted by the creditors on June 7, 1995, will require subsequent
        court approval.  The other reorganization transactions involving
        shares of the Company may require approval of the shareholders of
        the Company.  In that respect, an annual and general meeting of
        shareholders of the Company has been scheduled for Thursday, July
        13, 1995.   


        CONTACT:  Mr. Brian D. Kinmond
                  President & Chief Operating Officer  
                  Tel:  613/394-4861  
                  Fax:  613/394-6095  
                  Mr. R. Bryan McJannet  
                  Chairman and Chief Executive Officer  
                  Tel: 905/339-0214  
                  Fax: 905/339-0814  



            SAN DIEGO, California--June 6, 1995--HREF="chap11.medical.html">Medical
Device Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: MEDD)
announced today that on June 2, 1995, the
United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of California
        dismissed, with Prejudice, an Involuntary Bankruptcy Petition which
        the court ruled had been filed in "bad faith" against the company by
        Chandler, Church and Co. and two other related parties.


        In its dismissal order, the court also ruled:


            - That the parties who filed the Petition must pay Medical
        Device Technologies' (MDT) attorney fees of $16,360, incurred in
        defending the bad faith conduct.


            - That on Aug. 8, 1995, the court will hold a hearing solely for
        the purpose of determining any compensatory and/or punitive damages
        to be awarded MDT as sanctions against the filing parties and their
        attorney Jeffrey Bradpiece resulting from the bad faith petition.


            The conduct by Chandler, Church and Co., its attorney and the
        other parties filing this bad faith petition against MDT has been
        referred to the United States Department of Justice, Office of U.S.
        Trustee for investigation of bankruptcy crimes.


            Medical Device Technologies Inc.'s business is the development,
        manufacture and marketing of specialty medical devices.  The company
        currently has three products under development:  the Personal Alarm
        System (PAS), a system for monitoring the breakdown of infection
        barriers between patient and caregiver; the Intracranial Pressure
        Measuring Unit (ICP), a non-invasive device for determining cranial
        pressure using acoustic waves; and the Cell Recovery System (CRS), a
        minimal invasive system for cell recovery and diagnosis.


        /CONTACT:  Jack Bothe of J.R. Bothe, 415-474-9884/

        (ROCKEFELLER-CENTER-PROP)(RCP) Rockefeller Center Properties
        suspends dividend


            NEW YORK, New York--June 6, 1995--The Board of Directors of
        Rockefeller Center Properties Inc. (RCPI) met today and determined
        that in view of the current uncertainties created by the Borrowers'
        chapter 11 filing on May 11, 1995 it would not be appropriate to pay
        a dividend for the quarter ended June 30, 1995.  The Company further
        stated that its current cash position of $52 million is sufficient
        to enable the company to service its debts for the near term and
        that the Company continues to expect to be able to arrange financing
        within the near term to meet future cash needs.  RCPI stated that
        its cash position includes $50 million realized from draw downs
        under its letters of credit following the Borrowers' failure to make
        the interest payment due May 31, 1995.


            RCPI is a mortgage real estate investment trust whose principal
        asset is a $1.3 billion participating convertible mortgage loan to
        the Borrower, comprised of two partnerships (HREF="chap11.rcp.html">Rockefeller Center
and RCP Associates), which jointly own Rockefeller Center
        and are 100% controlled by Rockefeller Group Inc. (RGI).  Mitsubishi
        Estate Company Ltd. controls an 80% equity interest in RGI and
        Rockefeller Family Interests hold the remaining 20%.  On May 11,
        1995, the Borrower commenced cases under chapter 11 of the
        bankruptcy law in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the
        Southern District of New York.


            RCPI is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as "RCP".  As of
        June 5, 1995 there are 38,260,704 shares of common stock


        CONTACT: Gary Holmes, 212/484-7736
                 Tom Clohesy, 212/373-0231