Freymiller Trucking reports year-end results and board of directors
      changes; files for protection under Chapter 11

  OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma--April 20, 1995--href="chap11.freymiller.html">Freymiller Trucking Inc.
(NASDAQ:FRML)" target=_new>">(NASDAQ:FRML)
Thursday reported revenues of $95,152,000 for the year ended
Dec. 31, 1994, and a net loss of $5,167,000, or $2.08 per share, compared with
revenues of $100,557,000 and a net loss of $5,503,000, or $2.21 per share, for
the prior year, which includes a cumulative effect of accounting changes of
$542,000, or 22 cents per share.

  The decrease in revenues reflects lower equipment utilization due to the
disruption caused by the company's headquarters' move to Oklahoma City from
California, and the effects of an industry-wide driver shortage.

  The loss was compounded by a $2,538,000 valuation allowance that was
established against the company's deferred income tax benefit as of Dec. 31,
1994.  The valuation allowance was necessary to reflect a conservative posture
with respect to the company's ability to forecast sufficient future taxable
income to fully utilize the deferred income tax benefit asset.

  Discussions with regard to Freymiller Trucking's financial situation
resulted in the resignation of four of the five members of its board of
directors.  Don Freymiller remains as the sole director of the company.

  Management explored many alternatives to improve its financial condition,
but finally concluded that the only realistic alternative available to protect
the going-concern value of the company was for Freymiller Trucking to file for
protection under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code on April 20,

  Freymiller, chairman and chief executive officer of Freymiller Trucking,
stated:  ``The headquarters' move proved to be more difficult and costly than
originally anticipated, resulting in a disappointing year for the company.  
Once the move was completed during the fourth quarter, we took advantage of
the situation by restructuring the company and substantially upgrading our
operations and sales teams with more experienced management personnel.

  ``Our decision to file for Chapter 11 protection was the most difficult one
we have ever had to make.  With the move behind us and the internal changes
already in progress since early 1995, we have established a solid foundation
for rebuilding Freymiller Trucking.

  ``We continue to be encouraged by the progressive realization of the
anticipated economic benefits of the move.  We intend to come out of the
Chapter 11 proceedings as a much strengthened company.''

  Freymiller Trucking is one of the largest temperature-controlled truckload
carriers in the United States, specializing in the transportation of
temperature-controlled shipments and time-sensitive freight to all 48
contiguous states as well as Canada and Mexico.

                         FREYMILLER TRUCKING INC.
                          FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS
                             (000s omitted)

                                                 Year Ended Dec. 31,
                                                 1994          1993

Operating revenues                               $ 95,152   $100,557
Operating expenses:
  Salaries, wages and benefits                     33,716     38,455
  Purchased transportation                          6,837      5,261
  Fuel                                             16,249     18,780
  Supplies and maintenance                         12,653     12,188
  Operating leases                                  4,397      5,503
  Depreciation and amortization                     7,198      7,646
  Taxes and licenses                                3,201      4,115
  Insurance and claims                              5,332      4,955
  Communication and utilities                       1,465      1,376
  Loss on disposition of assets                       148        368
  Relocation                                          189        981
  Other                                             3,573      4,041
                                                   94,958    103,669
Operating income (loss)                               194     (3,112)
Nonoperating income (expense):
  Interest expense                                 (4,393)    (4,368)
  Interest income                                      12         --
                                                   (4,381)    (4,368)
Loss before benefit for income taxes               (4,187)    (7,480)
(Provision) benefit for income taxes                 (980)     2,519
Loss before cumulative effect of accounting
changes                                           (5,167)    (4,961)
Cumulative effect of accounting changes                --       (542)
Net loss                                         $ (5,167)  $ (5,503)

Per share information:
  Loss before cumulative effect of accounting
   changes                                       $  (2.08)  $  (1.99)
  Cumulative effect of accounting changes              --      (0.22)
  Net loss                                       $  (2.08)  $  (2.21)

Weighted average number of shares of common
stock outstanding                                  2,490      2,490

Operating ratio                                      99.8%     103.1%

                                                  Dec. 31,   Dec. 31,
                                                     1994       1993

Current assets                                   $ 18,261   $ 16,237
Property and equipment, net                        30,918     44,446
Other assets                                        5,815      2,370
  Total                                          $ 54,994   $ 63,053

Current liabilities                              $ 26,310   $ 29,072
Long-term debt                                     21,741     23,366
Other liabilities                                   4,123      2,628
Shareholders' equity                                2,820      7,987
  Total                                          $ 54,994   $ 63,053

           CONTACT:  Freymiller Trucking Inc., Oklahoma City
                     Richard E. Kuehn, 405/720-6555