RYE, N.Y., April 5, 1995 -- On March 30, 1995, href="chap11.supradur.html">Supradur Companies, Inc. ("Supradur") and
two of its wholly owned subsidiaries, Supradur
Manufacturing Corporation ("SMC") and Appaloosa Express, Inc. ("AEI"), filed
for voluntary reorganization and protection under Chapter 11 of the United
States Bankruptcy Laws in the United States Bankruptcy Court, Southern
District of New York at White Plains.  The cases were assigned to the
Honorable Adlai S. Hardin, Jr. United States Bankruptcy Judge.  Pursuant to a
Court ordered Post-Petition Financing Order, Supradur, SMC and AEI have
obtained financing from their secured lender, the href="">Bank of New York ("BNY"), in
the aggregate principal amount of $300,000, in order to provide them with
capital for the purpose of paying expenses related to its businesses, to be
used in conjunction with cash flow from business operations.  Post-petition
financing is by demand note bearing interest at BNY's Prime Rate plus 2%.  
Supradur, SMC and AEI each intend to submit plans of reorganization within the
time permitted by the bankruptcy laws.  The Bankruptcy Court case numbers
assigned to Supradur, SMC's and AEI's petitions are 95B20592 (ASH), 95B20593
(ASH) and 95B20594 (ASH).

  /CONTACT:  Alfred E. Netter of Supradur, 914-967-8230/