ATLANTA, March 16, 1995 -- SportsTown,
(Nasdaq:" target=_new>">(Nasdaq:
SPTNQ) today
announced that it has reached an agreement with its existing senior lender,
The CIT Group/Business Credit, Inc., that
provides for debtor-in-possession
financing during its reorganization proceeding under Chapter 11 of the United
States Bankruptcy Code and, subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions,
for permanent financing for the Company after it emerges from its bankruptcy
case.  The Company also announced that the Bankruptcy Court for the Northern
District of Georgia had entered an interim order approving the agreement which
permits the Company to use up to $14 million of the facility until the final
hearing to approve the financing agreement, which is scheduled for April 6,

  Under the agreement, The CIT Group/Business
Credit, Inc.
commits to provide
the company a $40 million debtor-in-possession facility (inclusive of
outstanding amounts owed to CIT under the pre-petition credit facility) which
will rollover into exit financing following the reorganization provided
certain conditions with respect to the Company's plan of reorganization and
operations are satisfied.  The agreement for debtor-in-possession financing
should permit the Company to acquire inventory and pay post-petition
obligations as they come due.  The agreement became effective upon the entry
of the court's interim order but is subject to receiving the final approval of
the court.

  Thomas K. Haas, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of
SportsTown, stated, "The agreement with CIT for both debtor-in- possession and
exit financing provides the Company with a committed source of cash to fund
operations and will allow management to focus on developing a workable plan of
reorganization and restructuring the Company's operations so that it can
operate efficiently and protect the best interests of the Company's creditors,
suppliers, shareholders and other constituencies.  With this financing, we can
keep our stores in stock with the most highly desirable items and satisfy our
customers' needs."

  The Company filed for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the United States
Bankruptcy Code on February 7, 1995.  SportsTown currently operates 23 retail
sporting goods megastores in Georgia, the Carolinas, Virginia, Oklahoma and
Texas.  The Company's megastores range in size from 42,000 to 55,000 square
feet and offer a complete selection of sports equipment, athletic footwear and
leisure apparel.

  /CONTACT:  Thomas K. Haas, Chairman and CEO, or Gary Stewart, Senior  Vice
President, SportsTown, 404-246-5300/

HANOVER STERLING -- Serves Demand Upon National Securities Clearing
Corporation for Delivery of Securities Sold to Adler Coleman

  NEW YORK, March 16, 1995 -- Edwin B.
, the SIPA Trustee for
the liquidation of the business of Adler,
Coleman Clearing Corp.
, announced
today that he had been admitted as a member of the National Securities
Clearing Corporation ("NSCC") for the limited purpose of assuming certain
unsettled long positions held by Adler Coleman in a number of securities.  Mr.
Mishkin said that, in his capacity as Trustee and in accordance with NSCC
rules, he has served upon NSCC today a demand for delivery of all such
securities, which had been sold but not yet delivered to Adler Coleman.

  Based upon his preliminary investigation to date, the Trustee believes that
questionable short selling in these securities led to the demise of Hanover
Sterling, an Adler Coleman introducing firm, and that Hanover Sterling's
collapse in turn caused the insolvency of Adler Coleman.  Mr. Mishkin stated
that his demand for delivery of the securities "should have the effect of
reversing the transactions that caused Adler Coleman's collapse" and thereby
substantially eliminate Adler Coleman's obligations to the NSCC resulting from
the unsettled long positions.
  The steps announced today are expected to be of substantial benefit to the
Adler Coleman estate.  The Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New
York has entered an order finding that the transactions announced by the
Trustee are "in the best interests" of the Adler Coleman estate and its
creditors, and has approved the transactions. In addition, the transactions
have been discussed with the New York Stock
Exchange, the National Association
of Securities Dealers, the Securities Investor Protection Corporation and

  The affected securities are securities issued by:  All-Pro Products, Inc.;
American Toys, Inc.; Bluechip Computerware Inc.; Envirometrics, Inc.; Jockey
Club Inc.; Mr. Jay Fashions Int'l, Inc.; Panax Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.;
Physician Computer Network Inc.; Porter McLeod National Retail, Inc.; and Play
Co. Toys.

  /CONTACT:  Thomas J. Moloney,
212-225-2460, or Mitchell A.
212-225-2760, both of href="dir.firm.cleary.gottlieb.html">Cleary,
Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton/


  NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., March 16, 1995 -- MPTV,
(Nasdaq:" target=_new>">(Nasdaq:
MPTV), a
Nevada corporation ("MPTV") announces that an Unconditional Order to Dismiss
the Chapter II bankruptcy case of its wholly owned subsidiary, Consolidated
Resort Enterprises, Inc., has been granted. CRE owns the Lake Tropicana
timeshare project in Las Vegas, Nevada and has been operating under the
protection of Chapter 11 since October, 1994.

  The Order to Dismiss will allow the previously announced new mortgage
financing of $8,600,000 to close.  The proceeds of this financing will payoff
two senior mortgages and provide funds for renovation of the common areas and
the first two Phases of timeshare units in the Lake Tropicana project.

  With this financing in place, management has determined that the Lake
Tropicana project can proceed with sales of timeshare intervals under its
established business plan which estimates sellout of 9,152 timeshare intervals
in approximately 24 months.  The projected average price is $11,000 per
interval.  To facilitate the sales and marketing plan, MPTV has already
obtained a $100 million commitment for receivables financing which will
provide for the anticipated Lake Tropicana timeshare sales.

  The resort "Lake Tropicana" is located near the MGM Grand Hotel and consists
of 7.5 acres, featuring 22 buildings, tennis court, spa, swimming pool and
recreation facility.  When completed, the resort will be a walled gate-guarded
resort community catering primarily to the growing family market.

  MPTV, Inc. is engaged in Timeshare Resort Development, Resort Management and
Vacation Oriented Television Entertainment.

  /CONTACT:  James C. Vellema, Chairman and CEO of MPTV, Inc.,