TORONTO, March 13, 1995--HELIX CIRCUITS INC. announced that it will today
commence proceedings to make a proposal to its creditors under the Bankruptcy
and Insolvency Act for the restructuring of its indebtedness and trade
payables. The decision to take this course was made in consultation with the
Company's lenders. The Company's creditors include a bank, a class of secured
note holders and its trade creditors. The terms of the proposal will be the
subject of negotiation with each of these groups and will require their
support. Upon acceptance of the proposal by creditors, the Company intends to
raise additional equity.

  ``The Company has a debt load which is inappropriate to its assets and
equity and a fundamental financial restructuring of its obligations is
necessary'' Gordon Roseborough, its President, stated. Mr. Roseborough also
said that ``the Company's operations continue to improve and the printed
circuit board industry is currently very buoyant. With a restructured balance
sheet, we will be in a position to grow. Our order book has been building
since January.''

  /For further information: Mr. Gordon Roseborough, President of the Company
at (416) 299-4000/