Value Merchants Inc. and Everything's A Dollar Inc. file amended Plan of
      Reorganization with support of secured creditors and unsecured
      creditors' committees

  MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin -- March 10, 1995 -- href="chap11.value.html">Value Merchants Inc.
(OTC:VUMI.Q) and its wholly-owned subsidiary Everything's A Dollar Inc. today
filed with the United States Bankruptcy Court in Milwaukee a Second Amended
Joint Plan of Reorganization and Disclosure Statement.

  The Plan represents a consensual agreement between the companies, their
secured creditors and both of the Official Unsecured Creditors' Committees.  A
hearing on the adequacy of the Disclosure Statement will be scheduled by the
Court.  The company and the Creditors' Committees believe that the Plan
provides the greatest and earliest possible recovery to the creditors and will
improve the financial condition of the company.

  As a part of the Plan, three participants in the senior secured loan have
agreed to convert a significant portion of their secured debt to equity and
unsecured long-term notes.  Unsecured creditors will receive stock in the
company for their claims.  The company has arranged for an investment banker
to use its best efforts to effect the sale of stock of those unsecured
creditors who elect to participate in an offering subsequent to the company's
emerging from bankruptcy.  Current shareholders will retain an interest in the

           CONTACT:  Value Merchants Inc., Milwaukee
                     Gary I. Kastel, 414/274-2976

Everything's $1.10 Stores seeks a buyer or may be forced to close 16

  MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin -- March 10, 1995 -- Everything's A Dollar Puerto
Rico Inc. today announced that the company plans to close its 16 Everything's
$1.10 stores in Puerto Rico unless the company is able to identify an
immediate buyer.

  Everything's A Dollar Puerto Rico Inc.'s parent Everything's A Dollar Inc.,
a Virginia corporation and its parent,
Merchants Inc.
Wisconsin corporation, filed for protection under Chapter 11 of the U.S.
Bankruptcy Code on Dec. 13, 1993 and currently remains under court

  Value Merchants Inc. has stated that closing under-performing stores is
critical to improving the company's financial condition since closings provide
the opportunity to reduce cash draining operations, lower working capital
requirements and improve the company's potential for future profitability
within a short period of time.

           CONTACT:  Value Merchants Inc., Milwaukee
                     Gary I. Kastel, 414/274-2976