PITTSBURGH, February 21, 1995 -- PNC Bank today caused an involuntary
Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition to be filed against Pittsburgh Food & Beverage
Co., Inc. in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of
Pennsylvania (Case No. 95-20543 JKF), according to a spokesperson for
Pittsburgh Food & Beverage.  This petition did not name any of PF&B subsidiary
operating companies.

  The Chapter 11 case, which by its statutory scheme is designed to allow a
company a reasonable opportunity to reorganize its affairs, restructure its
debt and avoid liquidation, was filed unexpectedly by PNC, given recent
expressions by the owners of PF&B to work with PNC to resolve certain economic
issues and to establish the means of repayment of PNC's claims without
resorting to wasteful litigation.

  PF&B and its subsidiaries have sufficient financial strength to pay PNC and
all other creditors in full.  The involuntary filing was wholly unnecessary
but may very well provide an environment within which PF&B and PNC should be
able to achieve a mutually acceptable resolution of their differences.

  On February 6, 1995, PNC imposed William A, Brandt Jr. of Development
Specialists, Inc. as an interim operating manager for Pittsburgh Food &
Beverage, Pittsburgh Brewing Company, D.J. Clark Company, Wayne Candies, Inc.,
and L.E. Smith Glass Company.  The Board of Directors of PF&B did not
authorize Brandt's appointment.  His performance has been singularly

  The filing of the involuntary Chapter 11, by operation of law, would have
had the effect of ousting Brandt from his unauthorized control of Pittsburgh
Food & Beverage, and would have obligated him under applicable bankruptcy law
to relinquish control of PF&B and file an accounting with the Bankruptcy Court
of his activities and what may have been irresponsible conduct during his
unauthorized two-week tenure as interim operating manager.  Unfortunately,
Brandt was able to unilaterally prevail upon the Bankruptcy Court to continue.
  PF&B will vigorously seek to terminate Brandt's unauthorized tenure and
obtain his ouster, and will seek to take steps to appoint an independent
financial advisor as its chief executive officer, who will maintain the
operation of the subsidiaries and attempt to reopen D.L. Clark Company.  The
company has not decided whether it will challenge the Chapter 11 filing; the
best interests of all creditors and companies' respective businesses will
dictate what vehicle will be used to preserve the companies' assets and their
going concern values.

  According to Michael P. Carlow, Chief Executive Officer of Pittsburgh Food &
Beverage, "Pittsburgh Food & Beverage will take whatever steps necessary to
preserve the company and its subsidiaries as operating businesses, maintain
their dedicated labor force and provide for the payment of all their debts in
full with interest.  It is my hope that PNC will work with us to achieve these

  /CONTACT:  Frank A. Catanzano of Catanzano Communications, 412-431-4431/