SANTA ANA, Calif., Jan. 6, 1995-- Orange County today began
operation of an Outplacement Assistance Center designed to assist employees
who are laid off as a result of the County's financial crisis. The Center,
which is located at the Old County Courthouse at 211 West Santa Ana Boulevard,
will serve as an information clearinghouse, resource and counseling center,
providing affected employees with a variety of tools to ease the transition.
  Commenting on the Outplacement Assistance Center and job resource program,
Gaddi H. Vasquez, chairman of the Orange County Board of Supervisors said, "We
feel it is important to maximize the assistance and support the County
provides to those directly impacted by the financial crisis and resulting cost
  According to Jan Walden, human resources client services manager and
outplacement coordinator, "Our goal is to provide support to our employees and
help make the transition as smooth as possible.  We have assembled a team of
human resources experts and other professionals, employment representatives
and a variety of tools so that laid-off employees can begin at once to give
consideration to their future employment."  Ms. Walden said that, beginning
today, representatives of the State Employment Development Department (EDD)
will be on-site and available to expedite the unemployment process so that
employees can begin to receive benefits as soon as practically possible.
  Among the other resources available at the Center are:
  -- Listings of local and regional job opportunities and referrals to
placement resources;
  -- Assistance in initiating job searches, career planning and developing
skills to secure new employment (resume writing, interview skills, etc.);
  -- Professional library staff and a variety of resource materials compiled
from the County's libraries; and
  -- Computer software programs that assist in resume preparation and
  Employees will also receive information on continuation of health insurance
coverage through COBRA and other benefit information.
  In addition, the Center will have information on the various services and
financial assistance programs available through EDD, the Orange County Federal
Credit Union and the Employees Assistance Program (EAP).
  Ms. Walden said that the County hopes to prepare a series of public service
announcements, for broadcast and employment ads -- space for which would be
donated by the County's two major newspapers -- to alert private and public
sector employers of the availability of trained, qualified County employees.  
In addition, she noted that a number of private outplacement firms have
contacted the county about conducting employment counseling seminars for
laid-off employees.  She said these are expected to begin as soon as next
  "Orange County employees are some of the best employees in the State," Ms.
Walden said.  "The qualities that have made them valuable County employees go
with them, and we believe that any employer will benefit from their expertise
and professionalism."
  Thus far, the County has laid off approximately 77 employees in its general
services administration and auditor-controller offices. Additional layoffs are
expected as a result of an announced program to cut $40.2 million in costs
from the County general fund.  Cost savings will also occur as a result of
early retirement, attrition and a hiring freeze that has been in effect since
last month.
  The Orange County Outplacement Assistance Center is open daily and
professionally staffed from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  The telephone number is
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714-834-4720 or 310-788-2850/


Wise Stores Inc. and Peoples Department Stores Inc. announced today that
they have obtained from the Superior Court of the Province of Quebec an
extension to file a Proposal until Wednesday, January 11, 1995.
  The Court also continued to that date pending petitions from secured
creditors of Wise Stores Inc. and Peoples Department Stores Inc. to have Wise
Stores Inc. and Peoples Department Stores Inc. declared bankrupt.
  The Class A subordinate voting shares of Wise Stores Inc. trade on the
Montreal Exchange under the "WSI.A"  symbol.

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                          COMPANY OBTAINS DIP FINANCING


     Bellevue, WA -- January 6, 1995 -- The new senior management of Lamonts

Apparel, Inc., (Nasdaq:LMNT) announced today that it will revitalize its

merchandising and implement a permanent capital restructuring, which is intended

to strengthen the company's balance sheet and improve liquidity, through a

voluntary reorganization under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.  The

filing took place today in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of

Washington for Seattle.  Lamonts, with 48 stores, has operated family apparel

stores in the Pacific Northwest for 28 years and is a well-recognized name in

its markets.

     Simultaneous with the filing, Lamonts announced that Foothill Capital

Corporation, its secured lender, has agreed to provide up to $32 million in

debtor-in-possession (DIP) financing based on available collateral.  Upon Court

approval, the new DIP agreement will replace the company's current working

capital facility with Foothill.

     "The Chapter 11 proceeding gives us the necessary time to streamline the

company and revitalize our business so that we can serve the best interests of

our constituents," stated Alan Schlesinger, chairman, president and chief

executive officer who joined Lamonts in November to lead the new senior

management team.  "I am pleased to add that Lamonts' reorganization efforts are

being supported by a number of the company's creditors."

     He went on to state that "daily operations at our stores will continue as

usual.  We expect to be able to provide our customers as good or better a

selection of goods and services than ever.  And we are especially excited about

our newest store in Issaquah, WA, which should open in March on schedule to

serve our Eastside Seattle area customers."

     "There is a niche for Lamonts to fill for those seeking value-priced

fashions for the entire family.  For our loyal customers, we plan to get back on

track and once again provide value every day to make Lamonts the region's most

desirable family apparel store."

     Mr. Schlesinger said that Lamonts filed Chapter 11 after an extensive

review of the operational and financial issues facing the company, including its

current and future cash needs.

     "We concluded that prompt and decisive action had to be taken so that we

could achieve our capital objectives once and for all", he said.  "The

reorganization is designed to create a stronger balance sheet than this company

has seen in a long time.  And the Chapter 11 proceeding gives us a unique

opportunity to reduce our expense structure, reject leases on unprofitable sites

and renegotiate better lease terms for certain stores.  We need every store

operating at a four-wall profit, and we believe this goal is very achievable.

     "This is not just a financing story, however.  We must satisfy our

customers, obtain the best possible terms from our vendors, and provide friendly

service and great value that will encourage customers to keep shopping at our


     Mr. Schlesinger said Lamonts would immediately ask the Court for permission

to close six unprofitable stores.  The six stores slated for closing are located

in Vancouver, Everett, and Lakewood, WA; Medford, OR; Ogden, UT; and the

downtown clearance center in Spokane, WA.

     "Once the Court grants permission, Lamonts will prepare the stores for

going-out-of-business sales, which should begin January 21," he said.  "As far

as employees are concerned, we will ask the Court to allow us to provide full

benefits, including severance, without interruption."

     Mr. Schlesinger went on to state that during the Chapter 11 proceeding,

"transactions which occur in the ordinary course of business should go on just

as before the filing.  We expect paychecks to be issued at the same time as if

no proceeding had been filed."

     He added that "our stores will be well stocked.  Given the nearly 30-year

relationships we have in the industry, we believe that our key suppliers will

work with us during this period, as they have with other companies in similar

situations.  We will be contacting each of our key suppliers immediately to do

what we can to ensure their support."

     Mr. Schlesinger noted that, while federal law generally prohibits Lamonts

from paying for goods contracted before the filing, goods and services received

after the filing will be paid in the ordinary course of business.

     "In fact," he emphasized, "such payments are given a priority status by the


     Lamonts began streamlining its operations in 1993 with the closing of one

unprofitable store in Oregon.  In September 1994, the company announced the

closing of three additional stores along with five pilot children's apparel

stores.  In mid-November 1994, Mr. Schlesinger was asked to join the company to

head a new senior management team dedicated to revitalizing the company's

merchandising and customer service and to further streamlining its operations.

The company also reported today that its remaining outside directors resigned.

     Founded in 1967, Lamonts Apparel, Inc., is headquartered in Bellevue, WA,

in the greater Seattle area.  The company employees approximately 2,000

employees at its corporate headquarters and at 48 stores located in Alaska,

Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah and Washington.

                                      # # #