FREMONT, Calif., Jan. 4, 1995 -- Media Vision announced that it had
emerged from bankruptcy effective December 30, 1994, and signed a loan
agreement for a $15 million secured line of credit with certain funds and
accounts managed by the TCW Group, Inc., and its affiliate, TCW Special
Credits (TCW), based in Los Angeles.  In accordance with the company's plan of
reorganization, all of its pre-bankruptcy debts have been converted into 20
million shares of newly issued common stock.
  "This is a great way to start the new year and the new Media Vision," said
G. Robert Brownell, Media Vision's president and CEO. "We are ready to focus
our efforts on bringing this company back to profitability.  Our core
technologies will allow us to create products that enhance our already strong
domestic retail presence, that build our international retail presence, and
that position us for a greater role in the OEM board and semiconductor chip
  Media Vision also announced the appointment of three members of its newly
formed board of directors:  Richard Masson, managing director of TCW Asset
Management Company; Thomas Smith, assistant vice president of TCW Asset
Management Company; and G. Robert Brownell.  The company has retained a search
firm to identify candidates for two additional outside director positions.  
Upon distribution of all shares in connection with the claims administration
at the end of January, TCW will own approximately 43 percent of the
reorganized company.    As previously reported, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court has
approved a stipulation between Media Vision and the Securities and Exchange
Commission (SEC) in which the staff of the SEC agreed that it will not
recommend any enforcement actions be taken against the company, provided the
company continues to cooperate with the SEC and the Department of Justice.  In
addition, the company confirmed that, as part of the plan of reorganization,
the pending shareholder lawsuits against the company have been discharged and
the securities plaintiffs will not receive any rights or claims to assets of
the reorganized company.
  Media Vision also announced that it has appointed First Interstate Bank as
the transfer agent for its new common stock.  The company has applied for
listing on the Nasdaq National Market System.  As part of the confirmed plan
of reorganization, the company's former common stock listed under the symbol
"MVIQC" and subordinated debentures listed under the symbol "MVGQC" were
canceled effective December 30, 1994.
  Media Vision's mission is to popularize multimedia by offering consumer
solutions at affordable prices.  Headquartered in Fremont, the company is a
leader in multimedia for personal computers and offers multimedia kits, sound
boards, and audio chips.  The company sells its products through computer
retail and mass merchandising channels and to original equipment
  /CONTACT:  Elizabeth Fairchild of Media Vision, 510-252-4727; or
Investor/financial analyst hotline, 1-800-348-7116, ext. 2424./