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           Saturday, September 6, 2008, Vol. 12, No. 213


ATA AIRLINES: Files July 2008 Monthly Operating Report
BUFFETS HOLDINGS: Reports $6 Million Net Loss for July 30
CHARYS HOLDING: Files July 2008 Monthly Operating Report
DELTA FINANCIAL: Files July 2008 Monthly Operating Report
DUNMORE HOMES: Files July 2008 Monthly Operating Report

FRONTIER AIRLINES: Posts $3.2MM Net Loss in Period ended June 30
GREEKTOWN CASINO: July 2008 Revenues Total $25.4MM, Says MGCB
KIMBALL HILL: Files July 2008 Monthly Operating Report
LANDSOURCE COMMUNITIES: Files July 2008 Monthly Operating Report
LEVITZ FURNITURE: Files July 1 - 31, 2008 Operating Report

LINENS N THINGS: Files July 2008 Monthly Operating Report
PRC LLC: Files Post-Confirmation July 2008 Operating Report
S & A RESTAURANT: S & A of Texas' Schedules of Assets and Debts
S & A RESTAURANT: S & A of Florida's Schedules of Assets and Debts
SHARPER IMAGE: Files Operating Report for July 2008

TRICOM SA: Files July 2008 Monthly Operating Report
TROPICANA ENT: Posts $35,970,000 Net Loss in Period ended June 30
WCI COMMUNITIES: Files Initial Monthly Operating Report


ATA AIRLINES: Files July 2008 Monthly Operating Report
ATA Airlines, Inc., Chief Restructuring Officer Steve Turoff
filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of
Indiana the airlines' monthly operating report for the period
July 1 to 31, 2008.

Mr. Turoff disclosed that ATA Airlines had $451,544 in cash
profit and $423,358 in total payables for July.

The total professional fee incurred by or on behalf of ATA
Airlines during the reporting period is $639,516, for services
related to its bankruptcy.

                        ATA Airlines, Inc.
                    Receipts and Disbursements
                     Month Ended July 31, 2008

   Military                                                 -
   Charter                                                  -   
   Asset Sales--Inventory                             $31,953
   Asset Sales--Ground Equipment                       30,862
   Asset Sales--Rotables                                    -
   Return of Deposits/Prepaids                      2,034,068
   Cash Collateral/LOCs                               460,453
   Interest                                            45,562
   Miscellaneous                                      134,450
   Total                                           $2,737,349

   Base Payroll Inc. All Taxes                       $603,611
   Stay Bonus                                         309,097
   Benefits                                            38,498
   Employee Expense Payments                            3,353
   Facilities                                          89,494
   Utilities/Communications                            91,451
   Contract Labor                                      43,908
   Professionals                                    1,133,617
   US Trustee                                          28,100
   Aircraft Ferry Cost                                  5,378
   Engine Changes/Certificate Mx                       53,573
   Insurance--D&O/Misc.                                     -
   Health Insurance Run-off Reserve                         -
   Cobra Reserve                                            -
   Security                                                 -
   Shipping/Cargo                                      25,446
   Returned Checks                                   (204,885)
   Miscellaneous                                       65,165
   Total                                           $2,285,805

Beginning Balance                                 $22,725,645
Receipts                                            2,737,349
Disbursements                                      (2,285,805)
Ending Balance                                    $23,177,189

                        About ATA Airlines

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, ATA Airlines, Inc., is a
diversified passenger airline operating in two principal business
lines -- a low cost carrier providing scheduled passenger service
that leverages a code share agreement with Southwest Airlines; and
a charter operator that focused primarily on providing charter
service to the U.S. government and military.  ATA is a wholly
owned subsidiary of New ATA  Acquisition, Inc. -- a wholly owned
subsidiary of New ATA Investment, Inc., which in turn, is a wholly
owned subsidiary of Global Aero Logistics Inc.  ATA Acquisition
also owns another holding company subsidiary, World Air Holdings,
Inc., which it acquired through merger on August 14, 2007.  World
Air Holdings owns and operates two other airlines, North American
Airlines and World Airways.

ATA Airlines and its affiliates filed for chapter 11 protection on
Oct. 26, 2004 (Bankr. S.D. Ind. Case Nos. 04-19866, 04-19868
through 04-19874).  The Honorable Basil H. Lorch III confirmed the
Debtors' plan of reorganization on Jan. 31, 2006.  The Debtors'
emerged from bankruptcy on Feb. 28, 2006.

Global Aero Logistics acquired certain of ATA's operations after
its first bankruptcy.  The remaining ATA affiliates that were not
substantively consolidated in the company's first bankruptcy case
were sold or otherwise liquidated.

ATA Airlines filed for Chapter 22 on April 2, 2008 (Bankr. S.D.
Ind. Case No. 08-03675), citing the unexpected cancellation of a
key contract for ATA's military charter business, which made it
impossible for ATA to obtain additional capital to sustain its
operations or restructure the business.  ATA discontinued all
operations subsequent to the bankruptcy filing.  ATA's Chapter 22
bankruptcy petition lists assets and liabilities each in the range
of $100 million to $500 million.

The Debtor is represented in its Chapter 22 case by Haynes and
Boone, LLP, and Baker & Daniels, LLP, as bankruptcy counsel.

The United States Trustee for Region 10 appointed five members to
the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors.  Otterbourg,
Steindler, Houston & Rosen, P.C., serves as bankruptcy counsel to
the Committee.  FTI Consulting, Inc., acts as the panel's
financial advisors.  The Court gave ATA Airlines Inc. until
Feb. 26, 2009, to file its Chapter 11 plan and April 27, 2009, to
solicit acceptances of that plan.

(ATA Airlines Bankruptcy News, Issue No. 89; Bankruptcy Creditors'
Services Inc. 215/945-7000).

BUFFETS HOLDINGS: Reports $6 Million Net Loss for July 30

                      Buffets Holdings, Inc.
                          Balance Sheet
                       As of July 30, 2008


Current Assets:
Cash on Hand - drawer                                $1,333,147
Total depository account                              5,435,510
Temporary investments                                68,000,000
Cash                                                  5,209,254
Total cash & cash equivalents                        79,977,911

Receivables-landlord                                     40,756
Credit card receivables                               1,731,178
Intercompany                                                  0
Total rebates receivable                              6,930,968
Accounts receivable                                     827,533
Due to/From affiliate                                  (312,368)
Total Receivables                                     9,218,067

Inventory                                            30,049,300
Total Inventories                                    30,049,300

Restricted cash                                       2,476,786

Employee advances                                        31,003
Escrow deposits - short term                          1,285,298
Deposits - prefunded LC - current                     8,075,200
Prepaid car leases                                            0
Prepaid Insurance                                     1,481,440
Prepaid rent                                            487,526
Prepaid other                                         2,120,058
Prepaid advertising                                   5,928,764
Prepaid rent escrow                                      25,965
Notes receivable - short term                            10,537
Total prepaid expenses & other assets                19,445,790

Assets held for sale                                  2,132,000

Deferred income taxes - current                      13,688,000
Deferred tax valuation allowance - current          (13,688,000)
Total current assets                                143,299,854

Cabinet division inventory                            5,126,428
Corporate inventory                                     633,248
Proceeds of sale clearing account                        (1,200)
CIP - non system                                        511,228
Land                                                  9,298,836
Building                                              6,513,412
Accumulated depreciation - building                    (860,932)
Leasehold improvement                               166,142,124
Accumulated amortization                            (94,822,279)
Equipment                                           226,824,575
Accumulated depreciation - equipment               (136,984,123)
Automobile                                              199,173
Accumulated depreciation - auto                         (71,540)
Assets to be sold - PP&E                             14,833,294
Accumulated depreciation - assets to be sold            (41,614)
Total property, plant & equipment, net              197,300,630

Goodwill                                            117,993,181
Intellectual property                                         0
Acquisition costs                                    18,133,818
Total goodwill                                      136,126,999

Deferred income taxes - non-current                  91,839,000
Deferred tax valuation allowance - non-current      (91,839,000)

Liquor licenses                                         343,681
Leasehold interest                                    1,527,024
Recipes                                               2,142,119
Trademark                                            56,600,000
Total other intangible assets                        60,612,825

Prepaid rent deposits                                   382,986
Deposits                                              6,301,318
Investments in subsidiaries                                   0
Interest rate swap                                            0
Total debt issuance costs                            39,272,576
Total accum. amortization debt issuance costs       (12,553,929)
Notes receivable from subsidiaries                            0
Total notes receivable - long term                       12,454
Total other noncurrent assets                        33,415,405
Total assets                                       $570,755,713


Current liabilities:
Accounts payable - prepetition                      $25,096,254
Accounts payable - postpetition                      29,954,800
COD Clearing                                                  0
Misc. accruals - restaurant level                     9,789,427
Misc accruals - WIS                                           0
Misc. accruals - corp level                           5,629,248
Total accounts payable                               70,469,729

Accrued 401(k)                                          801,310
Accrued payroll                                      12,329,907
Accrued bonus                                         3,496,319
Accrued payroll taxes                                 4,144,083
Accrued vacation                                      6,516,489
Total accrued compensation                           27,288,108

Accrued insurance - auto                                  8,575
Accrued insurance - general liability                14,616,852
Accrued insurance - other                             3,035,886
Total accrued insurance                              17,661,313

Accrued percentage rent                               1,217,690
Accrued interest - short term                        26,736,007
Accrued property taxes                                9,283,319
Accrued postage                                         (66,627)
Accrued advertising                                     815,718
Accrued liabilities - other                          16,633,538
Deferred income - current                                85,137
Total other accrued liabilities                      54,704,782

Gift certificates/gift cards                          4,478,971
Cash receipts suspense                                   30,026
Workers compensation payable                         22,688,086
Lease rejection claims reserve                       37,983,156
Sales/Use tax payable                                 9,009,218
Accrued restaurant closing costs                      1,688,039
Total accrued liabilities                          $175,531,699

Income taxes payable                                 (3,563,484)
Estimated income taxes                                   39,166
Total income taxes payable                           (3,524,318)

Current maturities of long-term debt                  5,300,000
Short term borrowings                                56,300,000
Short term borrowings - DIP                          81,250,000
Short term borrowings - vendor LC draws               5,936,168
Total current liabilities                           391,263,278

Notes payable to parent                                       
Senior debt - bank                                  518,728,000
Senior debt - public                                300,000,000
Total long-term debt                                818,728,000

Accrued rent                                         45,337,689

Deferred Income tax                                  22,787,000
Income tax payable - non-current                     23,808,000

Long term sublease deposits                              33,905
Post retirement benefits payable                         20,944
Total deferred income                                 6,012,399

Total other long-term liabilities                     6,067,248

Total non-current liabilities                       916,727,937

Total liabilities                                 1,307,991,215

Shareholders' Equity:
Capital Stock                                            31,045
Additional paid in capital                               81,601

Contributed capital                                           0
Interco contributions (distributions)                         0
Dividends paid (interco)                                      0
Dividends received (interco)                                  0

Accum other comprehensive income                              0

Dividends paid to shareholders                     (101,164,801)
Retained earnings                                  (630,146,512)
Level 8 profit/loss                                  (6,036,835)
Retained earnings                                  (737,348,148)

Total shareholders' equity                         (737,235,502)

Total liabilities & Stockholders' equity           $570,755,713

                       Buffets Holdings, Inc.
                         Income Statement
                  For the month ended July 30, 2008      

Total sales                                        $113,865,995
Total food cost                                      39,534,434
Total labor                                          33,355,267
Operating costs                                      16,794,793
Occupancy costs                                      13,966,839

Total DIR & O/C                                     30, 761,632
Total restaurant costs                              103,651,333
Restaurant profit                                    10,214,662

Total SG&A Expense                                    7,972,669

Marketing                                                     0

Closed restaurant costs                                  28,357

Merger/integration costs                                 (1,245)
Earnings from operations                              2,214,881     

Other income (expense)
Franchise income                                         41,693
Interest income                                               7
Interest expense                                     (6,327,221)
Other income (expense)                                    5,076
Loss related to refinancing                                   0
Reorganization Costs                                 (1,965,104)
Net Worth Tax                                              (580)        
Intercompany                                                  -
Total other income (expense)                         (8,244,968)
Earnings before tax                                  (6,030,088)

Net worth tax                                                 0
Income taxes                                              6,748
Net earnings (loss)                                 ($6,036,836)

                      Buffets Holdings, Inc.
            Schedule of Cash Receipts & Disbursements   
                For the month ended July 30, 2008

Cash Receipts (inc. Sales tax):
Cash receipts                                          $73,309
Credit card                                             47,417
(Gift card usage)                                             0
Rebates, other                                             868
Total cash receipts                                      12,594

Operating Disbursements:
   Check                                                  7,226
   EFT                                                   59,320
Change in trade terms                                         0

Payroll                                                  33,971
Rent (Cash occupancy)                                     1,263
Sales tax                                                 6,247
Other operating                                              64
Total operating disbursements                           108,091
Net operating cash flows                                 13,503

Non-operating Disbursements (Receipts):
Income tax                                                   0
Total CapEx                                              2,144
Professional fees, inc. holdbacks                        2,432
Closed restaurant costs                                      0
Deposits (Utility)                                           0
Other                                                       (1)
Cash (Proceeds) from asset sales                             0
Total non-operating disbursements                         4,575

Financing Payments:
Interest expense                                             0
Interest (income)                                           34
DIP Fees/other                                            (215)
Principal payments                                           0
Total financing disbursements                              (181)
Total net disbursements                                 112,485

Net cash receipts (disbursements)                        $9,109

                     About Buffets Holdings

Headquartered in Eagan, Minnesota, Buffets Holdings Inc. -- is the parent company of Buffets,
which operates 626 restaurants in 39 states, comprised of 615
steak-buffet restaurants and eleven Tahoe Joe's Famous Steakhouse
restaurants, and franchises sixteen steak-buffet restaurants in
six states.  The restaurants are principally operated under the
Old Country Buffet, HomeTown Buffet, Ryan's and Fire Mountain
brands.  Buffets, Inc. employs approximately 37,000 team members
and serves approximately 200 million customers annually.

The company and all of its subsidiaries filed Chapter 11
protection on Jan. 22, 2008 (Bankr. D. Del. Case Nos. 08-10141 to
08-10158).  Joseph M. Barry, Esq., M. Blake Cleary, Esq., and
Pauline K. Morgan, Esq., at Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor LLP,
represent the Debtors in their restructuring efforts.  The Debtors
selected Epiq Bankruptcy Solutions LLC as claims and balloting
agent.  The U.S Trustee for Region 3 appointed seven creditors to
serve on an Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors.  The
Committee selected Otterbourg Steindler Houston & Rosen PC and
Pachulski Stang Ziehl Young &Jones as counsels.  The Debtors'
balance sheet as of Sept. 19, 2007, showed total assets of
$963,538,000 and total liabilities of $1,156,262,000.

As reported in the Troubled Company Reporter on Feb. 26, 2008,
the Court granted on February 22, 2008, final approval of the
Debtors' debtor-in-possession credit facility, consisting of $85
million of new funding and $200 million carried over from the
company's prepetition credit facility. (Buffets Holdings
Bankruptcy News, Issue No. 20; Bankruptcy Creditors' Service Inc., 215/945-7000).

CHARYS HOLDING: Files July 2008 Monthly Operating Report
Charys Holding Co., Inc. filed its monthly operating report for
the period July 1 through July 31, 2008.  Cash at the beginning
of the month was $6,450, total disbursements were $319,393, and
cash at the end of the month was $284,015.

A full-text copy of the company's July 2008 monthly operating
report is available for free at:


                       About Charys Holding

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Charys Holding Co., Inc., -- provides remediation & reconstruction     
and wireless communications & data infrastructure.  The company
and its Crochet & Borel Services, Inc. subsidiary filed for
Chapter 11 protection on Feb. 14, 2008 (Bankr. Del. Case No.08-
10289).  Chun I. Jang, Esq., Mark D. Collins, Esq., and Paul Noble
Heath, Esq., at Richards, Layton & Finger, P.A., represent the
Debtors in their restructuring efforts.  No Official Committee of
Unsecured Creditors has been appointed in these cases to date.  
The Debtors' schedules show total assets of $818,880 and total
liabilities of $286,416,560.

DELTA FINANCIAL: Files July 2008 Monthly Operating Report

              Delta Financial Corp. and Subsidiaries
               Unaudited Consolidated Balance Sheet
                       As of July 31, 2008


Cash and cash equivalents                            $5,997,924
Mortgage loans held for sale, net                             0
Mortgage loans held for investment, net of
   discount and deferred fees                                 0
Less: allowance for loan losses                               0
Mortgage loans held for investment, net                       0

Trustee receivable                                            0     
Accrued interest receivable                                   0       
Excess cash flow certificates                                 0        
Equipment, net                                                0        
Accounts receivable                                  10,486,657
Prepaid and other assets                              5,732,230
Deferred tax asset                                         
Total Assets                                        $22,216,810

Liabilities and Stockholder's Equity


Bank payable                                                 $0
Warehouse financing                                           0
Financing on mortgage loans
   held for investment, net                                   0
Other borrowings                                              0
Accrued interest payable                                      0
Accounts payable and other liabilities               12,013,281
Long term liabilities                                 5,274,031
Deferred tax liability                                        
Total Liabilities                                    17,287,311

Stockholders' Equity:

Preferred stock - REIT                                     
Common stock                                            254,792
Additional paid-in capital                          158,301,751
Retained earnings (accumulated deficit)            (152,308,889)
Accumulated other comprehensive income (loss)              
Treasury stock, at cost                              (1,318,154)
Total stockholders' equity                            4,929,499
Total liabilities and stockholders' equity          $22,216,810

             Delta Financial Corp. and Subsidiaries
         Unaudited Consolidated Statements of Operations
             Consolidated Statements of Operations
            For the Seven Months Ended July 31, 2008

Interest income                                        $156,500
Interest expense                                     (1,267,870)
Net interest income                                  (1,111,370)
Provision for loan loss                                       0
Net interest income after provision for loan loss    (1,111,370)

Non-interest income

Net gain on sale of mortgage loans                     (190,829)
Other income                                         42,882,369
Total non-interest income                            42,691,540

Non-interest expense

Payroll and related costs                             2,037,831
General and administrative                            6,654,335
(Gain) loss on derivative instruments                         0  
Total non-interest expense                            8,692,166

Income (loss) before income tax expense (benefit)    32,888,005
Provision for income tax expense (benefit)                    0   
Net income (loss)                                   $32,888,005

              Delta Financial Corp. and Subsidiaries
           Schedule of Cash Receipts and Disbursements
             For the Seven Months Ended July 31, 2008

Cash - beginning of month                            $7,860,987

Deposits                                              4,603,492
Bank interest                                           121,706
Loans and advances                                            -
Intercompany                                                  -
Other and voided checks                                 289,659
Transfers (from/to DIP accounts)                         40,858
Total receipts                                        5,055,715

Payroll and related costs
   Payroll                                           (1,281,863)
   Payroll tax                                         (722,463)
   Employee benefits                                   (569,957)
   Payroll related (temp/consultant fees,
      BOD fees, ADP fees,etc.)                         (281,446)
Total payroll and related costs                      (2,855,729)
General and administrative                           (1,792,480)
Private investor payments                               (10,850)
Professional fees                                    (2,121,336)
Taxes                                                   (61,053)
US Trustee payments                                     (26,600)
Other payments                                          (50,730)
Total disbursements                                  (6,918,778)
Net cash flow                                        (1,863,063)
Cash - end of month                                  $5,997,924

Since January 2008, the Debtors have made payments to these
retained professionals:

   Professional           Role                    Fees   Expenses
   ------------           ----                    ----   --------
   AlixPartners, LLP      Claims Agent        $110,098    $42,075
                          to Debtors

   Morrison & Foerster    General Bankruptcy 1,170,629     31,550
                          Counsel to Debtors

   FTI Consulting         Financial Advisors   264,350      4,271
                          to Debtors

   Pepper Hamilton LLP    Delaware Counsel     113,049     20,593
                          to Debtors

   Weiser LLP             Financial Advisor     57,844         40
                          to Committee

   Landis Rath & Cobb LLP Delaware Counsel      27,192      2,111
                          to Committee

   Hahn & Hessen LLP      Counsel to            82,780      1,418

   Potter Anderson &      O.C. Professional     26,312      1,352
   Corroon LLP

   Epiq Systems           Claims Agent             102          8

   Crowell & Moring       O.C. Professional        195          -

   CT Corporation         O.C. Professional     10,368          -

   Pentalpha Group LLC    O.C. Professional     36,868      1,132

   Goldstein Jones LLP    O.C. Professional      1,725        121

   Jenner & Block LLP     O.C. Professional     94,497      5,158

   EmphaSys Tech., Inc.   O.C. Professional     15,500          -
                                            ----------   --------
   Total                                    $2,011,509 $1,096,827

Founded in 1982, Delta Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: DFC) -- is a Woodbury, New York-based
specialty consumer finance company that originates, securitizes
and sells non-conforming mortgage loans.

The company filed a chapter 11 petition on December 17, 2007
(Bankr. D. Del. Lead Case No. 07-11880).  On the same day, three
affiliates filed separate chapter 11 petitions -- Delta Funding
Corp., Renaissance Mortgage Acceptance Corp., and Renaissance
R.E.I.T. Investment Corp. -- (Bankr. D. Del. Case Nos. 07-11881 to

The Debtors selected Morrison & Foerster LLP as their general
bankruptcy counsel and David B. Stratton, Esq. and James C.
Carignan, Esq. at Pepper Hamilton LLP as their counsel.  The
Debtors hired AlixPartners LLP as their claims agent.  The
Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors retained Landis Rath &
Cobb LLP as its Delaware counsel.

The Debtors' amended consolidated quarterly financial condition as
of Sept. 30, 2007, showed $7,223,528,000 in total assets and
$7,108,232,000 in total liabilities.  The Debtors' petition listed
D.B. Structured Products Inc. as their largest unsecured creditor
holding a $19,500,000 claim.

DUNMORE HOMES: Files July 2008 Monthly Operating Report
                        Dunmore Home, Inc.
                          Balance Sheet
                       As of July 31, 2008


Current Assets:
Cash and cash equivalents - unrestricted             $2,008,791
Cash and cash equivalents - restricted                  350,000
Accounts receivable, net                                587,488
Total current assets                                  2,946,279

Property and Equipment:
Real property                                                 0
Machinery & equipment                                         0
Furniture & fixtures                                          0
Office equipment                                              0
Leasehold improvements                                        0
Vehicles                                                      0
Total Property and Equipment                                  0

Other Assets:
Loans to shareholders                                11,604,079
Deferred compensation funds                                   0
Other various                                           833,188
Investment in subs                                    6,249,764
Total Other Assets                                   18,687,031
Total Assets                                        $21,633,310


Postpetition Liabilities:

Salaries & wages                                        $35,801
Accounts payable (trade)                                  5,655
Accrued professional fees                             1,029,869
Current portion of long-term debt                             0
Total postpetition liabilities                        1,071,325

Prepetition Liabilities:

Secured claims                                                0
Priority unsecured claims                               213,938
General unsecured claims                             27,294,384
Total prepetition liabilities                        27,508,322

Total liabilities                                    28,579,647

Shareholders' deficit:
Retained earnings                                    (1,147,744)
Capital stock                                            25,000
Additional paid-in capital                                    0
Cumulative profit                                    (5,823,593)
Total deficit                                        (6,946,337)
Total liabilities and shareholders' deficit         $21,633,310

                        Dunmore Home, Inc.
                     Statement of Operations
                For the month ended July 31, 2008

Rental/Leases                                                $0
Interest                                                 51,111
Other Income                                             95,859
Total revenues                                          146,970

Administrative                                            3,377
Interest                                                 21,750
Compensation to owners/officers                          48,966
Salaries                                                 10,238
Insurance                                                11,666
Depreciation                                                  0
Employer Payroll Taxes                                    1,155
Other Expenses                                                0
Legal & Loan Fees JMP paid by Mr. Dunmore                     0
Total expenses                                           97,152
Earnings before reorganization & income tax              49,818

Reorganization items:
Professional fees                                      (543,056)
Loss from sale of equipment                                   0
Total reorganization items                             (543,056)
Loss before income tax & discontinued operations       (493,238)
Income tax benefit                                            -
Loss before discontinued operations                           -
Discontinued operations:
Loss from discontinued operations                             -
Net loss                                              ($493,238)

                        Dunmore Home, Inc.
             Statement of Cash Receipts & Disbursements
                 For the month ended July 31, 2008

Cash Receipts:
Cash from sale                                               $0
Rent/leases collected                                         0
Other cash receipts                                      95,859
Total cash receipts                                      95,859

Cash disbursements:
Administrative                                           16,112
Salaries                                                 41,952
Commissions/Royalties                                    18,000
Salaries/Commissions (less employee withholding)         10,238
Employer payroll taxes                                    1,155
Consulting fees                                               0
Other                                                         0
Warranty work                                                 0
Legal & professional fees                               286,170
Total cash disbursements                                373,627

Net decrease in cash                                   (277,768)

Cash balance, beginning of period                     2,258,961
Cash balance, end of period                          $1,981,193

Based in Granite Bay, California, Dunmore Homes Inc. is a
privately-owned homebuilder.  The company filed for Chapter 11
protection on Nov. 8, 2007 (Bankr. S.D.N.Y. Case No. 07-13533).
Maria A. Bove, Esq., and Debra I. Grassgreen, Esq., at Pachulski
Stang Ziehl & Jones LLP, represent the Debtor in its restructuring
efforts.  The Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors has
selected Morrison & Foerster LLP as its counsel in this bankruptcy

In January 2008, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern
District of New York ordered the transfer of Debtor's Chapter 11
case to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of
California, Sacramento Division.  The Debtor filed its plan of
liquidation and an accompanying disclosure statement on March 21,
2008.  The company amended the Plan on April 24.

The California Bankruptcy Court approved Dunmore's Disclosure
Statement on June 12, 2008 as containing "adequate information"
within the meaning of Section 1125 of the Bankruptcy Code.  A
hearing for August 12 has been set to consider confirmation of the

The Debtor disclosed $20,743,147 in total assets and $250,252,312
in total debts in its schedules of assets and liabilities filed
with the Court.

FRONTIER AIRLINES: Posts $3.2MM Net Loss in Period ended June 30

              Unaudited Consolidated Balance Sheet
                      As of July 31, 2008


   Cash and cash equivalents                         $64,504,000
   Short-term investments                              3,740,000
   Restricted investments                            107,517,000
   Receivables, net of an allowance
    for doubtful accounts                             58,804,000
   Security and other deposits                                 -
   Prepaid expenses and other assets                  33,907,000
   Inventories, net of allowance                      19,422,000
   Assets held for sale                                  935,000
Total current assets                                 288,829,000

Property and other equipment, net                    807,990,000
Security and other deposits                           25,535,000
Aircraft pre-delivery payments                         2,500,000
Restricted investments                                 2,987,000
Deferred loan expenses and other assets               15,439,000
Total Assets                                      $1,143,280,000


Liabilities not subject to compromise:

CURRENT LIABILITIES:                                                  
   Accounts payable                                  $47,745,000
   Air traffic liability                             220,332,000
   Other accrued expenses                             60,328,000
   Deferred revenue and other current liabilities              -
   PDP financing                                      17,521,000
Total current liabilities
not subject to compromise                           345,926,000

Deferred revenue and other liabilities                23,870,000
Total liabilities not subject to compromise          369,796,000

Liabilities subject to compromise                    681,302,000
Total Liabilities                                  1,051,098,000

   Preferred stock                                             -
   Common stock                                           37,000
   Additional paid-in capital                        196,350,000
   Unearned ESOP shares                                 (342,000)
   Other comprehensive loss                                    -
   Accumulated deficit                              (103,863,000)
Total Stockholders' Equity                            92,182,000
Total Liabilities and Stockholders' Equity        $1,143,280,000

          Unaudited Consolidated Statement of Operations
                     Month Ended July 31, 2008

   Passenger                                        $136,935,000
   Cargo                                                 532,000
   Other                                               3,835,000
Total revenues                                       141,302,000

Operating expenses:
   Flight operations                                  13,954,000
   Aircraft fuel                                      70,486,000
   Aircraft lease                                      9,785,000
   Aircraft and traffic servicing                     15,430,000
   Maintenance                                         9,362,000
   Promotion and sales                                11,311,000
   General and administrative                          5,456,000
   Operating expenses -- regional partner                      -
   Loss (gain) on sales of assets, net                   196,000
   Employee separation and other charges                 356,000
   Depreciation                                        3,733,000
Total operating expenses                             140,069,000
Operating income                                       1,233,000

Non-operating income:
   Interest income                                       393,000
   Interest expense                                   (2,562,000)
   Loss from early extinguishment of debt                      -
   Other, net                                             49,000
Total non-operating expense, net                      (2,120,000)

Loss before reorganization items & income taxes         (887,000)
   Reorganization items                                2,360,000
   Income taxes                                                -
Net Loss                                             ($3,247,000)

          Unaudited Consolidated Statement of Cash Flow
                     Month Ended July 31, 2008

Cash flows from operating activities:
   Net Loss                                          ($3,247,000)

   Adjustments to reconcile net loss to net cash
   used in operating activities:
     ESOP and stock option compensation expense          187,000
     Depreciation and amortization                     3,802,000
     Assets beyond economic repair                        49,000
     Mark to market losses on derivative contracts             -
     Proceeds received for settled
      derivative contracts                                     -
     (Loss) Gain on disposal of equipment
      and other assets, net                              196,000
     Loss on early extinguishment of debt                      -
     Unrealized loss on short-term investments                 -
   Changes in operating assets and liabilities:
     Restricted investments                            7,844,000
     Receivables                                       1,688,000
     Security and other deposits                         (37,000)
     Prepaid expenses and other assets                (4,627,000)
     Inventories                                        (539,000)
     Other assets                                         20,000
     Accounts payable                                  6,371,000
     Air traffic liability                           (16,572,000)
     Other accrued expenses                            2,853,000
     Deferred revenue and other liabilities             (424,000)
     Reorganization items                              2,360,000
Net cash used in operating activities                    (76,000)

Cash flows from reorganization activities
   Net cash used in reorganization activities         (3,802,000)

Cash flows from investing activities:
   Aircraft purchase deposits returned                11,485,000
   Sale of short-term investment                       3,740,000
   Proceeds from the sale of property
    and assets held for sale                              23,000
   Capital expenditures                                 (225,000)
Net cash provided by investing activities             15,023,000

Cash flows from financing activities:
   Extinguishment of long-term borrowings                      -
   Principal payments on long-term borrowings         (2,801,000)
   Principal payments on short-term borrowings        (3,139,000)
   Payment of financing fees                             (15,000)
Net cash used in financing activities                 (5,955,000)

Increase in cash and cash equivalents                  5,190,000
Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of period      59,314,000
Cash and cash equivalents at end of period           $64,504,000

                 About Frontier Airlines Inc.

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Frontier Airlines Inc. -- provide air transportation
for passengers and freight.  They operate jet service carriers
linking their Denver, Colorado hub to 46 cities coast-to-coast,
8 cities in Mexico, and 1 city in Canada, well as provide
service from other non-hub cities, including service from 10
non-hub cities to Mexico.

The Debtor and its debtor-affiliates filed for Chapter 11
protection on April 10, 2008, (Bankr. S.D. N.Y. Case No.: 08-
11297 thru 08-11299.)  Benjamin S. Kaminetzky, Esq., and Hugh R.
McCullough, Esq., at Davis Polk & Wardwell, represent the
Debtors in their restructuring efforts.  Togul, Segal & Segal
LLP is the Debtors' Conflicts Counsel, Faegre & Benson LLP is
the Debtors' Special Counsel, and Kekst and Company is the
Debtors' Communications Advisors.

(Frontier Airlines Bankruptcy News, Issue No. 21; Bankruptcy
Creditors' Service, Inc.,

GREEKTOWN CASINO: July 2008 Revenues Total $25.4MM, Says MGCB
The Michigan Gaming Control Board stated in its Web site that
Greektown Casino's aggregated revenues for July 2008 is
$25,423,936, about 13.17% down in comparison to revenues for the
same period a year ago.

Of this revenue, Greektown Casino's state wagering tax is

The Gaming Board also released the July 2008 revenues of two
other Detroit casinos -- MGM Grand Detroit and MotorCity Casino.  
The Board notes that MGM Grand Detroit earned about $50.5 million
in July 2008, a increase of 22.26% from its revenues
for the same period last year.  MotorCity Casino has $39.5
million in revenues in July 2008, a 7.26% decrease from its
revenues for the same period a year ago.

The Board adds that gaming taxes for the three Detroit casinos
were $10.38 million in comparison to $13.71 million for the same
period last year.  The decrease in Michigan's gaming tax revenue
is due to the tax rollback approved for MGM Grand and MotorCity

A summary of Detroit Casino's revenues for July 2008 and
corresponding gaming taxes, as posted in the MGCB Web site, is
available for free at

                      About Greektown Casino

Based in Detroit, Michigan, Greektown Holdings, LLC and its
affiliates -- operate world-
class casino gaming facilities located in Detroit's historic
Greektown district featuring more than 75,000 square feet of
casino gaming space with more than 2,400 slot machines, over 70
tables games, a 12,500-square foot salon dedicated to high limit
gaming and the largest live poker room in the metropolitan Detroit
gaming market.

Greektown Casino employs approximately 1,971 employees, and
estimates that it attracts over 15,800 patrons each day, many of
whom make regular visits to its casino complex and related
properties.  In 2007, Greektown Casino achieved a 25.6% market
share of the metropolitan Detroit gaming market.  Greektown Casino
has also been rated as the "Best Casino in Michigan" and "Best
Casino in Detroit" numerous times in annual readers' polls in
Detroit's two largest newspapers.

The company and seven of its affiliates filed for Chapter 11
protection on May 29, 2008 (Bankr. E.D. Mich. Lead Case No. 08-
53104).  Daniel J. Weiner, Esq., Michael E. Baum, Esq., and Ryan
D. Heilman, Esq., at Schafer and Weiner PLLC, represent the
Debtors in their restructuring efforts.  Judy B. Calton, Esq., at
Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP, represents the Debtors as
their special counsel.  The Debtors chose Conway MacKenzie &
Dunleavy as their financial advisor, and Kurtzman Carson
Consultants LLC serves as the Debtors' claims, noticing, and
balloting agent.

When the Debtor filed for protection from its creditors, it listed
consolidated estimated assets and debts of $100 million to $500
million.  (Greektown Casino Bankruptcy News, Issue No. 10;
Bankruptcy Creditors' Service, Inc., 215/945-7000).

KIMBALL HILL: Files July 2008 Monthly Operating Report

                      Kimball Hill, Inc.
          Summary of Cash Receipts and Disbursements
            For the Period From to July 1 to 31, 2008
Beginning Cash Balance                               $91,043,411
Receipts from
    Accounts receivable receipts                      19,621,820
    Notes receivable receipts                          1,558,280
    Accts. Receivable collection for non-debtors               0
    Interest income                                       57,799
    Proceeds from sale of fixed assets                   143,682
    Oil exploration revenue                              164,485
    Income tax refunds                                         0
    Customer deposits                                    404,686
    Customer deposits for non-debtors                     18,000
    Miscellaneous receipts                               621,558
Total Receipts                                        22,590,309

     Officers                                            425,479
     Others                                            1,985,961
      Total Payroll                                -------------

     Federal income tax                                  485,559
     FICA withholdings                                   218,360
     Employee's withholdings                                   0
     Employer's FICA                                     218,360
     Federal unemployment taxes                              570
     State income tax                                     48,312
     State employee withholdings                               0
     All other state taxes                                 2,736
     State unemployment taxes                              2,596
      Total Taxes                                        976,493
    Homebuilding costs                                19,754,522
    Debt and interest payments                         1,389,912
    General and administrative costs                   3,580,790
    Permits                                            1,133,919
    Land and land Development                          4,779,307
    Medical health claims                                459,404
    Customer deposit refunds                              73,403
    401K funding                                         188,385
    Texas sales taxes                                    127,340
    Professional fees                                  4,161,753
    Warranty costs                                       410,263
    Flex spending reimbursements                           9,916
     Total Necessary Expenses                         36,068,913
Total Disbursements                                   39,456,846
Net receipts for the period                          (16,866,537)
Ending Cash Balance                                  $74,176,874

                        About Kimball Hill

Based in Rolling Meadow, Illinois, Kimball Hill Inc. -- is one of the largest               
privately-owned homebuilders and one of the 30 largest
homebuilders in the United States, as measured by home deliveries
and revenues.  The company designs, builds and markets single-
family detached, single-family attached and multi-family homes.
The company currently operate within 12 markets, including, among
others, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Las Vegas,
Sacramento and Tampa, in five regions: Florida, the Midwest,
Nevada, the Pacific Coast and Texas.

Kimball Hill, Inc. and 29 of its affiliates filed for Chapter 11
protection on April 23, 2008 (Bankr. N.D. Ill. Lead Case No. 08-
10095).  Ray C. Schrock, Esq., at Kirkland & Ellis LLP, represents
the Debtors in their restructuring efforts.  The Debtors'
consolidated financial condition as of Dec. 31, 2007 reflected
total assets of $795,473,000 and total debts $631,867,000.

The Debtors have until Oct. 20, 2008, to exclusively file a
bankruptcy plan.  (Kimball Hill Bankruptcy News, Issue No. 11;
Bankruptcy Creditors' Service, Inc., 215/945-7000).

LANDSOURCE COMMUNITIES: Files July 2008 Monthly Operating Report

             LandSource Communities Development, LLC
                    Consolidated Balance Sheet
                       As of July 31, 2008

   Cash                                            $14,752,107
   Receivables                                      37,144,522
   Inventories                                   1,362,875,092
   Operating Properties, net                        86,309,981
   Investment in unconsolidated entities            22,091,870
   Other assets                                     48,080,915
      Total Assets                              $1,571,254,487
Liabilities and Members' Capital


   Debt- Principal                                $246,414,305
   Debt - Accrued interest                           9,586,566
   Interest rate swap termination payment due       28,192,405
   Accounts payable                                  7,932,460
   Payables to affiliates                           62,348,593
   Refundable Deposits owed affiliate               26,469,916
   Tenant deposits                                     463,797
   Other                                             4,798,822
      Sub-total                                    386,206,864

   Accounts payable                                    330,150
   Property tax accrual                              1,801,836
   Payables to affiliates                           12,274,918
      Sub-total                                     14,406,904

   Debt- DIP Revolver                               11,200,000
   Debt - DIP Term Roll-Up                       1,025,805,331
   Development accruals                             38,233,092
   Accrued Employee Related Benefits                 7,611,607
   Non-qualified Pension Plan Accruals               5,710,703
   Reserves - school fees, energy remediation       15,122,079
   Non-refundable deposits                          30,900,799
   Deferred Revenue                                 93,880,164
   Other                                             3,098,477
      Sub-total                                  1,231,562,252

   Members' Capital                                (60,921,533)
   Total Liabilities and Members' Capital       $1,571,254,487

             LandSource Communities Development, LLC
              Consolidated Statement of Operations
                    Month Ended July 31, 2008

Statistical Information
   Homesites sold to related parties                        $0
   Homesites sold to third parties                           0
   Acreage sold to related parties                           0
   Acreage sold to third parties                             0
   Homes sold to third parties                               0

Land Sale Operations
   Sales related parties                                22,379
   Sales to third parties                               28,424
      Total Land Sale Revenue                           50,803
   Cost of sales to related parties                     13,582
   Cost of sales to third parties                        4,100
      Total Cost of Land Sales                          17,682
Gross Margin on Land Sales Operations                   33,121

Home Sale Operations
   Sales                                                     0
   Cost of sales                                             0
Gross Margin on Home Sale Operations                         0
Operating Cost and Expenses
   Field, selling, general & administrative          4,928,875
   Management fees to related parties                1,644,063
      Total Operating Costs and Expenses             6,572,938
Other Operations, net
   Equity in earnings of unconsolidated entities      (161,291)
   Rental operations                                   256,047
   Valencia Water Company                                    0
   Club operations                                    (317,951)
   Interest income                                     140,207
   Interest expense                                 (5,440,580)
   Loss on debt restructuring                                0
   Loss on interest rate swap termination                    0
   Miscellaneous                                     6,353,396
      Total Other Operations, net                      829,828
Net Earnings (Loss)                                ($5,709,989)

             LandSource Communities Development, LLC
    Consolidated Schedule of Cash Receipts and Disbursements
                     Month Ended July 31, 2008

Net Operating Cash Flow
   Housing revenue                                          $0
   Commercial Revenue                                3,616,250
   Other                                             5,866,054
   Option deposits                                      66,650
   Less: Closing Costs                                     452
      Total Operating Inflows                        9,549,406
Operating Cash Outflows
   Master improvements & CFDs                      (12,112,503)
   Property tax                                       (855,486)
   General & Administrative                         (1,800,911)
   Other                                              (331,724)
   Management fees                                           0
      Total Operating Outflows                     (15,100,624)
      Total Net Operating Cash Flow                 (5,551,218)

Bankruptcy Disbursements
   Bankruptcy Payments                                       0
   Utility Deposits                                    (67,000)
   Mechanic's liens/Other                                    0
      Total Bankruptcy Payments                        (67,000)
DIP Interest and Fees
   DIP Facility interest                               (36,721)
   Undrawn fee                                        (50,846)
   DIP Facility fees                                (2,775,657)
      Total DIP Interest and Fees                   (2,863,224)

   Restructuring professionals                         (72,439)

      Total Bankruptcy Disbursements                (3,002,663)
      Total Net Cash Flow                          ($8,553,881)

Disbursement Per Debtor:

   LandSource Communities Development, LLC             $46,465
   California Land Company                                 325
   Friendswood Development Company, LLC                 37,071
   Lennar Land Partners II                                 325
   Kings Wood Development Company, L.C.                    325
   LSC Associates, LLC                                     325
   Lennar Mare Island, LLC                             163,499
   LandSource Communities Development Sub, L               325
   Lennar Moorpark, LLC                                    325
   Lennar Stevenson Holdings, LLC                          325
   The Newhall Land and Farming Company                    325
   LandSource Holding Company, LLC                   3,874,289
   LNR-Lennar Washington Square, LLC                 8,748,738
   Lennar Bressi Ranch Venture, LLC                        325
   The Newhall Land and Farming Company
     (California Limited Partnership)                4,867,926
   NWI-IL GP, LLC                                          325
   Tournament Players Club at Valencia, LLC            355,380
   Southwest Communities Development, LLC                4,386
   Valencia Corporation                                    325
   Stevenson Ranch Venture, LLC                          1,634
   Valencia Realty Company                                 325
      Total Disbursement                           $18,103,288

                    About LandSource Communities

LandSource Communities Development LLC, which operates in Arizona,
California, Florida, New Jersey, Nevada and Texas, is involved in
the planning and development of master planned communities and
transforming undeveloped land into ready-to-build home sites and
commercial properties.  With the exception of one development
project in Marina del Rey, California, LandSource does not build
homes or commercial properties.

LandSource and 20 of its affiliates filed for chapter 11
bankruptcy protection before the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the
District of Delaware on June 8, 2008 (Lead Case No. 08-11111).
The Debtors are represented by Marcia Goldstein, Esq., at Weil
Gotshal & Manges in New York, and Mark D. Collins, Esq., at
Richards Layton & Finger in Wilmington, Delaware.  Lazard Freres &
Co. acts as the Debtors' financial advisors, and Kurtzmann Carson
Consultants serves as the Debtors' notice and claims agent.

According to the Troubled Company Reporter on May 22, 2008,
LandSource sought help from its lender consortium to restructure
$1.24 billion of its debt.  LandSource engaged a 100-bank lender
group led by Barclays Capital Inc., which syndicates LandSource's
debt.  LandSource had received a default notice on that debt from
the lender group after it was not able to timely meet its payments
during mid-April.  However, LandSource failed to reach an
agreement with its lenders on a plan to modify and restructure its
debt, forcing it to seek protection from creditors.

The Debtors' exclusive plan filing period expires on Oct. 6, 2008.
(LandSource Bankruptcy News, Issue No. 11; 215/945-7000).

LEVITZ FURNITURE: Files July 1 - 31, 2008 Operating Report

                           PLVTZ, Inc.
                          Balance Sheet
                       As of July 31, 2008

   Current Assets
      Cash                                           $212,000
      Accounts receivable, net                        414,000      
      Total current assets                            626,000

   Other assets                                     3,967,000
TOTAL ASSETS                                       $4,593,000

               Liabilities and Shareholders' Equity

Liabilities Not Subject to Compromise
   Current Liabilities:
      Accounts payable trade                       $2,575,000
      Accrued expenses                                660,000
      Customer Deposits                               636,000
      Total Current Liabilities                    $3,871,000

Liabilities Subject to Compromise
      Term loan B                                  20,715,000
      Trade and other miscellaneous claims         46,040,000
      Customer Deposit                              2,706,000
      Total                                       $69,461,000

      TOTAL LIABILITIES                            73,332,000

Shareholders (deficit):
      Preferred stock                             $47,000,000
      Class A Common stock                        139,030,000
      Class B Common stock                         10,000,000
      Retained (deficit)                         (264,769,000)
     Shareholder's deficit                        (68,739,000)


                           PLVTZ, Inc.
                      Statement of Operations
                 For the period July 1 to 31, 2008

Selling, operating and administrative expenses      ($451,000)
Reorganization costs                                  202,000
Net Income                                           $249,000

                           PLVTZ, Inc.
                     Statement of Cash Flows
                 For the period July 1 to 31, 2008

Cash flows used in operating activities:
  Cash rec/adjustment                                $218,000
  Cash received from Sales Agent                      476,000
  Cash paid to suppliers and employees               (698,000)
  Net cash used in operating activities                (4,000)
Net decrease in cash and cash equivalents              (4,000)

Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of month       216,000
Cash and cash equivalents at end of month            $212,000

                   About Levitz Furniture/PVLTZ

Based in New York City, Levitz Furniture Inc., -- is a specialty retailer of furniture,
bedding and home furnishings in the United States.  It has 76
locations in major metropolitan areas, principally in the
Northeast and on the West Coast of the United States.

Levitz Furniture Inc. and 11 affiliates filed for chapter 11 on
Sept. 5, 1997.  In December 2000, the Court confirmed the Debtors'
Plan and Levitz emerged from chapter 11 on February 2001.  Levitz
Home Furnishings Inc. was created as the new holding company as a
result of the emergence.

Levitz Home Furnishings and 12 affiliates filed for chapter 11
protection on Oct. 11, 2005 (Bankr. S.D.N.Y. Lead Case No. 05-
45189).  In their second filing, the Debtors disclosed about
$245 million in total assets and $456 million in total debts.
Nicholas M. Miller, Esq., and Richard H. Engman, Esq., at Jones
Day represented the Debtors.  Jeffrey L. Cohen, Esq., Jay R.
Indyke, Esq., and Cathy Hershcopf, Esq., at Cooley Godward Kronish
LLP served as counsel to the Official Committee of Unsecured
Creditors.  During this period, the Debtors closed around 35
stores in the Northeast, California, Minnesota and Arizona.

On March 28, 2008, the Court dismissed the chapter 11 cases of
Levitz II.

In December 2005, the Levitz II debtors sold substantially all of
their assets to PLVTZ, LLC, an affiliate of Prentice Capital
Management LLP, and the Pride Capital Group, doing business as
Great American Group.  Initially, Prentice owned all of the equity
interests in PLVTZ.  On July 6, 2007, PLVTZ was converted into a
Delaware corporation, and Harbinger Capital Partners Special
Situations Fund, LP, Harbinger Capital Partners Master Fund I,
Ltd., and their affiliates became minority shareholders.  Great
American's stake in the acquisition was in running the going-out-
of-business sales for some 27 Levitz units.

PLVTZ, dba Levitz Furniture, continued to face decline in
financial performance since December 2005.  Liquidity issues and
the inability to obtain additional capital prompted PLVTZ to seek
protection under chapter 11 on Nov. 8, 2007 (Bankr. S.D.N.Y. Lead
Case No. 07-13532).  Paul D. Leake, Esq., and Brad B. Erens, Esq.,
at Jones Day represents the Debtors in their restructuring
efforts.  Kurtzman Carson Consultants LLC serves as the Debtors'
claims and noticing agent.  The Debtor's schedules show total
assets of $123,842,190 and total liabilities of $76,421,661.

(Levitz Bankruptcy News, Issue No. 43; Bankruptcy Creditors'
Service Inc., 215/945-7000).

LINENS N THINGS: Files July 2008 Monthly Operating Report

                   Linens Holding Co., et al.
                          Balance Sheet
                       As of July 26, 2008


Current Assets
   Cash                                              $33,926,577
   Accounts receivable, net                           41,582,888
   Inventory                                         563,005,990
   Inventory - liquidation sales                      50,936,752
   Prepaid expenses                                   16,325,741
Total Current Assets                                 705,777,948

Property & Equipment
   Building                                            5,010,000
   Furniture & fixtures                              276,425,578
   Hardware                                           13,841,355
   Leasehold improvements                            183,411,129
   Land                                                1,030,400
   Software                                            8,713,307
   Less: accumulated depreciation                   (214,439,713)
Total Property & Equipment                           273,992,056

Other Assets
   Identifiable intangible                           135,503,022
   Goodwill                                          253,159,671
   Other non-current assets                           37,602,018
   Total other assets                                426,264,711
Total Assets                                      $1,406,034,715

Liabilities and Shareholders' Equity              $1,406,034,715

Liabilities not subject to compromise
   Current liabilities
      Merchandise accounts payable -
         accruals, refunds & allowances               43,866,786
      Due to customers                                 9,419,118
      Salaries and wages                               7,616,450
      Taxes, non-franchise and income tax             15,279,374
      Workers compensation                               184,381
      Current retirement plans                            68,850
      Rent                                                     -
      General liability claims                           103,437
      Accrued auto claims & uninsured losses               7,044
      Other accrued liabilities                      132,020,239
   Total Current Liabilities                         208,565,679

   Long Term Liabilities
      Long-term borrowings                           195,077,398
      Non-current deferred income                              -
      Other liabilities                                1,972,732
   Total long term liabilities                       197,050,130
   Total liabilities not subject to compromise       405,615,809

Liabilities subject to compromise
   L/T senior secured note                           668,914,007
   Unsecured claims                                  345,641,481
   Priority claims                                    27,196,968
     Total Liabilities Subject to Compromise       1,041,752,456
     Total Liabilities                             1,447,368,265

Shareholders' Equity
   Common stock                                          130,130
   Additional paid-in capital                        601,254,218
   Retained earnings - prepetition                  (536,191,697)
   Retained earnings - postpetition                 (109,488,895)
   Currency gain/loss                                  2,962,694
   Net shareholders' equity                          (41,333,550)
   Total Liabilities and Shareholders' Equity     $1,406,034,715

                   Linens Holding Co., et al.
                        Income Statement
               For the month ending July 26, 2008

Gross revenues                                      $111,963,136
Rebates and returns                                       35,789
Cost of goods sold                                   (54,191,279)
Initial Mark On (IMO)                                 57,807,646

Markdowns                                             11,195,655
Gross allowances                                      (5,194,393)
Deferred allowances                                   (2,296,333)
Total markdowns - net                                  3,704,929
Merchant margin                                       54,102,717

Supply chain expenses                                 (5,862,773)
Buying, product development, shrink                   (3,260,581)
Gross profit                                          44,979,363

Store payroll expense                                (14,169,065)
Other store selling expenses                          (4,470,306)
Total selling expense                                (18,639,371)
Margin after selling expenses                         26,339,992

Occupancy                                            (34,117,801)
Sales promotions                                      (5,237,351)
Other store expenses                                  (1,181,557)
Supervisory/Other                                       (825,129)
Total store expenses                                 (41,361,838)
Store contribution                                   (15,021,846)

Administrative salaries                               (2,106,849)
Other administrative expenses                         (1,988,329)
Other income/(expense)                                   326,639
Interest                                              (1,554,337)
Taxes                                                   (268,908)
Total General & Administrative                        (5,591,784)
Net Earnings [Loss]                                  (20,613,630)
Reorganization Items                                  (7,474,912)
Net Earnings [Loss] after Reorg. items              ($28,088,542)

                   Linens Holding Co., et al.
           Schedule of Cash Receipts and Disbursements
               For the month ending July 26, 2008

Cash Receipts:
   Sales receipts                                   $127,850,000
   Other receipts, i.e. tenant allow.                  1,876,000
   Store closure proceeds                             10,000,000
   Total receipts                                    139,726,000

Cash Disbursements:
   Trade payments:
      A/P - Merchandise                               73,794,000
      Rollover A/P - Prepaid                                   -
      A/P - LC's & Trade Card                          4,763,000
      A/P - LAPP                                               -
   Total trade payments                               78,557,000

   Operating Expenses:
      Payroll, payroll taxes & benefits               24,805,000
      Rent checks and wires                           17,805,000
      Marketing                                          986,000
      Capital expenditures                                     -
      Freight                                          7,210,000
      Sales tax payable                               10,877,000
      Other (Import duties, misc. CC fees)               (20,000)
      Administrative & selling expenses               16,084,000
   Total operating expenses                           77,747,000

    Non-Operating Expenses:
     DIP & revolver interest & fees                            -
     Other Interest Expense/(Income)                   2,809,000
     Total non-pperating expenses                      2,809,000
Net operating cash flow                              (19,387,000)

   Bankruptcy Expenses:
      DIP fees & expenses                                      -
      Deposits for utilities                                   -
      Professional fees                                1,189,000
   Total Bankruptcy Expenses                           1,189,000
Net Cash Flows                                       (20,576,000)
Draw / (Paydown) of DIP Facility                      22,149,000
Net Change in Cash                                    $1,573,000

Clifton, New Jersey-based Linens 'n Things, Inc. -- is the second largest specialty retailer
of home textiles, housewares and home accessories in North America
operating 589 stores in 47 U.S. states and seven Canadian
provinces as of Dec. 29, 2007.  The company is a destination
retailer, offering one of the broadest and deepest selections of
high quality brand-name as well as private label home furnishings
merchandise in the industry.  Linens 'n Things has some 585
superstores (33,000 sq. ft. and larger), emphasizing low-priced,
brand-name merchandise, in more than 45 states and about seven
Canadian provinces.  Brands include Braun, Krups, Calphalon,
Laura Ashley, Croscill, Waverly, and the company's own label.
Linens 'n Things was acquired by private equity firm Apollo
Management in 2006.

On May 2, 2008, these Linens entities filed chapter 11 petition
(Bankr. D. Del.): Linens Holding Co. (08-10832), Linens 'n Things,
Inc. (08-10833), Linens 'n Things Center, Inc. (08-10834),
Bloomington, MN., L.T., Inc. (08-10835), Vendor Finance, LLC (08-
10836), LNT, Inc. (08-10837), LNT Services, Inc. (08-10838), LNT
Leasing II, LLC (08-10839), LNT West, Inc. (08-10840), LNT
Virginia LLC (08-10841), LNT Merchandising Company LLC (08-10842),
LNT Leasing III, LLC (08-10843), and Citadel LNT, LLC (08-10844).
Judge Christopher S. Sontchi presides over the case.

The Debtors' bankruptcy counsels are Mark D. Collins, Esq., John
H. Knight, Esq., and Jason M. Madron, Esq., at Richards, Layton &
Finger, P.A., provide Linens 'n Things with bankruptcy counsel.
The Debtors' special corporate counsel are Holland N. O'Neil,
Esq., Ronald M. Gaswirth, Esq., Stephen A. McCaretin, Esq.,
Randall G. Ray, Esq., and Michael S. Haynes, Esq., at Morgan,
Lewis & Bockius, LLP.  The Debtors' restructuring management
services provider is Conway Del Genio Gries & Co., LLC.  The
Debtors' CRO and Interim CEO is Michael F. Gries, co-founder of
Conways Del Genio Gries & Co., LLC.  The Debtors' claims agent is
Kurtzman Carson Consultants, LLC.  The Debtors' consultants are
Asset Disposition Advisors, LLC, and Protivit, Inc.  The Debtors'
investment bankers are Financo, Inc., and Genuity Capital Markets.

(Bankruptcy News About Linens 'n Things; Bankruptcy Creditors'
Service Inc., 215/945-7000)

PRC LLC: Files Post-Confirmation July 2008 Operating Report

               Precision Response Corporation
            Schedules of Receipts and
          For the Period From July 1 to July 31,
Cash, beginning of period                            $33,197,500
Receipts during the period                            26,690,475
Transfer of funds between entities                      (378,937)
  Operating expenses (Fees and
   U.S. Trustee quarterly fees                            30,000
   Federal taxes                                  Not applicable
   State taxes                                    Not applicable
   Other taxes                                            25,575
  Other operating expenses                            25,731,275
   Administrative claims                               2,987,988
   Class 1                                        Not applicable
   Class 2                                        Not
   Class 3                                        Not applicable
   Class 4                                        Not applicable
Total disbursements                                   28,774,838
Cash, end of period                                  $30,734,200

                 Access Direct Telemarketing,
             Schedules of Receipts and
           For the Period From July 1 to July 31,
Cash, beginning of period                                 $8,359
Receipts during the period                             2,057,929
Transfer of funds between entities                      (143,345)
  Operating expenses (Fees and
   U.S. Trustee quarterly fees                            13,000
   Federal taxes                                  Not applicable
   State taxes                                    Not applicable
   Other taxes                                             1,992
  Other operating expenses                             1,379,677
   Administrative claims                                       0
   Class 1                                        Not applicable
   Class 2                                        Not applicable
   Class 3                                        Not applicable
   Class 4                                        Not applicable
Total disbursements                                    1,394,669
Cash, end of period                                     $528,274

                           PRC B2B,
              Schedules of Receipts and
            For the Period From July 1 to July 31,
Cash, beginning of period                               ($12,334)
Receipts during the period                             1,601,817
Transfer of funds between entities                       522,282
  Operating expenses (Fees and
   U.S. Trustee quarterly fees                            13,000
   Federal taxes                                  Not applicable
   State taxes                                    Not applicable
   Other taxes                                               273
  Other operating expenses                             1,490,363
   Administrative claims                                  39,084
   Class 1                                        Not applicable   
   Class 2                                        Not applicable   
   Class 3                                        Not applicable   
   Class 4                                        Not applicable   
Total disbursements                                    1,542,720
Cash, end of period                                     $569,045

                   Precision Response of PA
             Schedules of Receipts and
            For the Period From July 1 to July 31,
Cash, beginning of period                                     $0
Receipts during the period                                     0
Transfer of funds between entities                             0
  Operating expenses (Fees and
   U.S. Trustee quarterly fees                               325
   Federal taxes                                  Not applicable
   State taxes                                    Not applicable
   Other taxes                                                 0
  Other operating
   Administrative claims                          Not applicable      
   Class 1                                        Not applicable      
   Class 2                                        Not applicable      
   Class 3                                        Not applicable      
   Class 4                                        Not applicable      
Total disbursements                                          325
Cash, end of period                                        ($325)

                    Panther/DCP Holdings, LLC      
              Schedules of Receipts and Disbursement
            For the Period From July 1 to July 31, 2008
Cash, beginning of period                                     $0
Receipts during the period                                     0
Transfer of funds between entities                             0
  Operating expenses (Fees and Taxes)         
   U.S. Trustee quarterly fees                               325
   Federal taxes                                  Not applicable
   State taxes                                    Not applicable
   Other taxes                                                 0
  Other operating expenses                    
  Plan payments                               
   Administrative claims                          Not applicable    
   Class 1                                        Not applicable    
   Class 2                                        Not applicable    
   Class 3                                        Not applicable    
   Class 4                                        Not applicable    
Total disbursements                                          325
Cash, end of period                                        ($325)

                           About PRC LLC

Founded in 1982 and based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, PRC, LLC -- is a leading provider of customer         
management solutions.  PRC markets its services to brand-focused,
Fortune 500 U.S. corporations and delivers these services through
a global network of call centers in the U.S., Philippines, India,
and the Dominican Republic.

PRC is the sole member of each of PRC B2B, LLC, and Precision
Response of Pennsylvania, LLC, and the sole shareholder of Access
Direct Telemarketing, Inc., each of which is a debtor and debtor-
in-possession in PRC's joint Chapter 11 cases.

Panther/DCP Intermediate Holdings, LLC, is the sole member of

PRC, together with its operating subsidiaries PRC B2B, Access
Direct, and PRC PA, is a leading provider of complex,
consultative, outsourced services in the Customer Care and Sales
& Marketing segments of the business process outsourcing
industry.  Since 1982, the company has acquired and grown
customer relationships for some of the world's largest and most
brand-focused corporations in the financial services, media,
telecommunications, transportation, and retail industries.

The company and four of its affiliates filed for Chapter 11
protection on Jan. 23, 2008 (Bankr. S.D.N.Y. Lead Case No. 08-
10239).  Alfredo R. Perez, Esq., at Weil, Gotshal & Manges, LLP,
represents the Debtors in their restructuring efforts.  The
Debtors chose Stephen Dube, at CXO LLC, as their restructuring and
turnaround advisor.  Additionally, Evercore Group LLC provides
investment and financial counsel to the Debtors.

The Debtors' consolidated financial condition as of Dec. 31, 2007
showed total assets of $354,000,000 and total debts of

The Debtors submitted to the Court a Chapter 11 Plan of
Reorganization on Feb. 12, 2008.  The Court confirmed that Plan
mid-June 2008.  (PRC LLC Bankruptcy News, Issue
No. 20; Bankruptcy Creditors' Service, Inc., 215/945-7000)

S & A RESTAURANT: S & A of Texas' Schedules of Assets and Debts
S & A of Texas, Inc. submitted to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the
Eastern District of Texas schedules of assets and liabilities,

A.     Real Property                             
          3840 N.E. Loop Own land & bldg.             $1,625,812
          3601 Dallas Parkway Lease land & own bldg.     843,929
          12008 E. Freeway lease land & own bldg.        689,764
          20120 Katy Freeway lease land & own bldg.      500,690
          17125 Tomball Parkway lease land & own bldg.    28,835
          305 Central Expressway lease land & own bldg.   18,515

B.     Personal Property
B.1    Cash on hand     
          Houston Galleria                                 2,000
          Ft. Worth Tavern                                 2,000
          Southlake Tavern                                 2,000
          Plano - N. Dallas                                1,722
          Tyler                                            1,500
          Killeen                                          1,500
          Houston Greenspoint                              1,500
          Grapevine                                        1,500
          Ft. Worth                                        1,500
          Bedford Airport                                  1,500
          Katy                                             1,500
          Houston Baybrook                                 1,500
          Mesquite                                         1,500
          Conroe                                           1,500
          Houston Deauville                                1,500
          Houston                                          1,500
          El Paso Gateway                                  1,500
          Houston Cypress                                  1,500
          Ft. Worth Arlington                              1,500
          Astroworld                                       1,500
          Plano Preston                                    1,500
          Irving                                           1,500
          Houston Kirby                                    1,500
          Sports Grill                                     1,360
          Ft. Worth Hulen Mall                             1,200
          Arlington I-20                                   1,200
          Austin Lampasas                                  1,000
          Houston Almeda                                   1,000
          Conroe                                           1,000
          Houston Bammel                                   1,000
          Dallas Plano                                     1,000
          Ft. Worth Richland                               1,000
          Ft. Worth Arlington                              1,000
          Houston Humble                                   1,000
          Ft. Worth Altimer                                1,000
          Arlington Little                                 1,000
          Mesquite                                         1,000
          Frisco                                           1,000
          Amarillo Lakeview                                1,000
          Allen                                            1,000
          Dallas Addison                                   1,000
          Houston Magnum                                   1,000
          Lewisville                                       1,000
          Others                                           8,799
B.2    Bank Accounts                   
          JP Morgan Chase Bank 1577927666                  9,577
          Wells Fargo Bank 612899468                       4,532
          JP Morgan Chase Bank 711411942                   1,766
B.3    Security Deposits                                    None
B.4    Household goods                                      None
B.5    Collectibles                                         None
B.6    Wearing apparel                                      None
B.7    Furs and jewelry                                     None
B.8    Firearms and sports equipment                        None
B.9    Interests in Insurance Policies                      None
B.10   Annuities                                            None
B.11   Interests in an education IRA as defined in
         26 U.S.C. Section 530(b)(1)                        None
B.12   Interests in IRA, ERISA, Keogh, or other
         Pension or profit-sharing plans                    None
B.13   Business Interests and stocks                        None
B.14   Interests in partnerships                    Undetermined
B.15   Government and Corporate Bonds                       None
B.16   Accounts Receivable
          Trade Receivable
             House Accounts                               19,821
             House Accounts                               15,221
             House Accounts                                6,830
             House Accounts                                2,329
             House Accounts                                1,711
             House Accounts                                1,289
             House Accounts                                  279
             House Accounts                                  250
             House Accounts                                  100
             House Accounts                                   27
             House Accounts                                   24
             House Accounts                                   18
             House Accounts                                 (295)
B.17   Alimony, maintenance, support, and
          property settlements debtor is entitled to        None
B.18   Other Liquidated Debts                               None
B.19   Equitable or future interests, life estates,
          and rights or powers exercisable for the  
          debtor's benefit                                  None
B.20   Contingent and noncontingent interests in
          estate  of a decedent, death benefits plan,
          life insurance policy, or trust                   None
B.21   Other contingent and unliquidated claims            
          Primrose Food Services                    Undetermined
B.22   Patents, copyrights and intellectual property        None
B.23   Licenses, franchises, and other
          general intangibles
             Mixed Beverage and Late Hours          Undetermined
             City Business License Beer & Wine,
             Mixed Beverage                         Undetermined
             County License                         Undetermined
B.24   Customer lists or other compilations                 None
B.25   Vehicles                                             None
B.28   Office equipment, furnishings and supplies           None
B.29   Machinery                                   
          Artifacts                                       19,080
          Bar Equip Hookups                               17,701
          Beer System                                     16,164
          TV, TV Mounting & Brackets                      15,200
          Chairs & Barstools                              14,244
          Telecom Equipment                               12,948
          Tables & Bases (qty 49)                          9,585
          Dish Machine                                     8,700
          I.C.S. w/i cooler/freezer                        8,260
          Bar Equipment                                    7,725
          Artifacts                                        6,805
          Equipment                                        6,523
          Booths (qty 7)                                   6,543
          Chef's Counter                                   6,178
          Equipment                                        6,078
          Manitowoc Ice Machine                            6,505
          Dish Machine                                     5,936
          Bar Equipment                                    5,891
          Manitowoc                                        4,684
          Artifacts                                        5,700
          Decor Package - Artifacts                        5,636
          I.C.S. w/i Beer cooler                           5,620
          Chairs-Renewal Project                           5,236
          Others                                         700,271
B.30   Inventory                                    
          El Paso Meat                                     9,181
          Houston Meat                                     8,568
          Mesquite Meat                                    8,303
          Houston Meat                                     7,823
          Dallas Meat                                      7,816
          Austin Grocery                                   7,785
          Houston Grocery                                  7,112
          Ft. Worth Meat                                   7,062
          El Paso Grocery                                  7,489
          Irving Grocery                                   6,951
          Ft. Worth Grocery                                6,894
          Killeen Beer                                     6,696
          Ft. Worth Meat                                   6,614
          Ft. Worth Grocery                                6,519
          Bedford Airport                                  6,433
          Conroe Meat                                      6,419
          Plano Meat                                       6,379
          Katy Grocery                                     6,360
          Killeen Grocery                                  6,210
          Houston Meat                                     6,133
          Others                                         741,086
B.31   Animals                                              None
B.32   Crops - growing or harvested                         None
B.33   Farming equipment and implements                     None
B.34   Farm supplies, chemicals, and feed                   None
B.35   Other Personal Property                              None

       TOTAL SCHEDULED ASSETS                         $5,627,851

C.     Property Claimed as Exempt                           None

D.     Secured Claim
          Capmark Finance Inc.                        $1,265,946
          GE Capital Finance Franchise Corp.             949,265
          GE Capital Finance Franchise Corp.             861,122
          GE Capital Finance Franchise Corp.             730,450
          GE Capital Finance Franchise Corp.             674,003
          GE Capital Finance Franchise Corp.             189,472
          GE Capital Finance Franchise Corp.             148,110

E.     Unsecured Priority Claims                    Undetermined

F.     Unsecured Non-priority Claims
          Accounts payable
            CNL Net Lease Funding 2001 LP                193,871
            7621 - HG Shopping Centers LP                156,368
            BPR Shopping Center LP                       110,383
            Megaplex Four Inc.                            88,733
            WRI-AEW Lone Star Retail                      65,259
            Towne Center Venture LP                       56,862
            DMEP Wyndham Plaza 4 LLC                      56,171
            Barton Springs Center Ltd.                    47,102
            C.E. Bassett I, LP                            45,081
            Prestonwood Place LP                          43,436
            Maroneal Apts. Inc.                           43,293
            Keystone Plaza Ltd.                           42,901
            Carl A. Detering                              37,470
            Regency Centers LP.                           35,284
            Fossil Creek Land Partners                    33,305
            Weingarten Realty Investors                   32,034
            Gulfwood Corporation                          31,000
            157- Melear Limited Partnership               29,019
            Steak & Abrams LP                             26,667
            Hilton Holdings LLC                           25,413
            PPG Venture I LP                              24,441
            Windhaven Plaza Phase 2 LP                    22,545
            Cypress Station Houston LLC                   20,736
            McKinney Land 252 Ltd                         17,417
            SCI Price Plaza Fund LLC                      16,723
            Metronational Corporation                     16,534
            Rosebriar Stemmons L.P.                       16,500
            Lincoln Court Ltd.                            15,000
            Naan Properties                               13,333
            Four Star Development Co.                     12,500
            Lawrence Ordower                              11,207
            Jacob Pomeranz                                 5,035
            Centro NP Holdings 2 SPE LLC                   4,733
            BPR Bowl Texas LP                              2,713
            Southwest Celtic Music Assoc.                  2,165
            Rosebriar Stemmons L.P.                        1,800
            Classified Parking System                      1,250
            Grapevine Mills LP                             1,231
          Litigation Claims
            Alvin Blagg                             Undetermined
            Beverlyn A. Martin                      Undetermined
            Carl Farris                             Undetermined
            Claudio Ochoa, Jr., et al.,             Undetermined
            Jane Sears                              Undetermined
            Janice Ward                             Undetermined
            Kecia Autrey                            Undetermined
            Lisa Robinson                           Undetermined
            Lorma Services, LLC                     Undetermined
            Nicole Daniel                           Undetermined
            RHEC Associates, Ltd.                   Undetermined
            Rosalind R. Leal                        Undetermined
            The Coca-Cola Company                   Undetermined
            Tiffany Wood                            Undetermined
          Other secured debts
            S&A Fee Properties SPE I, LLC
               Beaumont Calder                         1,267,114
               Lewisville                                991,720
               Amarillo Lakeview                         578,211
            S&A Fee Properties SPE 2, L.L.C.
               Austin Lampasas                         1,485,827
               Fort Worth Arlington                    1,475,314
               Tyler Troup                             1,117,872
               El Paso Gateway                           918,125
               Fort Worth Highway 80                     827,014
            S&A Leased Properties SPE I, Inc.
               Irving Esters/183                         742,914
               Houston Humble                            612,754
               Arlington - Six Flags                     499,615
               Fort Worth Hulen Mall                     459,330
            S&A Leased Properties SPE 2, Inc.
               Dallas                                    697,858
               Plano                                     452,056

       TOTAL SCHEDULED LIABILITIES                   $18,349,607

                     About S & A Restaurant

Based in Plano, Tex., S & A Restaurant Corp. --,,,   
-- and other affiliated entities operate the Bennigan's Grill &
Tavern, and the Steak & Ale restaurant chains under the Metromedia
Restaurant Group.  Bennigan's Grill & Tavern is a chain of more
than 310 pub-themed restaurants offering sandwiches and burgers,
as well as ribs, steaks, and seafood.  The Steak & Ale chain
offers a broader menu set in the atmosphere of an 18th century
English country inn.  The Metromedia Restaurant Group, a unit of
closely held conglomerate Metromedia Company, is one of the
world's leading multi-concept table-service restaurant groups,
with more than 800 Bennigan's(R), Bennigan's SPORT(TM), Steak and
Ale(R), Ponderosa Steakhouse(R) and Bonanza(TM) Steakhouse
restaurants in the United States and abroad.  MRG's annual U.S.
sales are estimated at $1,000,000,000.

S & A Restaurant and 38 of its affiliates filed Chapter 7 petition
under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code on July 29, 2008 (Bankr. E.D. Tex.
Case No. 08-41898).  J. Michael Sutherland, Esq. at Carrington
Coleman Sloman & Blumenthal, is the Debtors counsel.  The Debtors
disclosed total scheduled assets of $2,302,057 and total scheduled
liabilities of $159,432,691.

Michelle H. Chow is the Debtors' Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee.  
The lead counsel for the trustee is Kane Russell Coleman & Logan
PC.  Mark Ian Agee, Esq., of the law firm Mark Ian Agee, Attorney
at Law, is co-counsel.

S & A RESTAURANT: S & A of Florida's Schedules of Assets and Debts
S & A of Florida, Inc. submitted to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for
the Eastern District of Texas schedules of assets and liabilities,

A.     Real Property                               
         11650 University Blvd. - Lease land & own bldg.  $2,252
         1385 N. Semoran Blvd. - own land & bldg.        884,171
         18001 Highwoods - lease land & own bldg.        470,084
         3155 E. Silver Springs - own land & bldg.       392,458
         4520 W. State Road 46 - own land & bldg.      1,212,371
         9206 Anderson Rd. - own land & bldg.          1,190,786

B.     Personal Property
B.1    Cash on hand                                       
         Tampa Stadium                                     3,000
         Orlando Beeline                                   2,300
         Clearwater Mall                                   2,000
         St. Pete Beach                                    2,000
         Orlando International                             2,000
         Miami Kendall                                     2,000
         Miami Lajeune                                     2,000
         Brandon                                           2,000
         Ormond Beach Atlantic                             2,000
         Tampa                                             2,000
         Semoran Airport                                   2,000
         St. Petersburg 4th Street                         1,500
         Orlando Colonial                                  1,500
         Sanford                                           1,500
         Orlando - University                              1,500
         Melbourne Apollo                                  1,500
         Tampa                                             1,500
         Ft. Lauderdale 62nd Street                        1,500
         Orlando Beeline                                   1,200
         Ft. Lauderdale Tamarac                            1,200
         Tampa Westshore                                   1,200
         Miami Kendall                                     1,200
         Tampa Fowler                                      1,200
         Ft. Myers Tamiami                                 1,000
         Ocala                                             1,000
         W. Colonial                                         820
         Orlando Altamonte                                   800
         Lakeland Florida Avenue                             800
         Pensacola University                                800
         Ft. Lauderdale Andrews                              800
         Orlando Casselberry                                 750
         Orlando Orange Blossom TR                           750
         Sunrise                                             750
         W. Colonial                                         750
         Gainsville Archer                                   750
         Davie                                               750
         Pensacola                                           750
         Stuart, FL                                          750
         Orlando Maitland                                    637
         Orlando Altamonte                                   320
         Ft. Myers                                           144
         Miami Colonial Palms                             (1,001)
B.2    Bank Accounts                                        None
B.3    Security Deposits                                    None
B.4    Household goods                                      None
B.5    Collectibles                                         None
B.6    Wearing apparel                                      None
B.7    Furs and jewelry                                     None
B.8    Firearms and sports equipment                        None
B.9    Interests in Insurance Policies                      None
B.10   Annuities                                            None
B.11   Interests in an education IRA as defined in
         26 U.S.C. Section 530(b)(1)                        None
B.12   Interests in IRA, ERISA, Keogh, or other
         Pension or profit-sharing plans                    None
B.13   Business Interests and stocks                        None
B.14   Interests in partnerships                    Undetermined
B.15   Government and Corporate Bonds                       None
B.16   Accounts Receivable                         
         Trade Receivable
            House Accounts                                 5,551
            House Accounts                                 3,857
            House Accounts                                 3,374
            House Accounts                                 2,486
            House Accounts                                 1,553
            House Accounts                                   876
            House Accounts                                   312
            House Accounts                                   284
            House Accounts                                   140  
B.17   Alimony, maintenance, support, and
        property settlements debtor is entitled to          None
B.18   Other Liquidated Debts                               None
B.19   Equitable or future interests, life estates,   
        and rights or powers exercisable for the            None
        debtor's benefit                                    None
B.20   Contingent and noncontingent interests in
        estate  of a decedent, death benefits plan,
        life insurance policy, or trust                     None
B.21   Other contingent and unliquidated claims             None
B.22   Patents, copyrights, and intellectual property       None
B.23   Licenses, franchises, and other
        general intangibles
         Liquor License                             Undetermined
         City Business License Beer & Wine,
         Mixed Beverage, Restaurant                 Undetermined
         Mixed Beverage and Late Hours              Undetermined
B.24   Customer lists or other compilations                 None
B.25   Vehicles                                             None
B.28   Office equipment, furnishings and supplies           None
B.29   Machinery                                   
         Misc Kitchen Equipment                           19,662
         Bar Equipment                                    14,942
         Cooler/Freezer Walk In                           13,616
         Bar Equipment Hook-ups                           13,101
         Ice Machine                                      11,459
         New Ice Machine                                   9,426
         Ice Machines                                      7,868
         Ice Machine                                       7,573
         Interior Design, Supply                           7,546
         Ice Machine                                       7,135
         Ice Machine                                       6,826
         Misc Restaurant Equipment                         6,728
         Manitowoc Ice Machine                             5,818
         4 Drawer Equip Stand                              5,718
         6 Drawer Chef Base                                4,734
         Chefbase 6 Drawer                                 4,531
         Shelving                                          4,520
         Prep Table - Pizza (Refr)                         4,498
         True 6 Drawer Equip Stand                         4,385
         Prep Top 2 Doors/4 Shelv-Fire                     4,372
         Chefbase                                          4,317
         New Glycol System                                 4,315
         Fryers (Qty 6)- Fire                              4,262
         Flat Top Grill                                    4,191
         True Pizza Prep 3 Doors/6 Shel                    4,126
         True Chef Base 6 Drawers                          4,067
         Others                                          481,232
B.30   Inventory                                     
         Tampa Liquor                                     28,004
         Tampa Liquor                                     15,674
         Miami Lajeune Liquor                              9,755
         Pensacola Meat                                    8,844
         Semoran Meat                                      8,485
         Tampa Meat                                        7,861
         Orlando Altamonte Meat                            7,512
         Semoran Grocer                                    7,203
         St. Petersburg Liquor                             6,909
         Tampa Beer                                        6,772
         Sanford Liquor                                    6,715
         Ocala Liquor                                      6,599
         Sanford Grocery                                   6,535
         Ft. Lauderdale Andrews Meat                       6,547
         Tampa Beer                                        6,521
         Ft. Myers Tamarac Meat                            6,202
         Brandon Grocery                                   6,128
         Ft. Myers Tamiami Meat                            6,115
         Clearwater Grocery                                5,951
         Tampa Grocery                                     5,957
         Others                                          742,812
B.31   Animals                                              None
B.32   Crops - growing or harvested                         None
B.33   Farming equipment and implements                     None
B.34   Farm supplies, chemicals, and feed                   None
B.35   Other Personal Property                              None
       TOTAL SCHEDULED ASSETS                         $5,811,294   

C.     Property Claimed as Exempt                           None

D.     Secured Claim
         GE Capital Finance Franchise Corp.           $4,971,918
         Capmark Finance Inc.                          1,329,242
         GE Capital Finance Franchise Corp.            1,172,019
         GE Capital Finance Franchise Corp.              984,912
         GE Capital Finance Franchise Corp.              566,450
         GE Capital Finance Franchise Corp.              154,177
         GE Capital Finance Franchise Corp.               46,496

E.     Unsecured Priority Claims                    Undetermined

F.     Unsecured Non-priority Claims      
         Accounts payable
           RHEC Associates Ltd.                          104,669
           Barry Harris Hinden                            97,091
           Dr. Jerome Unatin                              94,147
           Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.                88,204
           CNL/Lee Vista Joint Venture                    76,134
           Westwood Blvd. LLC                             67,186
           Harold Maurice Forster Jr.                     49,731
           TSC Sunrise Ltd.                               37,763
           Berta Mgt. of Florida Corp.                    36,470
           Northwoods Limited Partnership                 32,321
           J-5 Land Partners Ltd.                         31,950
           Inland Southeast Property                      22,485
           Siro Holdings LLC                              19,525
           Glimcher Westshore LLC                         18,814
           John M. Rife, Jr.                              16,635
           Dolphin Village Partners LLC                   14,940
           Robert L. Cochran                              10,600
           Jensen Beach Plaza LLC                          3,708
           Richard T. Lee                                  7,029
           Anne Marie Sparlin Trust                        2,284
           Samuel Jay Sparlin Trust                        2,284
           TSC Lake Ridge LLC                                810
           Express Shop Investments LLC                      707
         Litigation Claims
           Access Now, Inc.                         Undetermined
           Access Now, Inc.                         Undetermined
           Anita Ray                                Undetermined
           Anna Rachel Costigliola                  Undetermined
           Carlos Serrano                           Undetermined
           Daniel Davis                             Undetermined
           Debra Colarusso                          Undetermined
           Dolores Leopard                          Undetermined
           Florida Retail Federation Self-Insurers
           Fund                                     Undetermined
           Hollis Williams                          Undetermined
           James Whitford                           Undetermined
         Other Secured Debts
           Guarantors for Real Estate
             S&A Fee Properties SPE I, LLC
                Miami/Kendall                          2,277,802
                Tallahassee                            1,532,324
                Brandon Bennigan's                     1,394,715
                Ft. Myers                                777,956
                Lakeland                                 665,818
             S&A Leased Properties SPE I, Inc.
                Miami Lejeune                            494,608
                Lakeland                                 414,511
                Orlando                                  774,954
                Orlando Colonial                         612,754
                Tampa Stadium                            947,165
                Lauderdale                               492,606
                St. Petersburg                           555,180

       TOTAL SCHEDULED LIABILITIES                   $21,001,096

                     About S & A Restaurant

Based in Plano, Tex., S & A Restaurant Corp. --,,,   
-- and other affiliated entities operate the Bennigan's Grill &
Tavern, and the Steak & Ale restaurant chains under the Metromedia
Restaurant Group.  Bennigan's Grill & Tavern is a chain of more
than 310 pub-themed restaurants offering sandwiches and burgers,
as well as ribs, steaks, and seafood.  The Steak & Ale chain
offers a broader menu set in the atmosphere of an 18th century
English country inn.  The Metromedia Restaurant Group, a unit of
closely held conglomerate Metromedia Company, is one of the
world's leading multi-concept table-service restaurant groups,
with more than 800 Bennigan's(R), Bennigan's SPORT(TM), Steak and
Ale(R), Ponderosa Steakhouse(R) and Bonanza(TM) Steakhouse
restaurants in the United States and abroad.  MRG's annual U.S.
sales are estimated at $1,000,000,000.

S & A Restaurant and 38 of its affiliates filed Chapter 7 petition
under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code on July 29, 2008 (Bankr. E.D. Tex.
Case No. 08-41898).  J. Michael Sutherland, Esq. at Carrington
Coleman Sloman & Blumenthal, is the Debtors counsel.  The Debtors
disclosed total scheduled assets of $2,302,057 and total scheduled
liabilities of $159,432,691.

Michelle H. Chow is the Debtors' Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee.  
The lead counsel for the trustee is Kane Russell Coleman & Logan
PC.  Mark Ian Agee, Esq., of the law firm Mark Ian Agee, Attorney
at Law, is co-counsel.

SHARPER IMAGE: Files Operating Report for July 2008
                       Sharper Image Corp.                            
                          Balance Sheet                               
                       As of July 31, 2008                             
Current assets:                                                       
   Unrestricted Cash and Equivalents                 $3,669,460  
   Restricted Cash and Equivalents                            -
   Trade Accounts Receivable, net                       337,074
   Other Accounts Receivable                          3,719,566
   Notes Receivable                                           -
   Inventories                                          729,578
   Prepaid Expenses                                   3,500,272
   Professional Retainers                                     -
   Deferred Income Taxes/Prepaid Income Taxes        17,304,554
Total current assets                                 29,260,505
Property and Equipment:                                               
   Real Property and Improvements                     2,926,573
   Machinery and Equipment                                    -
   Furniture, Fixtures and Office Equipment                   -
   Leasehold Improvements                                     -      
   Vehicles                                                   -
   Work In Progress                                     451,799
   Less: Accumulated Depreciation                      (994,677)
Total Property and Equipment                          2,383,694
Other assets:                                                         
   Loans to Insiders                                          -
   Other Assets                                      12,713,223
Total Assets                                        $44,357,422
LIABILITIES AND OWNER'S EQUITY                                        
Liabilities not subject to Compromise (Post)                          
   Accounts Payable                                 ($3,740,865)
   Taxes Payable                                     (1,335,606)
   Wages Payable                                     (2,330,701)
   Notes Payable                                              -
   Rent/Leases- Building/Equipment                            -         
   Secured Debt - Line of credit                              -        
   Other Reserves                                             -
   Liquidation (GOB Sales) Clearing Account          (9,142,293)
   Amounts Due to Insiders                                    -
   Other Postpetition Liabilities                             -
Total Postpetition Liabilities                      (16,549,466)  
Liabilities not subject to Compromise (Pre)                           
   Secured Debt - Line of credit                              -
   Secured Debt - other                              (6,703,339)
   Priority Debt                                              -
   Unsecured Debt (Accounts Payable)                (45,436,864)
   Expense Accruals and Other Liabilities            (6,694,235)
   Short Term Liabilities                            (3,554,215)
   Deferred (GAAP) rent/landlord allowances etc        (708,258)
   Deferred Tax (Liability)/Asset                    92,758,072
   Deferred Revenue (Gift cards and Royalties)      (34,885,714)
   Other Reserves and allowances                     (2,520,961)
Total Prepetition Liabilities                        (7,745,515)
Total Liabilities                                   (24,294,981)
Owner's Equity                                                        
   Capital Stock                                       (152,132)
   Additional Paid-In Capital                      (116,716,579)
   Deferred Stock Compensation                                        
     and Stock Repurchase                               180,069
   Retained Earnings - Prepetition                   63,247,322
   Retained Earnings - Postpetition                  33,378,879
Net Owner's Equity                                  (20,062,441)
Total Liabilities and Owner's Equity               ($44,357,422)

                       Sharper Image Corp.                            
                     Statement of Operations                          
                  For Month Ended July 31, 2008                        
   Gross Revenues                                             -
   Less: Returns and Allowances                               -
   Net Revenue                                                -
Cost of Goods Sold:                                                   
   Beginning Inventory                                        -
   Add: Purchases                                             -
   Add: Cost of Labor                                         -
   Add: Other Costs (attach schedule)                         -
   Less: Ending Inventory                                     -
   Cost of Goods Sold                                         -
   Gross Profit                                               -       
Operating Expenses:                                                   
   Advertising                                      ($1,540,959)
   Auto and Truck Expense                                     -
   Bad Debts                                            320,306
   Contributions                                              -
   Employee Benefit Programs                           (357,326)
   Insider Compensations                                      -
   Insurance                                            524,360
   Management Fees/Bonuses                               87,089
   Office Expense                                             -
   Pension & Profit-Sharing Plans                             -
   Repairs and Maintenance                              399,083
   Rent and Lease Expense                               872,775
   Salaries/Commissions/Fees                          1,212,169
   Supplies                                             (44,390)
   Taxes- Payroll                                        77,604
   Taxes- Real Estate                                         -
   Taxes- Other                                          70,310
   Travel and Entertainment                                (800)
   Utilities                                            (41,713)
   Other                                              1,399,619
   Total Operating Expense Before Depr.               2,978,127
   Depreciation/Depletion/Amortization                    6,146
   Net Profit (Loss)                                                  
     Before Other Income & Expenses                  (2,984,273)
Other Income and Expenses:                                            
   Licensing Income                                     342,397
   Interest Expense                                      50,893
   Other Expense                                              -
   Net Profit (Loss)                                                  
     Before Reorganization Items                     (2,590,983)
Reorganization Items:                                                 
   Professional Fees                                  1,014,271
   US Trustee Quarterly Fees                             30,000
   Interest Earned on Accm Case                               -
   Gain (Loss) from sale of assets                                    
   Other Reorganization Expense                     (14,029,284)
   Total Reorganization Expenses                    (12,985,013)
   Net Profit (Loss)                                                  
     Before Income Taxes (Benefit)                   10,394,030
   Income Taxes (Benefit)                             3,991,308
   Net Profit (Loss)                                 $6,402,722

                       Sharper Image Corp.                            
                     Statement of Cash Flows                          
                  For Month Ended July 31, 2008                        
Opening Balance                                       ($299,794)
   Cash Sales (from stores)                           2,044,394
   Credit Card Settlements                            3,328,980
   Other Settlements                                          -        
   Accounts Receivable                                  457,882
   Sale of Assets                                     2,000,474
   Interest/Divided Income                                2,472
   Mail Order/License Deposits, Other Deposits          432,588
   Total Receipts                                     8,266,590
   Line of Credit Draw/Pay Down                                       
   Transfers from stores to deposit a/c - sweep         
   Transfers from concentration to refunds                    -
   Transfers from concentration to payroll                    -
   Other Inter-account transfers                              -
   Transfers from Concentration to Disbursement               -
   Total Transfers                                            -
   Total Receipts & Transfers                         8,266,590
   Liquidator Reimbursements                         (3,847,782)
   Net Payroll                                        2,947,067
   Payroll Taxes                                        752,920
   401k                                                  41,039
   Employee Benefits                                    329,798
   Sales, Use & Other Taxes                           1,355,145
   Inventory Purchases                                                
   Secured/Rental/Leases                                254,675
   Insurance                                            233,990
   Administrative                                       808,097
   Selling                                                    -
   Bank/Credit Card Fees/Sales audit adjs               (15,337)
   Refund checks issued (net of stop payments)            1,734
   Other                                                      -
   Customs/Duties/Freight                               150,372
   Interest and LC fees                                       -
   Professional Fees                                  1,045,421
   US Trustee Quarterly Fees                             30,000
   Court Costs                                                -
   Total Disbursements                                4,287,337   
Net Cash Flow                                        $3,969,253

                     About Sharper Image

Based in San Francisco, California, Sharper Image Corp. -- is a multi-channel specialty
retailer.  It operates in three principal selling channels: the
Sharper Image specialty stores throughout the U.S., the Sharper
Image catalog and the Internet.  The company has operations in
Australia, Brazil and Mexico.  In addition, through its Brand
Licensing Division, it is also licensing the Sharper Image brand
to select third parties to allow them to sell Sharper Image
branded products in other channels of distribution.

The company filed for Chapter 11 protection on Feb. 19, 2008
(Bankr. D.D., Case No. 08-10322).  Judge Kevin Gross presides
over the case.  Harvey R. Miller, Esq., Lori R. Fife, Esq., and
Christopher J. Marcus, Esq., at Weil, Gotshal & Manges, LLP,
serve as the Debtor's lead counsel.  Steven K. Kortanek, Esq.,
and John H. Strock, Esq., at Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge & Rice,
P.L.L.C., serve as the Debtor's local Delaware counsel.

An Official Committee of UnsecuredCreditors has been appointed in
the case.  Cooley Godward Kronish LLP is the Committee's lead
bankruptcy counsel.  Whiteford Taylor Preston LLC is the
Committee's Delaware counsel.

When the Debtor filed for bankruptcy, it listed total assets of
$251,500,000 and total debts of $199,000,000.  As of June 30,
2008, the Debtor listed $52,962,174 in total assets and
$39,302,455 in total debts.

The Court extended the exclusive period during which the Debtor
may file a Plan through and including Sept. 16, 2008.  Sharper
Image sought and obtained the Court's approval to change its name
to "TSIC, Inc." in relation to an an Asset Purchase Agreement by
the Debtor with Gordon Brothers Retail Partners, LLC, GB Brands,
LLC, Hilco Merchant Resources, LLC, and Hilco Consumer Capital,

(Sharper Image Bankruptcy News, Issue No. 19; Bankruptcy
Creditors' Service, Inc.,  

TRICOM SA: Files July 2008 Monthly Operating Report

                        Tricom S.A., et al.
                    Consolidated Balance Sheet
                        As of July 31, 2008


Current Assets:
   Cash and Cash Equivalents                        $18,937,644
   Accounts Receivable                               24,266,298
   Inventories, Net                                   3,218,162
   Prepaid Expenses                                   8,802,019
   Deferred Income Taxes                                133,141
     Total Current Assets                            55,357,264

   Property and Equipment, Net                      247,629,987
   Pledged Securities                                   142,057
   Intangible Assets                                  2,664,641
   Other assets                                       4,449,877
   TOTAL ASSETS                                    $310,243,826


Liabilities Subject to Compromise (Prepetition)
   Short Term Obligations (Bank Overdraft)             $121,070
   Accounts Payable                                           -
   Long Term Debt                                   443,696,915
   Other Liabilities                                          -
   Interest Payable                                 278,568,199
   Accrued Expenses                                   6,910,608

Liabilities not Subject to Compromise (Postpetition)
   Short Term Obligations (Bank Overdraft)              339,468
   Accounts Payable                                  21,011,262
   Restructuring Related Items                        4,171,770
   Interest Payable                                      89,194
   Accrued Expenses                                   9,502,832
   Other Liabilities                                  1,990,526
   Deferred Revenues                                  2,406,657

     Total Current Liabilities                      768,808,501

   Reserve for Severance Indemnities                    238,985
   Deferred Income Tax                                  133,141
     Total Liabilities                              769,180,627

Shareholder's equity:
   Common Stock-Class A                              24,951,270
   Common Stock-Class B                              12,595,095
   Additional Invest of Capital                               -
   Additional Paid in Capital                       275,496,988
   Legal Reserve                                      2,043,242
   Retained Earnings (Losses)                       (20,972,229)
   Retained Earning (Loss) Prior years             (751,027,405)
   Equity Adjustment from Foreign        
   Currency Translation                              (2,023,762)
     SHAREHOLDER'S EQUITY, NET                     (458,936,801)

                        Tricom S.A., et al.
              Consolidated Statements of Operations
                For the Month Ended July 31, 2008

Operating Revenues                                  $18,781,676
Operating Costs and Administrative Expenses         (19,124,220)
Restructuring Related Items                          (2,292,584)
     Operating Income                                (2,635,128)

Interest Expenses                                      (378,856)
Interest Income                                          38,173
Foreign Currency Exchange                               208,678
Other                                                    49,275
     Total Other Income (Expenses)                      (82,730)
     Net Earnings(Loss)Pre-Tax                       (2,717,858)

     Net Earnings (Loss)                            ($2,717,858)

                        Tricom S.A., et al.
                     Statement of Cash Flows
                For the Month Ended July 31, 2008

Cash flows provided by operating activities:
Net loss from continuing operations                 ($2,717,858)

Adjustments to reconcile net earnings
(Loss) and net cash provided by (used in)
operating activities:
      Depreciation                                    3,548,902
      Allowance for Doubtful Accounts                   631,318
      Amortizations Issue Cost                           18,077

Increase (Decrease) In:
      Accounts Receivable                              (731,926)
      Inventories                                      (603,787)
      Prepaid Expenses                                  937,239
      Other Assets                                       (3,794)
      Accounts Payable                               (2,185,177)
      Interest Payable                               (1,076,711)
      Restructuring Related Payable                     909,003
      Accrued Expenses                               (1,605,627)
      Other Liabilities                                 134,090
      Capex Adjustment                                   59,323
        TOTAL ADJUSTMENTS                                30,930

Net cash used in operating activities               ($2,686,928)

Cash flows from investing activities:
   Acquisition of Property and Equipment             (3,164,066)
   Pledged Securities                                      (965)
   Net cash used in investing activities             (3,165,031)

Cash Flows from financing activities:
   Bank Overdraft                                       339,468
   Short Term debt                                      (66,412)
   Net cash provided (used) by financing activities     273,056

Increase (Decrease) of cash and cash equivalents     (5,578,903)

Cash and cash equivalents, beginning                 24,516,546
Cash and cash equivalents, end                      $18,937,644

For the month ended July 31, 2008, the Debtors made total
disbursements of $23,777,941:

   Tricom, S.A                           $18,026,821
   Tricom USA, Inc.                       $3,062,026
   TCN Dominicana, S.A.                   $2,689,094

                        About Tricom S.A.

Tricom, S.A., was incorporated in the Dominican Republic on
January 25, 1988, as a Sociedad Anonima.  Tricom is one of the
pre-eminent full service communications services providers in
the Dominican Republic.  Headquartered in Santo Domingo, Tricom
offers local, long distance, and mobile telephone services,
cable television and broadband data transmission and Internet
services, which are provided to more than 729,000 customers.  

Tricom's wireless network covers about 90% of the Dominican
Republic's population.  Tricom's local service network is 100%
digital.  The Company also owns interests in undersea fiber-
optic cable networks that connect and transmit
telecommunications signals between Central America, the
Caribbean, the United States and Europe.

Tricom USA, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Tricom, was
incorporated in Delaware in 1992, and at that time was known as
Domtel Communications.  A name change was effected in 1997 and
Domtel Communications formally became Tricom USA, Inc.

Tricom USA originates, transports and terminates international
long-distance traffic using switching stations and other
telecommunications equipment located in New York and Florida.

Tricom S.A. and its U.S. affiliates filed for Chapter 11
protection on Feb. 29, 2008 (Bankr. S.D. N.Y. Case No. 08-
10720).  Larren M. Nashelsky, Esq., at Morrison & Foerster LLP,
in New York City, represent the Debtors.  When the Debtors'
filed for protection from their creditors, they listed total
assets of US$327,600,000 and total debts of US$764,600,000.

As of June 30, 2008, Tricom had US$316,325,466 in assets and
US$771,970,349 in liabilities.

(Tricom Bankruptcy News, Issue No. 13; Bankruptcy Creditors'
Services Inc.; 215/945-7000)

TROPICANA ENT: Posts $35,970,000 Net Loss in Period ended June 30

                  Tropicana Entertainment LLC
                         Balance Sheet
                      As of June 30, 2008


Current Assets
  Accounts receivable - trade                                $0
  Cash & temporary cash investments                  19,752,000
  Deposits                                            2,294,000
  Inventories                                                 0
  Other receivables                                           0
  Prepaid expenses                                  (36,185,000)
Total Current Assets                                (14,139,000)

Property and Equipment
  Buildings                                                   0
  Construction in progress                                    0
  Furniture & fixtures                                  114,000
  Land                                                        0
  Riverboats, barges & ramps                                  0
  Vehicles                                                    0
Total Property and Equipment                            114,000

Reserve for Depreciation
  Boats, barges & ramp reserve for depreciation               0
  Building reserve for depreciation                           0
  Furn. & fixtures reserve for depreciation                   0
  Gaming entertainment reserve for depreciation               0
  Vehicle reserve for depreciation                            0
Total Reserve for Depreciation                                0

Other Assets
  Investments                                     2,775,215,000
  Other assets                                       35,285,000
Total Other Assets                                2,810,500,000
TOTAL ASSETS                                     $2,796,475,000


Current Liabilities
  Accounts payable                                  $10,093,000
  Accrued other expenses                              3,159,000
  Accrued payroll                                      (255,000)
  Deferred income                                             0
  Payroll taxes payable                                       0
  Sales tax payable                                   2,614,000
Total Current Liabilities                            15,611,000

Long Term Debt Due Beyond One Year
  DIP financing                                      20,000,000
Total Long Term Debt Due Beyond One Year             20,000,000

Other Liabilities
  Deferred fed taxes                                          0
  Deferred rent                                               0
  Deferred state inc taxes                                    0
  Intercompany                                       19,341,000
Total Other Liabilities                              19,341,000

Total Liabilities not Subject to Compromise          54,952,000

Liabilities Subject to Compromise
  Non-intercompany                                  896,150,000
  Intercompany                                    1,594,022,000
Total Liabilities Subject to Compromise           2,490,172,000
Total Liabilities                                 2,545,124,000

Total Stockholders' Equity                          251,351,000
Total Liabilities & Shareholders' Deficit        $2,796,475,000

                 Tropicana Entertainment, LLC
                       Income Statement
               For the Month Ended June 30, 2008

Operating Revenues
  Casino revenue                                             $0
  Rooms revenue                                               0
  Food & beverage revenue                                     0
  Other casino & hotel revenue - less int income              0
Opening Revenues                                              0
Less promotional allowances                                   0
Net Operating Revenues                                        0

Operating Expenses
  Casino operating expenses                                   0
  Rooms operating expenses                                    0
  Food and beverage operating expenses                        0
  Other casino and hotel operating expenses             (46,000)
  Utilities                                                   0
  Marketing, advertising and casino promotions                0
  Repairs and maintenance                                 1,000
  Insurance                                                   0
  Property and local taxes                                    0
  Gaming tax and licenses                                     0
  Administrative and general                         (3,947,000)
  Leased land and facilities                                  0
  Depreciation and amortization                               0
  Loss on disposition of assets                               0
  Bad debt expense - loans                                    0
  Impairment charge                                           0
  Restructuring cost                                 (5,513,000)
Total Operating Expense                              (9,505,000)

Income from Operations                                9,505,000

Other Income (Expense)
  Interest expense                                  (10,462,000)
  Intercompany interest income / (expense)                    0
  Chapter 11 reorg. & other prof. Fees              (35,016,000)
  Interest income                                         2,000
Total Other Income (Expense)                        (45,475,000)

Federal Income Tax                                            0

Income Before Minority Interest                     (35,970,000)
NET INCOME                                         ($35,970,000)

                  About Tropicana Entertainment

Based in Crestview Hills, Kentucky, Tropicana Entertainment LLC -- is an indirect subsidiary of       
Tropicana Casinos and Resorts. The company is one of the largest
privately-held gaming entertainment providers in the United
States. Tropicana Entertainment owns eleven casino properties in
eight distinct gaming markets with premier properties in Las
Vegas, Nevada and Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Tropicana Entertainment LLC filed for Chapter 11 protection on
May 5, 2008, (Bankr. D. Del. Case No. 08-10856).  Its debtor-
affiliates filed for separate Chapter 11 petitions but with no
case numbers assigned yet.  Kirkland & Ellis LLP and Mark D.
Collins, Esq., at Richards Layton & Finger, represent the Debtors
in their restructuring efforts.  Their financial advisor is Lazard
Ltd.  Their notice, claims, and balloting agent is Kurtzman Carson
Consultants LLC.  Epiq Bankruptcy Solutions LLC is the Debtors'
Web site administration agent.  AlixPartners LLP is the Debtors'
restructuring advisor.

Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP and Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnell
LLP represent the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors in
this case.  Capstone Advisory Group LLC is financial advisor to
the Creditors' Committee.

The Debtors' exclusive plan filing period expires on Sept. 2,
2008.  (Tropicana Bankruptcy News, Issue No. 14; Bankruptcy
Creditors' Service Inc.,    

WCI COMMUNITIES: Files Initial Monthly Operating Report
WCI Communities Inc. and its debtor-affiliates delivered to the
United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware an
initial monthly operating report, containing a 13-week cash flow
forecast for the week ending Oct. 31, 2008.

                      WCI Communities, Inc.
                       Cash Flow Forecast
                For the Week Ending Oct. 31, 2008  

                                              At Oct. 31, 2008
Cash Receipts:
  Homebuilding revenue                           $3,070,000
  Less: Deposits                                   (307,000)
  Net proceeds from closings                      2,763,000

  Tower revenue                                   2,550,000
  Less: Deposits                                   (383,000)
  Net proceeds from closings                      2,168,000

  Parcel sales                                            0
  Real estate services                              250,000
  Amenities                                         807,000
  Other misc. receipts                              250,000
Total Cash Receipts                              $6,238,000

Cash Disbursements:
  SG&A expenses
    Marketing                                      $200,000
    HOA deficit funding                             250,000
    G&A                                           2,750,000
    Prepetition AP offset                                 0
    Bankruptcy contingency                                0
    Payroll incl. taxes, benefits                 2,930,000
    Sales tax                                             0
  Total SG&A expenses                             6,130,000

  Operating expenses
    Homebuilding construction                     1,582,000
    Land development                                493,000
    Tower construction                                    0
    Amenities operating expenses                    738,000
    Amenities WIP                                   152,000
    Other items                                     100,000
    Property tax                                          0
  Total operating expenses                        3,065,000

  Other expenses
    Land acquisitions & options                           0
    COD payments                                    613,000
    Supplemental warranty insurance                   8,000
  Total other expenses                              621,000

  Restructuring expenses
    Debtors' professionals                                0
    Creditors' professionals                              0
    DIP related fees                                      0
    Professional fee retainers                            0
    Interest on prepetition debt                    643,000
    Interest on DIP facility                              0
  Total restructuring expenses                      643,000
Total Cash Disbursements                        $10,459,000
Net Disbursements                               ($4,221,000)

Copies of the Debtors' certificates of insurance, evidence of DIP
bank accounts and a list of retainers the Debtors paid were also
attached to the Initial MOR.

A full-text copy of the WCI Initial Operating Report and a
breakdown of the weekly cash flow forecast is available for free

                       About WCI Communities

Headquartered in Bonita Springs, Florida, WCI Communities, Inc. -- is a fully integrated     
homebuilding and real estate services company.  It has operations
in Florida, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts,
Virginia and Maryland.  The company directly employs roughly 1,800
people, as well as roughly 1,800 sales representatives as
independent contract employees.

The company and 126 of its affiliates filed for Chapter 11
protection on Aug. 4, 2008 (Bankr. D. Del. Lead Case No.08-11643
through 08-11770).  Thomas E. Lauria, Esq., Frank L. Eaton, Esq.,
Linda M. Leali, Esq., at White & Case LLP, in Miami, Florida.  
Eric Michael Sutty, Esq., and Jeffrey M. Schlerf, Esq., at Bayard,
P.A, are the Debtors' local bankruptcy counsel.  Lazard Freres &
Co. represents the Debtors as financial advisors.  The Debtors
selected Epiq Bankruptcy Solutions LLC as their claims & notice
agent.  The U.S. Trustee for Region 3 appointed five creditors to
serve on an Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors.  Daniel H.
Golden, Esq., Lisa Beckerman, Esq., and Philip C. Dublin, Esq.,
at Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, and Laura Davis Jones,
Esq., Michael R. Seidl, Esq., and Timothy P. Cairns, Esq., at
Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones LLP, represent the Committee in
these cases.  When the Debtors filed for protection against their
creditors,they listed total assets of $2,178,179,000 and total
debts of $1,915,034,000.

(WCI Communities Bankruptcy News, Bankruptcy Creditors' Service
Inc.; 215/945-7000).


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