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             Saturday, July 14, 2007, Vol. 11, No. 165


AMP'D MOBILE: Files Schedules of Assets and Liabilities
DANA CORP: Posts $5 Million Net Loss in May 2007
SAINT VINCENTS: Files May 2007 Monthly Operating Report
TOWER AUTOMOTIVE: Posts $4.9 Million Net Loss in May 2007


AMP'D MOBILE: Files Schedules of Assets and Liabilities

  A.    Real Property                                       $0

  B.    Personal Property
  B.1   Cash on Hand/Petty Cash                          2,625

  B.2   Financial Accounts
           Silicon Valley/Bank of America,          21,063,465
           includes L/Cs for Verizon
           aggregating $11,178,765

  B.3   Security Deposits
           ADT Security Services                         1,773
           American Express as of Sept. 2006             3,761
           American Express as of Oct. 2006             10,753
           Billsoft                                      1,000
           Board of Equalization                         3,100
           Coldwell Bankers Residential Brokerage       11,800
           Commission Junction                          10,000
           Djalil Abadi                                  7,351
           DSCI                                          5,000
           Gateway Colorado Properties                   8,320
           LA Department of Water & Power               10,050
           Taxi Inc.                                    47,437
           The Gas Company                                 300
           West Side Medical Park                       51,000
           West Side Medical Park LLC 1925              52,000
           West Side Medical Park LLC 1901              36,000
           West Side Medical Park LLC Addtl            120,000
  B.13  Stock and Interests                            356,778
  B.16  Accounts Receivable                         15,869,945
  B.25  Automobiles                                    241,409
  B.28  Office Equipment and Supplies                2,718,036
  B.30  Inventory                                    6,971,726
       TOTAL SCHEDULED ASSETS                      $47,603,629

  C. Property Claimed as Exempt                 Not Applicable
  D. Secured Claims
        Kings Road Investments, Ltd.               $30,323,300
        General Electric                               Unknown
        IOS Capital                                    Unknown
        NCR Corporation                                Unknown

  E. Unsecured Claims
           Adderton, Tyler                              40,144
           Swanson, Susan                               17,692
           Brown, Greg                                   8,022
           Cadieux, Joe                                  6,988
           Berryhill, Clay                               6,892
           Hunter, Adrian                                3,846
           Clintworth, Tyler                             3,811
           Shakya, Viren                                 2,596
           Towle, Lindsay                                2,542
           Brown, Geoff                                  1,220
           State of California                         647,466
           State of Florida                            421,641
           State of Illinois                           387,676
           State of Massachusetts                      109,079
           State of New Jersey                         150,483
           State of New York                           104,276
           State of Pensylvania                        114,532
           State of Tennessee                          100,286
           State of Texas                              467,869
           Others                                    1,073,158
           Additional Taxes due May 2207             3,200,000

  F. Unsecured Non-Priority Claims
        American Wireless                            1,922,907
        Apex Systems Inc.                              543,972
        Asurion Insurance Service                    2,606,734
        BCGI Boston Communications Grp               2,175,572
        Best Buy                                     8,042,761
        Brightpoint North America                      990,341
        Celluphone USA LLC                           2,315,632
        Circuit City                                   586,364
        Client Logic                                 1,707,555
        Deloitte & Touche, LLP                         430,013
        DUB Publishing Inc                             556,167
        Endless Wireless Group Inc                   1,079,745
        ESPN Enterprises                               345,000
        Forward Mobilty LLC                          1,262,572
        Horizon Media Inc                           10,797,942
        InPhonic Inc                                   499,542
        Link2Cell                                      428,841
        Mobile Technology Partners LLC                 497,516
        Moderati                                       728,258
        Mosaic Sales Solutions US                      832,532
        Motorola Inc                                16,499,649
        Mr. Prepaid Inc                                595,703
        MTV Networks                                 1,388,015
        NCR Corporation                                497,628
        Ninja Mobile Inc                               353,920
        North American Wireless Solution               504,559
        Novana Inc                                     363,644
        OpSource                                       800,514
        OSG Billing                                    484,074
        Perfect Connection LLC                       1,044,577
        Printing Management Associates               1,340,802
        Professional Bull Riders Inc                   492,500
        Qualcomm Inc                                 1,440,363
        Qualiy Technology Services NJ                  304,944
        Screenvision Cinema Network                    394,990
        Sento Corporation                            1,778,229
        SFX Marketing                                2,100,000
        Sitel Operating Corp                         1,760,100
        Taxi Inc                                     4,523,981
        Telus                                          421,685
        UMG Recordings Inc                             353,466
        Valuetech Outsourcing LLC                      695,926
        Verizon Wireless                            34,856,619
        Wireless Channel Services Inc.                 619,051
        Wireless Toyz Franchise LLL                    388,809
        Young America Corporation                      795,258
        Zuffa LLC                                      733,750
        Others                                      13,503,601

       TOTAL SCHEDULED LIABILITIES                $164,569,842

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif., Amp'd Mobile Inc. aka
Amp'D Mobile LLC -- is a mobile virtual       
network operator that provides voice, text and entertainment
content to subscribers who contract for cellular telephone
service.  The company filed for chapter 11 protection on June 1,
2007 (Bankr. D. Del. Case No. 07-10739).  Steven M. Yoder, Esq.,
Eric M. Sutty, Esq. and Mary E. Augustine, Esq. at The Bayard
Firm represent the Debtor in its restructuring efforts.  When it
sought bankruptcy, Amp'D Mobile listed total assets of between
$1 million to $100 million and estimated debts of more than
$100 million.

The Debtor's exclusive period to file a plan expires on
Sept. 29, 2007.  (Amp'd Mobile Bankruptcy News, Issue No. 8;
Bankruptcy Creditors'Service Inc.      
or 215/945-7000)

DANA CORP: Posts $5 Million Net Loss in May 2007

                       Dana Corporation
                    Condensed Balance Sheet
                      As of May 31, 2007


  Cash and cash equivalents                    $1,060,000,000
  Accounts receivable
     Trade                                      1,371,000,000
     Other                                        286,000,000
  Inventories                                     768,000,000
  Assets of discontinued operations               192,000,000
  Other current assets                            141,000,000
Total current assets                            3,818,000,000

Investments and other assets                      999,000,000
Investments in equity affiliates                  420,000,000
Property, plant and equipment, net              1,736,000,000
TOTAL ASSETS                                   $6,973,000,000


  Debtor-in-posession financing                  $900,000,000
  Notes payable                                    48,000,000
  Accounts payable                              1,117,000,000
  Liabilities of discontinued operations          122,000,000
  Other accrued liabilities                       773,000,000
Total current liabilities                       2,960,000,000

Liabilities subject to compromise               4,323,000,000
Deferred employee benefits
  & other noncurrent benefits                     418,000,000
Long-term debt                                     13,000,000
Minority interest in consolidated subsidiaries     99,000,000
Total liabilities                               7,813,000,000
Shareholders' deficit                            (840,000,000)

                       Dana Corporation
               Condensed Statement of Operations
               For the month ending May 31, 2007

Net sales                                        $806,000,000
Costs and expenses
  Cost of sales                                   751,000,000
  Selling, general & admin expenses                32,000,000
  Realignment charges                               6,000,000
  Other income, net                                 8,000,000
Income (loss) from operations                      25,000,000
Interest expense                                    8,000,000
Reorganization items, net                          10,000,000
Income (loss) before income taxes                   7,000,000
Income tax expense                                 10,000,000
Minority interest expense                           1,000,000
Equity in earnings of affiliates                   10,000,000
Income (loss) from continuing operations            6,000,000
Loss from discontinued operations                  (1,000,000)
Net income (loss)                                  $5,000,000

                       Dana Corporation
               Condensed Statement of Cash Flows
               For the month Ending May 31, 2007

Net income                                         $5,000,000
Depreciation and amortization                      23,000,000
Loss on sale of businesses                                  0
Non-cash portion of U.K. pension charge                     0
Increase in working capital                        41,000,000
Unremitted equity in earnings of affiliates       (10,000,000)
Other                                             (12,000,000)
Net cash flows used for operating activities       47,000,000

Purchases of property, plant and equipment        (18,000,000)
Proceeds from sale of assets                                0
Other                                               5,000,000
Net cash flows provided by (used for) investing   (13,000,000)

Net change in short-term debt                     (47,000,000)
Proceeds from DIP Credit Agreement                          0
Net cash flows provided by (used for) financing   (47,000,000)

Net increase (decrease) in cash
  and cash equivalents                            (13,000,000)
Cash and cash equivalents, beginning of period  1,073,000,000

Cash and cash equivalents, end of period       $1,060,000,000

                          About Dana Corp.

Toledo, Ohio-based Dana Corp. -- designs   
and manufactures products for every major vehicle producer in the
world, and supplies drivetrain, chassis, structural, and engine
technologies to those companies.  Dana employs 46,000 people in
28 countries.  Dana is focused on being an essential partner to
automotive, commercial, and off-highway vehicle customers, which
collectively produce more than 60 million vehicles annually.

The company and its affiliates filed for chapter 11 protection on
Mar. 3, 2006 (Bankr. S.D.N.Y. Case No. 06-10354).  As of Sept. 30,
2005, the Debtors listed $7,900,000,000 in total assets and
$6,800,000,000 in total debts.

Corinne Ball, Esq., and Richard H. Engman, Esq., at Jones Day, in
Manhattan and Heather Lennox, Esq., Jeffrey B. Ellman, Esq.,
Carl E. Black, Esq., and Ryan T. Routh, Esq., at Jones Day in
Cleveland, Ohio, represent the Debtors.  Henry S. Miller at
Miller Buckfire & Co., LLC, serves as the Debtors' financial
advisor and investment banker.  Ted Stenger from AlixPartners
serves as Dana's Chief Restructuring Officer.

Thomas Moers Mayer, Esq., at Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP,
represents the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors.  Fried,
Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson, LLP serves as counsel to the
Official Committee of Equity Security Holders.  Stahl Cowen
Crowley, LLC serves as counsel to the Official Committee of
Non-Union Retirees.

The Debtors' exclusive period to file a plan expires on Sept. 3,
2007.  They have until Nov. 2, 2007, to solicit acceptances of
that plan.  (Dana Corporation Bankruptcy News, Issue No. 46;
Bankruptcy Creditors' Service Inc.,  
or 215/945-7000).

SAINT VINCENTS: Files May 2007 Monthly Operating Report

                         SVCMC Debtors
             Unaudited Consolidated Balance Sheet
                      As of May 31, 2007

Cash & Cash Equivalents                            $6,172,236
Investments                                                 -
Patients Accounts Receivable, less allowance
  for doubtful accounts                            60,749,970
Accounts Receivable                                39,797,690
Other Current Assets                               21,444,199
Assets Held for Sale                               11,134,618
  Total Current Assets                            139,298,713

Depreciation Reserve Funds & Collaterized Assets    7,430,806
Assets Designated for Self-Insurance
  Investments at Market                            48,839,475
Assets whose use is limited -
  Investments at Market                            63,645,493
Other Non-Current Assets                           15,970,135

Land, Buildings & Equipment, net of
  Accumulated Depreciation                        117,012,835
   Total Assets                                  $392,197,457

Liabilities Not Subject to Compromise:
  Long-term Debt                                  $91,324,892
  Long-term Debt (GE)                              92,852,842
  Accounts Payables & Accrued Expenses            125,917,218
  Accrued Salaries & Payroll Taxes Withheld        37,341,068
  Estimated Retroactive Payables                   85,038,152
  Other Non-current Liabilities                    59,351,061
  Total Liabilities Not Subject to Compromise     491,825,233

Liabilities Subject to Compromise:
  Liabilities Subject to Compromise               454,886,760
  Total Liabilities Subject to Compromise         454,886,760
  Total Liabilities                               946,711,993

Net Assets:
  Unrestricted                                   (613,714,878)
  Temporarily Restricted                           34,464,213
  Permanently Restricted                           24,726,129
  Total Net Assets                               (554,524,536)
  Total Liabilities & Net Assets                 $392,187,457

                         SVCMC Debtors
            Unaudited Consolidated Income Statement
                    From May 1 to 31, 2007

Operating Revenue
  Inpatient                                       $30,299,944
  Outpatient                                       21,443,594
     Patient Service Revenue                       51,743,538
  Less Provision for Bad Debt                       2,153,407
     Net Patient Service Revenue                   49,590,131
  Pool Revenue                                      1,498,655
  Capitation                                        7,379,065
  Other                                             8,762,469
  Total Operating Revenue                          67,230,320

Operating Expenses:
  Salaries and Wages                               25,275,772
  Fringe Benefits                                   7,142,969
  Supplies and Other                               33,657,834
  Insurance                                         1,823,122
  Total Direct Operating Costs                     67,899,697

  Salaries and Wages                                        0
  Fringe Benefits                                           0
  Supplies and Other                                        0
  Total Corporate Allocated                         1,743,997
  Total Operating Expense                          69,643,694
Interest                                            1,533,811
Depreciation                                        1,576,529
  Operating Gain (Loss) Before
     Non-Recurring and/or Unusual Items            (5,523,714)

Non-Recurring and/or Unusual Items:
  Discontinued Operations (St. Mary's)                      0
  St. Mary's Op Pac Rate Adjustment                         0
  ZBEC/HFE Recoveries                                       0
  Restructuring & Bankruptcy Related Costs         (2,495,893)
  Estimated Close-out of St. Mary's                         0
  Hanys Investment Income (SFS INS)                         0
  Prior Period Ambulance Revenue                            0
  Transfer of Equity Foundation                             0
  Total Non-Recurring and/or Unusual Items         (2,495,893)
  Operating Gain (Loss) After
     Non-Recurring and/or Unusual Items            (8,019,607)
Non-Operating Revenue                               8,446,044
Change in Temporary Restricted Net Assets            (216,357)
  Change in Net Assets                               $210,080
  EBITDA                                           $2,413,374

                         SVCMC Debtors
               Unaudited Statement of Cash Flows
                    From May 1 to 31, 2007

Cash Flows from Operation Activities:
  Changes in Net Assets                              $210,080

Adjustments to Reconcile Changes in Net Assets
  to Net Cash Provided by Operating Activities:
  Depreciation & Amortization                       1,576,529
  Change in Unrealized Gains & Losses              (1,768,639)
  Change in Patient's Accounts Receivable          (2,017,872)
  Change in Accounts Receivables, Other              (517,714)
  Change in Prepaid Expenses & Other               (1,081,562)
  Change in Other Non-Current Assets                 (650,090)
  Change in Accounts Payable &
     Accrued Exp-Prepetition                                -
  Change in Accounts Payable &
     Accrued Exp-Postpetition                      (3,451,855)
  Change in Accrued Salaries & P/R Taxes              (96,623)
  Change in Est. Retro rec/pay
     from/to third parties                          1,541,250
  Change in Est. Liability for self-insurance               0
  Change in Other Non-Current Liabilities           1,786,122
  Net Cash Provided by Operating Activities        (4,470,374)

Cash flows From Investment Activities:
  Sale of Investments, Net                            (34,675)
  Sale of Assets Whose Use is Limited              (1,460,734)
  Acquisition/Sale of Land, Building,
     & Equipment                                   (1,610,236)
  Net Cash Provided by Investing Activities        (3,105,645)

Cash flows From Financing Activities:
  Proceeds/Repayment From/of Working Capital Loa            0
  Proceed from issuance of Long-term debt                   0
  Repayment of Long-term debt                      (2,073,078)
  Net Cash (Used) in Financing Activities          (2,073,078)

  Net Increase (Decrease)
     in Cash & Cash Equivalents                    (9,649,097)

  Cash & Cash Equivalents at Beginning of Month    15,820,333
  Cash & Cash Equivalents at End of the Month      $6,171,236

                        About Saint Vincents

Based in New York City, Saint Vincents Catholic Medical Centers of
New York -- the healthcare provider in    
New York State, operates hospitals, health centers, nursing homes
and a home health agency.  The hospital group consists of seven
hospitals located throughout Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and
Staten Island, along with four nursing homes and a home health
care agency.  

The company and six of its affiliates filed for chapter 11
protection on July 5, 2005 (Bankr. S.D.N.Y. Case No. 05-14945
through 05-14951).  Gary Ravert, Esq., and Stephen B. Selbst,
Esq., at McDermott Will & Emery, LLP, filed the Debtors' chapter
11 cases.  On Sept. 12, 2005, John J. Rapisardi, Esq., at Weil,
Gotshal & Manges LLP took over representing the Debtors in their
restructuring efforts.  Martin G. Bunin, Esq., at Thelen Reid &
Priest LLP, represents the Official Committee of Unsecured
Creditors.  As of Apr. 30, 2005, the Debtors listed $972 million
in total assets and $1 billion in total debts.  

The Debtors filed their Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization
accompanying a disclosure statement explaining that Plan on
Feb. 9, 2007.  On June 1, 2007, the Debtors filed an Amended Plan
& Disclosure Statement.

(Saint Vincent Bankruptcy News, Issue No. 58  Bankruptcy
Creditors' Service Inc.,
or 215/945-7000)

TOWER AUTOMOTIVE: Posts $4.9 Million Net Loss in May 2007

              Tower Automotive, Inc. and Subsidiaries
               Unaudited Consolidated Balance Sheets
                        As of May 31, 2007
                          (In Thousands)

   Cash and cash equivalents                           $2,648
   Accounts receivable                                126,042
   Inventories                                         43,292
   Prepaid tooling and other                           22,920
   TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS                               194,902

   Property, plant and equipment, net                 448,720
   Investment in and advances to affiliates           794,092
   Other assets, net                                   18,966
   TOTAL ASSETS                                    $1,456,680

   Current maturities of long-term                          -
   Current maturities of DIP borrowings              $660,000
   Accounts payable                                   108,857
   Accrued liabilities                                 96,135
   TOTAL CURRENT LIABILITIES                          864,992
Liabilities subject to compromise:                  1,297,941

Non-Current Liabilities Not Subject to Compromise:
   Long-term debt, net of current maturities           84,751
   Other noncurrent liabilities                        32,172
   TOTAL LIABILITIES                                2,279,856
   STOCKHOLDERS' DEFICIT:                            (823,176)

              Tower Automotive, Inc. and Subsidiaries
                 Unaudited Statement of Operations
                         May 1 to 31, 2007
                          (In Thousands)

Revenues                                              $98,527
Cost of sales                                          86,433
Gross profit                                           12,094

Selling, general and administrative expenses            5,595
Restructuring and asset impairment charges, net          (135)
Other operating income                                    379
Operating income                                        6,255

Interest expense                                        9,812
Interest income                                           (44)
Intercompany interest (income)/expense                 (2,746)
Chapter 11 and related reorganization items             3,664
Income (loss) before provision for income taxes        (4,431)

Provision (benefit) for income taxes                      458
Income (loss) before equity in earnings                (4,889)

Equity in earnings of joint ventures, net of tax          (27)
Net loss                                              ($4,916)

              Tower Automotive, Inc. and Subsidiaries
                 Unaudited Statement of Cash Flows
                         May 1 to 31, 2007
                          (In Thousands)

   Net loss                                           ($4,916)

   Adjustments required to reconcile net loss to net
   Cash provided by (used in) operating activities:

      Chapter 11 and related reorganization items       2,364
      Restructuring and asset impairment, net           1,263
      Depreciation                                      6,483
      Equity in earnings of joint ventures, net            27
      Change in working capital                          (498)
Net cash provided by operating activities               4,723

   Cash disbursed for purchase of property,
    plant and equipment                                (1,536)
Net cash used for investing activities                 (1,536)
   Proceeds from non-Debtor in possession borrowings        -
   Repayments of non-Debtor in possession borrowings        -
   Borrowings from DIP credit facility                 48,500
   Repayments of borrowings from DIP credit facility  (50,000)
   Net cash provided by (used in) financing
    activities                                         (1,500)
Net change in cash and cash equivalents:                1,687
Cash and Cash Equivalents, beginning of period            961

Cash and Cash Equivalents, end of period               $2,648

                       About Tower Automotive

Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Tower Automotive Inc.
-- (OTC Bulletin Board: TWRAQ)  
is a global designer and producer of vehicle structural components
and assemblies used by every major automotive original equipment
manufacturer, including BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Fiat, Ford, GM,
Honda, Hyundai/Kia, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo.
Products include body structures and assemblies, lower vehicle
frames and structures, chassis modules and systems, and suspension
components.  The company has operations in Korea, Spain and

The company and 25 of its debtor-affiliates filed voluntary
chapter 11 petitions on Feb. 2, 2005 (Bankr. S.D.N.Y. Case No.
05-10576 through 05-10601).  James H.M. Sprayregen, Esq., Ryan
B. Bennett, Esq., Anup Sathy, Esq., Jason D. Horwitz, Esq., and
Ross M. Kwasteniet, Esq., at Kirkland & Ellis, LLP, represent
the Debtors in their restructuring efforts.  Ira S. Dizengoff,
Esq., at Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, represents the
Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors.  When the Debtors
filed for protection from their creditors, they listed
$787,948,000 in total assets and $1,306,949,000 in total

On May 1, 2007, the Debtors filed their Chapter 11 Plan of
reorganization and Disclosure Statement explaining that plan.  On
June 4, 2007, the Debtors submitted an Amended Plan and Disclosure
Statement.  The Court approved the adequacy if the Amended
Disclosure Statement on June 5, 2007.  The Court confirmed the
Debtors' Plan on July 11, 2007.  (Tower Automotive Bankruptcy
News, Issue No. 67; Bankruptcy Creditors' Service, Inc., 215/945-7000).


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to freely downloadable images of these small-dollar petitions in
Acrobat PDF format.

Each Friday's edition of the TCR includes a review about a book of
interest to troubled company professionals.  All titles are
available at your local bookstore or through  Go to order any title today.

Monthly Operating Reports are summarized in every Saturday edition
of the TCR.

For copies of court documents filed in the District of Delaware,
please contact Vito at Parcels, Inc., at 302-658-9911.  For
bankruptcy documents filed in cases pending outside the District
of Delaware, contact Ken Troubh at Nationwide Research &
Consulting at 207/791-2852.


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