TCR_Public/000407.MBX T R O U B L E D   C O M P A N Y   R E P O R T E R

     Friday, April 7, 2000, Vol. 4, No. 69


ANZA SHIPS: Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Federal Court
AUREAL INC: Files Chapter 11 Petition
BIG SMITH: Order Sets Hearing To Consider Disclosure Statement
BOSTON CHICKEN: Landlords Object To Plan

CRIIMI MAE: Judge Dismisses Consolidated Class Action Complaint
DAEWOO MOTORS: GM rules out consortium with Hyundai
DAEWOO MOTORS: DaimlerChrysler still in the running
EYESYS TECHNOLOGIES: Files For Bankruptcy Protection
FIRST ALLIANCE: Seeks To Establish Bar Date

FOREX: Conversion to Chapter 7
FRUIT OF THE LOOM: Bernstein Liebhard Commences Class Action
GENCOR: Creditors Seek Involuntary Bankruptcy
GLOBAL OCEAN: Order Approves Disclosure Statement
GREAT TRAIN STORE: Committee Taps J.H. Cohn LLP

HOME HEALTH: Order Extends Exclusivity Periods
IVYNET CORP: Creditors Approve Proposal
LEASING SOLUTIONS: Objects To Motion For Appointment of Trustee
MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL CORP.: Expects 26B Yen group net loss

MONDI OF AMERICA: Seeks Extension of Exclusivity
NORTH FACE: Short Extension of Credit Facility
OMEGA HEALTHCARE: Moody's Lowers Ratings (Senior Debt To B3)
OMNA MEDICAL: Files Chapter 11 Petition
PHILIP SERVICES: Announces Board Of Directors

PURINA MILLS: Court Confirms Plan
SCOOP: Elects New Board of Directors, Appoints New Accountants
SERVICE MERCHANDISE: Files Amended Schedules
SOUTHERN MINERAL: Reports Year-End 1999 Results
TEU HOLDINGS: Seeks Extension of Time To Assume or Reject Leases

TOPS APPLIANCE CITY: Order Approves Auctioneer
U.S. LEATHER: Workers Seek Top Priority Among Creditors
VISTA EYECARE: To Shut 37 Locations
WORLDCLASS PROCESSING: Candian Steel Processor Offers $16.5M
WSR CORP: Seeks Amendment to Financing Agreements

BOND PRICING For Week of April 3, 2000


ANZA SHIPS: Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Federal Court
According to reports circulated by The Daily Oklahoma, Anza Ships
Inc. (formerly known as Anza Inc.) who is seeking to reorganize
under Chapter 11 bankruptcy, filed documents in the federal
Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma
identifying itself as being in the oil, gas and ship investment
business.  The documents state the company's assets and
liabilities amounting to $3.8 million and $3.65 million,

Todd Maxwell Henshaw, the company's attorney, said Tuesday that
"Tacuma Hull 427" which is moored at the Bender Shipbuilding &
Repair Co. Inc. in Mobile, Alabama was the only ship that Anza
had invested in and was the firm's biggest asset, The Daily
Oklahoma relates.

Henshaw said Bender Shipbuilding filed a $470,000 claim against
the ship in federal court in Alabama.  The claim has been
disputed there, but Jose Anzaldua (sole owner of the company)
filed for bankruptcy to protect his investments and forestall
further action.

AUREAL INC: Files Chapter 11 Petition
On April 5, 2000, Aureal Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: AURL) filed a
petition for relief under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code with
the Bankruptcy Court in Oakland, California in an effort to
facilitate a reorganization of its financial affairs.

The Baptist Foundation of Arizona which has filed for protection
under Chapter 11 on November 9 could get hit for income taxes,
pending the findings of an Internal Revenue Service
investigation, according to a report by The Associated Press.

The foundation is planning to liquidate its assets over a two to
three year period to repay investors. The liquidation is expected
to bring in only about $ 300 million. The IRS has until May 20 to
file a claim in the foundation's bankruptcy case. They also told
the IRS there were no earnings during the period in question, as
Dickerson stated - meaning its unlikely any tax claims can be
filed. "We believe there should not be taxable income, even if
they take the position that BFA was taxable during that
time period," Dickerson told The Associated Press.

BIG SMITH: Order Sets Hearing To Consider Disclosure Statement
By order of the US Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of
Florida, a hearing will be held on May 11, 2000 to consider
approval of the Disclosure Statement of Big Smith Brands, Inc.

The deadline for objections to the Disclosure Statement is May 4,

BOSTON CHICKEN: Landlords Object To Plan
A number of landlords of Boston Chicken's leased properties have
objected to the Debtors' Second Amended Plan of Reorganization
Filed February 17, 2000. These include:

    * Alex and Yoland Aquillino
    * CNL Landlords
    * DOTO, L.P.
    * Elmer & Marlene Spaeth
    * Federal Realty Investment Trust, New Plan Excel Realty
Trust, Inc., Kravco Company, Kranzco Realty Trust, and C. Ronald
Bleznak Co. Real Estate Investments.
    * Goldenberg Associates L.P.
    * HHH Landmark LLC
    * Lend Lease Real Estate Investments, Inc. and General Growth
      Properties, Inc.
    * Realty Income Corporation
    * Reilly Brothers Property Company
    * S&R Company of Kingston
    * TA Associates Realty
    * Woodbridge Plaza, LLC

The reason(s) cited recur in a number of the objections. Some of
the landlords say they are left in limbo well after the
Confirmation Date under provisions in the Plan which are in
violation of the Bankruptcy Code. Under the Bankruptcy Code, the
Debtors must assume the leases before they can assign them to the
Plan Trustee. The Bankruptcy Code does not authorize extension of
time to exercise rights beyond the confirmation date of the Plan.
However, the Purchase Agreement appears to provide the
Buyer with the ability and unlimited time to pick and choose
which lease(s) to assume or reject, and to extend the Closing of
the transaction well beyond the Confirmaion Date or the Effective
Date, landlords charge. The Closing Date under the Purchase
Agreement for the transaction with the Buyer is extremely
unclear, it is said.

While Section 365(b)(3) of the Bankruptcy Code provides that
assumption or assignment of a lease is subject to all the
provisions in it, the Court is told that representatives of
Golden and their estate consultant have attempted to unilaterally
modify the terms of the Lease.

It is asserted that no authority exists to allow Debtors to
sublease the restaurants to the Buyer pending assumption and
assignment, but the Plan contemplates that pending an election to
assume and assign or reject the Leases post-confirmation, the
Restaurants will be subleased to the Buyer without the Landlords'
prior consent.

The Plan also fails to ensure that the proceeds from the sale
will be sufficient to satisfy all of the Secured Claim, it is
alleged, and it does not afford secured creditors the right to
credit bid at the proposed sale.

The Plan does not provide for any procedure or deadlines for the
filing, determination, or payment of the amounts due, in
violation of Sections 365(b)1(A) and (B) of the Bankruptcy Code.

The Plan is also criticized for not providing sufficient notice
to landlords of modifications to schedule of leases to be
purchased pursuant to the Asset Purchase Agreement.

The Landlord is entitled to adequate assurance of future
performance, and to compliance with the use provision of its
Lease, it is asserted, but nothing in the Plan, Disclosure
Statement or Asset Purchase Agreement indicates what business the
Buyer intends to conduct.

DOTO, L.P., which is involved in a dispute with Boston Chicken
over the proper amount of rent for the option period, also points
out that in the event of shortfalls giving rise to administrative
expense claims against BCI, it is unclear what party will be
responsible for the continuing administrative expenses if the
lease is not assumed or rejected, or if the dispute with BCI is
not resolved until July 11, 2000 or later.

It is contended in the objections that unless modified, the Plan
fails to comply with the applicable provisions of the Code and
may not be confirmed.

CRIIMI MAE: Judge Dismisses Consolidated Class Action Complaint
The United States District Court for the District of Maryland,
Southern Division dismissed the consolidated class action
complaint filed against certain officers and directors of CRIIMI
MAE Inc.

The decision, rendered March 30, 2000, grants the defendants'
motion to dismiss the complaint against certain of CRIIMI MAE's
officers and directors. The District Court found that the
plaintiffs in the class action, who purchased securities of
CRIIMI MAE between February 20, 1998 and October 5, 1998, did not
substantiate their claims that specific CRIIMI MAE officers and
directors violated certain federal securities laws.

The District Court's March 30, 2000 ruling does not dispose of
other pending lawsuits and/or claims in bankruptcy which may
affect the Company, as more fully described in the Company's Form
10-Q for the quarter ended September 30, 1999, and the Company's
proposed Amended Joint Disclosure Statement filed on March 31,

On October 5, 1998, CRIIMI MAE Inc. and two affiliates filed for
protection under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.  Before
filing for reorganization, the Company had been actively involved
in acquiring, originating, securitizing and servicing multi-
family and commercial mortgages and mortgage related assets
throughout the United States.  Since filing for Chapter 11
protection, CRIIMI MAE has suspended its loan origination, loan
securitization and CMBS acquisition businesses.  The Company
continues to hold a substantial portfolio of subordinated CMBS
and, through its servicing affiliate, acts as a servicer for
its own as well as third party securitizations.  As previously
announced, on March 31, 2000, CRIIMI MAE and two of its
affiliates filed their Second Amended Joint Plan of
Reorganization and Disclosure Statement with the United States
Bankruptcy Court for the District of Maryland in Greenbelt,
Maryland. The Bankruptcy Court has scheduled a hearing
for April 25 and 26, 2000 on approval of the Disclosure

DAEWOO MOTORS: GM rules out consortium with Hyundai
General Motors Corp., a U.S. automaker vying to acquire the
ailing Daewoo Motor, has promised to make a lump sum
payment, should it be chosen as "partner" of the Korean car
maker that has been put on the block for international

During an interview yesterday, David Jerome, managing
director of GM Korea, said, "Our previous bid was not like
that," when asked whether GM would follow suit with Renault
of France by offering a small downpayment coupled with
piecemeal installments over a long period of time in its
exclusive negotiations for the purchase of Samsung Motors.

"No one criticized GM for a low and cheap bid in December
(when GM made an offer to buy its former partner Daewoo
Motor)," the GM's pointman for Korean operations said,
confirming that $5-6 billion was the price that he can
confirm was GM's bid last year but the price can change
citing a new bidding process.

"But I must emphasize that the success of Daewoo as a
global player in the future has a lot more to do than with
just price," said Jerome, who has been assigned here a
second time following his first stint from 1992-1996,
dubbing a potential partnership between the two companies
as mutually beneficial.

"Daewoo could benefit from GM's ability to market and bring
these products to the world as well as help create some of
the same efficiency that now drives the industry around the
world, and consolidating it and bringing it into Korea,
something that Daewoo alone can't do by itself," he said.

Touching on one of most sensitive issues concerning its bid
for Daewoo, the top GM Korea man said it is not GM's
intention to fire any of the existing Daewoo personnel when
GM takes over.

"We have said that we are pleased with operations in Korea
as they are," he said. "Our focus is not this element but
elements such as enhancing technology strengthening
purchasing power. We have not come here to change the world
overnight. We have a lot to learn from Korea and from

The fear of a major cut to Daewoo's existing payroll under
foreign ownership has spooked thousands of Daewoo workers
and some are taking up arms to thwart a foreign bid. Fiat
SpA, Ford Motor and GM as well as Hyundai Motor remains in
the field of candidates for Daewoo Motor, a company that
could serve as a springboard in the growing Asian car
market for anyone that successfully courts it.

Jerome, who says he likes Korea to the point that his
children sleep on the Korean traditional mat rather than
western bed, made clear that what GM is seeking with Daewoo
is partnership, not takeover.

"What matters most is a good partnership that fits both GM
and Daewoo from a strategic point of view," he said. "Our
intention is to keep a Korean company and use it as part of
our global partnership strategy."

At least from the standpoint of critics, GM's ulterior
intention is to convert mere subassembly lines for its
models. Asked how plausible a GM consortium with, for
instance, Hyundai is in order to cushion the "antipathy"
shown in some sectors of society, he was skeptical, saying,
"It is hard to assess but we would have to say that we
would have a lot of problems with that kind of thing,"
citing accusations of a monopoly Hyundai would have through
a partnership with GM that would win Daewoo and the
questions over value it would bring about.

During a recent interview with a domestic wire service,
Allen Perriton, former head of GM Korea who is now
commanding GM's bid for Daewoo, said it is open to any form
of partnership, a statement dismissed by GM officials as
being taken out of context.  Jerome, however, warned of a
protracted bidding process that could hurt Daewoo Motor's
corporate value.

"We are worried about the health of Daewoo," he said. "The
longer the process takes, the more it would result in the
impairment of Daewoo's corporate value."

It is speculated that despite the intention of creditors to
get the Daewoo bidding over with by the end of the first
half this year, a year-end settlement would be hard to work
out.  The GM Korea head also revealed that there are at
least 10 GM people in Korea at any given time working on
the Daewoo deal and on a worldwide basis, 70 people are
involved.  (Korea Times  04-April-2000)

DAEWOO MOTORS: DaimlerChrysler still in the running
The Daewoo Group Corporate Restructuring Committee said
that DaimlerChrysler has not been found willing to quit the
international bidding for Daewoo Motor, dismissing earlier
press reports to that effect.

"DaimlerChrysler delivered its intent to carry on due
diligence on Daewoo Motor," said a committee official.

The German-U.S. automaker's unchanged stance immediately
raised speculation that it may eventually tie up with
Hyundai Motor to jointly take over Daewoo Motor. Daewoo
creditors are scheduled to select two companies from among
five bidders by June 30 for exclusive negotiations. (The
Korea Herald  05-April-2000)

EYESYS TECHNOLOGIES: Files For Bankruptcy Protection
EyeSys Technologies Inc., an Irvine manufacturer and supplier of
eye products, has filed for bankruptcy protection, less than a
month after Premier Laser Systems Inc., its parent company, filed
for bankruptcy petition.

In its bankruptcy filing, EyeSys listed assets of between $ 1
million and $ 10 million and liabilities of between $ 100,000 and
$ 500,000.

Premier, which acquired EyeSys in 1997, filed for Chapter 11
bankruptcy in early March after shutting down its operations and
laying off almost all its employees.

EyeSys executives could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

FIRST ALLIANCE: Seeks To Establish Bar Date
First Alliance Mortgage Co., First Alliance Corporation, First
Alliance Mortgage Company and First Alliance Portfolio Services,
Inc. filed a joint motion for an order establishing a last date
to file proofs of claim or interests.

The debtors anticipate that their schedules and statements of
financial affairs will be filed no later than May 5, 2000.
In the aggregate as of the Petition date, the related debtors had
in excess of 280 employees, 5,000 trade creditors, 35,000
borrowers and 1,200 interest holders.

FOREX: Conversion to Chapter 7
The San Diego Union-Tribune reported last week that U.S.
Bankruptcy Court Chief Judge Louise DeCarl Adler has put La
Jolla's International Forex currency trading operation into
Chapter 7 bankruptcy, following the suggestion of the U.S.
Trustee's Office and an examiner who studied the

Being besieged with investors suing and demanding their money
back, Forex went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy in October of last
year.  But as attorney David Ortiz of the U.S. Trustee's Office
states, the company continues to lose money, and thus cannot
carry out a reorganizational plan.  Ortiz also stated in another
interview, "You are in Chapter 11 to reorganize, and have
to have the ability to fund a reorganization plan. (Forex) can't
fund the plan."

FRUIT OF THE LOOM: Bernstein Liebhard Commences Class Action
A securities class action lawsuit was commenced on behalf of
purchasers of the common stock of Fruit of the Loom, Inc.(Nasdaq:
FTL) ("Fruit" or the "Company"), between September 28, 1998 and
November 4, 1999 inclusive, (the "Class Period"), in the United
States District Court for the Western District of Kentucky.

The complaint charges Fruit and certain of its directors and
executive officers with violations of the Securities Exchange Act
of 1934 and Rule 10b-5 promulgated thereunder. The complaint
alleges that the defendants issued materially false and
misleading information and projections concerning the Company's
business, earnings, growth and prospects. Specifically, the
complaint charges that defendants misrepresented demand for the
Company's products and concealed the existence of tens of
millions of dollars of overvalued inventory, which the Company
was ultimately forced to write off. When Fruit's true financial
condition was disclosed Fruit's stock price collapsed.
Subsequently, Fruit filed for bankruptcy protection in December

Plaintiff seeks to recover damages on behalf of all those who
purchased or otherwise acquired Fruit common stock during the
Class Period.

GENCOR: Creditors Seek Involuntary Bankruptcy
THE ORLANDO SENTINEL reports on April 6, 2000 that creditors of
Gencor Industries Inc. asked a Delaware court Wednesday to force
the troubled Orlando company into involuntary bankruptcy.

The document, filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington, Del.,
claims that six creditors are owed $53.1 million from unpaid
loans, according to Reuters news service.

The creditors want Gencor pushed into Chapter 11 bankruptcy, an
arrangement that would allow the company to reorganize its
finances rather than liquidate.  The same creditors are also
party to a lawsuit filed earlier this year claiming Gencor
defaulted on $107 million in loans.

Gencor makes equipment for highway-asphalt production and animal

Gencor's stock stopped trading in February 1999.

Reuters identified the creditors in the bankruptcy petition as
Bank Austria Creditanstalt Corporate Finance Inc., Greenwich,
Conn.; BHF (USA) Capital Corp., Skandinaviska Enskilada Banken
Corp. and Balanced High Yield Fund I Ltd., all of New York; and
Pamco Cayman Ltd. and ML CBO IV (Cayman) Ltd., both of Dallas.

GLOBAL OCEAN: Order Approves Disclosure Statement
By order entered on March 24, 2000, the Honorable Mary F. Walrath
Approved the Disclosure statement of Global Ocean Carriers
Limited, et al.

A hearing to consider confirmation of the plan will be held on
May 8, 2000, 11:00 AM, in the US Bankruptcy Court, 824 Market
Street, Wilmington, Delaware.  

GREAT TRAIN STORE: Committee Taps J.H. Cohn LLP
The Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors of the debtors, The
Great Train Store Company, et al. seek approval of the
appointment of J.H. Cohn LLP as accountants and financial
advisors to the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors.

The firm will provide the following services:

To ascertain the viability of the debtors;
To assess the debtors' short-term cashflow requirements and
availability of assets to support DIP loans;
To monitor the debtors' post-petition operating results and cash
To ascertain the debtors' current financial condition;
To review and analyze the debtors' operating controls for cash
receipts and disbursements;
To prepare a liquidation analysis;
To review books and records of debtors for related party and/or
potential avoidance actions;
To monitor the debtors' operating results and budgets;
To render other bankruptcy and consulting services, attend
hearings and/or meetings, and render such assistance as the
Creditors' Committee and its counsel may deem necessary.

The firm's normal billing rates range from $100 per hour for a
paraprofessional to $375 per hour for senior partner.

HOME HEALTH: Order Extends Exclusivity Periods
The debtor, Home Health Corporation of America, Inc., et al. was
granted an extension of its exclusive periods during which the
debtors may file and solicit acceptances of a plan or plans of

The debtors are granted a further extension of time during which
they have the exclusive right to file a plan or plans of
reorganization through May 30, 2000; and the debtors are granted
an extension of time to solicit acceptances of their plan or
plans of reorganization through July 3, 2000.

BCAM International, Inc., parent company of LungCheck, Inc.,
announced that it has purchased the secured debt holding of
Intelligent Medical Imaging, Inc. debtor in possession, from
Edwards and Angell, LLP.  BCAM has made this purchase with a view
toward funding the Chapter 11 Re-organization of Intelligent
Medical Imaging (IMI), a manufacturer of automated microscopy
systems that are currently used worldwide in hospitals and large
clinical laboratories.  IMI, a public company located in Florida,
filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection in November of 1999.  

Michael Strauss, Chairman and CEO of BCAM explained, "BCAM is
actively developing technology, products and business
opportunities with a focus on disease detection, screening,
diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic monitoring. The business of
Intelligent Medical Imaging is synergistic with the Company's
plan to provide high-throughput testing capabilities to clinical
laboratories by commercializing technologies that add significant
medical and economic value."  

Michael Strauss added, "Intelligent Medical Imaging has developed
computer-aided and electronic vision microscope systems.  These
products are powerful market-tested analytical and automated
systems cleared by the FDA for nine separate revenue-generating
procedures.  These IMI-based tests represent approximately 70% of
the total clinical laboratory microscopy market opportunity.  
BCAM, with its specialized instrument platform technologies it
has recently acquired from AccuMed (Nasdaq: ACMI), is uniquely
positioned to commercialize early lung cancer tests under
development as well as to expand the existing customer base for
IMI-based products that are available worldwide to hospitals and
clinical laboratories."

IVYNET CORP: Creditors Approve Proposal
On March 30, 2000, the creditors of ivyNET Corporation
unanimously approved a proposal made by the Company under the
Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, as stated in the Market News
Publishing via COMTEX. The proposal which provides that the
creditors may opt to receive their proportional share of the
funds from the sale of the company's subsidiary SL Electronics
Co, Ltd., or to receive cash and a convertible note from the
company is subject to court approval which will be sought on
April 19, 2000.

After completion of the court proceedings, the Company expects to
continue to seek new opportunities, Market News Publishing via
COMTEX relates.

LEASING SOLUTIONS: Objects To Motion For Appointment of Trustee
The debtor, Leasing Solutions, Inc., objects to the motion of
Prudential Securities Credit Corporation for the appointment of a
trustee or examiner.

The debtor states that it believes that further progress has been
made with respect to an agreement to provide for the completion
of the liquidation of the lenders' collateral.  If an adequate
agreement is reached, the relief requested by Prudential simply
makes no sense, as is made clear from a review of the Prudential
Motion.  LSI states that Prudential 's principal complaint was
that the debtor wanted to expand its e-lease business into the
US.  LSI has agreed not to implement this change to its business.  
LSI has also agreed to an expedited liquidation.  The other
complaints such as the involvement of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC
and an alleged loss of confidence of creditors to excessive
compensation are, according to the debtors, baseless.

MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL CORP.: Expects 26B Yen group net loss
Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. (4010) said Tuesday it now
expects to post a group net loss of 26 billion yen for the
fiscal year ended March 31 due to 83 billion yen in special
losses incurred from business restructuring.

The comprehensive chemical maker said the extraordinary
losses include write-offs of pension fund shortfalls, early
retirement costs, liquidation of affiliated companies and
securities valuation losses.  Some of the losses were
offset by 2.8 billion yen in extraordinary profits on the
sale of securities holdings, Mitsubishi Chemical said.

The outlook for group sales and pretax profit for the just-
ended fiscal year was revised up to 1.650 trillion yen and
35 billion yen, respectively.  The number of group
companies increased over the year, while sales and
profitability at its petrochemical division improved,
Mitsubishi said.

On a parent basis, Mitsubishi Chemical now estimates a
parent net loss of 47 billion yen for fiscal 1999 on sales
of 830 billion yen. The earlier forecast of an 8.0 billion-
yen parent pretax profit is unchanged. (Nikkei  05-April-

MONDI OF AMERICA: Seeks Extension of Exclusivity
The debtors, Mondi of America, Inc. and its affiliates seek a
court order extending the debtors' exclusivity periods.

The debtors seek an extension through and including May 1, 2000
of the time within which the debtors maintain the exclusive right
to file a plan of reorganization; and an extension through and
including June 30, 2000 of the time within which the debtors
maintain the exclusive right to solicit acceptances for any plan
of reorganization.

The debtors have not yet fully prepared a plan of reorganization.  
The debtors claim that given the pressing and time-consuming
nature of the debtors' liquidation efforts, it is not realistic
or feasible to expect that the debtors could have prepared such a
plan at this stage of the bankruptcy cases.

NORTH FACE: Short Extension of Credit Facility
The North Face, Inc. (Nasdaq: TNFI) announced on April 5, 2000
that the Company's bank line facility, which expired on March 31,
2000 was extended to April 15, 2000. However, the Company's
difficulties in meeting its loan agreement covenants and
financing needs, its losses from operations and its negative
working capital position raise substantial doubt about its
ability to continue as a going concern.  The Company has filed a
notification with the SEC that it intends to file its 1999 Form
10K by April 14, 2000.

In addition, the Company indicated that, while it had been
exploring, and was continuing to explore, various strategic
alternatives for the Company, there could be no assurance that
any of the alternatives being considered would be consummated.  
The Company indicated that any alternative currently under
consideration would result in payment to shareholders materially
less than the current market price of the Company's common stock.  
The Company also indicated, that if it is unable to extend the
maturity of its bank credit agreement and if the Company fails to
consummate any of the strategic alternatives under consideration,
the Company would be required to consider seeking protection
under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code.

The North Face, Inc. designs and distributes technically
sophisticated outerwear, snowsports apparel, functional
sportswear, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, daypacks,
accessories and rugged footwear under The North Face(R) name.  
Through its subsidiary, La Sportiva USA, the Company distributes
rock climbing shoes, mountaineering boots and other rugged
footwear under the La Sportiva name.  The Company sells its
products to select specialty retailers throughout the United
States, Europe and Canada.

OMEGA HEALTHCARE: Moody's Lowers Ratings (Senior Debt To B3)
Moody's Investors Service has lowered the credit ratings of Omega
Healthcare Investors, Inc., with the senior unsecured debt rating
lowered to B3, from B1. The outlook for the REIT's ratings
remains negative, reflecting continuing stresses on Omega's
financial flexibility and on healthcare real estate.

According to Moody's, these rating changes reflect the continuing
pressure on Omega stemming from its near-term debt maturities, as
well as from growth of troubled operators and mortgagors. Such
stressed entities affect over half of Omega's properties.
Recently three of its facility operators -- Integrated Health
Services, Advocat, and RainTree Healthcare -- have suspended
making certain rent or interest payments. In general, the
challenging financial markets continue to make debt refinancing
difficult, with pricing high. Omega is now renegotiating its bank
facility. Moody's also noted that almost all of Omega's
properties are unencumbered, and that this is a material plus for
the REIT. Furthermore, Omega is taking diverse actions to work
with its operators and to boost its financial resources.
Investments in or mortgages on long-term care facilities comprise
over 90% of Omega's asset base. In some cases, this asset type is
experiencing declines in market value.

A turnaround in the risk profile of Omega's healthcare operators,
and success by the REIT in addressing its near-term debt
maturities, would be credit positives for the REIT and could lead
to upward rating actions.

The following ratings were lowered:

Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc. -- Senior unsecured long-term
debt to B3, from B1; senior debt issuable under the shelf to
(P)B3, from (P)B1; subordinated convertible debentures to Caa2,
from B3; cumulative convertible preferred stock to "caa", from
"b3"; and cumulative preferred stock issuable under the shelf to
(P)"caa", from (P)"b3".

The following rating was confirmed:

Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc. -- Noncumulative and junior
preferred stock issuable under the shelf at (P)"caa".

Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc. [NYSE: OHI] headquartered in Ann
Arbor, Michigan, USA, is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)
investing in and providing financing to the long-term healthcare
industry. Omega owns or has mortgages on 256 healthcare and
assisted living facilities with more than 27,000 beds that are
located in 28 states and operated by 24 independent healthcare
operating companies. Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc. reported
total assets of $1.0 billion (book value) and total equity of
$457 million at December 31, 1999.

OMNA MEDICAL: Files Chapter 11 Petition
Omna Medical Partners Inc. has joined the ranks of physician
practice management firms that have filed for bankruptcy.

The Boca Raton-based company that buys and runs the practices of
orthopedic physicians filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection
in Delaware on March 24.

Unlike its competitor, BMJ Medical Management of Boca Raton which
went public, lost its stock listing and in December 1998 filed
for bankruptcy protection Omna remained a private company.

The company says its assets and debts each range up to $ 100
million. Claims by Omnas largest unsecured creditors range from $
10,000 to $ 246,000.

Omna was started by Dr. Joseph Badal. The goal was to consolidate
the $ 120 billion-a-year business of caring for bad backs, necks,
knees and hips. The common goal among such practice management
firms was to allow doctors to practice medicine while the company
handled day-to-day business affairs.

Omna closed on its first practice acquisition in June 1997 and by
mid-1999 had affiliations with close to 100 doctors in Florida,
New Jersey and Texas.

Omna also owns and operates an orthopedic independent physician
association in Florida that has 171 physicians, 89 physical
therapy centers and more than 700,000 patients, according to a
company statement.

PHILIP SERVICES: Announces Board Of Directors
Philip Services Corp. (TSE:PHV) announced the Board of Directors
of the newly restructured company, Philip Services Corporation.
The nine directors, seven of whom are independent directors, will
assume their responsibilities once the Company's Plan of
Reorganization under the Companies Creditors' Arrangement
Act in Canada and Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code is
implemented, which is expected shortly. The Company's secured
lenders, who will own 91% of the shares of the restructured
company, have approved the appointment of the new Board.

"We are very pleased to announce this strong Board of Directors,
who will help guide Philip on a course of stable and profitable
growth," said Anthony Fernandes, President and Chief Executive
Officer. "They bring a broad range of industry experience that is
relevant to our business and our markets, and an arms length
perspective that will assist the management team to bring value
to shareholders."

The following six new directors will be appointed to the Board:

* Anthony Fernandes has been President and CEO of Philip since
August 1999. He brings to Philip more than thirty years
experience at Atlantic Richfield Company, where from 1994 to 1999
he was Executive Vice President responsible for ARCO's refining,
marketing, chemicals, coal, pipelines and environmental
remediation operations.

* Edmund Frost has thirty years of legal experience in the field
of environmental law. He is a director of the law firm Leonard,
Hunt, Frost, Lilly & Levin. From 1994 to present he was Senior
Vice President and General Counsel of Clean Sites, Inc. a
prominent environmental non-profit corporation specializing in
hazardous waste remediation issues.

* Richard Marcantonio, who is Executive Vice President of the
Industrial Group of Ecolab, Inc., a publicly traded, Minnesota
based company specializing in cleaning, sanitizing and
maintenance products and services, with revenue of US $1.9
billion and 12,000 employees.

* Peter Offermann, who from 1995 to 1999 served as Executive Vice
President and CFO of TLC Beatrice International, the
international operations of Beatrice Companies.

* William Van Sant, who served from 1991 to 1998 as Chairman,
Director and CEO of Lukens Steel Inc., a U.S. specialty steel
producer which was purchased by Bethlehem Steel in 1998.

* Nathaniel Woodson, who is Chairman, President and CEO of the
United Illuminating Co., a New Haven based regional power
distribution company.

Three directors of Philip's existing Board will be appointed to
the new Board:

* Mr. Robert Knauss has been a director of Philip Services Corp.
since 1997, having joined the Board with the acquisition of the
former Allwaste, Inc.

* Mr. Harold First has been a director of Philip Services Corp.
since November 1998.

* Mr. Felix Pardo is Chairman and CEO of Dyckerhoff, Inc., and
has been a director of Philip Services Corp. since 1994.

Philip Services is an integrated metals recovery and industrial
services company with operations throughout the United States,
Canada and Europe. Philip provides diversified metals services,
together with by-products management and industrial outsourcing
services, to all major industry sectors.

PURINA MILLS: Court Confirms Plan
Purina Mills, Inc., the nation's largest animal nutrition
company, announced on April 5, 2000 that the U.S. Bankruptcy
Court for the District of Delaware has confirmed the Company's
Second Amended Joint Plan of Reorganization, paving the
way for Purina to emerge from Chapter 11.  The Plan of
Reorganization, which was approved by more than 95 percent of the
Company's creditors that voted on the Plan, provides the
blueprint for the reorganization of Purina Mills and 10 of
its affiliates that filed voluntary petitions for Chapter 11
reorganization on October 28, 1999.

Purina Mills anticipates emerging from Chapter 11 protection
before the end of the second quarter.  Emergence is contingent
upon the completion of certain corporate restructuring matters,
including certain securities requirements that must be
accomplished in order to issue new publicly traded common stock
to unsecured creditors under the terms of the Plan.  The
confirmed Plan provides that substantially all of the new common
stock of reorganized Purina initially will be distributed to the
Company's pre-petition general unsecured creditors.

"We said at the outset this would be a swift passage through the
re-organization process and it has been," said Brad Kerbs, Chief
Executive Officer.  "We have successfully completed an important
milestone in the financial restructuring that will allow Purina
Mills to operate as an independent company.

"Purina remains committed to a market philosophy that is based on
long term relationships with our customers in both our Dealer and
Livestock Production Systems Businesses," said Mr. Kerbs.  "Our
independent dealers and distribution channels to these markets
are our strength.

"We have been the recognized leader in our industry for 106 years
and we intend for our industry leadership to continue," said Mr.
Kerbs.  "As long as there are animals, there will be an important
animal nutrition business.  We are nearing the end of the
restructuring and are looking forward to profitably growing our
company as we continue to supply America's animal owners and
production systems with the nutrition products, knowledge and
services that exceed our customers' expectations."

Purina Mills is America's largest producer and marketer of animal
nutrition products.  Based in St Louis, Missouri, the Company has
49 plants and approximately 2500 employees nationwide.

SCOOP: Elects New Board of Directors, Appoints New Accountants
Scoop, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: SCPI), today announced the
election ofits new Board of Directors in line with the
acquisition of a majority interest in Scoop by InfiniCom AB
(publ), Sweden, pursuant to Scoop's Chapter 11 plan of
reorganization.  Biographies of the new directors of Scoop follow

Larsake Sandin, Director, Chairman - With approximately twenty-
five (25) years of experience in the information technology field
as founder, director and manager of several companies in Sweden,
the United Kingdom and the United States, Mr. Sandin is currently
the founding director and a business consultant with Acom CMC
Ltd. in London.  

Lennart Orkan, Director - Approximately twenty-six (26) years
experience in business and banking.  Currently, Mr. Orkan is the
President and CEO of Strator B.D.N. International AB, a company
based in Sweden which provides consulting services to public and
private companies on mergers and acquisitions, recapitalization,
and other forms of corporate reorganization.

Akbar Seddigh, Director - Approximately twenty-five (25) years
experience in the business field.

Appointment of Independent Accountants  
As at Friday, March 31, 2000, Scoop Inc. appointed Stonefield
Josephson, Inc. as its independent accountants.  The appointment
of SJI fills the vacancy created by the resignation of Deloitte &
Touche LLP in April 1999 due to the pending Chapter 11
proceedings.  Following confirmation and execution of its Chapter
11 plan of reorganization, such reorganization being fully
consummated in December 1999, Scoop was not able to complete and
file its annual report on Form 10-K in a timely fashion.  Scoop
is, however, making every effort, and believes that it will be in
position, to file its annual report on or before April 14, 2000.

Scoop Inc., via its wholly owned subsidiary Limited
is one of Europe's earliest established dot-coms.  Headquartered
in the United Kingdom and with existing on and off-line
operations in the UK and Scandinavia provides an
array of leading technology and associated products to both
businesses and consumers throughout Europe.

SERVICE MERCHANDISE: Files Amended Schedules
On June 10, 1999, the Debtors filed their respective Original
Schedules of Assets and Liabilities, amended by the Amended
Schedules, and their Global Notes with the Court pursuant to 11
U.S.C. S. 521 and Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 1007.

On March 6, 2000, the Debtors filed an amended Schedule F
(Unsecured, Non-Priority Claims) and B.A. Pargh, Inc., one of the
Affiliates, filed amended Schedules D (Secured Claims), E
(Unsecured Priority Claims) and F (Unsecured, Non-Priority
Claims).  The Debtors reiterate that all asset and liability data
contained in the Schedules and the Statements were as of March
15, 1999.

The Amended Schedules reflect a limited reconciliation of the
Debtors' year-end books and records with the Original Schedules.

The primary changes made by the Amended Schedules are:

(1) Adjustment of Trade and Expense Claims

This accommodates the Debtors' payment requested after the filing
of the Original Schedules for goods and services provided prior
to the commencement of the chapter 11 cases.

(2) Adjustment of Certain Employee Claims

The Original Schedules listed the prepetition claims of certain
participants of the Debtors' Executive Security Plan at $0. The
Amended Schedules list the prepetition vested and/or unpaid
benefits with respect to the participants of the Executive
Security Plan as of the commencement of these cases.

(3) Addition of Certain Claims

The Amended Schedules reflect additional litigation and general
liability claims with respect to pre-petition matters received
after the filing of the Original Statements.

(4) B.A. Pargh Claims

This reflects the assumption of prepetition liabilities by the
purchaser of one of the Affiliate Debtors, B.A. Pargh.
(Service Merchandise Bankruptcy News Issue 11; Bankruptcy
Creditor's Services, Inc.)

SOUTHERN MINERAL: Reports Year-End 1999 Results
For the fourth quarter of 1999, the Company reported a net loss
of $10.0 million, or $0.78 per basic share, on revenues of $7.3
million, compared to a net loss of $11.6 million, or $0.90 per
basic share, on revenues of $6.0 million for the same period in
1998.  The 1999 loss is primarily the result of impairments of
unproven and proven properties (including a provision to adjust
the cost basis for properties sold in early 2000 to their net
realizable value), lower production, professional fees and other
costs related to the Company's bankruptcy filing on October 29,
1999, and the write-off of capitalized fees and expenses related
to the origination of bank and subordinated debt.  Discretionary
cash flow before restructuring and bankruptcy costs was $3.8
million in the 1999 quarter, compared to approximately $1.3
million in 1998.

Oil and gas revenues for the fourth quarter of 1999 were $7.5
million, compared to $6.2 million for the same period in 1998.  
The decrease in revenues reflects a decrease in oil and natural
gas liquids ("NGL's") production of 10% to 209,112 barrels.  
There was also a decrease in natural gas production of 50% to
1,028 million of cubic feet ("MMcf") in the fourth quarter of
1999, compared to the fourth quarter of 1998.  Canadian
production levels for the fourth quarter of 1999 are lower than
comparable production levels in 1998 due in part to the sale of
certain properties in the fourth quarter of 1998 and other
factors including normal production declines.  Domestic
production levels are lower due primarily to the sale of the
mineral and royalty interests in the first quarter of 1999, the
sales of Brushy Creek and Texan Gardens Fields in the third
quarter of 1999 and other factors including normal production
declines.  Average daily production decreased 34% to 24.8 million
cubic feet of gas equivalent ("Mmcfe") from 37.5 MMcfe in the
fourth quarter of 1998. The decreased production was offset by an
average realized oil price increase of 98% from $10.38 per barrel
in the fourth quarter of 1998 to $20.56 per barrel in the fourth
quarter of 1999.  Average realized natural gas prices increased
32% to $2.41 per thousand of cubic feet ("Mcf") during the
fourth quarter of 1999, compared to $1.80 per Mcf in same period
a year earlier.

The Company reported a loss for the year ended December 31, 1999,
of $5.8 million, or $0.45 per basic share, on revenues of $37.8
million, compared to a loss of $16.4 million, or of $1.32 per
basic share, on revenues of $21.5 million for the year 1998.  The
current year loss is primarily the result of fourth quarter 1999
impairments, write-offs and third quarter restructuring costs
relating to the terminated restructuring plan, partially
offset by the gain on sale of domestic properties.

Oil and gas revenues for the year ended December 31, 1999, were
$25.9 million, compared to oil and gas revenues for the same
period in 1998 of $21.7 million.  The increase in revenues
reflects higher production volumes of both crude oil and NGL's
and increased natural gas and crude oil prices. The Company's
crude oil and NGL's production for the year ended December 31,
1999, increased 13% to 852,104 barrels as compared to 756,553
barrels for the same period in 1998.  Natural gas production in
the year ended December 31, 1999, was 5,395 MMcf, a 16% decrease
as compared to production for the same period in 1998 of 6,433

Production levels for the year ended December 31, 1999, when
compared to 1998, reflect increased production from Canada
beginning in July 1998.  The production increases are offset by
decreased production related to property sales in Canada in the
fourth quarter of 1998 and to domestic property sales of mineral
and royalty interests in the first quarter of 1999 and Brushy
Creek and Texan Gardens Fields in the third quarter of 1999.

On October 29, 1999, the Company and certain of its wholly-owned
subsidiaries, BEC Energy, Inc., Amerac Energy Corporation, SMC
Ecuador, Inc. and SMC Production, Inc., ("Debtor Subsidiaries")
filed voluntary petitions for relief under Chapter 11 of the U.S.
Bankruptcy Code in the U.S. District Court for the Southern
District of Texas, Victoria Division.  The Company and
its Debtor Subsidiaries continue to operate as debtors-in-
possession subject to the Bankruptcy Court's supervision and
orders.  The bankruptcy petitions were filed in order to preserve
cash and to give the Company the opportunity to restructure its

On February 25, 2000, the Company and its Debtor Subsidiaries
filed a plan of reorganization and disclosure statement with the
Bankruptcy Court.

The hearing to consider the fairness and adequacy of the
disclosure statement will be held on April 17, 2000.  The Company
is in the process of finalizing an Amended Plan having terms
negotiated with its creditors committee.  On March 7, 2000, the
Committee filed a motion to terminate the Company's exclusivity
period.  The Committee has agreed to extend the hearing on its
motion until April 17, 2000, due to the continuing negotiations
with the Company related to the Amended Plan.  The consummation
of an Amended Plan is the primary objective of the Company.  The
Amended Plan sets forth the means for satisfying claims,
including liabilities subject to compromise and interests in the
Company.  The Plan and Amended Plan would result in, among other
things, immediate or possible future substantial dilution of
existing shareholders as a result of the issuance of securities
to creditors or new investors.  The consummation of any plan of
reorganization will require approval of the Bankruptcy Court.

Southern Mineral Corporation is an oil and gas acquisition,
exploration and production company that owns interests in oil and
gas properties located along the Texas Gulf Coast, Canada and
Ecuador.  The Company's principal assets include interests in the
Big Escambia Creek field in Alabama and the Pine Creek field in
Alberta, Canada.  The Company's common stock is quoted on
the OTC Bulletin Board under the trading symbol "SMINE.OB".

TEU HOLDINGS: Seeks Extension of Time To Assume or Reject Leases
The debtors, TEU Holdings, Inc., et al. seek an extension of time
within which they may assume or reject unexpired leases of
nonresidential real property.  The debtors seek an extension of
60 days, through and including June 16, 2000, with respect to
certain of the stores from which the debtors are conducting store
closing sales; and for 120 days with respect to the debtors'
remaining 70 retail locations, the Distribution Facilities and
the debtors' other leased facilities.

Since the petition date, the debtors have reviewed numerous
unexpired leases. The debtors have determined that 65 of their
retail locations are unprofitable.  The debtors intend to retain
DJM< Asset Management and the debtors intend to auction the
leases for certain of the closing stores.  The debtors intend to
assume and assign those leases that have value promptly after the
conclusion of the auction, and reject the leases for closing
stores with no value at the conclusion of the auction.

The debtors are working diligently towards the development of a
business plan, and the debtors claim that their cases are both
large and complex.  The debtors are in the process of analyzing
their continuing operations and may decide to close or relocate
certain stores or restructure their retail distribution, and/or
manufacturing operations as part of a restructuring alternative.   

TOPS APPLIANCE CITY: Order Approves Auctioneer
On March 29, 2000, the US Bankruptcy Court for the District of
New Jersey entered an order authorizing the debtor to retain a
joint venture comprised of Hilco Trading Co., Inc. and Garcel,
Inc. to auction certain of the debtor's personal property and
assets.  The auctioneer has agreed to waive any commissions if
the sale proceeds do not exceed the sum of $400,000.

U.S. LEATHER: Workers Seek Top Priority Among Creditors
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel relates that about 70 former United
States Leather Inc. workers learned Friday that they might never
see another dime from the firm though Kinzie Weimer, the
company's CFO said that the company is working to get the most
money possible to divide among creditors, including workers.

Six hundred workers lost their jobs when the company shuttered
its Milwaukee tanneries, Pfister & Vogel, 1531 N. Water St., and
A.L. Gebhardt, 2615 W. Greves St., in February, the Milwaukee
Journal Sentinel recalls.

U.S. Leather who filed for protection from creditors under
Chapter 11 of the U.S. bankruptcy code in February, asks the
court to make workers' wages the top priority. The firm has $74.7
million in assets and $80.3 million in liabilities, according to
the schedules filed last month.

VISTA EYECARE: To Shut 37 Locations
According to a report in The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, on
April 6, 2000, Vista Eyecare Inc., the nation's No. 2 optical
retailer in number of stores, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
protection and plans to close more than three dozen
underperforming locations.

As part of the restructuring, the Lawrenceville-based company
plans to shut at least 37 free-standing stores, mostly in malls.
An estimated 148 employees will be affected. Other store closings
could follow.

Aside from its free-standing stores, Vista Eyecare has locations
in Wal- Mart, Sam's Club and Fred Meyer stores, among others. It
made acquisitions in 1998 to expand its stand-alone locations.
According to CFO Angus Morrison those operations have hurt
company sales.

Morrison said he could not release the locations of specific
stores to be shuttered but expects the closures to occur over the
next two months. So far, none of the affected Vista Eyecare
stores is in Wal-Mart, Sam's Club or Fred Meyer stores. The
company has 925 locations --- 603 leased department store
sites and 322 Vista Optical free-standing locations --- in the
United States and Mexico.
Company sales were $ 329.1 million in 1999, compared with $ 245.3
million in 1998. The company is reporting a net loss of $ 17.6
million in 1999. While regrouping, Vista Eyecare is hoping to
settle its debts, mainly $ 125 million in public bonds used to
fund acquisitions from State Street Bank and Trust Co. of
Hartford, Conn.

The company had acquired 51 Midwest Vision, 280 Frame-n-Lens and
175 New West Eyeworks stores two years ago. It later changed its
name to Vista Eyecare from National Vision Associates.

The company is taking steps to grow its managed care business and
recently appointed Peter Socha as president of Vista Healthcare
Services Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the company.

Nasdaq halted trading of the company's shares early Wednesday.

WORLDCLASS PROCESSING: Candian Steel Processor Offers $16.5M
Canadian steel processor Samuel Manu-Tech Inc. has made
an offer to buy WorldClass Processing for $16.5 million, which
would pull the ailing company out of bankruptcy.

Samuel Manu-Tech made the offer Thursday in a U.S. Bankruptcy
Court filing.

Samuel Manu-Tech produces and distributes steel, plastics and
related industrial products. The company has plants in the United
States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

WorldClass' main business is removing rust from semifinished
steel coils so that the metal can be plated and processed

A hearing on the offer is scheduled for May 26 before U.S.
Bankruptcy Court Judge Judith Fitzgerald. WorldClass filed for
protection from creditors in December 1998.

WSR CORP: Seeks Amendment to Financing Agreements
The debtors, WSR Corporation, R&S/Strauss, Inc., National
Automotive Stores, Inc. and National Auto Stores corp.,  seek a
court order authorizing the debtors to enter into Amendment No. 2
to Financing Agreements which amends the loan Agreement by
extending its term to the earlier of April 30, 2000 or the
effective date of any order entered confirming the Borrowers'
chapter 11 plan.

Given that the asset sale will not close prior to maturity of the
loan agreement, the debtors have agreed to the extension of the
maturity date of the loan agreement.  The Borrowers have agreed
to pay a $25,000 amendment fee.

BOND PRICING For Week of April 3, 2000
DLS Capital Partners, Inc., bond pricing for week of April 3,

Following are indicated prices for selected issues:

Acme Metal 10 7/8 '07                     13 - 15 (f)
Ameriserve 8 7/8 '06                       8 - 10 (f)
Asia Pulp & Paper 11 3/4 '05              82 - 84
E & S Holdings 10 3/8 '06                 40 - 42
Fruit of the Loom 6 1/2 '03               40 - 42 (f)
Genesis Health 9 3/4  '05                 11 - 13 (f)
Geneva Steel 11 1/8 '01                   20 - 21 (f)
Globalstar 11 1/4 '04                     36 - 37
Hechinger 9.45 '12                         3 - 5 (f)
Iridium 14 '05                             2 1/2 - 3 (f)
Loewen 7.20 '03                           42 - 44 (f)
Paging Network 10 1/8 '07                 62 - 64 (f)
Pathmark 11 5/8 '02                       30 - 33
Pillowtex 10 '06                          38 - 42
Revlon 8 5/8 '08                          46 - 48
Rite Aid 6.70 '01                         60 - 62
Service Merchandise 9 '04                 11 - 12 (f)
Sunbeam 0 '18                             16 - 18
Trump Atlantic 11 1/2 '06                 66 - 68
TWA 11 3/8 '06                            33 - 34
Vencor  9 7/8 '08                         19 - 21 (f)


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