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     Wednesday, March 15, 2000, Vol. 4, No. 52  

ADVANCED MEDICAL PRODUCTS: Changes Name; Reverse Stock Split
ANGEION: Adjourns Shareholder Meeting; Considering Options
ANGEION: Court Grants Motion For Summary Judgment
ATLAS MINERALS: Announces Board Changes, New Trading Symbol
BIG SMITH: Seeks To Extend Deadline For Filing Plan

DAEWOO: GM Refuses To Include Truck, Bus Plants
GENESIS DIRECT: Lowenstein Sandler To Relieve Ravin, Sarasohn
GEOGRAPHICS: KPMG LLP Engaged as New Auditor
GOLDEN OCEAN: Seeks To Vote Shares
INCOMNET: Disclosure Statement Hearing

INTEGRATED HEALTH: Committee Taps Otterbourg as Lead Counsel
INTERSCIENCE COMPUTER: Renaissance Capital Reports Holdings
JUMBOSPORTS: Hearing on Disclosure Statement
LEVITZ FURNITURE: Extending the Exclusive Periods
LIVENT: Extension of Exclusivity

MARTIN COLOR-FI: Order Sets Deadline For Filing Plan
NANTUCKET INDUSTRIES: Files Voluntary Petition in Chapter 11
NANTUCKET INDUSTRIES: Treglia Appointed Director
PENNCORP FINANCIAL: Meeting of Creditors
QUANALYZE OIL: Meeting of Creditors

READ-RITE: US District Court Dismisses Two Class Action Suits
ROBERDS: Seeks Authority To Assume Exclusive To Sell Real Estate
SC NEW HAVEN: Confirmation Hearing Set
SOUTHERN MINERAL: Committee Seeks To Terminate Exclusivity
UNITED HEALTHCARE: Changes Name To UnitedHealth Group

UNIVERSAL SEISMIC: Second Amended Disclosure Statement
US LEATHER: Interim Order To Incur Postpetition Secured Debt


ADVANCED MEDICAL PRODUCTS: Changes Name; Reverse Stock Split
Advanced Medical Products announced it has amended its
Certificate of Incorporation with the State of Delaware to change
the name of the Company to "ADVA International Inc." (OTC
Bulletin Board: ADII); to effectuate a 1 share for 10 shares
reverse stock split of all outstanding shares of Common Stock of
the Company; to increase the amount of authorized Common Stock,
following the effectuation of the Reverse Stock Split; and, to
authorize a new class of Preferred Stock. The new stock symbol
for the Company's common stock, effective immediately, is "ADII."
According to a Company spokesman, the name change, the reverse
stock split, and the authorization of additional common and
preferred stock were implemented in order to position the Company
for a possible reverse merger with a privately held company in an
attempt to recover some value for the Company's present
shareholders.  On March 23, 1999, Advanced Medical Products, Inc.
had filed a motion with the Federal Bankruptcy Court, District of
South Carolina, for an order authorizing the sale of all assets,
free and clear of all liens and encumbrances and other interests,
pursuant to 11 U.S.C. Section 363 of the bankruptcy code.  On May
11, 1999, the Company sold all of its assets.  The Final Decree
closing the bankruptcy case was issued by the Court on November
9, 1999.

A committee has been appointed by the board to review possible
candidates, but no merger agreement has been reached, and there
can be no assurances given that a suitable reverse merger partner
will be timely located, or that a suitable transaction will be
successfully negotiated or completed.

ANGEION: Adjourns Shareholder Meeting; Considering Options
Angeion Corporation adjourned its shareholder meeting without
obtaining sufficient note holder response for two previously
announced transactions with ELA Medical, a wholly-owned
subsidiary of Sanofi-Synthelabo, a French pharmaceutical company,
and Medtronic, Inc.  Shareholders of the company had approved the
transactions by a two-thirds vote on February 4, 2000. The
company had adjourned the shareholder meeting until February 17,
2000 to give note holders additional time to vote on the

"We decided to adjourn the meeting after we did not obtain
sufficient note holder response," said Richard E. Jahnke,
Angeion's President and CEO. "Angeion's Board is considering its
various options. In the meantime, we are confident that we can
continue to develop the business of Angeion's Medical Graphics

ANGEION: Court Grants Motion For Summary Judgment
On February 17, 2000, the Honorable Marilyn Brown Rosenbaum,
Judge of Hennepin Country District Court in Minneapolis issued an
Order granting Angeion's motion for Summary Judgment in
connection with a lawsuit brought by U.S. Bank National
Association on behalf of holders of Angeion's 71/2%
Senior Convertible Notes due 2003. The Court dismissed all claims
of the plaintiff, U.S. Bank, with prejudice, ruling that certain
transactions by Angeion in 1999 did not constitute a sale of all
or substantially all of the assets under the Indenture covering
the notes, and that, therefore, note holders were not entitled to
prepayment of their notes.

Founded in 1986, Angeion Corporation acquired Medical Graphics in
December 1999. Medical Graphics develops, manufactures and
markets non-invasive cardiorespiratory diagnostic systems and
related software for the management and improvement of
cardiorespiratory health.

ATLAS MINERALS: Announces Board Changes, New Trading Symbol
Atlas Minerals Inc. (OTC: ATMR) (formerly Atlas Corporation)
announced today that it has a new trading symbol, ATMR, as result
of the Company's emergence from Chapter 11 and the change of its
name to Atlas Minerals Inc. after incorporating in Colorado.

Also, at a Directors' meeting on February 11, 2000, three new
Directors were elected to the Board of the reorganized Company.  
The three new Directors are Guillermo A. Blacker, David J.
Carroll and Henry J. Sandri.  At the same meeting, James H.
Dunnett resigned as a Director of the Company.

Further, the Company announced today the resignation of its
President, Gregg B. Shafter as an Officer and Director of the
Company effective February 22, 2000.  Mr. Shafter resigned after
achieving the successful reorganization of the Company under
Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Mr. Shafter continues to
be available to the Company as a consultant.  The Board is
considering options with respect to a replacement for Mr. Shafter
and expects to announce a decision in the near future.

Atlas Minerals Inc. is an international mining company with lead,
zinc and silver operations in Bolivia, South America.

BIG SMITH: Seeks To Extend Deadline For Filing Plan
The Debtor, Big Smith Brands, Inc., and the Official Committee of
Unsecured Creditors seek to extend the deadline for filing a plan
and disclosure statement until March 20, 2000 so that the debtor
and the Committee have time for negotiation of the terms of the

DAEWOO: GM Refuses To Include Truck, Bus Plants
General Motors Corp., competing with four other global car
makers for the control of Daewoo Motor Co., refused to
include Daewoo's bus and truck plants in its bidding

David Jerome, president of GM Korea, said that the American
automaker wants to buy Daewoo's passenger car plants and
affiliated Ssangyong Motor, but is not interested in taking
over the firm's commercial vehicle operations.  Jerome's
remarks, running directly counter to creditors' wishes to
sell Daewoo's commercial and passenger plants in a single
package, are expected to sharply slim GM's chances of
winning the ongoing international bidding, analysts say.

On March 7, Chung Ju-ho, president of Daewoo Motor, told
reporters that bidders ready to acquire Daewoo's entire car
operations will be given preferential treatment, noting
that some of the five bidders expressed such an intent.
Further clouding the U.S. automaker's outlook, the GM Korea
president said that GM is not willing to propose a higher
price than rival Ford Motor.

Asked to comment on press reports that Ford offered up to
$7 billion to acquire Daewoo Motor, Jerome said that
takeover prices should not be the key criteria in
determining the successful bidder.

"Earning trust among Koreans is most important. GM is most
qualified and committed to keeping Daewoo a Korean company
even after the acquisition," said Jerome, meeting with
Korean reporters at a launching event for the "Cadillac
Deville 2000" model in Yongin, south of Seoul, Friday

Lee Kay-sup, an aide to Jerome, also explained that GM will
not consider buying Daewoo's commercial vehicle plants.
Daewoo has a truck plant in Kunsan, North Cholla Province,
and a bus plant in Pusan, which have annual output capacity
of 12,000 units and 5,000 units, respectively. Daewoo
creditors hope to include the commercial vehicle plants in
the package deal, which also covers Daewoo Motor Sale,
Ssangyong Motor, Daewoo Capital and Daewoo Telecom's
transmission division. GM, Ford, DaimlerChrysler, Fiat and
Hyundai Motor are now in the process of conducting due
diligence on Daewoo.

Amid the intensifying debate surrounding the Daewoo
auction, meanwhile, nearly 90 percent of Korean adults were
found to be opposed to a foreign takeover of Daewoo Motor,
according to a recent poll. Local intellectuals and
economists also appeared sharply divided over the economic
and industrial impact from a foreign-owned Daewoo Motor.
(The Korea Herald  13-March-2000)

GENESIS DIRECT: Lowenstein Sandler To Relieve Ravin, Sarasohn
The primary attorney at Ravin, Sarasohn, Cook, Baumgarten, Fisch
& Rosen PC responsible for the debtor's Chapter 11 cases were
Kenneth A. Rosen and Jeffrey D. Prol.  Both attorneys are
currently associated with Lowenstein Sandler PC and consequently
the debtors have decided to retain Lowenstein Sandler as
substitute counsel effective as of February 12, 2000.

GEOGRAPHICS: KPMG LLP Engaged as New Auditor
On March 1, 2000, Geographics, Inc. dismissed Moss Adams LLP as
its independent auditor and engaged KPMG LLP as its independent
auditor. The change in the company's independent auditor was
approved by its Board of Directors.

Regarding the financial statements of the company, Moss Adams had
qualified its opinion as of and for the years ended March 31,
1999 and March 31, 1998, by including a going concern
modification. Moss Adams qualified its opinion because the
company had incurred substantial net operating losses
in 1999 and 1998 and because the company was then out of
compliance with its borrowing agreements, which raised a
substantial doubt about its ability to continue as a going

Geographics has requested that Moss Adams furnish it with a
letter addressed to the Securities and Exchange Commission
stating whether or not it agrees with the statements the company
has filed with the SEC. A copy of such letter will be filed with
the SEC as an amendment to Geographic's initial notification
within two business days of its receipt by the company.

GOLDEN OCEAN: Seeks To Vote Shares
Golden Ocean Group Limited and its debtor affiliates seek entry
of an order authorizing Golden Ocean Tankers Limited, a debtor,
to vote its shares of its subsidiaries in favor of a novation of
two ship-building contracts between Kawasaki Heavy Industries,
Ltd. and each of the subsidiaries.  The transaction involves the
construction of two very large crude carriers pursuant to which
the subsidiaries and/or the debtors who are guarantors of the
subsidiaries are obligated to pay approximately $147 million in
consideration for release from all obligations of the
subsidiaries and their guarantors under the contracts and options
to purchase the vessels at a future date for then-outstanding
indebtedness and authorizing the debtors to enter into related
agreements and take other actions as will best effectuate the

The novation contemplates the release of substantially all of the
subsidiaries' assets.  Both subsidiaries are incorporated in
Liberia.  Consummation of the novation requires thee debtors, as
sole shareholder to vote in favor of the novation.

INCOMNET INC: Disclosure Statement Hearing
The hearing on Incomnet's Disclosure Statement is set for March
14, 2000 at 9:30 AM. The debtor has made certain changes tot he
original plan and disclosure statement.  They include that
WorldCom now has the right to elect to receive 5% of the common
stock in the reorganized company in lieu of a cash distribution;
and Incomnet has agreed to distribute a portion of its
distribution on account of the Intercompany Claim to entities
holding Allowed Class-7 claims, and Incomnet has expanded the
scope of the preference actions available for the benefit of
Class-7 claims.

INTEGRATED HEALTH: Committee Taps Otterbourg as Lead Counsel
The Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors asks Judge Walrath
for permission to retain New York-based Otterbourg, Steindler,
Houston & Rosen, P.C., as its lead counsel in the Debtors'
chapter 11 cases, nunc pro tunc to February 18, 2000.  

Billing at its customary hourly rates:

Partners                            $360 - $480
Associates                          $195 - $355
Paralegals and Legal Assistants        $140

Otterbourg agrees:

(a) to assist and advise the Committee in its consultation with
the Debtors relative to the administration of these Chapter 11

(b) to attend meetings and negotiate with the representatives of
the Debtors;

(c) to assist and advise the Committee in its examination and
analysis of the conduct of the Debtors' affairs;

(d) to assist the Committee in the review, analysis, and
negotiation of any financing agreements; and

(e) to assist the Committee in the review, analysis and
negotiation of any plan(s) of reorganization that may be filed
and to assist the Committee in the review, analysis and
negotiation of the disclosure statement accompanying any plan(s)
of reorganization.

Glen B. Rice, Esq., William M. Silverman, Esq., and Jenette
Barrow-Bosshart, Esq., lead the engagement.  (Integrated Health
Bankruptcy News Issue 3; Bankruptcy Creditor's Service Inc.)

INTERSCIENCE COMPUTER: Renaissance Capital Reports Holdings
Renaissance Capital Growth and Income Fund III, Inc.,
beneficially owns 2,750,000 shares of the common stock of
Interscience Computer Corporation, with sole power to vote or
dispose of the stock.  2,750,000 shares represents 44.32% of the
outstanding common stock of Interscience.  Renaissance Capital
Group, Inc., an Investment Adviser, is also Investment
Manager for Renaissance US Growth and Income Trust PLC.
Renaissance US Growth and Income Trust PLC also owns securities
of Interscience Computer Corporation.

JUMBOSPORTS: Hearing on Disclosure Statement
The court will conduct a hearing on May 4, 2000 at 2:30 PM in
courtroom 9B, Sam M. Gibbons US Courthouse, 801 North Florida
Avenue, Tampa, Fla. to consider the adequacy of the disclosure

LEVITZ FURNITURE: Extending the Exclusive Periods
The debtors, Levitz Furniture Incorporated et al. seek a court
order extending the exclusive periods during which the debtors
may file reorganization plans and solicit acceptances for such
plans, through and including May 31, 2000 and July 31, 2000,
respectively.  The debtors assert that an extension of the
exclusive periods is necessary to permit the debtors to finalize
plan negotiations, amend the proposed plan and exit Chapter 11.

The debtors' $260 million DIP financing facility expires in June
2000.  The debtors have expended significant time and resources
negotiating the terms of amendments to the DIP facility.  AS a
result of refinancing, a sale-leaseback transaction, the bulk
sale transaction, and the sale of additional real property, the
debtors believe that they have made significant progress in the

The debtors' cases are large and complex, and for this reason
alone, the debtors believe that cause exists to extend

LIVENT: Extension of Exclusivity
Judge Arthur J. Gonzalez, entered an order on March 7, 2000
ordering that all parties must show cause why an order should not
be entered granting the debtors, Livent (US) Inc., et al. a court
order extending the exclusive periods during which the debtors
may file a plan of reorganization and solicit acceptances of plan
or plans of reorganization for each of the debtors. The current
expiration date of the period in which the debtors have the
exclusive right to file a plan is March 15, 2000.

MARTIN COLOR-FI: Order Sets Deadline For Filing Plan
By order of the US Bankruptcy Court, District of South Carolina,
the debtor shall file a plan and disclosure statement by March
24, 2000.  

NANTUCKET INDUSTRIES: Files Voluntary Petition in Chapter 11
On March 3, 2000, Nantucket Industries, Inc. filed a voluntary
petition under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code in
the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York.  
The company intends to file a Chapter 11 Plan and a Disclosure
Statement on or before July 3, 2000.

NANTUCKET INDUSTRIES: Treglia Appointed Director
At a special meeting of the board of directors, held January 18,
2000, John H. Treglia was appointed as a director of Nantucket
Industries Inc. to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of
James H. Carey, which had occurred on October 8, 1999.  Mr.
Treglia was also appointed President and Secretary of the
company. Upon the appointment of Mr. Treglia, the company's board
consisted of the following five persons, John H. Treglia,
Steven Schneider, Marc Feder, Kenneth Klein, and George J. Gold.  
The appointment of Mr. Treglia as an officer and director of the
company, was made in contemplation of the company's being
reorganized through a Chapter 11 proceeding.  The company
indicates Chapter 11 was to be undertaken because, since the fall
of 1999, the company has been insolvent and dormant without any
assets or business operations.

At a meeting of the board of directors held on February 17, 2000,
Marc Feder resigned his position as a director of the company.  
The remaining directors present at the meeting appointed Dr.
Frank J. Castanaro to fill the vacancy on the board caused by Mr.
Feder's  resignation.  Subsequent to the said meeting, two more
directors, Steven Schneider and Kenneth Klein also resigned from
the board.

PENNCORP FINANCIAL: Meeting of Creditors
A Chapter 11 bankruptcy case concerning Penncorp Financial Group,
Inc. was filed on March 31, 2000.  Attorney for the Debtor is
Thomas L. Ambro, Richards, Layton & Finger, PO Box 551, One
Rodney Square, Wilmington, DE.  A meeting of Creditors I set for
March 31, 2000 at 1:30 PM, 844 King Street, Room 2313,
Wilmington, DE.

QUANALYZE OIL: Meeting of Creditors
The debtor, Quanalyze Oil & Gas Corporation Inc. filed a chapter
11 case on March 6, 2000.  Attorney for the debtor is William R.
Davis, Jr., Jeffers & Banack, Inc., 745 Mulberry #900, San
Antonio, Texas 78212.  A meeting of creditors will be held on
April 3, 2000 at 8:30 AM in San Antonio Room 333, US Post Office
Bldg., 615 E. Houston St., San Antonio, Texas 78205.

READ-RITE: US District Court Dismisses Two Class Action Suits
Read-Rite Corporation reports that the U.S. District Court in San
Jose has dismissed the two federal class action lawsuits filed
against the Read-Rite and certain of its officers and directors.  
In one suit, covering a class of plaintiffs who purchased Read-
Rite stock during the period from April 19, 1995 through January
22, 1996, the court's order precludes the plaintiffs from
refiling their case. The other class action, covering a group of
plaintiffs who purchased Read-Rite stock during the period from
March 2, 1996 through June 2, 1996, was also dismissed, but the
court gave the plaintiffs in this case thirty (30) days to file
an amended complaint in an attempt to remedy deficiencies in
their prior pleadings.

"We are obviously delighted with the decision", said Cyril
Yansouni, chairman and chief executive officer, "We have always
believed that the company, its officers and its directors had
meritorious defenses in these actions."

Read-Rite Corporation is one of the world's leading independent
manufacturers of magnetic recording heads, head gimbal assemblies
(HGAs) and head stack assemblies (HSAs) for disk drives and tape
drives. The company is headquartered in Milpitas, California and
has operations in Japan, Thailand, the Philippines and Singapore.

ROBERDS: Seeks Authority To Assume Exclusive To Sell Real Estate
The debtor, Roberds, Inc., seeks a court order approving
assumption by the debtor of an exclusive agreement to sell
relative to the debtor's building located at 2755 Piedmont road,
Atlanta, Georgia with TC Atlanta, Inc.; and an order to sell the
premises to Clearview Properties, LP a Texas limited partnership.

The listing agreement appointed TC Atlanta as the debtor's
exclusive listing agent for a period of one year, expiring
December 31, 2000.  The listing price of the premises is $11
million.  The debtor has agreed to pay TCA a sales commission of
3% of the purchase price for a contract secured exclusively by TC

Clearview Properties, LP has indicated its intent to purchase the
premises for a price of $11.5 million.  

The debtor requests that the court enter an order approving
assumption of the Listing Agreement as an executory contract, and
authorizing the debtor to consummate the sale.

SC NEW HAVEN: Confirmation Hearing Set
The US Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware signed an
order dated February 18, 2000 approving the Disclosure Statement
for the second amended joint plan of liquidation with respect to
SC New Haven Corporation, f/k/a Starter Corporation, and its
affiliates as containing adequate information.  

A hearing will be held before the Honorable peter J. Walsh, at
the US Bankruptcy Court, 824 North Market Street, Wilmington
Delaware on March 24, 2000 at 4:00 PM or as soon thereafter as
counsel can be heard to confirm the plan.

The plan provides for the liquidation of all of the Assets
pursuant to a sale of some or all of the assets, the pursuit of
avoidance actions, the collection of outstanding accounts
receivable, tax refunds and other assets and the pursuit of other
causes of action.

Overview of Plan:
Administrative Claims  - Distribution estimate: $1.1M-$1.3M
Priority Tax Claims - Distribution estimate: $80,000 - $250,000

Class 1 - Priority Claims for Wages - Distribution Estimate 0-

Class 2 - Priority Claims for Employee Benefits - Distribution
Estimate: 0

Class 3 - Secured Claims of the Bank Group - Distribution
Estimate: $3.388M

Class 4 - Secured Claim of BankBoston With Respect to New Haven
Property - Distribution Estimate: $2.675M

Class 5 - Secured Claim of Beckerman For Subrogation -
Distribution Estimate: $1.2M to $1.6M (Estimated Recovery 10-11%)

Class 6 - Other Secured Claims - Distribution Estimate: $300,000

Class 7 - Unsecured Claims - Estimated aggregate amount of
allowed claims: $35M to$50M, estimated distributions are unknown
at this time.  The Committee has estimated recoveries under the
plan to be 0-10%

Class 8 - Subordinated Claims under Section 510(c) - 0

Class 9 - Claims Subordinated Under Section 510(b) and interests
- 0

All classes designated in the plan are impaired.

SOUTHERN MINERAL: Committee Seeks To Terminate Exclusivity
The Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors of Southern Mineral
Corporation and its debtor affiliates filed an expedited motion
to terminate the debtors' exclusive periods to file and solicit
acceptances of a plan of reorganization.  The Committee asserts
that negotiations between the parties have proved unproductive;
due to several legal infirmities, the debtors' plan cannot be
confirmed over the objection of the bondholders, who object to
the plan.  In order to provide for a mechanism to conclude the
case, the Committee states that it should be permitted to file a
plan that reduces current equity's participation to a level
commensurate with the facts of the case.

UNITED HEALTHCARE: Changes Name To UnitedHealth Group
On March 1, 2000 United HealthCare Corporation filed Articles of
Amendment with the Minnesota Secretary of State's office to
change its name from United HealthCare Corporation to
UnitedHealth Group Incorporated to be effective March 6, 2000.

UNIVERSAL SEISMIC: Second Amended Disclosure Statement
The debtors, Universal Seismic Associates, Inc. and Universal
Seismic Acquisition Inc. filed a second amended disclosure
statement and plan of reorganization.  All property of the debtor
shall vest automatically in the Liquidating Trust on the
Effective Date.  The debtor shall not operate its business post-
confirmation.  The Liquidating Trustee shall receive all cash,
and shall sell all stock, hard assets, and the assets of UNEXCO.  
The Liquidating Trustee shall pursue accounts receivable and
claims against Coopers Lybrand.

US LEATHER: Interim Order To Incur Postpetition Secured Debt
The debtor, United States Leather Inc. is seeking a court order
authorizing it to enter into certain financial arrangements with
Congress Financial Corporation.

The Debtor has prepared an interim budget setting forth the
projected requirements for funding the debtor's continued
operations during the period from the Petition Date through March
17, 2000, in the aggregate approximate amount of $11 million.  
The debtor has an immediate need for a cash and credit to pay its
operating expenses, including payroll.

The debtor states that it is in the process of evaluating its
strategic alternatives and business prospects.  USL closed
certain operations within the last thirty days; the debtor
intends to sell certain plants, machinery and equipment relating
to closed operations.  As of the petition date, the principal
amount of pre-petition indebtedness owed to Congress, exclusive
of accrued but unpaid interest, costs, fees and expenses, was not
less than $43,133,126.95, including $650,000 with respect to
certain letters of credit.


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