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         Thursday, January 20, 2000, Vol. 4, No. 14


AQUA VIE BEVERAGE: Ready To Commence New Product Line
BCE WEST: Hearing on Disclosure Statement Set For February 15
CLARIDGE HOTEL: Exclusivity Extended To February 14
EAGLE GEOPHYSICAL: Hearing on Approval of Disclosure Statement
FRUIT OF THE LOOM: Seeks More Time To File Schedules - Statements

GANTOS: Reports Bankruptcy Filing to SEC
GARDEN BOTANIKA: Reports Sales For Third Quarter
GREATE BAY: Icahn and Committee of Propose Joint Plan
KCS ENERGY: Court Sets February 25 To Review Disclosure Statement
LAMONTS APPAREL: Opens Discussions With Lenders

LIVENT: Order To Show Cause
LOEWEN: Stipulation Modifies Claims Bar Date For GECC
MEDPARTNERS PROVIDER: Extension To Assume/Reject Leases
PHYSICIAN COMPUTER: Second Amended Disclosure Statement

PLANET HOLLYWOOD: Seeks Approval of Exit Financing
PLANET HOLLYWOOD: Settlement Agreement with AEA
PLAY BY PLAY TOYS: Shareholders Report Holdings
PURINA MILLS: Files Plan and Disclosure Statement
RAYTECH: Loeb Partners and Loeb Arbitrage Purchase Stock

RAYTHEON: Yet Another Warning On Earnings; Shares Fall 20 Percent
SIRENA APPAREL: Seeks Order To Extend Terms of License Agreement
SUN HEALTHCARE: Motion For Approval of Downey Center Settlement
WESTSTAR CINEMAS: Exclusivity Extension Granted
WORLDWIDE DIRECT: Hearing To Consider Disclosure Statement


AQUA VIE BEVERAGE: Ready To Commence New Product Line
Aqua Vie Beverage Corporation (a development stage company) was
incorporated in Delaware on July 30, 1998 to serve as a vehicle
to develop, promote, and market lightly flavored, all natural,
still water beverages. As of October 31, 1999 the company had
accomplished a State of Delaware 251g business reorganization,
had completed formulation of its HYDRATOR(TM) line of beverages
comprising seven flavors, the label design for shrink-wrap
labeling of PET bottles, two test runs of product and actively
entered the market place developing distribution and marketing of
its product line. The company's fiscal year-end is July 31.

Aqua Vie's ability to commence full operations for production and
distribution of its product line will depend upon its ability to
identify and raise the capital it will require to achieve the
goals and objectives of its business venture.  The quarter ending
October 31, 1998, was entirely dedicated to the reorganization of
the company. This reorganization, into a newly formed
corporation, included the acquisition of the assets of the old
company, the identification, formal approval, and acceptance of
the old company's shareholders as shareholders in the new
company, and the establishment of an office and key management in
Ketchum, Idaho. Management determined that the shareholders of
the old company deserved to be shareholders in the new company.
This act re-established a significant equity ownership to all
shareholders who may have been eliminated because of the
involuntary bankruptcy proceedings, as well as allowed the new
company to become publicity traded.

Continuing losses dominate the company's financial reports with
the quarter ended October 31, 1999 showing net losses of $409,186
on net revenues of $13,124.  In the same quarter of 1998, the
quarter in which reorganization took pre-eminence, the company's
net losses were $247,040 on net revenues of $942.

BCE WEST: Hearing on Disclosure Statement Set For February 15
The hearing to consider the approval of the Disclosure Statement
shall be held at 1:30 PM on February 15, 2000, 10th floor, 2929
N. Central Ave., Phoenix, Arizona.

CLARIDGE HOTEL: Exclusivity Extended To February 14
Judge Judith H. Wizmur entered an order on January 10, 2000
granting the motion of the debtors to extend exclusivity.  The
debtors' exclusive time to file a plan is hereby extended to
February 14, 2000.

EAGLE GEOPHYSICAL: Hearing on Approval of Disclosure Statement
A hearing will be held on February 10, 2000 before the Honorable
Mary F. Walrath, 824 Market Street, 6th Floor, Wilmington,
Delaware, to consider the adequacy of the information contained
in the Disclosure Statement.

FRUIT OF THE LOOM: Seeks More Time To File Schedules - Statements
It will be impossible, the Debtors tell Judge Walsh, to prepare
comprehensive statements of their assets and liabilities and
statements of their financial affairs, as required by 11 U.S.C.
Sec. 521 and Rule 1007 of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy
Procedure, within 15 days following the Petition Date.  

The Debtors estimate that their internal audit to complete year-
end financial statements will be completed by the end of
February, 2000.  Within a month thereafter, the Debtors believe
that they can complete the data gathering, review and analysis
processes necessary to produce useful and reliable Schedules and

With the consent of the United States Trustee, Judge Walsh
granted an extension of the deadline to file their Schedules and
Statements through March 1, 2000.  (Fruit of the Loom Bankruptcy
News Issue 3; Bankruptcy Creditors' Service Inc.)

GANTOS: Reports Bankruptcy Filing to SEC
On December 28, 1999, Gantos, Inc. filed a voluntary
reorganization petition under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy
Code. The petitions were filed in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for
the District of Connecticut at Bridgeport. The company's
executive offices are located in Stamford, Connecticut.

Arlene Stern, Chief Executive Officer, said: "The decision to
file a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition was a difficult and painful
one. Reorganization provides the most orderly, structured means
for us to concentrate on operating our stores. The reorganization
will enable Gantos to continue in the ordinary course of its
operations, while at the same time providing senior management
with the necessary time to assess and restructure its debt in an
effort to emerge from Chapter 11 as a stronger and more
competitive retailer."

"Our goal is to make this reorganization invisible to our
customers, and to ensure that our vendors and suppliers are
reimbursed in a timely manner for all merchandise and services
provided to Gantos while it is in Chapter 11."

Stern commented: "Stores remain open and all normal customer
services and store policies, including credit card purchases and
payments, billing adjustments, merchandise returns and gift
certificates, will continue as usual."

Stern stated: "We anticipate that a creditors committee will be
appointed shortly and we will work closely with this committee
and other key creditors to reorganize and restructure the
company's obligations as quickly as possible." She continued: "We
believe that this process will enable us to focus on the future,
to preserve the operations of our stores for everyone's benefit,
and to concentrate on our primary goal of selling merchandise,
without disruption."

Gantos, Inc. is a specialty retailer of quality women's wear and
accessories. The company currently operates 117 stores in 24

GARDEN BOTANIKA: Reports Sales For Third Quarter
Net sales of Garden Botanika Inc., for the third quarter of
fiscal 1999, were $12.7 million, compared to net sales of $20.7
million for the comparable prior period, a decrease of 38%.
During the quarter ended October 30, 1999, the company incurred
net costs of $246,000 relating to its Chapter 11 bankruptcy
proceedings consisting of legal and other professional fees.  The
cmpany's net loss during the third quarter of fiscal 1999
decreased 17% to $4.8 million, from $5.8 million, during the
third quarter of fiscal 1998.

Net sales for the first nine months of fiscal 1999 were $44.1
million, compared to net sales of $63.2 million for the
comparable prior period, a decrease of 30%. The company's net
loss decreased 18% to $17.2 million during the first nine months
of fiscal 1999 from $20.9 million during the comparable period of
fiscal 1998.

GREATE BAY: Icahn and Committee of Propose Joint Plan
Carl Icahn and the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors of
Greate Bay Hotel and Casino, Inc. today filed a Joint Plan of
Reorganization which will permit the Sands Hotel and Casino to
successfully emerge from its bankruptcy proceedings.

The Plan provides for an investment of $60 million for 50% of the
equity of the reorganized casino by Cyprus LLC and Larch LLC,
each either a direct or indirect wholly owned limited liability
corporation owned by Carl C. Icahn. The Plan also provides that
the current bondholders will receive a new $110 million,
5 year, 11% note which will be secured by the same collateral
that secures the old notes and the remaining 50% of the equity.
In addition, the General Unsecured Creditors will receive a lump
sum cash payment of $4,872,000 to be paid on the effective date
of the Plan.

Eric Browndorf, counsel to the Official Committee stated "the
Official Committee as a co-proponent, enthusiastically supports
this Joint Plan and recommends that all Unsecured Creditors
support same and reject any and all other alternative plans. We
are confident that this Joint Plan will be supported
by the Debtors and confirmed by the Bankruptcy Court. It
represents the best possible resolution for all parties." Mr.
Browndorf added that "we welcome Mr. Icahn and appreciate his
commitment to the ongoing growth of Atlantic City gaming."

Mr. Browndorf continued that "this is a significant and positive
development for the Atlantic City community, the trade, and
employees of the Sands. It will ensure an extraordinary recovery
for those dedicated vendors who continue to be the foundation for
the Sands' continuing resurgence. It will also prevent undue
economic concentration and ensure that vendors and employees
retain a level playing field in the industry. Additionally, this
plan will prevent consolidation of additional casinos under the
Park Place banner and assure a competitive landscape in the
Atlantic City casino market."

Mr. Icahn stated that he is pleased to have the Committee as co-
proponent of the Joint Plan and looks forward to a quick
resolution of the pending bankruptcy case "in that our Plan
offers significantly higher returns to every constituency

KCS ENERGY: Court Sets February 25 To Review Disclosure Statement
KCS Energy, Inc. (NYSE: KCS) said today that the U.S. Bankruptcy
Court in Wilmington, Del., has signed an order granting the
company and its subsidiaries relief under Chapter 11 of the
Bankruptcy Code.  The Court has set February 25 for a hearing to
review the required disclosure statement and has also set a
tentative date of April 6 for a confirmation hearing.  KCS is
proceeding under Chapter 11 in connection with the company's
previously announced Restructuring Agreement which was approved
by more than two-thirds of the holders of the Company's 8.875%
Senior Subordinated Notes due January 15, 2008 and by more than
a majority of its 11% Senior Notes due January 15, 2003.

KCS is an independent energy company engaged in the acquisition,
exploration, development and production of natural gas and crude
oil with operations in the Mid-Continent and Gulf Coast regions.  
The Company also purchases reserves (priority rights to future
delivery of oil and gas) through its Volumetric Production
Payments (VPP) program.  For more information on KCS Energy,
Inc., please visit the Company's web site at

To receive KCS' latest news and other corporate developments via
fax at no cost, please call 1-800-PRO-INFO.  Use company code
KCS.  See also

LAMONTS APPAREL: Opens Discussions With Lenders
Lamonts Apparel, Inc., which operates 38 family apparel stores in
five Northwestern states, disclosed that it is experiencing
liquidity constraints which have prompted the company to open
discussions with its lenders.  The company stated it would
consider all options to improve liquidity, including
reorganization.   The company has experienced capital constraints
for several years, although the situation was exacerbated
recently due to weak spring and summer sales resulting from
unusually cool climatic conditions.  According to the company,
its lenders have expressed a willingness to work with it.

Lamonts has not filed its financial statements for the third

The company operates 38 family apparel stores in Alaska, Idaho,
Oregon, Utah and Washington and is well-known in the Northwest as
a retailer of such brand name apparel as Alfred Dunner, Byer of
California, Bugle Boy, Lee, Levi, Liz Claiborne, Nike, Ocean
Pacific, OshKosh, Rafaella, Sag Harbor and Woolrich.  Lamonts is
headquartered in Kirkland, Wash. in the greater Seattle area and
employs approximately 1,500 people.

LIVENT: Order To Show Cause
On January 14, 2000, The Honorable Arthur J. Gonzalez entered an
order to show cause on January 25, 2000 at 2:00 PM why an order
should not be entered granting the extension of the debtors'
exclusive periods during which the debtors may file a plan or
plans of reorganization and solicit acceptances of such plan or

LOEWEN: Stipulation Modifies Claims Bar Date For GECC
The Debtors agree that General Electric Capital Corporation has
until January 7, 2000, to file its proofs of claim.  The general
Bar Date is December 15, 1999.  GECC has already been given one
extension until December 22, 1999, but said it needed additional
time to file its proofs of claim.                    


LEAD DEBTORS: Mariner Post-Acute Network, Inc.
              Mariner Health Group, Inc.
Bankruptcy Case Nos.: 00-113 through 00-301, inclusive

Petition Date: January 18, 2000

Court:     United States Bankruptcy Court
           District of Delaware
           Marine Midland Plaza Building
           824 Market Street
           Wilmington, Delaware 19801

Judge:     The Honorable Mary F. Walrath

Circuit:   Third
Debtors' Lead Counsel:  Isaac M. Pachulski, Esq.
                        Jeffrey H. Davidson, Esq.
                        K. John Shaffer, Esq.
                        3699 Wilshire Boulevard, Ninth Floor
                        Los Angeles, California 90010
                        Telephone (213) 251-5100
                        Fax (213) 251-5288

Debtors' Local Counsel: Thomas L. Ambro, Esq.
                        Mark D. Collins, Esq.
                        RICHARDS, LAYTON & FINGER, P.A.
                        One Rodney Square
                        P.O. Box 551
                        Wilmington, DE 19899
                        Telephone (302) 658-6541
                        Fax (302) 658-6548

U.S. Trustee:  John D. "Jack" McLaughlin, Esq.
               Office of the United States Trustee
               Curtis Center, 9th Floor West
               901 Walnut Street
               Philadelphia, PA 19106
               (215) 597-4411

Reported Financial Condition as of September 30, 1999:

     Total Consolidated Assets:          $1,294,271,000

     Total Consolidated Liabilities:     $2,680,289,000

If you have an interest in the multi-billion-dollar chapter 11
reorganization undertaken by Mariner Post-Acute Network, Inc.,
Mariner Health Group, Inc., and their 187 debtor-affiliates, you
can pick-up a free copy of the first issue of MARINER BANKRUPTCY
NEWS at:

A listing of the debtors' 40 largest unsecured creditors and the
187 affiliated debtors can be found at the above referenced site.

MEDPARTNERS PROVIDER: Extension To Assume/Reject Leases
The Honorable Barry Russell entered an order on January 5, 2000,
granting the debtor an extension through and including March 8,
2000, the date by which the deb5tor must assume or reject any and
all unexpired leases of non-residential real property pursuant to
Bankruptcy Code Section 365(d)(4).

PHYSICIAN COMPUTER: Second Amended Disclosure Statement
The plan is a plan of reorganization proposed by the debtors,
Physician Computer Network, Inc., and its affiliated debtors.  
Under the plan, substantially all of the debtors' assets will be
sold to the Purchaser pursuant to the Agreement.  The proceeds of
the sale will be used to satisfy Allowed Claims of unsubordinated
creditors in full.  The debtors estimate that after payment to
unsubordinated Creditors and Preferred Stock Interests, and after
satisfaction of Administrative Expenses and P
Priority Tax Claims, payment of the Class Action Settlement, and
establishment of certain reserves for the wind-down and
liquidation of debtors, depending upon the purchase price
adjustment to be performed under the Purchase Agreement,
approximately $1 million to $3.5 million may remain for
distribution to Class 7A and 7B.  The debtors also will retain
causes of action.

Treatment of Classified Claims:

Class 1 - Priority Claims - unimpaired.

Class 2 - Allowed Bank Debt Claims of Lehman Commercial Paper
Inc., HCM Offshore Trust, Fleet, First Union Nation Bank, Societe
Generale, Bank of Montreal, Imperial Bank, Skandinaviska Enskilda
Banken AB, Summit Bank and MMHS.  The debtors expect to make
current payments of interest and fees during the case. Impaired.

Class 3 - Other secured claims - either cash payment, return of
collateral or other treatment as may be agreed upon between the
holders of the other secured claims and the debtors.  Unimpaired.

Class 4 - General Unsecured Claims - Impaired. Claims amount to
$13.5 million, the Bar Date is fixed at February 14, 2000.  
Assumed liabilities are to be paid when due.  Other claims not
assumed will be paid when allowed.  Virtually all of the Class 4
claims against the debtors constitute liabilities of PCN.

Class 5 - Preferred Stock Interests - Impaired. A number of
shares of MMC stock having a value equal to the full liquidation
preference per share of such Preferred stock, plus accrued and
unpaid dividends.  The number of shares of MMC stock to be
distributed shall be determined by the average of the closing
prices of MMC Stock on the Nasdaq exchange for the ten trading
days immediately preceding the Trigger Date, divided into the
aggregate amount then due on account of such Preferred Stock.

Class 6 - All claims of Class Action Members who will be treated
in accordance with the Stipulation of Settlement and entered into
by and among the lead plaintiff state of Wisconsin Investment
Board and other members of the class.  The settlement is for
$21,150,000  - and an assignment of 50% of any gross proceeds
from the director and officer liability policy. Impaired.  The
settlement payment is to be funded from the proceeds of a sale of
the company's assets.

Class 7A - Claims statutorily subordinated under section 510(b)
of the Bankruptcy Code.  These claims do not include the claims
of participants in the class action settlement.  Romer's claims  
are principally classified in Class 7A.  Holders of allowed
claims in Class 7A shall receive their pro rata share of the
statutorily subordinated claims percentage of the balance.

Class 7B- Equity interests - deemed canceled and of no further
force or effect as of the Effective Date.  

Class 8 -  Option claims.  No distribution under the plan.

The hearing to consider approval of the second amended disclosure
statement will be held on January 19, 2000 at 10:00 AM On January
11, 2000 the debtors filed the second amended Disclosure

PLANET HOLLYWOOD: Seeks Approval of Commitment Letter
The debtors, Planet Hollywood International Inc., et al. seek
entry of an order approving a commitment letter for a revolving
credit agreement with CIT Group/Business Credit, Inc. and
Rothschild Recovery Fund.

The facility is a revolving credit facility in an aggregate
principal amount not to exceed $15 million, subject to the
Borrowing Base.  A sub-facility not to exceed $5 for letters of
credit shall be available.

The Working Capital Facility Commitment requires a commitment fee
of $250,000 as do most exit financing commitments.

PLANET HOLLYWOOD: Settlement Agreement with AEA
Prior to the Petition Date, Planet Hollywood had an agreement
with AEA, Europe Asia International Trade and Management
Consultants, Ltd., for a franchise whereby AEA was entitled to
operate Planet Hollywood restaurants in Taipei, Bangkok, Kuala
Lumpur and Vancouver.  

The debtors and AEA have agreed to settle all claims, disputes
and causes of action with respect to Florida Litigation and the
counterclaim for the purpose of avoiding prolonged and costly
litigation.  Pursuant to the stipulation, AEA's claim shall be
allowed as a $7 million general unsecured claim against the
debtors to be paid on the Effective Date of the plan.

PLAY BY PLAY TOYS: Shareholders Report Holdings
Renaissance US Growth and Income Trust PLC of England
beneficially owns 416,667 shares of the common stock of Play By
PLay Toys & Novelties, Inc. exercising sole voting and
dispositive power over all shares held.  The 416,667 shares
represent 5.33% of the outstanding common stock of the

On July 3, 1997, Play By Play Toys and Renaissance entered into a
$2,500,000 Convertible Debenture with an 8.0% interest rate, due
June 30, 2004, convertible at $16.00 per share.  According to the
Amended Convertible Debenture and Loan Agreement, the conversion
price of the debenture was lowered to $6.00 per share effective
November 23, 1999.  Thus Renaissance owns 416,667 shares of the
company's common stock on a fully converted basis.  The
Debentures are convertible within sixty days.

The Investment Manager is Renaissance Capital Group, Inc., which
is also Investment Advisor for Renaissance Capital Growth &
Income Fund III, Inc.  Renaissance Capital Growth & Income Fund
III, Inc. also owns securities of Play By Play Toys & Novelties,

PURINA MILLS: Files Plan and Disclosure Statement
Less than three months after commencing its Chapter 11 cases,
Purina Mills, Inc. announced that it has filed its Plan of
Reorganization and Disclosure Statement with the United States
Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware. A hearing on the
adequacy of the Disclosure Statement is expected to occur in
February.  After approval of the Disclosure Statement, Purina
Mills will commence the solicitation of votes for approval of its
Plan of Reorganization.

"The Company has worked very hard over the past few months to
complete this process in a timely manner.  We have successfully
transitioned purchasing activities formerly handled by Koch
Industries back to our headquarters in St. Louis.  We continue to
work toward making Purina Mills a successful stand-alone company
at the end of this process," said Brad Kerbs, Purina Mills'
President and Chief Operating Officer.

Under the terms of the Plan of Reorganization, the equity
interest in Purina Mills' parent company, PM Holdings
Corporation, held by Koch Agriculture Company will be canceled.  
Koch Agriculture also will provide a one time $60 million
capital contribution to Purina.  Holders of the Company's Senior
Subordinated Notes, together with the holders of other allowed
general unsecured pre-petition claims, will receive new common
stock in reorganized Purina.  The plan contemplates that the new
common stock will be listed on or quoted through a national
securities exchange.

Purina Mills is America's largest producer and marketer of animal
nutrition products.  Based in St. Louis, Missouri, the Company
has 49 plants and 2500 employees nationwide.  

RAYTECH: Loeb Partners and Loeb Arbitrage Purchase Stock
Throughout October, November and December 1999, Loeb Partners
Corporation and Loeb Arbitrage Fund purchased shares of common
stock of Raytech Corporation.  The total shares of common stock
constitute 8.06% of the 3,421,395 outstanding shares of common
stock as reported by Raytech.

Loeb Partners Corporation exercises sole voting and dispositive
power over 16,546 of those shares, and shared voting and
dispositive power over 13,399 of the shares.  Therefore, the
aggregate amount beneficially owned by Loeb Partners Corporation
is 0.87%.

Loeb Arbitrage Fund exercises sole voting and dispositive power
over 245,655 of the shares.  Thus the aggregate amount
beneficially owned by Loeb Arbitrage Fund is 7.18%.

RAYTHEON: Yet Another Warning On Earnings; Shares Fall 20 Percent
Raytheon Co. is warning investors of another disappointing
quarterly earnings report.

The struggling company on Tuesday said its fourth quarter
earnings would fall short of Wall Street forecasts, marking the
second quarter in a row in which the company has taken such a

Raytheon is expecting earnings for the fourth quarter of 1999 to
be between 20 and 25 cents per share, while analysts surveyed by
First Call/Thomson Financial had been anticipating earnings of 59
cents per share.

The Lexington, Mass.-based company also lowered its full-year
earnings estimate to $1.15 to $1.20 per share, down from the
$1.40 to $1.50 per share it projected in its earnings warning
issued in October.

Raytheon said factors contributing to the fourth-quarter
shortfall included aircraft production and shipment delays, as
well as setbacks in the signing of a contract to build a radar
system for the British military.

In November, Raytheon announced plans to streamline its
management structure by eliminating its biggest division,
Raytheon Systems Co., and revising the way financial information
is shared within the company.

Raytheon's Class B stock, which hit a 52-week high of $76.56 in
July, reached a 52-week low in trading at 5:15 p.m. Tuesday on
the New York Stock Exchange as it dropped $6.37, or 26 percent,
to $19. Class A shares of Raytheon dropped $6.31 to $18, also a
52-week low. For the full year 2000, Raytheon expected earnings
to slump to $1.60 to $1.75, down from the $2.10 to $2.25 the
company said it expected in October. Raytheon blamed the future
uncertainties on a variety of problems, including slow business
in the missile and missile defense sectors.  

SIRENA APPAREL: Seeks Order To Extend Terms of License Agreement
The Debtor, The Sirena Apparel Group, Inc. seek authority to
extend terms of a license agreement with Liz Claiborne, Inc. and
L.C. Licensing Inc.

Pursuant to the Claiborne License, the debtor holds an exclusive
license to use certain Claiborne trademarks in the manufacture,
promotion, sale and distribution of women's swimwear and related
apparel.  The Claiborne License is the debtor's primary license
agreement.  The debtor estimates that approximately 25% of the
debtor's revenue on an annual basis is generated in connection
with the Claiborne License. Pursuant to the extension, the term
of the Claiborne License will expire on June 30, 2001.  The
guaranteed minimum royalty for the Extension Period shall be

SUN HEALTHCARE: Motion For Approval of Downey Center Settlement
The Debtors ask Judge Walrath to approve a settlement between
Debtor First Class Pharmacy, Inc., on the one hand, and, on the
other hand, Downey Center Corp., Orange West Care Center Corp.,
and Candlewood Care Center Corp.  First Class is suing the
defendants in California State court claiming that they owe First
Class approximately $824,000, plus interest, under various
contracts.  The proposed settlement requires Peter J.
Madigan, the president and sole director of each defendant, to
pay First Class $275,000.  Each of the defendants has ceased
operating, sold all of its assets, and is insolvent. (Sun
Healthcare Bankruptcy News Issue 9; Bankruptcy Creditors' Service

WESTSTAR CINEMAS: Exclusivity Extension Granted
Judge Joseph J. Farnan, Jr. entered an order on January 12, 2000
granting the motion of the debtor to extend the time within which
the debtors maintain the exclusive right to file a plan through
and including April 15, 2000. The court also extended the time
within which the debtors maintain the exclusive right to solicit
acceptances on any plan filed on or prior to May 15, 2000.  That
time is extended through and including June 14, 2000.

WORLDWIDE DIRECT: Hearing To Consider Disclosure Statement
On February 17, 2000, before the Honorable Mary J. Walrath, a
hearing will be held to consider whether the Disclosure Statement
contains "adequate information" within  the meaning of section
1125 of the US Bankruptcy Code.


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