CAR_Public/990225.MBX              C L A S S   A C T I O N   R E P O R T E R

            Thursday, February 25, 1999, Vol. 1, No. 15


AMERICAN BANKNOTE: Berman DeValerio Files Complaint in New York
ASBESTOS LITIGATION: Judgment Against John Crane Undisturbed
ASSISTED LIVING: Goodkind Labaton Files Complaint in Oregon
AT&T CORP.: Loses Appeal Over Cellular Billing Suit
CELL PATHWAYS: Weiss & Yourman File Complaint in [California]

CENTRAL SPRINKLER: Omega Litigation Settlement Approved
CHARLES SCHWAB: Wolf Haldenstein Files Suit in Virgin Islands
DRUG PRICING: Details Released About Price-Gouging Settlement
EASTERN ILLINOIS: Sexy Music Class Student Seeks Tuition Refund
GUN MAUFACTURERS: NAACP President Urges Joining Litigation

HOKKAIDO ELECTRIC: Court Rejects Residents' Bid to Close Reactor
HOLOCAUST VICTIMS: Deutsche Denies Compensation Fund Limitless
HOLOCAUST VICTIMS: B'nai B'rith Comments on Deutsche/BT Merger
HOLOCAUST VICTIMS: Swiss Fund to Mail Payments to US Survivors
INDIAN TRUST: Federal Judge Holds Two Cabinet Members in Contempt

LASER TECHNOLOGY: Hagens Berman Files Complaint in Colorado
LERNOUT & HAUSPIE: Pomerantz Haudek Files Suit in Massachusetts
LYCOS, INC.: Milberg Weiss Files Complaint in Massachusetts
MICROSOFT, INC.: Class Action Suits Filed in State Courts
PAN AM 73: U.S. Supreme Court Declines Further Review of Cases

PEDIATRIX MEDICAL: Abbey Gardy Files Complaint in Florida
PEDIATRIX MEDICAL: Berger & Montague File Complaint in Florida
TEXLON CORP.: Company Says SEC Has Initiated Investigation
TOBACCO LITIGATION: Three-Phase Ohio Labor Union Trial Underway
TOTAL RENAL: Spector & Roseman File Complaint in California

TOTAL RENAL: Schatz & Nobel Flies Complaint in California
TOTAL RENAL: Berger & Montague Files Complaint in California
TOTAL RENAL: Weiss & Yourman Files Complaint in [California]
TRANSCRYPT: Posts 4th Quart