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[^] Notable Class Action Settlements in 2021

                        Asbestos Litigation

ASBESTOS UPDATE: CBL & Associates Has $2.7MM Potential Liability
ASBESTOS UPDATE: Kaanapali Land Defends Personal Injury Suits


[^] Notable Class Action Settlements in 2021

  Settlement Amount   Settling Defendants
  -----------------   -------------------
  $26,000,000,000     AmerisourceBergen Corporation, Cardinal
                      Health, Inc., and McKesson Corporation

  C$8,000,000,000     Canadian Government

  $2,000,000,000      Bayer, Inc.

  $809,500,000        Twitter, Inc.

  $787,500,000        Ally Financial Inc. (Counter-defendant)

  Settlement Amount   Class Action
  -----------------   ------------
  $26,000,000,000     In re National Prescription Opiate
                      Litigation (MDL No. 2804), Case No.
                      1:17-md-2804 (N.D. Ohio)

                      First announced in July 2021,
                      AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal Health and
                      McKesson negotiated a comprehensive
                      settlement agreement which would result in
                      the settlement of a substantial majority of
                      opioid lawsuits filed by state and local
                      governmental entities.  Under the deal, the
                      three major pharmaceutical distributors
                      will be subject to more oversight and
                      accountability, including an independent
                      monitor, to prevent deliveries of opioids
                      to pharmacies where diversion and misuse
                      occur. They will be required to establish
                      and fund an independent clearinghouse to
                      track opioid distribution nationwide and
                      flag suspicious orders. The three
                      distributors would be responsible for up to
                      approximately these contributions, payable
                      over 18 years:

                      Distributor             Contribution
                      -----------             ------------
                      AmerisourceBergen           $6.4B
                      Cardinal Health             $6.4B
                      McKesson                    $7.9B
                           Total                 $20.7B

                      Separately, Johnson & Johnson reached a
                      deal to resolve legal claims over its role
                      in the crisis for $5 billion in payments
                      over 18 years.  Of the total amount,
                      $23.9 billion will be available for opioid
                      abatement and significant amounts front
                      loaded. Funding will be distributed to
                      states according to the allocation
                      agreement reached among the Attorneys
                      General. Subdivisions can only participate
                      in the agreement if their state

                      Judge: The Honorable Dan Aaron Polster

                      Attorney(s) General:

                         Ashley Moody
                         Attorney General
                         State of Florida
                         The Capitol, PL-01
                         Tallahassee, FL 32399

                              - and -

                         Josh Stein
                         Attorney General
                         North Carolina Department of Justice
                         Attn: Daniel Mosteller
                         PO Box 629
                         Raleigh, NC 27602
                         E-mail: dmosteller@ncdoj.gov

                      Plaintiffs' Executive Committee:

                         Paul T. Farrell, Jr., Esq.
                         FARRELL & FULLER, LLC
                         1311 Ponce de Leon Ave., Suite 202
                         San Juan, Puerto Rico 00907
                         E-mail: paul@farrellfuller.com

                              - and -

                         Jayne Conroy, Esq.
                         SIMMONS HANLY CONROY LLC
                         112 Madison Avenue, 7th Floor
                         New York, NY 10016-7416
                         E-mail: jconroy@simmonsfirm.com

                              - and -

                         Joseph F. Rice, Esq.
                         MOTLEY RICE LLC
                         28 Bridgeside Blvd.
                         Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
                         E-mail: jrice@motleyrice.com

                              - and -

                         Peter Mougey, Esq.
                         LEVIN PAPANTONIO RAFFERTY
                         316 South Baylen St.
                         Pensacola, FL 32502
                         E-mail: pmougey@levinlaw.com

                              - and -

                         Paul J. Geller, Esq.
                         ROBBINS FELLER RUDMAN & DOWD LLP
                         120 East Palmetto Park Road
                         Boca Raton, FL 33432
                         E-mail: pgeller@rgrdlaw.com

                      Counsel for AmerisourceBergen Corporation:

                         Michael T. Reynolds, Esq.
                         CRAVATH, SWAINE & MOORE
                         825 Eighth Avenue
                         New York, NY 10019
                         E-mail: mreynolds@cravath.com

                      Counsel for Cardinal Health, Inc.:

                         Jeffrey M. Wintner, Esq.
                         Elaine P. Golin, Esq.
                         JB Kelly, Esq.
                         WACHTELL, LIPTON, ROSEN & KATZ
                         51 West 52nd Street
                         New York, NY 10019
                         E-mail: jmwintner@wlrk.com

                      Counsel to McKesson Corporation:

                         Thomas J. Perrelli, Esq.
                         JENNER & BLOCK LLP
                         1099 New York Ave., NW, Suite 900
                         Washington, D.C. 20001
                         E-mail: tperrelli@jenner.com

                      Counsel for Johnson & Johnson, Janssen
                      Pharmaceuticals, Inc., OrthoMcNeil-Janssen
                      Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and Janssen
                      Pharmaceutica, Inc.:

                         Charles C. Lifland, Esq.
                         Daniel R. Suvor, Esq.
                         O'MELVENY & MYERS LLP
                         400 South Hope Street, 18th Floor
                         Los Angeles, CA 90071
                         E-mail: clifland@omm.com

                     On the Web:


  Settlement Amount   Class Action
  -----------------   ------------
  C$8,000,000,000     Tataskweyak Cree Nation et al. v. Canada
  (~US$6,400,000,000) (A.G.), CI 19-01-24661, Federal Court of
                      Canada; and Curve Lake First Nation et al.
                      v. Canada (A.G.), T-1673-19, Manitoba Court
                      of Queen's Bench

                      Reached in September 2021, the settlement
                      earmarks C$1.8 billion to compensate
                      members of First Nations that were subject
                      to a drinking water advisory (i.e., boil
                      water, do not consume or do not use) that
                      lasted at least one year between November
                      20, 1995, and June 20, 2021.  The
                      settlement commits C$6 billion for the
                      construction and maintenance of safe water
                      infrastructure in communities across

                      Judge [Federal Court]: The Honourable
                         Mr. Justice Paul Favel

                      Judge [Queen's Bench]: The Honourable
                         Chief Justice Glenn D. Joyal

                      Class Counsel:

                         John P. Brown, Esq.
                         Eric S. Block, Esq.
                         H. Michael Rosenberg, Esq.
                         Stephanie Willsey, Esq.
                         MCCARTHY TETRAULT LLP
                         66 Wellington Street West, Suite 5300
                         TD Bank Tower Box 48
                         Toronto, ON M5K 1E6
                         Tel: (416) 601-7831
                         Fax: (416) 868-0673
                         E-mail: jbrown@mccarthy.ca

                              - and -

                         The Honourable Harry S. LaForme, Esq.
                         Bryce Edwards, Esq.
                         Kevin Hille, Esq.
                         OLTHUIS KLEER TOWNSHEND LLP
                         250 University Avenue, 8th Floor
                         Toronto ON M5H 3E5
                         Tel: (416) 981-9330
                         Fax: (416) 981-9350
                         E-mail: hlaforme@oktlaw.com

                      Settlement Trustee: Bank of Nova Scotia

                      Settlement Auditor:
                         PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

                      Claims Administrator:

                         Eric Khan
                         CA2, Inc.
                         9 Prince Arthur Avenue
                         Toronto, ON M5R 1B2
                         T: 1(800) 538-0009

                      On the Web:


  Settlement Amount   Class Action
  -----------------   ------------
  $2,000,000,000      In re Roundup Products Liability Litigation
                      (MDL No. 2741), Case No. 3:16-md-02741
                      (N.D. Cal.), relating to Ramirez, et al. v.
                      Monsanto Co., Case No. 3:19-cv-02224

                      On February 3, 2021, Bayer announced a
                      formal agreement with plaintiffs' class
                      counsel on a class plan designed to manage
                      and resolve future Roundup(TM) cases.
                      Elements of the revised plan include the
                      establishment of a fund to compensate
                      qualified claimants during an initial four-
                      year program, an advisory science panel
                      whose findings would not be preclusive but
                      can be used as evidence in potential future
                      litigation involving class members, and a
                      robust notice program. The plan also
                      includes research and diagnostic programs
                      that were part of the original class
                      agreement.  Qualifying class members over
                      the next four years will be eligible for
                      levels of compensatory awards based on
                      guidelines set forth in the agreement.

                      On May 26, 2021, the Court thumbed down the
                      motion for preliminary approval of the
                      settlement, saying the deal "would
                      accomplish far less for the Roundup users
                      who have not been diagnosed with [Non-
                      Hodgkin's Lymphoma] -- and not nearly as
                      much as the attorneys pushing this deal
                      contend." See https://bit.ly/3rsmJbA

                      Following the court decision, Bayer
                      announced a five-point plan intended to
                      provide a clear path to closure of the U.S.
                      glyphosate litigation.  Under this plan,
                      Bayer will seek positive ruling from the
                      U.S. Supreme Court; activate a claims
                      program to manage future cases; continue to
                      manage current cases; introduce new U.S.
                      Lawn & Garden formulations; and promote new
                      safety study webpage.

                      Judge: The Honorable Vince Chhabria

                      Counsel for Plaintiffs and the Proposed

                         Robert L. Lieff, Esq.
                         Elizabeth J. Cabraser, Esq.
                         Kevin R. Budner, Esq.
                         LIEFF CABRASER HEIMANN & BERNSTEIN, LLP
                         275 Battery Street, 29th Floor
                         San Francisco, CA 94111-3339
                         Tel: (415) 956-1000
                         Fax: (415) 956-1008
                         E-mail: rlieff@lchb.com

                              - and -

                         Steven E. Fineman, Esq.
                         Wendy R. Fleishman, Esq.
                         Rhea Ghosh, Esq.
                         LIEFF CABRASER HEIMANN & BERNSTEIN, LLP
                         250 Hudson Street, 8th Floor
                         New York, NY 10013
                         Tel: (212) 355-9500
                         E-mail: sfineman@lchb.com

                              - and -

                         Andrew R. Kaufman
                         LIEFF CABRASER HEIMANN & BERNSTEIN, LLP
                         222 2nd Avenue South, Suite 1640
                         Nashville, TN 37201
                         Tel: (615) 313-9000
                         E-mail: akaufman@lchb.com

                      Proposed Subclass 2 Counsel:

                         Elizabeth A. Fegan, Esq.
                         FEGAN SCOTT LLC
                         150 S. Wacker Dr., 24th Floor
                         Chicago, IL 60606
                         Tel: (312) 741-1019
                         E-mail: beth@feganscott.com

                              - and -

                         Melissa Ryan Clark, Esq.
                         FEGAN SCOTT LLC
                         140 Broadway, 46th Floor
                         New York, NY 10005
                         Tel: (347) 353-1150
                         E-mail: melissa@feganscott.com

                      Proposed Subclass 2 Counsel:

                         James R. Dugan, II, Esq.
                         TerriAnne Benedetto, Esq.
                         David S. Scalia, Esq.
                         THE DUGAN LAW FIRM, APLC
                         One Canal Place
                         365 Canal Street, Suite 1000
                         New Orleans, LA 70130
                         Tel: (504) 648-0180
                         E-mail: jdugan@dugan-lawfirm.com
                      Proposed Subclass 1 Counsel:

                         William M. Audet, Esq.
                         Ling Y. Kuang, Esq.
                         AUDET & PARTNERS, LLP
                         711 Van Ness, Suite 500
                         San Francisco, CA 94102-3229
                         Tel: (415) 568-2555
                         E-mail: waudet@audetlaw.com

                              - and -

                         Samuel Issacharoff, Esq.
                         40 Washington Square South, Suite 411J
                         New York, NY 10012
                         Tel: (212) 998-6580
                         E-mail: si13@nyu.edu

                      Counsel for Defendant Monsanto Company:

                         William Hoffman, Esq.
                         David Weiner, Esq.
                         Ashley Burkett, Esq.
                         ARNOLD & PORTER KAYE SCHOLER LLP
                         601 Massachusetts Ave., NW
                         Washington, DC 20001
                         Tel: (202) 942-5000
                         E-mail: william.hoffman@arnoldporter.com

                      Counsel to Bayer AG:

                         Thomas G. Sprankling, Esq.
                         WILMER CUTLER PICKERING
                            HALE AND DORR LLP
                         2600 El Camino Real, Suite 400
                         Palo Alto, CA 94306
                         E-mail: thomas.sprankling@wilmerhale.com

                              - and -

                         Seth P. Waxman, Esq.
                         Daniel S. Volchok, Esq.
                         Samuel M. Strongin, Esq.
                         WILMER CUTLER PICKERING
                            HALE AND DORR LLP
                         1875 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.
                         Washington, D.C. 20006
                         Tel: (202) 663-6000
                         E-mail: seth.waxman@wilmerhale.com

                      Claims Administrator:

                         VERUS, LLC
                         3967 Princeton Pike
                         Princeton, NJ 08540
                         Tel: (888) 681-1129
                         Fax: (609) 466-1449

  Settlement Amount   Class Action
  -----------------   ------------
  $809,500,000        In re Twitter, Inc. Securities Litigation,
                      No. 3:16-cv-05314-JST (N.D. Cal.)

                      Announced on September 20, 2021, Twitter,
                      Inc., agreed to settle a securities fraud
                      class action on the eve of a federal jury
                      trial in Oakland. Lead plaintiffs National
                      Elevator Industry Pension Fund and KBC
                      Asset Management NV allege Twitter
                      committed securities fraud by concealing
                      stagnant user growth and declining user
                      engagement from investors, causing its
                      stock to trade at artificially inflated
                      levels. The suit alleged that, when the
                      truth was revealed, Twitter's stock price
                      dropped by 20%. No party has admitted
                      wrongdoing or liability as part of the

                      Judge: The Honorable Jon S. Tigar

                      Co-Class Counsel for the Class:

                         Daniel S. Drosman, Esq.
                         Scott H. Saham, Esq.
                         Nathan R. Lindell, Esq.
                         Susannah R. Conn, Esq.
                         Christopher R. Kinnon, Esq.
                         Heather G. Schlesier, Esq.
                         ROBBINS GELLER RUDMAN & DOWD LLP
                         655 West Broadway, Suite 1900
                         San Diego, CA 92101-8498
                         Tel: (619) 231-1058
                         Fax: (619) 231-7423
                         E-mail: dand@rgrdlaw.com

                              - and -

                         Gregg S. Levin, Esq.
                         Meghan S.B. Oliver, Esq.
                         Max N. Gruetzmacher, Esq.
                         Christopher F. Moriarty, Esq.
                         Meredith M. Weatherby, Esq.
                         MOTLEY RICE LLC
                         28 Bridgeside Blvd.
                         Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
                         Tel: (843) 216-9000
                         Fax: (843) 216-9450
                         E-mail: glevin@motleyrice.com

                      Liaison Counsel:

                         Lesley E. Weaver, Esq.
                         BLEICHMAR FONTI & AULD LLP
                         555 12th Street, Suite 1600
                         Oakland, CA 94607
                         Tel: (415) 445-4003
                         Fax: (415) 445-4020
                         E-mail: lweaver@bfalaw.com

                      Attorneys for Defendant Twitter, Inc.:

                         Stephen C. Neal, Esq.
                         John C. Dwyer, Esq.
                         Jessica Valenzuela Santamaria, Esq.
                         Brett De Jarnette, Esq.
                         COOLEY LLP
                         3175 Hanover Street
                         Palo Alto, CA 94304-1130
                         Tel: (650) 843-5000
                         Fax: (650) 849-7400
                         E-mail: nealsc@cooley.com

                      Claims Administrator:

                         EPIQ CLASS ACTION & CLAIMS
                            SOLUTIONS, INC.
                         10300 Southwest Allen Blvd.
                         Beaverton, OR 97005
                         Tel: (503) 350-5800

                      On the Web:


  Settlement Amount   Class Action
  -----------------   ------------
  $787,500,000        Ally Financial Inc. v. Haskins, Case No.
                      16JE-AC01713-01, In The Twenty Third
                      Judicial Circuit Court, Jefferson County,

                      In March 2021, the parties executed and
                      filed a class-action settlement agreement
                      and release that includes provisions for a
                      cash payment of $87.5 million by Ally, a
                      waiver of $700 million in charged-off
                      deficiency balances by Ally, a request by
                      Ally that identified consumer reporting
                      agencies delete specified trade lines, and
                      a release by the nationwide and Missouri
                      classes of related claims against Ally.

                      Ally commenced the lawsuit in March 2016
                      against two buyers of a motor vehicle to
                      collect the deficiency that remained due
                      under the retail installment sales contract
                      after the buyers had defaulted and the
                      vehicle had been repossessed and disposed
                      of.  In March 2017, the buyers filed a
                      second amended answer and counterclaim on
                      behalf of nationwide and Missouri classes,
                      arguing that Ally's pre- and post-
                      disposition notices had violated Article 9
                      of the Uniform Commercial Code as adopted
                      in each State and other applicable

                      Counsel to Defendants and Class:

                         Martin L. Daesch, Esq.
                         Jesse B. Rochman, Esq.
                         THE ONDER LAW FIRM
                         110 E. Lockwood Ave.
                         St. Louis, MO 63119
                         Tel: (314) 963-9000
                         Fax: (314) 963-1700
                         E-mail: daesch@onderlaw.com

                      Counsel to Ally:

                         Todd W. Ruskamp, Esq.
                         SHOOK, HARDY & BACON L.L.P.
                         2555 Grand Blvd.
                         Kansas City, MO 64108
                         Tel: (816) 559-2319
                         Fax: (816) 421-5547
                         E-mail: truskamp@shb.com

                      Claims Administrator:

                         FIRST CLASS, INC.
                         5410 W Roosevelt Rd Suite 222
                         Chicago, IL 60644-1490
                         Tel: (773) 378-1009
                         Fax: (773) 378-1018

                      On the Web:


                        Asbestos Litigation

ASBESTOS UPDATE: CBL & Associates Has $2.7MM Potential Liability
CBL & Associates Properties, Inc., as of December 31, 2021, has
recorded in its consolidated financial statements a liability of
$2.7 million related to potential future asbestos abatement
activities at its Properties which are not expected to have a
material impact on its financial condition or results of
operations, according to the Company's Form 10-K filing with the
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Company states, "We believe that our Properties are in
compliance in all material respects with all federal, state and
local ordinances and regulations regarding the handling, discharge
and emission of hazardous or toxic substances. We have not been
notified by any governmental authority, and are not otherwise
aware, of any material noncompliance, liability or claim relating
to hazardous or toxic substances in connection with any of our
present or former Properties. Therefore, we have not recorded any
liability related to hazardous or toxic substances. Nevertheless,
it is possible that the environmental assessments available to us
do not reveal all potential environmental liabilities. It is also
possible that subsequent investigations will identify material
contamination, that adverse environmental conditions have arisen
subsequent to the performance of the environmental assessments, or
that there are material environmental liabilities of which
management is unaware. Moreover, no assurances can be given that
(i) future laws, ordinances or regulations will not impose any
material environmental liability or (ii) the current environmental
condition of the Properties has not been or will not be affected by
tenants and occupants of the Properties, by the condition of
properties in the vicinity of the Properties or by third parties
unrelated to us, the Operating Partnership or the relevant
Property's partnership."

A full-text copy of the Form 10-K is available at

ASBESTOS UPDATE: Kaanapali Land Defends Personal Injury Suits
Kaanapali Land, LLC, as successor by merger to other entities, and
D/C Distribution Corporation (D/C) have been named as defendants in
personal injury actions allegedly based on exposure to asbestos,
according to the Company's Form 10-K filing with the U.S.
Securities and Exchange Commission.

Cases against Kaanapali Land are allegedly based on its prior
business operations in Hawaii and cases against D/C are allegedly
based on sale of asbestos-containing products by D/C's prior
distribution business operations primarily in California. The
Company has recognized loss contingencies related to these claims.
Predicting the outcome of such claims and estimating the costs and
exposure requires the Company to make estimates, assumptions, and
judgments that could result in actual costs to be materially
different from such estimates.

A full-text copy of the Form 10-K is available at


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