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[*] Most Active Class Action Plaintiff Law Firms - 2020


[*] Most Active Class Action Plaintiff Law Firms - 2020
The Class Action Reporter is pleased to provide our subscribers the
following list of law firms that we have identified as the 15 most
active class action law firms during 2020.

Data for this year's edition were obtained from PacerMonitor.com
and other news sources.

This list is the product of and copyrighted by Beard Group, Inc.,
and no reproduction or further use of this list is permitted
without the prior written consent of Beard Group, Inc.


          Stein Saks, PLLC launched at least 366 lawsuits this
          year alleging violation of the Americans with
          Disabilities Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, the
          Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and the
          Telephone Consumer Protection Act.  Some of those
          lawsuits were against Candywarehouse.com Inc.; Peek A
          Boo USA; Transunion LLC; Discover Bank; EOS CCA d/b/a
          Collecto Inc.; GC Services Limited Partnership;
          Experian Information Solutions Inc.; Firstsource
          Advantage LLC; Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC;
          Admiral Sportswear LLC; Brilliance New York LLC;
          Globalrose.com LLC; and Fisher & Paykel Appliances USA
          Holdings Inc.

          Stein Saks is based in Hackensack, N.J.

          On the Web: http://steinsakslegal.com/


          Yaakov Saks, Esq.
          Judah Stein, Esq.
          Raphael Deutsch, Esq.
          Kenneth Willard, Esq.
          285 Passaic Street
          Hackensack NJ 07601
          Telephone: (201) 282-6500
          Facsimile: (201) 282-6501
          E-mail: ysaks@steinsakslegal.com


          Cohen & Mizrahi LLP takes the next spot this year,
          after commencing at least 256 complaints seeking class
          action status.  Most of the lawsuits allege violations
          of the American Disabilities Act.  Target entities
          included Equifax Information Services; Transunion LLC;
          Aargon Agency Inc.; Experian Information Solutions
          Inc.; Tomales Bay Foods Inc.; Standard Sales Inc.;
          Sakar International Inc.; Ricoh Imaging Americas
          Corporation; Harland Clarke Corp.; Colgate-Palmolive
          Company; Great Lakes Potato Chip Company LLC; Phoenix
          Financial Services LLC; and Santander Consumer USA Inc.

          Cohen & Mizrahi is based in Brooklyn.

          On the Web: https://www.cml.legal/


          Daniel C. Cohen, Esq.
          Joseph H. Mizrahi, Esq.
          COHEN & MIZRAHI, LLP
          300 Cadman Plaza West, 12th Floor
          Brooklyn, NY 11201
          Telephone: (929) 575-4175
          E-mail: Daniel@cml.legal


          The Law Offices of Todd M. Friedman, P.C. represented
          plaintiffs in at least 226 complaints filed this year
          seeking class action status.  The firm specializes in
          employment law, lemon law and consumer rights.  Target
          entities this year included First Union Lending; Direct
          Listings LLC; Commercial Finance and Leasing Bank of
          Cardiff Inc.; Secure One Capital Corporation; Fifth
          Third Bank; Toyota Motor Credit Corp.; Best Service Co.
          Inc.; Scenario Cockram USA Inc.; Tidewater Finance
          Company; and Credence Resource Management LLC.

          The firm is based in Beverly Hills, Calif., with
          offices in Santa Ana and Woodland Hills in Calif.;
          King of Prussia, Pa.; Northbrook, Ill.; and Cleveland,

          On the Web: http://www.toddflaw.com/


          Todd M. Friedman, Esq.
          Meghan E. George, Esq.
          Adrian R. Bacon, Esq.
          Tom E. Wheeler, Esq.
          21550 Oxnard St., Suite 780
          Woodland Hills, CA 91367
          Telephone: (877) 206 4741
          Facsimile: (866) 633 0228
          E-mail: tfriedman@toddflaw.com


          Michael Faillace & Associates represented plaintiffs in
          at least 210 class action lawsuits alleging violation
          of the Fair Labor Standards Act and various state labor
          laws.  Defendant companies include Flor de Mayo Inc.;
          JJ's Asian Fusion Inc.; La Casa Bonita Corp.; Gramercy
          Surgery Center Inc.; Thai Villa; P.J. Clarke's at
          Lincoln Center LLC; Primos Live Poultry Inc.; and
          Village in Times Square LLC.

          The firm is based in Manhattan.

          On the Web: http://www.faillacelaw.com/


          Michael Faillace, Esq.
          60 E 42nd St. 4510
          New York, NY 10165
          Telephone: (212) 317-1200
          E-mail: Michael@faillacelaw.com


          Bursor & Fisher launched at least 201 class
          action complaints this year seeking damages over
          failure to refund fees after schools and businesses
          were closed amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and over
          alleged wiretapping of web site visitors.  The firm
          also sued pharmaceutical companies over toxic
          ingredients in medicines.  Target companies include
          KeyBank; Boston University; Lorex Corporation; New York
          University; Carnegie Mellon University; Biolife Energy
          Systems Solutions Inc.; Carnival Corp.; AARP Inc. et
          al.; WW International Inc.; Golden Entertainment (NV)
          Inc.; General Motors Company; TikTok Inc.; Vail
          Corporation; PupBox Inc.; and CV Sciences Inc.

          The firm is based in Miami with offices in New York and

          On the Web: https://www.bursor.com/

          Scott A. Bursor, Esq.
          BURSOR & FISHER, P.A.
          2665 S. Bayshore Dr., Ste. 220
          Miami, FL 33133-5402
          Telephone: (305)330-5512
          Facsimile: (212)989-9163
          Email: scott@bursor.com

               - and -

          L. Timothy Fisher, Esq.
          BURSOR & FISHER, P.A.
          1990 North California Blvd., Suite 940
          Walnut Creek, CA 94596
          Telephone: (925) 300-4455
          Facsimile: (925) 407-2700
          E-Mail: ltfisher@bursor.com


          At least 187 lawsuits were launched by Barshay Sanders,
          alleging violations of the Fair Debt Collection
          Practices Act.  Target companies were mostly debt
          collection agencies including Transworld Systems, Inc.;
          Professional Claims Bureau, Inc.; I.C. System, Inc.;
          Affiliate Asset Solutions, LLC; D & A Services, LLC;
          Terrill Outsourcing Group, LLP; Client Services, Inc.;
          Stephen Einstein & Associates, P.C.; and Simon's
          Agency, Inc.

          Barshay Sanders is based in Garden City, N.Y.

          On the Web: https://barshaysanders.com/


          David Michael Barshay, Esq.
          Craig B. Sanders, Esq.
          100 Garden City Plaza, Suite 500
          Garden City, NY 11530
          Telephone: (516) 203-7600
          Facsimile: (516) 706-5055
          E-mail: dbarshay@bakersanders.com


          Gottlieb & Associates this year commenced at least
          137 lawsuits over alleged violations of the
          Americans with Disabilities Act.  Defendants include
          LMND Medical Group Inc.; Nutrawise; Redwood Wellness
          LLC; Strivectin Operating Company Inc.; Ornament Shop
          Inc.; Andy & Evan Industries Inc.; Bernardo Fashions
          LLC; Posh Bow Peep LLC; Spyder Active Sports Inc.;
          Ricardo Beverly Hills Inc.; Argon Technologies Inc.;
          Cascade Mountain Technologies LLC; and Kidkraft Inc.

          Gottlieb & Associates is based in Manhattan.

          On the Web: https://www.gottlieblaw.net/


          Jeffrey M. Gottlieb, Esq.
          Dana L. Gottlieb, Esq.
          150 East 18th Street, Suite PHR
          New York, NY 10003
          Telephone: (212) 228-9795
          Facsimile: (212) 982-6284
          E-mail: nyjg@aol.com


          Rigrodsky & Long P.A. launched at least 136 class
          action complaints over alleged violations of federal
          securities laws, including challenging merger and
          acquisition transactions.  The defendant companies
          include Front Yard Residential Corporation; Centerstate
          Bank Corporation; Legg Mason, Inc.; Neon Therapeutics,
          Inc.; The Meet Group, Inc.; EQM Midstream Partners, LP;
          Adesto Technologies Corporation; Resolute Energy
          Corporation; Gilead Sciences, Inc.; TD Ameritrade
          Holding Corporation; The Charles Schwab Corporation;
          Roan Resources, Inc.; Primo Water Corporation; Wright
          Medical Group N.V.; Diplomat Pharmacy, Inc.; and
          Iberiabank Corporation.

          Based in Wilmington, Del., Rigrodsky & Long has offices
          in Garden City, New York; and Palm Springs, Calif.

          On the Web: https://www.rigrodskylong.com/


          Gina M. Serra, Esq.
          Seth D. Rigrodsky, Esq.
          Brian D. Long, Esq.
          RIGRODSKY & LONG, P.A.
          300 Delaware Avenue, Suite 1220
          Wilmington, DE 19801
          Telephone: (302) 295-5310
          Facsimile: (302) 654-7530
          Email: sdr@rl-legal.com


          Pomerantz LLP filed at least 134 class action lawsuits
          this year.  Most of the lawsuits allege violations of
          securities and antitrust laws.  The target companies
          range from Jumei International Holding Limited; HDFC
          Bank Limited; Zosano Pharma Corporation; Qutoutiao
          Inc.; General Motors LLC; Kingold Jewelry Inc.; Zoom
          Video Communications Inc.; Baidu Inc.; Evolus Inc.;
          iAnthus Capital Holdings Inc.; Wrap Technologies Inc.;
          JPMorgan Chase & Co.; and Cronos Group Inc.

          Pomerantz is headquartered in New York, with offices in
          Chicago, Los Angeles and Paris.

          On the Web: http://pomerantzlawfirm.com/


          Jeremy A. Lieberman, Esq.
          600 Third Avenue
          New York, NY 10016
          Telephone: (212) 661-1100
          Facsimile: (917) 463-1044
          E-mail: jalieberman@pomlaw.com

               - and -

          Patrick V. Dahlstrom, Esq.
          10 South La Salle Street, Suite 3505
          Chicago, IL 60603
          Telephone: (312) 377-1181
          Facsimile: (312) 377-1184
          E-mail:  pdahlstrom@pomlaw.com


          Ademi & O'Reilly became involved in at least 132 class
          action lawsuits this year, alleging violations of
          of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the
          Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and the Fair Credit
          Reporting Act and over consumer data theft.  The
          defendant companies include WAWA Inc.; Midland Credit
          Management Inc.; Debt Resolution Direct LLC; JP Morgan
          Chase Bank NA; Amcol Systems Inc.; Lands' End Inc.;
          Credit Adjustments, Inc.; Nationwide Recovery Systems,
          Ltd.; Client Services, Inc.; Convergent Outsourcing
          Inc.; Regional Finance Corporation of Wisconsin, d/b/a
          Regional Finance; Liberty Mutual Insurance Company;
          Erie Indemnity Company; and Enhanced Recovery Company.

          Ademi & O'Reilly is based in Cudahy, Wisconsin.

          On the Web: http://www.ademilaw.com/


          Ben James Slatky, Esq.
          Jesse Fruchter, Esq.
          John D. Blythin, Esq.
          Mark Andrew Eldridge, Esq.
          Shpetim Ademi, Esq.
          ADEMI & O'REILLY, LLP
          3620 E. Layton Avenue
          Cudahy, WI 53110
          Telephone: (414) 482-8000
          Facsimile: (414) 482-8001
          E-mail: bslatky@ademilaw.com


          Glancy Prongay & Murray represented plaintiffs in at
          least 129 class action lawsuits alleging violation
          of securities laws and over data theft.  Target
          companies include Tandy Leather Factory, Inc.;
          Bytedance, Inc. and Tiktok, Inc.; Azz Inc.; Baxter
          International, Inc.; Trulieve Cannabis Corp.; Forescout
          Technologies, Inc.; Tether Holdings Limited; 500.com
          Limited; Exelon Corporation; Yunji Inc.; Alpha and
          Omega Semiconductor Limited; Armstrong Flooring, Inc.;
          Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.; Barnes & Noble College
          Booksellers; Cengage Learning, Inc.; Follett Higher
          Education Group; McGrawhill LLC; Pearson Education,
          Inc.; and ConAgra Brands, Inc.; and ProAssurance

          The firm has offices in Los Angeles and Berkeley,
          Calif.; and Manhattan.

          On the Web: https://www.glancylaw.com/


          Lionel Z. Glancy, Esq.
          Robert Vincent Prongay, Esq.
          1925 Century Park East Suite 2100
          Los Angeles, CA 90067
          Telephone: (310) 201-9150
          Facsimile: (310) 201-9160
          E-mail: lglancy@glancylaw.com


          Morgan & Morgan launched at least 128 complaints
          seeking class action status.  The cases filed this year
          assert business interruption claims, data breach
          breach, and violations of the Fair Credit Reporting
          Act.  Target companies include DB Insurance Company
          LTD; Ambry Genetics Corp.; Valencia College; Experian
          Information Solutions Inc.; State Farm Fire and
          Casualty Company; AMF Bowling Centers Inc.;
          Ancestry.com Inc.; World Wrestling Entertainment
          Inc.; Pei Wei Asian Diner LLC; Chipotle Mexican Grill
          of Colorado LLC; Warner Music Group Corp.; Wal-Mart
          Stores East LP (Delaware); Merck & Co. Inc.; Delta Air
          Lines Inc.; Trans Union LLC; WAWA Inc.; Salesforce.com;
          Ring LLC; and Tupperware Brands Corporation.

          Morgan & Morgan is based in Orlando, Fla., with
          locations in 16 states.

          On the Web: https://www.forthepeople.com/


          John B. Morgan, Esq.
          Ultima Morgan, Esq.
          MORGAN & MORGAN
          20 North Orange Ave, Suite 1600
          Orlando, FL 32801
          Telephone: (407) 420-1414
          E-mail: jmorgan@forthepeople.com


          At least 124 lawsuits were filed by Carlson Lynch this
          year seeking, among others, damages for data breach,
          violation of the American with Disabilities Act, denial
          of insurance coverage over COVID-19 pandemic-related
          losses, and refusal to refund fees as a result of
          business or school closure due to the pandemic.
          Defendants include Drizly LLC; Cincinnati Insurance
          Company; Deloitte Consulting LLP; Tracfone Wireless
          Inc.; Hy-Vee Inc.; Vail Resorts Inc.; Grand Canyon
          University; Wawa Inc.; Ring LLC; TikTok Inc.; Digital
          Media Academy Corp.; Hartford Financial Services Group
          Inc.; Kohl's Corporation; J. M. Smucker Company;
          Intercontinental Hotels Group Resources LLC; Uber
          Technologies Inc.; Carnegie Mellon University; Viagogo
          Entertainment Inc.; Premier Nutrition Company LLC; and
          Facefirst Inc.

          Based in Pittsburgh, Pa., the firm has offices in
          Conshohocken and New Castle, Pa.; Los Angeles; San
          Diego; and Chicago.

          On the Web: https://carlsonlynch.com/


          Bruce Carlson, Esq.
          Gary F. Lynch, Esq.
          1133 Penn Avenue, 5th Floor
          Pittsburgh, PA 15222
          Telephone: (412) 322-9243
          Email: bcarlson@carlsonlynch.com


          At least 123 lawsuits were filed by Rosen Law Firm this
          year over alleged violation of securities and antitrust
          laws.  Defendants include Coty, Inc.; Westpac Banking
          Corporation Securities; CytomX Therapeutics, Inc.;
          Zillow Group Inc.; iQIYI, Inc.; NMC Health Plc; Wells
          Fargo & Company; China Auto Logistics, Inc.; Liberty
          Oilfield Services, Inc.; Tilray, Inc.; Hanmi Financial
          Corporation; Akazoo S.A.; and Tupperware Brands.

          Based in Manhattan in New York, the firm has offices
          in Los Angeles, Jenkintown, Pa., and Newark, N.J.

          On the Web: https://www.rosenlegal.com/


          Laurence M. Rosen, Esq.
          Phillip C. Kim, Esq.
          THE ROSEN LAW FIRM, P.A.
          275 Madison Ave., 34th Floor
          New York, NY 10016
          Telephone: (212) 686-1060
          Facsimile: (212) 202-3827
          E-mail: lrosen@rosenlegal.com


          At least 104 lawsuits seeking class status were filed
          by Shaked Law Firm mostly alleging violation of the
          Americans with Disabilities Act.  Defendants include
          Discount Divas; Maple Media, LLC; RiseAndShine
          Corporation; Crooked Media, Inc.; Birddogs Inc.;
          Spice House, LLC; Andie, Co.; CreativeLive, Inc.;
          Boomer Holdings Inc.; TheMaven, Inc.; San Diego Hat
          Company; and Beauty Biosciences LLC.

          Shaked Law Firm is based in Brooklyn, New York.

          On the Web: https://shakedlaw.com/


          Dan Shaked, Esq.
          44 Court Street, Suite 1217
          Brooklyn, NY 11201
          Telephone: (917) 373-9128
          Facsimile: (718) 504-7555
          E-mail: shakedlawgroup@gmail.com


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